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  1. The part that surprises me is marshall would take a paycut to stay on this sh*t team.
  2. he was 39 when he played like utter sh*t. no way eli plays well for 5+ years. it just doesn't happen. favre was like the healthiest qb in history and he went down at 40.
  3. 5+ years for eli? lol the dude is like 37 years old
  4. a big steaming pile of ******* sh*t. **** the is ******* junk
  5. sometimes the littler johnson is the best johnson
  6. truthfully? i couldnt care less either way. the team is painful to watch. i guess best for the future is to just lose.....which we will anyway because we suck
  7. if you remember back when the chiefs offense was one of the best it was their o-line that anchored them also
  8. who should i play this week?
  9. he's going to suck next year anyway
  10. some of us have been saying this all year. they were giving slow AF forte all the carries when powell was clearly the faster and better back.
  11. i want to say you're not wrong at all. seems like zeke gets 5 yds at a time untouched, then he's pretty fast so he outruns the linebackers
  12. dak doesn't emerge without that o-line and zeke
  13. i didn't mean that he will be cut. i meant he pretty much sucks now. he will be even worse next year. dude is slow AF