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  1. LOL, took the words right out of my mouth. LT, great as he was, was feeling no pain out there.
  2. If he's holding a gun on McKnight, then McKnight probably figured his best chance was to go along with Gasser and get out of the car while continuing to apologize and trying to reason with him. Besides, if McKnight and Gasser are out of the car other people can see what is happening and call the police to try to talk Gasser down. If Joe McKnight refused to get out of the car, Gasser might well have shot him on the spot for refusing.
  3. And he was trying to apologize, calm things down and play the part of the adult. And got murdered in cold blood for it, right in the middle of the intersection.
  4. They showed the fourth preseason game with Tebow up here. The announcers were all saying how badly Tebow played to that point. Tebow was inserted in the second half. He started off badly, then he did get hot very late in the game. When only marginal players were in the there. That spurt was not enough to save his roster spot. Belichick is in fact the Devil, of course, but even the Devil deserves his due. He cut Tebow because he didn't play well enough to make the team.
  5. Okay, just to play Devil's Advocate: Maybe Petty and / or Hackenberg show first class talent in arm strength/accuracy and other areas, but just don't "get it" yet on changing plays, analyzing defenses and calling out pass protections. Does a good coach / GM send them out there to the slaughter just to see what they can do, or does he hold back until they develop the tools to actually be able to go out there and win?
  6. That's gotta be it. New England could be a blowout loss and set the kid back. Put Fitz up there vs the Pats then let Petty finish the season to see what he can do.
  7. Maybe he's starting Fitz because he figures the Patriots game might be a blowout and he doesn't want to ruin Petty's confidence.
  8. I can remember when Jerry Jones took over the Dallas Cowboys. Classic multiyear rebuild. Although they were pretty classless to the Cowboy legends they were taking over from, they went about the rebuild in an effective way. First, get the QB you need. Then parcel all your good players on the previous years' bad teams and get draft choices for them. Then lose horribly for a couple of years, really bad, until the third year you emerge with a perennial Super Bowl contender and winner. If you get the right people with your high draft picks and coach them correctly, you've set yourself up for years. If those people miss or the coaching isn't there, you suck for years. But you have to take that chance.
  9. One of the teams has to give up a home game to go to a foreign city, so it's a little unfair to them. However, it's in the long-term interest of the NFL to promote their game around the world, which is more important. The owners of previous decades thought long-term benefit over immediate reward, and that's why today's players get the high salaries and big contracts that they do.
  10. There was a feeling with the Giants that Coughlin should retire, he wasn't able to get the most out of the team anymore. It happens to younger great head coaches. I remember Jimmy Johnson's, (and Dan Marino's), last game. You could see in that season-ending game that clearly the team had quit on Johnson, and he was visibly shook in the post game press conference. He never went back to coaching. I guess Johnson figured that if the team quits on you like that, no matter how good you once were, it's time to get out of coaching. I think the Giants figured that Coughlin had hit that point.
  11. It is indeed that. Any way you look at it, it amounts to: "You only beat the Jets by three crummy points. To the bench for you!"
  12. My football fanhood extends back pre-merger, so I'm still a Giants fan just because there's no conflict in cheering for two teams in entirely different leagues that will never play each other. I remain a Giants fan now, but whenever they play I'm for the Jets. A couple of times the Giants needed the game to improve their playoff chances, the Jets were out of it, and I tried rooting for the Giants. But by halftime I was back to cheering for the Jets, the hell with the Giants' playoff shot.
  13. You read a post like this, and you wonder why the poster even watches football. I didn't know what to expect of Petty, but you're looking at your alleged team like a researcher looks at some kind of experiment. No, I take that back, the researcher probably has more emotionally invested in the experiment than you have in the Jets. Would it have killed you to think that maybe the kid might have been good?
  14. Local kid from a small school, maybe he can make it as situational player. Good luck to him.
  15. When you said this: That definitely gives the reader the impression that Rex has done badly.