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  1. Wouldn't be the first player who turned out good after being slowed by injuries his first few years.
  2. The exclusive "NEGATIVE" thread

    But if you post negative things in a negative thread, mathematically they all become positive.
  3. Quote gEYno: Indeed. Not to get political, but Rasmussen's final poll had Bush winning the popular vote by 9 points in 2000.
  4. I think they'll start the preseason hoping for Hack, but if Petty steps up and clearly outplays Hack, he can get it. If McCown and Petty are near equal with Hack well behind, Petty gets it because he still has upside.
  5. The reason Fitzpatrick has lasted so long despite being "on the bubble" talent-wise is that he exudes positivity. Also, despite not being as swift as many other QBs he's made his running game very effective by choosing his spots to run, efficient use of blocks and putting his head down and pushing the tacklers back. And he doesn't complain. That's why he's in the league, despite QBs of equal or even slightly greater ability not being able to find a team.
  6. And Fitzpatrick has 166 TD passes to 133 interceptions for his career. Bad stat to point to, Vince.
  7. Well, let's see. He's looking to move in a young inexperienced QB, (either Petty or Hack), so he takes a look at a RB, (Ridley), who was noted for his pass blocking. Then looks at an experienced WR in Thompkins. Why not?
  8. I think it's a great idea, and likely a harbinger of things to come on other teams as well. More than anything, women always want to know where their man is going and if she can communicate that urgency to our defensive backs, our defense should improve 100%.
  9. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    That's true, he was coming off an ACL. Plus he's a quality pass blocker, which would be extremely handy in case Hackenberg or Petty, both inexperienced, get the job. The Jets are probably more interested in his pass blocking than his running.
  10. It should be mentioned that Hernandez killed himself because of his conviction and incarceration for life. Whether Odin Lloyd's family gets money or not, they did get justice.
  11. Former Jet RB Ridley Comes in for Workout

    He was recovering from injuries the year we had him that he looked like crap. He also has a rep as very effective pass blocker, which can certainly come in handy if a youngster like Hackenberg or Petty is the starting QB. Can't hurt to look.
  12. Come to think of it, that might be what I've read too.
  13. I read somewhere they are already suing the Pats.