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  1. It never happens anymore because agents are in the college kids ears about that second contract as soon as they hit sophomore status. Its why the number of early entrants is so high and so many dont get selected. Leinart was one of the last guys projected as a top pick to fall like that and Id guess he was an example of why Sanchez came in when he did even though so many people said to stay in school. Leinart lost a ton of money coming back to USC. I'd also agree with you on Smith. The 49ers tried to shop that from what I recall but nobody was in love with either smith or Rodgers, which is why Rodgers fell so far to Green Bay.
  2. In this era and Id definitely say in this situation Mac doing what he did was simply getting ahead of the situation before the media reported the story. Generally the way these things go down is that the team approaches the player about a pay cut, the player doesnt accept it and the agent floats a story about how the player needs out of a bad situation. My guess is the Jets tried to get ahead of the story by saying cut or trade. They had to know no team in the league was taking Decker at that salary. So Id agree it wasnt amateur hour but for those that believe in the GM it did not paint a glowing picture ither since he brought up a scenario that would never ever happen.
  3. I dont disagree with this. I think the problem is that the NFL has become blind to the fact that there is a path to winning with a "crappy QB". This team won with Sanchez, Chad, and came close with Fitzpatrick. The league is in this weird spot right now where one of three things happens: either everyone gets paid big at QB, someone gets drafted highly at QB, or teams just retreat because the first two did not apply. If the Patriots are spending $20M on the QB and you legit have a QB worth $2M you should have, in theory, $18M to spend elsewhere to make your team more competitive. The Jets did that with Sanchez and to a much lesser extent chad (Chad was overpaid for the time) , but most teams do what the Jets did last year and just overspend at QB. Ryan Tannehill sucks compared to Brady but the two make close to the same salary. Instead of the Dolphins finding ways to compete with the better QB they sink the money into a crappy QB and leave everything else the same. The Jets fell into this trap with Fitz last year, Teams like the Jets shouldn't just accept being bad. They need to focus on other ways to skin the cat until they get there in the traditional way with a young QB. Unfortunately they are in this state now where that is what they are doing.
  4. That show got me through many commuting days to college and work and I always enjoyed the show. I thought they were really fun to listen to though their knowledge of basketball dropped off once the Knicks became irrelevant and their NFL was down too, though I think that had more to do with me being familiar with the Jets and them feuding with them and ESPN (The day the Jets got Favre and Mad Dog led off with tennis was pretty nuts). They would definitely create a buzz around certain moves and I do believe that helped influence decisions. I know the show went into getting Piazza but it was those two that went wild over getting him to first base and of course when the mets finally caved and Mike couldnt play first those two changed their tune about how it was the worst idea in all of sports. Mike hasnt been the same since Chris left the show and Chris on his own was never good. Im not sure if they will get together again in the future or if it would work even if they did but it was a fun show for the long time it lasted.
  5. Based on where he is at right now and considering the RFA status Id say his true market is between $5 and $6M. Somewhere above Rishard Matthews and below Travis Benjamin. Maybe like a Markus Wheaton. He only has one decent year so obviously that value can fluctuate. Right now Id expect him to be a 2nd round tender candidate and then they would extend after that.
  6. Some of the moves I think you can give him a pass on (Cromartie, revis to some extent, Harris to a lesser extent) because when ownership wants you to do something its pretty impossible to say no. The more egregious signings came last year with the 2 year guarantee for Forte, the overpay on Fitz and Wilkerson, etc... As of right now the only real differences between he and Idzik are Macs attempt to rebuild on the fly while Idzik just went full rebuild from day 1 and the fact that he didnt have that press conference that cost Idzik his job. Beyond that its the same problem that has plagued this team since 2009- the drafting is atrocious and you cant get better until you get young guys in place. The drafts are certainly questionable on every level. For however good Williams may be there is no doubt the Jets would have been a better team with Beasley simply because of the fit. Nobody in the world saw the Hack attack as a 2nd rounder. He targeted two safeties this year and wasted a 1st round pick on an ILB? You go back to the last Idzik draft and our positional approach in the first two rounds has gone S, TE, DT/DE, WR, ILB, QB, S, S. Thats a touch way to build a winning franchise and you are opening yourself up to having to find corners, offensive linemen, and edge rushers all in free agency. Those positions are either way overpriced or the players never hit free agency in the first place. Thats how you end up with a Buster Skrine on a contract like the one he has or the Clady/Beachum run at tackle. Like with Idzik its hard to see what the vision is here. So much comes as seat of your pants decision making. Try and trade Mo all offseason then one night decide to make him the highest paid player at his position. Hold firm on Fitzpatrick for months then sign him to a $12M contract. Signing McCown to be the QB and then saying its a young team full of opportunity? Have the coach use Decker and Harris as leaders all offseason than change course in June and cut them when it should have been done in February or at the least before workouts began. Would anyone be stunned if out of nowhere they extended Sheldon Richardson after trying to trade him for over a year? I wouldnt.
