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  1. I dont think the Mo deal did anything for or against the Fitzpatrick contract. They gave themselves the room to sign him but not so much room that they can ask for anything excessive. When you get into the Jets 2017 cap they have so much flexibility that its not a real concern. If the Jets really planned on having a majority of these players back on the team in 2017 they would have restructured them this year to have the cap room for Fitzpatrick and other free agents. The Jets are being very cautious with their approach to their contracts this year because if they went all in and the team stunk they are locked into an old and bad team in 2017. Instead they will just ride the season out and make that decision about 2017 in 2017. If thing go well this year, with or without Fitzpatrick, they can extend these guys for lots of cap room. If they go bad they slice and dice the roster apart and move on from the Mangold's and Harris' of the team. The Fitzpatrick offer has a lot to do with having flexibility. The Jets know there is a good chance hell be a backup in 2017 They want his pay to reflect that possibility. Fitz has no real financial end game. If the Jets really did offer him $12M thats probably $8M more than ayone else would give him. They also know from watching him last year and getting to know him that he wants to play. Hes never been like a Chad Henne or Matt Moore that could probably have found a team to give them a shot but didnt take it. They were content in that role. The Jets are the only team giving him that starting opportunity from day 1.
  2. Decker sees the writing on the wall for himself if Fitzpatrick isnt around this year. This is a potential free agent season for him given his contract and he knows his numbers will go down the tubes again with Geno/Hackenberg as QB. Decker already got dinged as a byproduct receiver when he came to the Jets which may not have been completely fair, but it is what it is. So there is a vested interest in the Jets bringing back Fitzpatrick. Really this applies to most vets on the team, all of whom are in danger if the Jets make the turn to rebuilding with a younger roster.
  3. The Jets are not really in cap hell. If they go in and redo a bunch of deals they will be there though. They are trying to prevent that IMO. Sperm is pretty much spot on about why the money is as limited as it is. The Cro and Revis deals I think either came from above or were known to be deals to excite Woody. The Jets fanbase was beaten down by Idzik and Revis/Cro were two of those guys at the front of that. It was basically making things right. Both deals are way over priced. Revis did the free agent walk the year before and found the Pats at $12M. Cro played better in Arizona than NY, but there is no reason to jump from like $3 to $8. Nobody in the NFL would have given him close to that which is why he is unemployed now. Anyway Revis is the deal they have to be careful with. They cant be locked in on 2017 at this point. Hes not good enough to justify the full salary. Redoing his deal down will lock that in.
  4. I thik both guys are right about the difficulties with the move. That said I cant justify paying Fergsuon $10M next year at a $14M cap charge. He has leverage in that the Jets have no viable solution to replace him, but if Im the Jets I have to take the risk and cut him and work from there. Just because you cut Ferguson it doesnt meant you cant bring him back. It just means you feel strong in your offer to him and that he wont find a better one elsewhere. If they cut him his cap would be $5M dead, a savings of $9M. When he doesnt find a home you offer him $4M-$5M you get your $4-5M cap savings and all future prorated money off the books for the future. But I think the Jets are going to have to make him test the market to agree to a deal that makes sense. If they guess wrong and he finds a home then you go to the Donald Penns of the world or offer a Ryan Clady type whose goig too get cut, the incentive filled package. You cant get emotional over the name of the player. This is a big reason why a team like NE is always so good. They would have traded a guy like Ferguson two years ago for a draft pick.
  5. The Jets came into the game expecting the Bills to just roll over since the season was over for them. Once they hit the Jets the team wasnt ready for it. The Jets thought this was going to be a coronation and instead it was a war and they didnt have an answer. The Bills were faster, smarter, and played stronger. Its as bad a regular season loss I can recall since the 90s. The pass to Watkins where he juggled the ball and got a big gain summed up the day. Revis got beat, saw the safety coming and slowed down. Safety whiffs and now Revis has to catch up. That type of play should never happen but it summed up the Jets day. Very disappointed in the teams effort and the coaches performance. Bowles had zero faith in his defense and offense choosing to just go into the half without a fight. He has to get better at managing the clock and next year he better not get caught up in the Revis name on the back of the jersey. These young guys really did well against Revis all season. You cant go with the island approach anymore. Their approach to Watkins allowed the Bills to control the whole pace of the game and dominate time of possession. Just a brutal effort.
