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  1. hashtag teamTwoMarshmellows
  2. Mac's first round picks

  3. Kony Ealy

    You can tell he's been coached by the Pats because he actively keeps his hands up and deflects balls when the opposing QB is passing. You think he'd learn that sh*t here
  4. Cmon guys we can still lose this !
  5. time is a flat circle kids. destined for mediocrity
  6. typical jets. get fans excited. finish 7-9 draft a dlineman with the 13th pick bowles gets fired next year after we go 4-12, new head coach drafts a corner with the first round pick and round and round we go
  7. Melvin Ingram

    I remember reading about Melvin Ingram and how the Jets should stay away from him because of his short arms. Then we ended up drafting Couples, and half this board was enamored with his wingspan. What happened ??
  8. Game Observations (MIA)

    I will say one of the things I've been real happy with is the fact the Oline adjusts to getting beat and actually employs TEs or RBs to chip DEs that are beating our tackles. Who remembers that Denver game where Wayne Hunter was getting beat to a bloody pulp and we made NO ADJUSTMENTS whatsover and Sanchez got murdered on the field again and again and again. One of the amazing highlights of the Schottenheimer era. Just amazing playcalling. Glad we finally have an OC that is willing to adapt to in game situations.
  9. Yea Baker Mayfield...another 4 years of misery.
  10. this team is so ******* stupid. even the refs are helping them tank but theyre not having it. life of a ******* jets fan