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  1. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    Just cut him! I know His $ is granteed but he'll be hurt more than half the year and coach won't play him any way. I rather free up the roster spot. HE WONT PLAY
  2. Bears have plenty of cap space and we have seen all types of craziness this off season.
  3. As we are so close to the draft now that we can already begin to taste the hot wings, I have a very positive feeling. So positive that I think the Jets can steal the Draft *Trade Mo for the 11 pick. I'd hate to see one of our top guys leave but if we keep him we will lose him at the end of the season. His replacement would be here for the next five years *stand firm at 20. We have too many holes to be trading up I believe Lynch will be there. The biggest threat may be Rex trying to stick it to us and grabbing him at 19 but with his obsession with DL we should be ok *End the 2nd round curse. Man! Can we once in for all get a good player here? Spence has had some issues I know but if he falls to us in the 2nd we have to grab him.So with the Mo trade we look like this: rd.1 Stanley OT or Conklin OT Rd1 Lynch QB rd2 Spence DE A CB and MLB in rounds 3 and 4 and maybe a kicker with one of our two 7s Rex stay away lol
  4. Eagles Trade Up to #2

    Signing RG3 allowed this move to happen
  5. 2016 NY Jets Schedule: Merged

    Gonna kick the Browns ass 😬
  6. D'Brickahaw Ferguson Retired (merged)

    At the end of the day the man was a warrior and a true Jet
  7. Lions Sign Darrin Walls

    Walls is a good player
  8. Wrist Surgery for Revis

    Timed it to miss camp hehe. But all jokes aside if he got hurt in week 3 and played the rest of the way hurt, you have to give it up to this guy. The soft coverage drove me nuts but rather he suck it up and play. He could of sat Out and avoided the criicisms but he hung in there. I take my hat off to him
  9. OLB top pick?

    I agree with you on Smith, don't see his skills transferring over to the pros. I'm thinking OLB is the obvious move but don't be surprised if we grab a OL. And then cut one of our starters
  10. Even with th3 team we have now I see us competing. We still have contracts to reconstruct and free agency isn't over yet. We also have the draft, who knows what tricks Mac has up his sleeves. I think everyone would feel better if we resolve the QB situation and so do I but but all the available guys are all the same. Just be patient guys it will get better
  11. This waiting game is getting old.

    I don't see Fitz signing with us. He over played his hand and probably wants to save face. I see him waiting till pre-season. Maybe a QB goes down or a QB plays so bad a team looks for a quick fix. When he was traded to NY he wasn't happy so this was never his place of choice. RG3 is our best bet imo. The system and our weapons made Fitz look good. RG3 can push the ball down field which is what we were missing last year. Marshall and Deck we know about. Forte being a catching RB, good for the underneath stuff, we can send our WRs down field and open this thing up. I think RG3 would look great in this system
  12. I was hoping for an upgrade but with not much $ left he is an acceptable 3 or 4