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  1. Whatever wr gets cut will be "the wrong one"
  2. it is our destiny....... the 3rd game to me was always the game he had no shot of playing in. I think hack gets to mop up in the 4th game, probably a full quarter. Even if calamity strikes and fitz and geno are down during the season, hack will never play this year, they will sign a vet off the scrap heap, so it makes no sense to take reps away from petty
  3. and if they have a brain, petty mops up and hack watches
  4. hold outs usually come in and blow a hammy **** this punk
  5. improved doesn't mean good I won most improved camper at st anthony's basketball camp in the 80s because I was so bad when I go there, lol
  6. it is nice to have adults in charge. just need a pass rusher, LT and a QB, lol
  7. a headache "never was"? nothing
  8. Lol. Hey it's tough watching those types of movies with kids around.
  9. does dolly parton sleep on her back ?
  10. "so if you can lay off the cheetos and weed, we have a spot for you"
  11. hey, its august, might as well think positive ! whats up with sammy ? hammy ?
  12. so I caught brooklyn an d trainspotting ovet the weekend. brooklyn was refreshing that is wasn't the typical love story with a tragic or happy ending, it was a pretty stark and sober look at a person making a tough choice for selfish reasons. Its weird when the protagonist isn't really likeable. we are trained so much to care for the main characters, but she was tough to like, lol trainspotting was really cool. another movie that avoided the cliche ending, and had to love the nod to a clockwork orange. the baby scene made me legit squirm
  13. it was the unhappy ending for sure. I watched the giants and pats* games last week on dvr (fast forward is so awesome) and he was making some really nice throws, the mid-range stuff, even outs and come backs. they key for him is having a run game because he can't throw the safety out of the box. I think if forte can stay healthy this can be a very productive offense