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  1. Its still illegal federally and the NFL makes its money selling TV commercials, so anything that could lose sponsors is a big deal. They have to protect the networks investment. I also doubt he went into in-patient rehab for weed
  2. everybody would have signed up for 2-2 a month ago
  3. they were supposed to make it tougher, I can't find where it was approved by the NFLPA tho right now suspension is for 2nd DUI
  4. sending the beef signal to @joebabyny
  5. I remember playing luke cage with all of my buddies when we were kids lol
  6. oh yeah. he goes from bounce passes to sailing them over guys heads by 10 feet ! he has terrible accuracy. his nickname at PSU was sackenberg because when his first read isn't wide open, bad things happen I ignored all the camp tweets and scouting reports until I saw him with my own eyes. then I had to face the facts, he's terrible
  7. the only reason his isn't in jail is he has talent, that's the fact. erin henderson is a good example of what I am talking about. He got 2 DUI's and then was out of football for a year. Then he came back. That is a sane approach to it. These young guys deserve a 2nd chance, but when they make it obvious they are out of control, they need to take care of it and suffer some consequences letting this dummy get away with using while suspended would just send the wrong message he would get high after signing
  8. most of the scouting reports agree he has a "golden" arm, and nice NFL size they also agree he has no touch, accuracy or pocket presence. I have never read he has a great grasp of the game. He does dumb things I hope I'm wrong, I would love to be wrong, but what I saw from hack in the PS was sanchez' brain with a tebow arm he is sanbow
  9. josh browns mental state, maturity and attitude are worse. he is a big spoiled baby. just like the huge sh*t, giving him another chance is actually selfish and bad for the kid. he too needs a year off to prove he is stable and reliable fans like you and paradis would happily see these kids go down the drain for a few TD's spare me the superbowl in your lifetime speech, its disgusting
  10. yeah, in cleveland they don't even have phones yet and everyone is a jerk. its a miracle this poor victim survived at all
  11. favre came here and got hurt, bradford wouldn't make it out of the airport without getting hurt, lol
  12. a guy who used while being suspended for using ? what could go wrong ? this guy is self destructive and needs help before he kills himself or innocent people
  13. Jets WR Eric Decker says he first suffered shoulder injury when he fell on it during Week 2 game vs. Bills. Echoed what Todd Bowles said, he is "week to week." Shoulder feels better than it did at start of week, we'll see how it progresses.
  14. I agree, no way he plays this week. I would guess 3 week minimum
  15. he practiced thursday. ASJ will never have a grasp of the playbook, he was kicked out of a mini-camp practice this spring for having no idea what the **** was going on