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  1. this team will be lucky to win more than 1 game, and might very well go 0-16
  2. yeah i'll get there i'm sure, lol
  3. you must be young. i used to have that perennial positive out look for the team. thinking best case scenario for every player and how they will all get better than they were last year.....another year in the system, another year together to gel, more experience in the league blah blah blah. but 30 years of crap sets you straight
  4. really? williams and wilkerson are the only real players on the defense. the new safeties can be good but they are rookies. we are going to get torched all year and our offense is the worst in the league easily
  5. seriously....if this happens i'm done with this ******* team. if you are going to tear it down, tear it down.
  6. lol. this is a total nightmare if it happened
  7. finest jets to ever play? dude never even made the probowl. he was above average at best
  8. you think maybe they tried to trade him? its a business......
  9. me neither so I have no idea
  10. Releasing everyone and playing the young guys. This team is going to be terrible at the right time!!! One win is about the max this team can get and 0-16 is possible. Stud qb's coming out. This just might be the turning point.....
  11. this is the truth. becht wasn't really a pass catching tight end. he was basically another tackle. he was drafted too high but thats not really his fault
  12. wouldnt count on the defense being ranked too high this year. no pass rush or cornerbacks and they are going to be out there ALOT with how bad the offense is going to be
  13. too bad we're gonna score about 10 points per game
  14. so jets drafting for the number 1 pick next year
  15. i can't for the life of me understand trading down from the 3rd to the 4th to pick up a 6th round pick.