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  1. its not official yet as far as I know. he's just starting a preseason game the bigger picture here is Osweillers fall from "the next big thing" to getting beat out by this kid (potentially)
  2. The guy who took 4 plays to score a TD?
  3. Blake Bortles

    He blows chunks Forget 2 years ago, he is just shot
  4. Grown ass men getting an emoji lecture
  5. Good Beat the Bill's to the bottom baby!!!!
  6. I know this is just a dumb trolling thread, but it really hasn't dawned on folks that the idea this year is to NOT win ?
  7. Hey. I just noticed something . There are a lot of hot chick's in the 100,000 posts thread .
  8. D If he had actual NFL talent around him and stank like that it's an F
  9. Osweiller looks bad too. Maybe picking QBs is hard?
  10. Mahomes and cook just gets you on the hampster wheel of mediocrity Let it go fellas It's a race to the bottom, it's obvious to me mutiple teams love next year's QB class
  11. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Correction, Jets announced bowles will name starter Monday Could mean we see all 3 again
  12. who knows if Lynch will be any good, but losing the starter nod to trevor isn't a good look