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  1. I dont think the crowd will turn on McCown. Usually the QB gets it when there are expectations (Chad in 05 and 07, Sanchez in 11 and more so 12, Geno in 14, Fitz last year) and we dont have those at all. And its not like hes holding back a regarded prospect. We saw Petty a bit last year and there wasnt much there. The Jets did not even give him a chance to win the job this summer which I think signaled to everyone about where he was at. Doesnt mean he wont be better than last year but I dont think there is a huge push to say that McCown is blocking some kind of progress or potential turnaround. The closest recent comparison I can really think of was when the Jets finally gave up on Vinny in 05 when the team was totally out and they went to Bollinger just to throw something against the wall and see if it would stick. There was no consideration really given to him again after that and while Petty wasnt nearly as bad as Bollinger I got the feeling that most see him the same way. Its all a moot point since Josh is going to get hurt sometime soon which will lead to Petty and eventually Hackenberg in front of an empty stadium in December.
  2. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    I dont feel bad for the guy at all but certainly do for his wife and kids. He just turned their lived upside down for no good reason. I actually used to like Carton when he was on the radio in NJ and at the start of his run on WFAN. Eventually he ran his course with me. I mean if you are going to do a sports show you should actually have to pay attention to the games themselves. Boomer does for the Rangers and NFL stuff but Craig doesnt do much but a few bits and pieces of Yankees games and the two local NFL teams. There is just no content there but I guess thats what most people want as they were a highly rated show. Cant see how anyone is surprised at the gambling. The way he spoke about gambling on the radio you would think he lived in a Vegas sportsbook. It was way beyond the typical gambling stuff that is usually on sports talk which consists of picking NFL games and some season over/unders. And hes such a fraud going so crazy over Madoff and the Mets when apparently that was just inspiration for him. This is certainly bad for WFAN. Who knows how he represented himself in these things and the WFAN celebrity I am sure added credibility. Now they have to worry about if anyone at the station knew about this, if he was skimming money from all the charity stuff they constantly let him plug, and finding a new co-host for the program at the same time Francesa is probably going out as well. Its awful publicity and they cant even really speak on it until they know more. They dont really have anyone in the pipeline as replacements and WFAN looks like its in as bad a shape as when Stern left FM or when Opie & Anthony got kicked off WNEW and that whole format tanked as soon as that happened.
  3. JetNation FanDuel League

    Id be in for either
  4. Question on McClown contract

    He gets the $6 million regardless of when he is cut.
  5. Happy birthday, Jason423

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate it.
  6. After seeing more of the Bowles press conference Im more annoyed with last night. For the most part he passed off a lot of blame on the offensive line for Hack (which is fair) and then insinuated since they called so few pass plays he didnt get a fair chance anyway. You have a team playing starters early and you go out there with mainly your second unit on the line, which would be a third unit in most other places. What did he expect would happen? They would be incredibly good? He didnt give Beachum and those guys the night off like McCown. They came in later after the kids confidence would have been destroyed anyway. And when it comes to passing plays by all means be like the Eagles and call more. If you want to evaluate the guy go bombs away and let him fling it. I dont need to see him hand off to Bilal Powell running for 3 yards to mimic a real game. Maybe they wanted a built in set of excuses but you just cant make any sense out of what their plan in right now.
  7. Were in that 90s period right now. The team has stunk for some time. The time between the playoffs is pretty much 1970s level. The team just looks like they will get whipped out there. But what do you expect when your thought process for turning the team around is to spend top picks on safeties and inside linebackers.
  8. The problem with all the strike talk from the union side is they have no concrete goals that would get the players to buy into the idea. They just randomly throw out taling points based on whatever story of the day a bigger name reporter helped get hot. We need guaranteed contracts is the story one week. Another week its that the NBA players make too much. Another week its player safety. This week its the commissioners power. THE NFL is made up of roughly 2100 players. The vast majority of those players play at the minimum. The vast majority have careers that won't go longer than 2 years. Rookies lose millions in potential earnings because they agree to these long contract structures but they didnt care about those guys because they arent in the union yet. They changed rules regarding the salary cap that has led to teams eliminating signing bonuses to make it far easier to cut players. And their current leadership, with basically no knowledge of the game, agreed to a 10 year deal the last go around. No other deal was ever that long. They were basically working agreements that would continue to be tweaked and extended. A 10 year deal that nobody even had a chance to read because the players needed to get to work and they waited far too long to negotiate on those players behalf. You'll be luck to get 1/20th of the league to agree to strike if they continue to run this the same way and follow the same plan as last time.
  9. Id agree with you on the rotation. I think the only way McCown loses the job is if he gets hurt (always a good chance with him) or Hackenberg is great, which he was not last night. The offense with him certainly was very Chad like. Nothing like a 3rd and 5 and a 3 yard pass to the outside. Still it was overall positive given where he was at last year. The running game was bad though I dont know how much of that blame goes to the backs and how much to the O-line. The back never really tried to hit the line hard and ran more like you see in college trying to just go sideline first and then turn up the field where there is less traffic. That rarely works in the NFL. Again I dont know whose fault that was but I thought the runner was doing a poor job. I dont fully agree on the defense. The team has a good line but I dont know much about the linebackers and I think the corners are bad. One thing I noticed early in the game last night was that the coaches werent trying to force all the d-lineman on the field together and that I think will work better. They have a natural NT in McClendon and the team is far better off with him in that role half the time and rotating the three big name guys outside. Its keeps everyone fresher and lets them play the positions that they are more natural in.
  10. I was happy with Hackenberg in part because my expectations were so low. Based on what we saw today it would be shocking if he was named starter. His job was to manage the game and not screw up and he did his part in that. The last drive or two of the 2nd Q were bad but nothing that would have been a disaster in a real game. For the most part he looks like a 4th or 5th round pick which is where the Jets should have been able to get him last year.
  11. Off Day Thoughts

