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  1. I believe he was banged up(as he always is) but coach wasn't happy with him for not   Practicing during the week. Coach was like no practice no play time. 
  2. Geno stays. He's a cheap backup who knows the system. Cut him for what? Makes no sense. We have guys we need to pay and Geno isn't one of them. Starter he is not but backup yes he can (Yoda) voice 
  3. Sheldon trade value

    I can't 
  4. Good move but next season we need to sacrifice a couple of spots for a KR and a PR. Jets like Versatile players, but we need guys that are good in this area. And please........ Tell me we can get a better Punter 
  5. He's soft plus doesn't play special teams. Hats off to the new powers to be be. Guys who work hard and "try" should get to play, just wish we have left him on ir. If Colon had any chance of coming back that is. 
  6. Milliner takes one snap and he'll crack a nail and be out til week 16  
  7. This POS won't even try. What the hell do you guys see in him? He doesn't even play
  8. Lol @ the Geno hate

     Activate  Milliner and and we are down 2 players! He is never gonna play a full season and I don't believe he cares.  Doesn't give me the impression of a guy who wants to be out there. Don't see what you guys see in him, he's not even good.
  9. Anyone else starting to wonder if this was yet another waste of a second round pick?
  10. Ridley Activated; Owusu Waived/Injured

    Hate to see Owusu go but this is the right move. We need help with the run game and Kerley is better as the WR3. We need a KR in the worst way. There is some guys out there, I know this administration Hates using one  dimensional players, but our Offense needs to start on the 30 not the 18
  11. Stevan Ridley chance he plays Sunday

    Have a feeling Stacy is about to get da boot
  12. although your right I just don't feel Milliner has it in him. 
  13. Off topic, will we has to cut someone when Milliner is "healthy "?
  14. I thought the worst. Thought Suh was gonna have Winters for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He held his own I was impressed. Part of me believes Suh is in "I don't care mode"
  15. Winters getting the start. Hold your breath