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  1. I pray for a speedy recovery for you guys.
  2. I say bring him back. I don't trust Milliner and Cro is great with the younger guys
  3. I think Wilkerson will be the bigger man and show up to camp early. Not day one but early. He has nothing to lose nor nothing to gain. A long term deal isn't going to be reached. I say he comes in and shows he's a class act and good teammate.
  4. Omg did you see the last season?
  5. I just don't see it. Call me crazy but just don't see where Fitz is that much better than Geno
  6. Just cut him! I know His $ is granteed but he'll be hurt more than half the year and coach won't play him any way. I rather free up the roster spot. HE WONT PLAY
  7. Bears have plenty of cap space and we have seen all types of craziness this off season.
  8. As we are so close to the draft now that we can already begin to taste the hot wings, I have a very positive feeling. So positive that I think the Jets can steal the Draft *Trade Mo for the 11 pick. I'd hate to see one of our top guys leave but if we keep him we will lose him at the end of the season. His replacement would be here for the next five years *stand firm at 20. We have too many holes to be trading up I believe Lynch will be there. The biggest threat may be Rex trying to stick it to us and grabbing him at 19 but with his obsession with DL we should be ok *End the 2nd round curse. Man! Can we once in for all get a good player here? Spence has had some issues I know but if he falls to us in the 2nd we have to grab him.So with the Mo trade we look like this: rd.1 Stanley OT or Conklin OT Rd1 Lynch QB rd2 Spence DE A CB and MLB in rounds 3 and 4 and maybe a kicker with one of our two 7s Rex stay away lol
  9. Signing RG3 allowed this move to happen
  10. Gonna kick the Browns ass 😬
  11. At the end of the day the man was a warrior and a true Jet
  12. Walls is a good player