    This is a very accurate point about McCown and one of the reasons hes been able to stick around so long. In Tampa he was dreadful, but when they won a game midway through the year after he came back from injury you would have thought that this was like a lifelong dream come true to win a game for McCown the way the players spoke. They were genuinely happy that they were able to help him get a win. e was equally loved in Cleveland and Chicago.
  12. It never happens anymore because agents are in the college kids ears about that second contract as soon as they hit sophomore status. Its why the number of early entrants is so high and so many dont get selected. Leinart was one of the last guys projected as a top pick to fall like that and Id guess he was an example of why Sanchez came in when he did even though so many people said to stay in school. Leinart lost a ton of money coming back to USC. I'd also agree with you on Smith. The 49ers tried to shop that from what I recall but nobody was in love with either smith or Rodgers, which is why Rodgers fell so far to Green Bay.
  13. Panthers GM Gettleman Fired

    In this era and Id definitely say in this situation Mac doing what he did was simply getting ahead of the situation before the media reported the story. Generally the way these things go down is that the team approaches the player about a pay cut, the player doesnt accept it and the agent floats a story about how the player needs out of a bad situation. My guess is the Jets tried to get ahead of the story by saying cut or trade. They had to know no team in the league was taking Decker at that salary. So Id agree it wasnt amateur hour but for those that believe in the GM it did not paint a glowing picture ither since he brought up a scenario that would never ever happen.
  14. I dont disagree with this. I think the problem is that the NFL has become blind to the fact that there is a path to winning with a "crappy QB". This team won with Sanchez, Chad, and came close with Fitzpatrick. The league is in this weird spot right now where one of three things happens: either everyone gets paid big at QB, someone gets drafted highly at QB, or teams just retreat because the first two did not apply. If the Patriots are spending $20M on the QB and you legit have a QB worth $2M you should have, in theory, $18M to spend elsewhere to make your team more competitive. The Jets did that with Sanchez and to a much lesser extent chad (Chad was overpaid for the time) , but most teams do what the Jets did last year and just overspend at QB. Ryan Tannehill sucks compared to Brady but the two make close to the same salary. Instead of the Dolphins finding ways to compete with the better QB they sink the money into a crappy QB and leave everything else the same. The Jets fell into this trap with Fitz last year, Teams like the Jets shouldn't just accept being bad. They need to focus on other ways to skin the cat until they get there in the traditional way with a young QB. Unfortunately they are in this state now where that is what they are doing.
  15. Mike and Mad Dog 30 for 30 (MERGED)

    That show got me through many commuting days to college and work and I always enjoyed the show. I thought they were really fun to listen to though their knowledge of basketball dropped off once the Knicks became irrelevant and their NFL was down too, though I think that had more to do with me being familiar with the Jets and them feuding with them and ESPN (The day the Jets got Favre and Mad Dog led off with tennis was pretty nuts). They would definitely create a buzz around certain moves and I do believe that helped influence decisions. I know the show went into getting Piazza but it was those two that went wild over getting him to first base and of course when the mets finally caved and Mike couldnt play first those two changed their tune about how it was the worst idea in all of sports. Mike hasnt been the same since Chris left the show and Chris on his own was never good. Im not sure if they will get together again in the future or if it would work even if they did but it was a fun show for the long time it lasted.