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  1. I understand you can have tatoos removed but it's a very painful process.  Good.
  2. Cam Newton: losing Stephen Hill was a "big deal"

    World is full of surprises.  Who would expect Stephen Hill to be a topic of conversation the week before the conference championship game?  
  3. Yes, and at Coughlin's advanced age, (70 by the team the season starts), his two Super Bowls are the only reason he is being considered by anyone at all.  Realistically, you might have the guy for another four or five years, then he'll have to call it quits.  If he's going to get another coaching job, it absolutely has to be this year, he doesn't have another year to spare.
  4. If he wanted to step down from coaching, I think he would have retired from the Giants instead of being let go.  Of course the decision is Coughlin's, but he is taking a risk turning down the Eagles if he wants to still coach in the NFL.  The time that Coughlin could take a nice, laid back, "Well let me sit back and wait for the right situation" is over.  At this point, he should realize he has a one year special window of opportunity to be an NFL coach that probably won't happen again.  If he dislikes the Eagles so much that he would rather not coach than be their coach, that's his decision.  As long as he realizes that he might not get another opportunity.
  5. If he gets hired this year, he'll be 70 before the coming season starts.  Seriously, do you think he'll have many offers to coach a team in 2017 when he'll be 71 before the first game?
  6. At Coughlin's age, taking a year off is not an option.  Most teams normally wouldn't hire a man his age anyway, but due to his record he's an exception to the rule.  He has to take advantage of his unique position this year.
  7. Legal in several places, likely to be legal in more soon, it's ridiculous to suspend a man for this.  I realize the NFL is trying to cut down on criminal type behavior, but a man in his 20s smoking marijuana is not criminal type behavior.  Nobody's asking the NFL to endorse marijuana, but there's no need for the NFL to get involved with a player's off field marijuana use.
  8. You might have something there.
  9. Glennon

    So you think that Fitz is the irreplaceable centerpiece of this offense, not just a serviceable part but with limitations?
  10. Kenbrell thompkins

    True, but after a few years Rich Caster became quite a weapon.
  11. Glennon

    And your plan to develop a full-field offense including the deep pass is.........

      "Look sweetheart, I don't know who forgot to tell you, but in this league the calls go OUR way".
  13. Odell Beckham

    Well, this being a Giants home game, wouldn't the wives of the Giants players be parking in those spots?  If the Jets' wives park in some reserved spots during the Jets games, and the Giants' wives park in those  same spots during Giants games, when they play each other and the game is rated a Giants home game,  what should they do?
  14. Goodbye Sweet baby

    Condolences on your unthinkable loss.  Praying for you to bear up under the pain.
  15. The Jets On Saturdays

    I think the Saturday afternoon games came in because the college football season was over except for the bowl games on New Year's back then.  When the college football season expanded, there was a conflict.