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  1. Jets Camp 8-4

    Hopefully Bowles gets priority seating as a distinguished spectator
  2. Listen to Kevin Greene; Great Leader!!!

    Mauldin and Jenkins are fine athletes in their own right. The description of the skill OLBs need to bring is speed off the edge, the two OLBs that MacCoffee drafted ran 4.85 and 4.8 with lousy three cone times
  3. Crapenberg is us no chance, period. Connor Hughes‏Verified account @Connor_J_Hughes 42s42 seconds ago More Rough series for Hackenberg in red zone. 0/2 passing with two near picks, one sack-fumble, one handoff. 3 dropped INTs today. #Jets
  4. Suck for Sam in 17

    Might be sucking for the sake of sucking- http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000809136/article/darnold-rosen-allen-no-surefire-franchise-qbs-in-next-wave
  5. Mangold can't stay

    Dakota Dozier. Dozier was a 2014 draft pick, if you cant get on the field after 3 seasons then you need to find work elsewhere. Dozier played this week and played well replacing an injured Winters. The interior of the line Winters, Johnson,Carpenter has played nicely since Mangold left. Shell was OK considering it was his first start
  6. Trade for Sean Payton?

    Don't trade for him buy him, Woody is tight with the Republican crooks that took America over. He should be getting a lot richer with his association with the Donald. Benson is strapped for cash, throw in Pryor to make it look like cash didn't change hands
  7. Enunwa, Anderson and Winters. Julian Stanford on the D, Remi$$ & Bilkerson stink
  8. Um, Lorenzo Mauldin Anyone??

    Speed, 4.84 amazing for speed off the edge
  9. Darron Lee

    The disaster is the QB we drafted this year
  10. Jets Panicked and Resigned Fitz.

    The real panic move was signing Mevi$$ for 70 mil
  11. Petty has a good Wondy himself 31, Hackcantplay is Gino dumb 24
  12. Decker had a 46 on the Wonderlic highest score 2010 Combine. Forte was a math major with a degree in finance
  13. 4.49 -4.7 is a guess, what they think Bostick might run. The 4.59 is his actual time. The school where it was run is listed. Wiki has the exact Pro Day #s of every event, listed at Draft Scouts. Nonetheless great athlete, who the Packers had pegged to be the downfield successor to Jermichael Finley. All Pro Day info is dubious, my Rabbi had me with 50 lifts of the Torah, while people at the congregation claimed I never lifted it once
  14. Great, except it never happened. Wiki confirmed by NFL Draft Scouts Pre-draft measurables Ht Wt 40-yd dash 10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss 3-cone Vert Broad BP 6 ft 3 in 243 lb 4.59 s 1.67 s 2.73 s 4.25 s 7.41 s 36 in 10 ft 1 in 19 reps