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  1. In general you dont pay a QB $6 million because you plan to sit him on the bench(unless you are the Eagles) so I would expect the Jets to consider McCown the starter going into training camp. My assumption is that they will treat this similar to how the Seahawks ended up treating Matt Flynn a few years back in that if one of the young guys stands out in training camp they will turn a non-competition into a new starter, but if neither looks great they will simply stick with the idea that its McCown all along. Having an open QB competition would probably be a disaster for the Jets given McCowns injury history. Its pretty much a lock that McCown is going to miss games this year so you want to at least keep up some type of PR face that you arent throwing the year away going to these guys in the slimmest of slim chances the team is around 500 when McCown goes down. Even just from a PR standpoint it at least makes you look like you are making some kind of turn to the future if the team stinks and they bring these guys in rather than a total give up on the season in week 6 following a bad showing in meaningful time in August.
  2. I think some of that was maybe a bit of fear on losing Winters but I think another part of it is the reality of where the offensive line salaries have gone (minus the RT) over the last few years because of the lack of college talent. When I look at the list of guard salaries which just a few years ago was $3-4 million for guys like Winters its so hard to believe that these guys are now $7-8M. My guess is if the Jets had a better line they probably wouldnt bring him back at the money but giving how bad it is dumping him turns them into the Seahawks where it looks like they arent even trying to build a line.
  3. I think this was more along the lines of the way things worked. At the time they were willing to do different style of deals depending on level of involvement but I tend to think that things worked a bit like a deal where you sell and stay on as a "consultant" managing certain parts of the site and remaining a public face of sorts. You get something up front and from there the revenue "explosions" would be paying you off year by year in a far greater way that you ever could do on your own. I dont blame anyone for doing it but it is kind of a shame to see what were pretty vibrant communities get swallowed up and then just thrown away. JI basically became an internet infomercial for discounted memberships and others more generic clickbait writing to fill a void in some platforms. Very few of those acquisitions seem to be for the better of everyone.
  4. His holding out did get him a better offer, primarily the gigantic payment at the end of the deal, but the up front money was largely the same. IIRC the shift came from years 4 and 5 in which the 4th year payment was lowered and the 5th raised. In return the Jets developed this point system which they ended up using in a few contracts afterwards that would determine the 6th year salary for Revis. The 6th year salary was similar to that of a top 5 pick or a later 1st round QB that had a chance to earn a big escalator. But this was never an issue that the Jets were offering him some contract that was terrible for him. There never was a chance that the NFLPA would not have allowed the contract to go down because it was so bad. It was a legit NFL contract that was pretty much going to overslot him. The ended up overslotting him even more to make him happy and he still held out the minute his salary dipped down. The Jets had tried to protect themselves from that in the contract by voiding the 5th and 6th year guarantees but that would not have mattered to Revis because he was so good by that point (guarantees are really only worthwhile if you are a borderline player it makes no difference while you are playing well since the team is never cutting you) so he held out. The Jets were far more aggressive in contract 2 which was way more stringent and he still was ready to hold out again with a whole group of reporters in the back pockets of his agent to plead his case. .
  5. This is factually inaccurate. The Jets did want Revis to sign for an extra season but he would not have been the first to ever do that. The Jets also offered him a massive contract to take that extra season. The payout on the contract was essentially that of the 10th pick in the draft with huge upside due to a massive escalator in the final contract year. Revis agents did a great job with framing the contract in a light that always made him sound underpaid and certain reporters ran with it in an effort to get exclusives on Revis (some of whom have killed him since he parted with his agents) but as far as situations go Revis has probably held out more than anyone in the NFL. Good for him that he was able to make it work out but the guy held out as a rookie, again after just 3 years into a 6 year contract, and was ready to hold out again in the third year of a three year contract when he got traded. The last one was the funniest of the group because there were stories basically saying that the Jets were trying to really hold him to unreasonable standards by asking him to do such crazy things as to show up to work and get paid a million bucks for lifting some weights in April.
  6. There is no bonus due tomorrow. That was negotiated out of his contract. There is an option decision to be made but as far as I know that only deals with him counting or not counting towards the compensatory pick formula.
  7. Basically what he did every season post Minnesota....collect a big pay check, do little, and then get hurt. He retired after 2016 when he realized he wasnt going to really get much of a deal in free agency. When the Bills wide receiver group stunk they got him to come out of retirement to collect a paycheck and then get hurt.
  8. I think this is pretty accurate. Remember when he took the job they were already negative on Kerley and likely assumed either Decker or Marshall had a 1 year shelf life and were going to fill a different role. Even though WRs are more developed now than in the past its still usually year 2 before they really begin to make an impact so really the way to play a position of need there is to grab it a year early so the transition is smoother. I think they identified Smith as their version of DeSean Jackson or someone like that.
