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  1. He drafted 2 QB s they are afraid to play Cmon
  2. so when does the sidelines fight happen ? maimi ?
  3. simple fear that they will win the year after I storm out and slam the door
  4. True, but 11 hours of psl talk
  5. they make you take a 11 hour road trip with joewilly and SAR with no radio, wifi or bathroom breaks
  6. there will be a 3 way competition next year regardless of what he does
  7. his test pilot career is as impressive, when the USA had a bat sh*t crazy idea, and needed someone skilled and brave enough to pull it off, they called John Glenn
  8. who are we gonna kick around when fitz is gone, petty ? poor kid
  9. the measure of mangolds greatness is in the fact we literally never discuss him here he has been my favorite jet since the day we drafted him, I have always felt like he is the one player we got that usually winds up on the steelers or in denver and we wind up envious, but this bearded mofo is ours !!!!
  10. the hierarchy of football needs; get the QB protect the QB rush the QB everything else comes after
  11. some of those gifs are all timers tho. the d-line getting pushed around by scrubs, Lee blitzing and leaving his man wide open, the defense not even ready for a snap, and the tight coverage on the TE near the goal line, lol
  12. what a man what a life RIP to a true American hero
  13. someday bowles might get mad enough to do something about it I don't want to wait for that day buh bye