  6. About the only logic to the decision was Belichick wanted to simply challenge his defense in what was virtually a meaningless game for them. From a football perspective there is no reason to spin it as a smart decision. If any coach besides Belichick does it people dont even think twice about saying how bad a choice it was. They put themselves in a position where you can lose the game, not only on the first score but on the first "sudden death" possession if both teams go 0-0 or 3-3 on the first series. It was just a strange set of calls by NE all day. They were so passive at the end of the first half and end of game. I mean if you are going to play for a FG why not use your time out early at the end and give yourself about 50 seconds and a timeout to get a FG try instead of kicking off. It was about as bad a job Ive ever seen him do all game.
  7. Id imagine he would be looking at a two year deal between $5.5 and $7 million per season. Jets would be the team to pay the most.
  8. I dont expect him to take a paycut. With all the money hes made I tend to think hell follow suit of some other older tackles that just retire rather than getting into the contract stuff .Jets are in a bit of a bind because they dont really have anyone to cover for him yet either. I still bang my head into the wall on the Harris signing. Cro a bit as well.
  9. Bowles was awful in the last 4 or so minutes of the game and I think was just lost in the moment, but there was no issue with coaching much before that. I thought the Jets came in with a solid gameplan and used some pretty unexpected players to try to catch NE off guard. The Jets did great tackling the receivers as soon as they caught the ball which is always big against New England. That probably helped with causing some of the drops too because usually these guys drag with nobody around them for a few yards.They didnt do a great job adjusting to the Patriots halftime changes, specifically Amendola being used more late. But I cant pin that loss on coaching. If Marshall catches that ball its probably a different result and that has nothing to do with Bowles. The Patriots are just a better team. Their receiving core meshes perfectly with Brady and Bradys style negates just about any pass rush unless you have one of those elite type edge rushers. They have run this bend but dont break defense for about 12 years now and teams always get stalled out by it.
  10. There is some really fun stuff in this thread but this is pretty much 100% accurate about things. FWIW when Rex pulled Sanchez it was a mercy killing because of the way the home crowd was treating him which is why he put him back in for the last game with the "concussion" being handed to McElroy a few days after his game. Idzik wanted nothing to do with Sanchez or pretty much anyone on the roster. Sanchez was going to be Rexs "in" to show the GM he shouldbe the decision maker. JMO, but part of the reason Woody eventually settled on Idzik was because he thought it would be run like Seattle where Carroll more or less runs the show and their GM handles the contracts, trades, etc...
  11. QB

    I think what helps Fitzpatrick keep the job is you wont see him with his head down, shoulders sagging, etc...Whether its immaturity, poor coaching in the past, of just a trait, Geno has these games where he just looks defeated. You dont want that out of the position ever and in his case you may get it a few times a season. You'll never get an implosion with Fitzpatrick like Geno in Buffalo last year. Geno clearly has more upside but the downside is probably too much if the defense is playing well.
  12. QB

    I think what helps Fitzpatrick keep the job is you wont see him with his head down, shoulders sagging, etc...Whether its immaturity, poor coaching in the past, of just a trait, Geno has these games where he just looks defeated. You dont want that out of the position ever and in his case you may get it a few times a season. You'll never get an implosion with Fitzpatrick like Geno in Buffalo last year. Geno clearly has more upside but the downside is probably too much if the defense is playing well.
  13. Its the price of a trade. Im not thrilled with it but Im not really surprised by it either. I said all along that the GM hire was going to sell himself as the complete opposite of Idzik which is what Mac has been, But for most of these guys its essentially a one year deal except for Revis and, insanely, Harris. Ill take Marshall for the extra $1.3M. If the team stinks hell be gone next year so I dont look at 2016 right now anyway.
  14. Id love if they did this. Maybe I could actually go sneak out and play poker every now and then. NJ has missed out on so many opportunities by sticking with AC as their only casinos. AC has been dying for years and is shutting places down left and right. The flop of Revel should have proven that the location is just not right anymore for those that refused to admit that AC just isnt in a position to really draw people. I really think any type of casino in NNJ would be huge though the traffic around the Meadowlands would be ridiculous without some changes.
  15. Id expect this to be a lot of people saying either Holmes or O'donnell