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  1. His announcement was something of an impromptu one. Midway through his interview, he started thanking people: O’Brien for bringing him to Penn State, Rahne and Donovan, the strength staff, trainer and even the video director. In the much-scrutinized relationship between Hackenberg and Franklin, the seeming Freudian slip was easy fodder for internet headlines: “Christian Hackenberg thanks everyone but his coach.” “I’m sure ‘Hack,’ in hindsight, wishes it would have gone a different way,” Rahne says. “But it didn’t. In the heat of the moment, things happen, and you wish you could take ’em back, but you can’t. But I know those sort of things were handled behind closed doors, and I know they are a lot better now. It was an emotional time for him, and he made a mistake, but he owned up to it, and you move on.” Two NFL teams who met with Hackenberg at the combine said they specifically asked Hackenberg about his omission. His answer was the same one he gives publicly: He found Franklin afterward, and thanked him one on one.
  2. you guys remember petty showing up last summer and learning how to call plays and take a snap form center ? you think he's ready to start already ? lol
  3. Two weeks ago The MMQB’s Robert Klemko reported that two personnel sources told him Hackenberg had shifted blame to Franklin when their teams asked about his declining production his sophomore and junior seasons. But four high-ranking club officials who were part of their team’s interview process with prospects, speaking for this piece, said that was not how Hackenberg responded in their meetings. “His answer was that he didn’t play as well, and there were things he needed to get better at,” one head coach said. One senior executive said he was impressed that Hackenberg didn’t throw Franklin under the bus, despite questions that set him up to do so. Another team decision-maker said he could read between the lines that Hackenberg and Franklin weren’t especially close but that Hackenberg did not blame his coach. During Hackenberg’s 12 formal interviews at the combine, some teams pushed that button harder than others, and some may have interpreted his answers differently. Hackenberg doesn’t believe he left any room for interpretation. that's a cool article about krackenberg. bottom line, the kid is a mystery.
  4. the jets would be better off giving all the reps to geno. the competition would be for the back-up job I am no fan of geno, but pretending petty or krackenberg is ready to challenge him is silly
  5. so phil is on vacation ? lol he knows which one of his "friends of phil" that is getting the job
  6. Movies We've Seen Thread

    so I don't want to see civil war but all of my kids friends are going so I will probably take them if anyone goes tonight can you please give me the parental rundown ? txs
  7. so he should fit right in here ?
  8. NE doesn't need Brady to play all 16

    so I guess this proves you were the fan who claimed "loss of sleep" as a reason to sue the NFL over the suspension ?
  9. the word the street is he has small feet
  10. restructuring is just using a credit card, I am not a fan
  11. someone should have warned me what I was about to see clicking on that link, lol
  12. Where will the money come from?

    the company that was set up to do business with the jets that will be sold to a jets player its totally legit