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  1. yeah i'm ecstatic we will rally for a sh*tty draft pick. forte is half-dead now since we refuse to give the ball to powell while old, slow and broken forte gets 30 touches to get to 100yds. this coaching staff is ******* stupid
  2. bowles is to blame for the runnin ggame. the idiot took an old running back who was injured last year and fed him the ball 30 something times a game and killed the dude. there was no reason for it since we have a decent rb in powell. bowles is a major problem for the team and needs to go. granted we need to fix the roster too (qb is a major problem if hack stays sh*tty) but that can't be done in one season. head coach can be replaced in one off-season. macaggnan should be on a short leash at this point.
  3. thats one of the reasons. mostly its because it seems he cant even scheme. he leaves revis on an island in the bills game he's getting burnt and he doest adjust. he is terrible at coaching and he plays the game soft. 40 seconds left in the first half and he's taking knees. i hate that pussy sh*t
  4. i never blamed it all on the head coach. fitzpatrick being total crap is another problem. bowles is part of the problem though and i'd like to see him canned
  5. actually i want bowles fired because his defense is sh*t and the team is sh*t with him running it. he plays scared and he has no business being a head coach of a team imo
  6. the team sucks and fitzpatrick is complete sh*t. we aren't going to win games with that ******* loser with his sh*t arm and sh*t decisions. might as well give geno a couple games and then when he sucks give petty a few games. get used to it, the jets are a bad team. bowles is sh*t also and needs to go. macaggnan might have to go too.
  7. i'm not happy that the jets wasted cap space on this total piece of sh*t
  8. so.....which cb are we taking??
  9. yeah i have to go enunwa also. steelers pass defense isnt good
  10. antonio brown goes off for 200+ yds today
  11. any schedule is tough when your qb is a total piece of ******* sh*t like fitapatrick
  12. They got rid of probable so you have to use questionable