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  1. jason423 added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall Re-Structures Contract   

    Its the price of a trade. Im not thrilled with it but Im not really surprised by it either. I said all along that the GM hire was going to sell himself as the complete opposite of Idzik which is what Mac has been, But for most of these guys its essentially a one year deal except for Revis and, insanely, Harris. Ill take Marshall for the extra $1.3M. If the team stinks hell be gone next year so I dont look at 2016 right now anyway. 
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  2. jason423 added a post in a topic Hard Rock, Racetrack Propose Casino at Meadowlands   

    Id love if they did this. Maybe I could actually go sneak out and play poker every now and then.  NJ has missed out on so many opportunities by sticking with AC as their only casinos. AC has been dying for years and is shutting places down left and right. The flop of Revel should have proven that the location is just not right anymore for those that refused to admit that AC just isnt in a position to really draw people. I really think any type of casino in NNJ would be huge though the traffic around the Meadowlands would be ridiculous without some changes. 
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  3. jason423 added a post in a topic Who is your least favorite Jet of all time?   

    Id expect this to be a lot of people saying either Holmes or O'donnell
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  4. jason423 added a post in a topic Jets to remain in Florham Park   

    Thats exactly what happened. They built the facility with plans of holding camp there each year, though I dont think they ever considered some of the logistics of having so many people there. I know when I went by there in 2011 it was just a mass of people standing at fences if they wanted to watch practice.
    Rex hated the idea when he got the job because he felt the team needed to get away and bond on a campus not having veterans go home at night and guys stay in hotels or apartments in the area. I still believe had the Jets done better in 2011 rex would have changed his tune and they would have done this a few years ago. With the limited practices in the new CBA its pretty pointless to travel at this point anyway.
    And yea for the guys with families its definitely a selling point, plus the facility is still state of the art compared to others. You are not getting that in Cortland or anywhere else. 
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  5. jason423 added a post in a topic No Compensatory Picks = No Surprise for Jets   

    Yeah apparently the use of the unprotected option bonus is qualifying teams for compensatory projections. Apparently the Patriots backed into this a few years ago with Donte Stallworth and its starting to be used more around the NFL. The Cowboys did it last year with Melton and again this year with Brinkley. I think a few others did it this year now too. By failing to exercise the option the contract simply voids as if it didnt exist. 
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  6. jason423 added a post in a topic Details on the Cromartie deal...nothing guaranteed past 2015   

    With the way everything was reported on the Cromartie deal I wouldnt be stunned if there is a vesting guarantee in the second year of the contract. Those arent worth much but they will force the hand sooner rather than later.
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  7. jason423 added a post in a topic Jetnation.com Twitter members   

    @Jason_OTC and @nyjetscap (pretty much only active on Sundays during the year)
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  8. jason423 added a post in a topic Milliner to be traded?   

    I dont seriously think the Jets will trade Milliner this offseason but I do believe they are trying to gauge interest around the NFL in him so they now what teams that they might be able to hit up during the season. Last year Mark Barron went for  4 and  6 in a mid season trade. Thats probably the upside value on Milliner if he can be healthy for half a season and play some role.  
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  9. jason423 added a post in a topic The history of Jets QBs. Man it sucks   

    Yeah if he played today he would never have gotten the jitters he had back in the day where he would just fall to the ground as soon as he saw the defense and then realized his line couldnt block anyone. He would have been way more confident in todays game. If Marino got selected 5 spots ahead of O'Brien, O'Brien probably never gets the same dislike he got through the years. Being in the same division as the guy who i probably the best pure passer of all time and fans thought was going to the Jets was a no win scenario.
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  10. jason423 added a post in a topic Jets should redo Dbrick & Mangold   

    The Jets should not touch the contracts of either of those players. They have no need to do it for cap purposes and quite frankly need them to earn as much money as possible since Idzik took the Jets into this spend no money program.  People dont realize that the Jets are at an incredible disadvantage in all negotitions right now because their spending has been next to nothing. They have millions upon millions to make up and only two players on the roster worth giving any of it to. The more they purge their salary structure the more and more people will be asking for. Its not a great position for the team.
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  11. jason423 added a post in a topic Jim Miller Breaks Out The Rule Book - Nate Solders Touchdown Was Illegal Vs. The ravens   

    Dungy was wrong about the Vereen play. The reason Vereen can be eligible on the following play was because the Ravens comitted a penalty. A time out is not required if there is an official stoppage of play for the player to move back to his orginal position. Hes also wrong about the Solder TD and LaFell making him ineligible.. We used to use the eligible receiver stuff all the time at the goalline back in the Mangini days. Typically it was Robert Turner but there were times we had others too.
    Miller's point is a better one and it depends on where the player lines up and how he reports. When watching the play I thought Fleming lined up off the line which makes his remain eligible, but he would need to report eligible and I am not sure he did. If he did not report eligible than it would be a penalty in either situation.He would either be ilegally in as a tackle  or illegally in as an eligible receiver.
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  12. jason423 added a post in a topic What happened to jets insider : MERGED   

    Im surprised this thread still has legs.  It made me go check out the new JI for a bit and yeah they pretty much fell apart. Looking at the post counts they are eseentially down to being a start up forum.  The way Scout is set up Im not even sure you would find it. Their NFL page looks completely outdated with 2014 free agent listings. None of it even really fits together.  
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  13. jason423 added a post in a topic Danny Woodhead is a Free Agent   

    Woodhead isnt a free agent until 2017
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  14. jason423 added a post in a topic I think Revis will be a Jet again next year   

    Id be shocked. There are a ton of teams in the NFL that dont want to do business with him which is why the Revis free agency list was essentially him begging the Jets to take him back in hopes of driving up his price for the year.  And quite honestly at this point there is no need to add a 30 year old corner to this team.  Well have 4 offensive lineman all on the wrong side of 30 next season, two holes at linebacker and at least one at safety.  Anyone the Jets focus on has to be in the 27/28 year range max to be part of a solution. 
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  15. jason423 added a post in a topic The end is near, Rex cleaned out his office- link   

    I dont think youd call the decisions he made embarrasing they were just disjointed. Whether its ownership or not people are not giving other GMs slack for doing poorly. The Jets were one of ten teams that had 6 or less wins when Idzik took over the job. Four of those teams have made the playoffs so its not an impossible job.  And I dont think anyone is defending the jobs of the other guys who have done poorly in that timeframe.
    My biggest issue with Idzik is that there is no cohesive strategy. I dont care whose fault that is. They dip into free agency and throw money away on garbage but they wont go fully in to "save money for flexibility". Thats the Titans strategy which I cant stand. Are they winning now, winning later?  I thought the focus on the 2014 draft with a bunch of late picks was way over the top. The odds of hitting there are so small and thats how he planned on improving. They clearly were focusing on immediate needs in the draft and thats on Idzik as must as on Ryan. 
    I dont blame Rex for not playing some of the younger guys (Pryor and Coples are the two he should be playing more) because most of them dont belong in the NFL. The whole roster is essentially a collection of UDFAs and mimimum salary level veteran quality players.
    I just dont know how this is a Rex or Idzik thing. Rex should have been canned after 2011 or 2012. Everyone was blind as to how much he stunk because of 2009 and 2010. Idziks done nothing positive since hes been here. The two havent mixed at all with both sides giving in on things that have made the Jets unbearable (Rex is forced to start Smith so in turn he gets some of those old players on the field you discussed). He wasnt even a guy the Jets wanted, he was simply the only guy willing to accept Woodys awful conditions. If Idzik got fired tomorrow he would never get another job in the NFL as a GM. 
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