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  1. As a matter of fact, IK did receive a nice bouquet of flowers with a check for $1 Million in the middle, courtesy Ryan Fitz.
  2. Say, whatever happened to that poster who said he hates it when anybody posts that he has a friend who heard something, but in this case the poster had a buddy who was an intern with the Jets and it was going around the front office that Fitz and the Jets had agreed on a deal and Fitz was coming in to sign yesterday, 9AM. Anyone know anything about that?
  3. Well, we signed Mo Wilkerson so any plans Fitz had that involved the Jets having lots of extra cash because they won't be able to sign Mo just went right out the window. Not that the Jets were going to pay Fitz more anyway-they're already beating any other offers Fitz might have had.
  4. So you just picked two games out of 12 and decided to represent that as the whole season? The things you mention even out for every QB during the season. Fact is that Fitz had Andre Johnson on the team and the team still didn't get that much out of the passing game. Fitz' year in 2014 was a case study of a mediocre QB trying to hold onto his starting status by his fingernails. And you point to that year as a "good year"? I don't.
  5. The Jets have given Fitzpatrick the best offer by far that he has received. Take it or get lost, Fitz.
  6. You might think you're good at ignoring stats, but you're not really. The year that you brag about in Houston, Fitz's tenth year in the league, he averaged 207 yards passing a game with one of the league's premier pass catchers in the lineup. And he got benched for Ryan Mallet. And you point to this mish-mash of a year to try to shut down criticism that Fitz is mediocre, when this was his high point?
  7. Was Geno the plan all along? I think Geno was Plan B, in case Plan A got stupid in his contract demands. Fitzpatrick got stupid.
  8. Yeah, 207 yards a game for 12 games, with Andre Johnson. A real career year. PS: Benched for a couple of games for Ryan Mallett. Just tore the league up, he did.
  9. Been away from the board for a bit. Has Fitzpatrick actually signed yet or are he and his agent still in La La land about his worth?
  10. Thoughts and prayers for your family during this time. The prognosis is good, that is important.
  11. Why? He's still young. If he gets himself rehabbed, there will be teams that have him in for a look see. Not this year, for sure. It's basically up to him.
  12. Oh, LaMaitre broke the 10 second 100 meter mark. Last time I looked he had only tied it.
  13. Quote kelticwizard: Quote PatsFanTX: Well, I went back to the end of the first quarter, (March 31), which is the last Gross Domestic Product quote for both countries. The UK has a GDP of $2.989 Trillion and France had a GDP of $2.829 on March 31. The UK GDP is 5.7% higher than France's. Also on that date, (March 31), the British pound was worth $1.44 and the Euro, which is what France uses for money, was worth $1.14. The British pound has now fallen from $1.44 on March 31 to $1.37 now, a 4.9% drop, so the UK GDP is now worth $2.844 Trillion. The Euro has now fallen from $1.14 on March 31 down to $1.11 now, a 2.6% drop, so France's GDP is now worth $2.755 Trillion. So France never overtook the UK in size of the economy, (Gross Domestic Product). The fact that a UK news site, no doubt seeking to add a sense of outrage to it all, reported that France had passed the UK in GDP, and then later CNN ran with the story, only means that once again, the press has picked up a faulty report and printed it without checking it out. All it would take to check this story out is 5 minutes with a calculator. Just shows how things are. By the way, someone on another website once posted a pic of a CNN graphic, during a space shot, which gave the speed of light incorrectly. Not even close. When it comes to technical stuff, even things they teach in junior high school, the press often screws up.
  14. I'll get back to you. By all rights, I should check what the exchange rate was at the end of the first quarter, when the GDP was recorded. Also, some polls came out a few days before the vote showing the Remain side slightly going ahead, and as a result the British Pound went up slightly the day before the vote. I'll check the figures-I think the people over there were using the higher exchange rate the day before the vote and applying it to the first quarter GDP rating. Don't have time to check the figures now, be back later.
  15. The article is wrong. I went through the math in the previous post. Allow me to sum this up. Before the Brexit vote, the Gross Domestic Product of the UK was 5.7% higher than France's. After the Brexit vote, the British Pound went down 4.2% compared to two weeks ago. The Euro, which France uses for money, went down 1.8% from two weeks ago. As a result, the UK economy remains about 3% greater than France's. Here is an excellent website with all this GDP and economic statistics in one place. And here is a website which allows you to compare currency values for all currencies both now and in the past. With all the complaining on how poor American schools are at teaching mathematics, it is somewhat comforting to know that the problem is at least not limited to this side of the Atlantic. And I was the worst kid in math in my class.