  7. I think in that era the Pro Bowl carried far more weight than it does now and wasnt that automatic where having a name got you in. All Pro I think is also more influenced by circumstance now (such as Revis making it as a Patriot which would not have happened on any other team) though its still a tough designation to get. Id still consider Revis' honors to be better and hell get far more support for the HOF than Klecko got but I do think Kleckos honors for that time are very solid.
  8. I think if you look at their play relative to their position Revis is the better player. He was just downright dominant for a 2-3 year stretch. The 2009 season was absolutely ridiculous. That said Klecko had a longer career with the Jets and I think really hit on the attributes that most Jets fans seem to respond to whereas Revis' whole career was played more from a mercenary/business first point of view and his last two seasons were just poor. So I think that for most people Klecko will probably go down as the best Jet defensive player.
  9. The reason his salary is so low this year is because the Patriots paid him a $28 million bonus last season. They have done some funny things with his contract, but this current deal, considering his age, is pretty legit.
  10. I think Pryor once called me the "CEO of dumbass" or something like that for suggesting after a bad play that his future might not be at safety. So I cant say Im that surprised at a social media fight with someone who actually went out of his way to start something with him.
  11. If a 2nd round pick was offered by the Cowboys it came last year not this one. Im not even sure if they would have offered it then even with the two sides talking.
  12. Im with RJF on this one and said the same last night when they made the pick which was not popular among some people. S, 3rd DE, ILB, S is simply not the way you typically build a good team. Those are the kind of picks that you make when you have some kind of foundation in place and the Jets havent had anything resembling a foundation since 2012. Hopefully they can find that foundation over the next two days, but Adams could be the most dynamic safety in the NFL and the Jets would probably still be a 5 win team.
  13. I agree with this to some extent but Im not sure if they would have done much better following their older format either. I grew up with Sportscenter and their NFL Sunday coverage. In college I remember guys staying up all night watching those highlights and players certainly were thrilled to make it into the reel. But now we are in an era where highlights are being sent to your phone or on social media during a game. Players hop on twitter after a game to see what people are saying not ESPN to see if the made the show. I just think that was likely going to run its course anyway. I agree with the other point though about loss of insights. ESPN basically seemed to split into two divisions. The company approach to coverage where everyone is great and can do no wrong and then the other extreme which was the personality based shows that just had contrary opinions for the sake of being controversial. Once NBC got back in the NFL game my ESPN viewing went way down since they took over the prime time recaps on Sunday plus the NFL Networks shows I enjoy more. Even their radio shows have basically nothing there outside of the occasional guests that you dont get elsewhere. I enjoy some of their print work, specifically on insider, but thats a pretty niche audience.
  14. In general you dont pay a QB $6 million because you plan to sit him on the bench(unless you are the Eagles) so I would expect the Jets to consider McCown the starter going into training camp. My assumption is that they will treat this similar to how the Seahawks ended up treating Matt Flynn a few years back in that if one of the young guys stands out in training camp they will turn a non-competition into a new starter, but if neither looks great they will simply stick with the idea that its McCown all along. Having an open QB competition would probably be a disaster for the Jets given McCowns injury history. Its pretty much a lock that McCown is going to miss games this year so you want to at least keep up some type of PR face that you arent throwing the year away going to these guys in the slimmest of slim chances the team is around 500 when McCown goes down. Even just from a PR standpoint it at least makes you look like you are making some kind of turn to the future if the team stinks and they bring these guys in rather than a total give up on the season in week 6 following a bad showing in meaningful time in August.
  15. I think some of that was maybe a bit of fear on losing Winters but I think another part of it is the reality of where the offensive line salaries have gone (minus the RT) over the last few years because of the lack of college talent. When I look at the list of guard salaries which just a few years ago was $3-4 million for guys like Winters its so hard to believe that these guys are now $7-8M. My guess is if the Jets had a better line they probably wouldnt bring him back at the money but giving how bad it is dumping him turns them into the Seahawks where it looks like they arent even trying to build a line.