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  1. ok this is my last mo post   the jets need to keep their best player, with the obvious exception of if he wants more than watt.    turning him into 3 jags is dumb please tag him already !!!!!!!
  2. sheldumb didn't produce. 5 sacks with all of his reps sucks, simple fact are you planning on replacing mo with another DE, or just go forward with what hey have and not even replace him ? I don't think you are taking into consideration that the shopping spree you think might result from letting mo go isn't going very far mo's cap number last year was $7 million.  If you want to use $14 million as his new number fine what do you get by spreading around $7 million, and how is that team better without mo ? please use names and stuff  
  3. "useful" sacks by jets players not named mo = 27 useless sacks by mo = 12      
  4.   here is the argument, its obvious even if you take away mo's 3 sacks vs the titans with some silly twisted logic and make a ton of excuses for williams and sheldumb, he still has more sacks than those 2 guys combined you say illustrious dozen, I say underwhelming 8 mo is special spreading his money around to a bunch of jags doesn't make the team better  
  5. why didn't those damn good ends produce anything in the sack department this year ? 
  6. did you know you are never more than 10 feet from a spider ?
  7. the suspicious part, of course, is now the NY HQ is involved under the hood opens up a huge conspiracy angle
  8. that doesn't matter.  the ball can touch the ground, it just can't bobble while doing so
  9. they key is not having a dominant run defense, but having a scary pass rush the jets have been building an awesome 1945 era defense, that has to change
  10. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    if "angry grandpa" is his channel, its pretty obvious
  11. Could you imagine...

    can I imagine if the Jets make the superbowl, the QB sucks and they lose and the fans are pissed ? is there really any other outcome ?
  12. for some odd reason I think rambis will be good
  13. no they are a legit #1 , but not all time great