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  1. The metaphor was badly done, it recalls TV commercials where the Mom was implored to get the bathroom clean, clean clean. Overall, the negative tone is overwhelming in the whole thread. True, this is turning into a bad season, but at least we might get to see our team play better football and right now, nobody else is ready. Geno has his faults, this is his last shot to show that he's a starting quality QB, and he's got maybe two or three games to do it before they go to one of the younger guys. So it's worth watching, unless you are so sure that there is NO chance with Geno at all, in any situation.
  2. That's it. I was a Geno fan too, thought he got stuck with bad situation his first two years. So what happens? His big problem is that he's a turnover machine, and in just a small part of the 4th quarter he fumbles, (recovered by the Jets), and throws an interception. Unfortunately for Geno, his chance to start again ended right there. I think they're going with Fitzpatrick for a couple of weeks until Petty gets back in shape, then going to Petty.
  3. That's the scenario that best meets the facts. I like Geno too, I thought he showed heart in the two seasons he was thrown out there with an undermanned offense, but the fact is that the big rap against him was that he was a turnover machine. We hoped he would mature past that. So they put him in with a just a few minutes left and what happens? He fumbles on one play, (recovered by the Jets), and gets intercepted. This is his fourth year, he's no longer a young QB, he's a veteran now. Hate to say this, I just think Geno just blew his opportunity to get back to starting right there. Now they're waiting a couple of weeks for Petty.
  4. Never saw the loss of a lineman screw up a team so much as the loss of Kendall that year. Unbelievable.
  5. +1. Forte's playing most partly because Powell's big contribution the last few years is pass receiving, and Forte does that very well. Another reason is that Forte has been one of the league's best backs for the past few years, Powell has been one of the league's best substitute/situational backs the last few years, so guess who gets more touches? A third reason is that it is hard to take a man out when he is averaging 130 yards a game for you. I'm sure Powell's share of touches will increase as the season progresses.
  6. I think Parcells took over offensive play calling from Sean Payton for awhile when they were with the Giants. And didn't Mangini lose his playcalling ability on defense for awhile when he was with the Patriots? It's not the end of the world for a coordinator. Obviously, it's not a good day for him when it happens, though.
  7. I think Bowles went for the 1 point conversion because if we missed the two point conversion it would have given Buffalo momentum. The Jets had just nailed the game down, Bowles said just kick the extra point as usual and let the Bills try to generate their own momentum, let's not help them.
  8. Didn't Peyton Manning have the same rap? He started off something like 0-6 in playoff games and people were writing him off as a great regular season QB but a zero in the playoffs.
  9. The two raps on Dalton is that his arm is not particularly strong and he craps up in money games. As he matures, his less-than-cannon arm is being compensated by consistent accuracy and all he has to do is win a few playoff games to get rid of the second whammy. Couple that with the fact that he's got some fast, good receivers who will go get the ball on the close ones and it equals dangerous.
  10. Lost it at home, too. The place where you are supposed to have the edge.
  11. Jets fans car go ablaze minutes before the kickoff of the first game. A harbinger of the 2016 season?
  12. Congratulations Larz. A real plus in Larz' captaincy is that when the Jets lose, he'll be able to report all the various conspiracy theories as to why.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Just because someone had a bad side to them is no reason not to honor them for their good achievements. That's why I'm going to that Joe Paterno tribute at Penn State this month. Also, next July I'll be heading over to Dovia di Predappio, Italy, for their annual Trains Must Run On Time Festival honoring the town's favorite son, Benito Mussolini, and his trailblazing work in the field of transportation punctuality.
  14. Just to play Devil's Advocate, is it the responsibility of the website to keep possibly private medical information private? I mean the employee of the hospital might be in trouble if they find out he told anyone, but is it the legal responsibility of the website not to print information they were given by someone who was possibly violating his profession's code of ethics? The website is not part of the medical profession. Of course, as a privately owned website the management has the option of rejecting any post for any reason at all. Still, is the website hiding this info, (if it's accurate), just to be nice guys who want to respect a player's privacy, or is the website somehow legally obligated not to disclose this info?