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  1. 4QBs way too many roster spots. Make a decision!
  2. No way a 2nd rounder gets cut in year 2, so Smith stays. I like Marshall, Ross and Peake. Hard to keep them all and dought Ross wants to be on anyone's PS. Jets clearly favor bigger receivers, Thompkins is a vet and has good size, think he stays. I think Peake or Ross will be the odd man out. Peake 1st cause Ross has return skills
  3. Anyone has Cro's phone number
  4. Petty had his moments but just doesn't look NFL ready to me. I know there is a lot of Geno hate out there and fans are looking for someone to pass him for the number 2 spot but I just don't see it. Wasn't EXCITED about Fitz coming back but it's clear to me he is our only hope to winning games this season. QBs are hard to come by in this league. And if Fitz goes down Petty won't get it done. Sorry!
  5. Miles was a beast! Out there today. Also zoned in on Qvale today thought he played really good! Go Jets!
  6. Are we willing to sacrifice Petty to keep an extra WR?
  7. Good 4 him! Tired of the offense always lacking behind the defense. Time to work!
  8. Real knee slapper
  9. I pray for a speedy recovery for you guys.
  10. I say bring him back. I don't trust Milliner and Cro is great with the younger guys
  11. I think Wilkerson will be the bigger man and show up to camp early. Not day one but early. He has nothing to lose nor nothing to gain. A long term deal isn't going to be reached. I say he comes in and shows he's a class act and good teammate.
  12. Omg did you see the last season?
  13. I just don't see it. Call me crazy but just don't see where Fitz is that much better than Geno