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  1. 2017, a group of people gather to......look at their phones
  2. Remember when the owner was going to finally give us our own stadium?
  3. yeesh sounds like damaged goods
  4. then they get caught hacking the Falcons surface tablets and the cycle repeats
  5. remember when the jets traded for the NFL's ultimate iron man QB? what happened?
  6. as fans we can hope for a better pick, but the coaches and players just want to kick somebodies ass and win for a change
  7. In a 32 team league, all you need is everything. Owner, GM, coach, QB, line, backs, receivers, TE, run stuffers, pass rushers, tackling machines, cover guys, kickers, luck and health Or just cheat like a Vegas mobster
  8. Better yet, make them explain Ernie Adams job description and make him available for random audits
  9. Kraft is chair of the broadcast committee and often has Nantz'boss in his booth with him for games That is why they never go on the road for a Thursday game and had the extra day this week NFL ******* blows
  10. Weird, it's like the Steelers were sleeping out there
  11. Zep and Rush, 2 bands that have made tolkien references, so lets just put this one out there, shall we? listening to this gives me a flashback buzz, lol
  12. the "ernie adams" factor ? WIN %: 79.9 up 3-0 in the 1st, lol
  13. ok falcons: 1) all of your walkthroughs are being taped, make sure you plant dummy plays, just ask the rams 2) sanitize all facilities before using them, and have all food inspected and tested, and boil all water 3) move random parts of the team to various random hotels the night before the game
  14. thank god the healthy team got through, healthy