  9. None of that is too surprising to me. They went on a crazy run to just try to buy people up with no real vision or understanding of what made it work. Their best forums were pretty much the ones that were born there because nobody that was actually a fan of the team started their own site like JN or JI. Its one thing to donate to guys who are providing services you enjoy and you know are not making a killing and something totally different to pay to some giant company for nothing special. Most of these "sports conglomerates" have all flopped. Its as if everyone was blindsided by the success of Bleacher Report and had to scramble to try to make their version of that.
  10. Im not sure how anyone could give a grade better than a C for Mac. At best the Jets are in the same spot where they were with Idzik and Idzik was terrible. Hes not as bad with the media or anything like that as Idzik was, but from a roster standpoint the Jets are one of the oldest and slowest teams in the NFL. The goal was to use all this cap room to build a competitive team while the young players developed underneath expect the draft picks pretty much all stink as did Idziks junk. Two years and one starter is never going to lead to a successful run. How crazy is it that the Jets best 2nd round draft pick since 2012 is Stephen Hill who was a complete bust, but its been even worse since then. If this doesnt change the front office will be changed over again next season.
  11. The deal with the Clady contract is really nothing as reported. The gist of it is that the Jets removed the option bonus payment in his contract to have more time to make a decision on Clady's future. The roster bonus that Clady had been due was an incentivized bonus which was negotiated out not to have more decision time but simply because it wasnt going to be earned. To earn it he needed something like 80 or 90% playtime in 2016 which clearly he didnt have. So no need to keep it in the structure, though it may have been replaced by a NLTBE for a similar threshold in 2017. It was never due in February, but the option was. That money as far as I know was not rolled into his P5. His salary will remain at $10M. What this does is buy the Jets time to make a decision since I dont believe anything is guaranteed in the option. They would lose their chance at a comp pick, but clady isnt worth much and its doubtful the Jets would be able to earn any comps this year given the sad state of the team and need for talent. The LT position is pretty much a mess league wide so they will likely look to drop his salary down in the next month or two.
  12. Id guess in the ballpark of $15M on the high end if a team is really into him. Follow a pattern similar to Kaepernick or Dalton deals which are team friendly contracts. The big question I would have in giving him a figure that high though is how many teams will be into signing him. Just two years ago as a backup he had minimal interest and signed in Buffalo for around $2M a year or something like that. Im not sure how much that opinion would change from not wanting him a $2-3M vs wanting him at $15M off the two Bills seasons especially in light of the dumpster fire known as Brock Osweiler. My guess is the majority of teams would see the Bills stint as enough to go to like $7.5 ot $8M per year on a two year deal. Thats kind of where the market is for the RG3 guys and where Denver (which might be a ogical choice for Taylor) was willing to go for Kaepernick. The higher end of the question mark starters was Nick Foles around $12M which is what Fitzpatrick presumably used to leverage his $12M deal. Jets never really wanted to go above $7 until they seemed to panic at the end. Most of these players all flopped too. Once you get into the $15M range its no longer a question mark and he is without a doubt the starter.
  13. Problem for the Bills is they fronloaded the Taylor contract to pay him like a $20M+ QB which he is not. That was the Bills fault with the way they structured the contract but not surprising as most of their contracts are incredibly player friendly and on the high end of the valuation scale. I think another issue they have with Taylor is that he is probably considered a Rex guy and many people around the NFL dont want to be locked into that kind of player anymore than they would Colin Kaepernick or RG3. Basically you pick up that option and you are locked into a very athletic, project QB who most weeks might struggle to throw for 200 yards and create a number of sack opportunities. Hes fine to take a chance on at the right price, but the Bills dont have him at that price right now.
  14. Im not sure that those similarties really exist between the two coaches. Part of the big issue with canning Pete was the feeling he wasnt really professional enough with the players. Basically his whole mantra was all about having fun with basketball courts, bowling trips, and so on. When the Jets began to sink I think ownership was looking for some reaction on his part to say it wasnt ok, but more likely he was busy playing pickup games of basketball when it would hve been expected that a coach would be prepping for games and drilling his players down. I dont think any of that applies to Bowles. Bowles is coaching a bad team all of whom have checked out on him. If Bowles gets fired its strictly because he has been a bad football coach. Im not sure that there is anything that anyone can bring up that contradicts that either. I dont think firing him puts Woody or the Jets in Steinbrenner mode where you cant get anyone to come here. While Johnson had a quick trigger with Mangini he gave Rex a million years here and didnt even want to get rid of Herm when Herm was doing everything under the sun to get out of his contract so he could take over what he felt was a better team in Kansas City. Before Idzik he gave Bradway and Tannenbaum a million years and if he didnt need a fall guy for 2012 probably would have kept Tannebaum. If the Jets job isnt attractive its because of the management structure. I do think that there is a feeling that Woody and his guys dont know a great deal about football but still want to get involved. That leads to the coach generally getting direct contat with the owner all the time and the GMs being put in a position to potentially make some contract decisions they may not have wanted to do.
  15. Skrine costs $6.25M a year. Thats basically the equivalent of the 5th or 6th draft pick. Top draft picks are cheap now, its the veterans that are expensive. Skrine wsa always overpriced and they could replace him with a better value veteran or a much cheper draft selection.