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  1. this may be the dumbest rant for the absolutely dumbest reason i've ever seen.
  2. this is bullsh*t. my first born was born exactly on his due was also her first born. i was my moms first born and i was early.
  3. stupid idea. whoever suggested this should be kicked in their taint
  4. i don't remember saying he sucked. i'm not an expert, but the truth is there was no time in vinny's career where the light suddenly came on for him and he became a great qb. he had like 2 good years sprinkled in with mostly mediocre ones. jets fans just have fond nostaligic memories of him because that one year in 1998 is one of th ebest years for a jets qb in their history. which just happens to say more about the mostly sh*tty qb play the jets have had as opposed to how great vinny actually was that year
  5. almost doesn't count
  6. he thewn went back to being an int prone qb (led the league twice in ints actually) and was a below average qb
  7. thats fine. but to say the light came on for the guy is just not accurate. he had a pretty nice season....but thats really it. that was my only point. i see zero point in bringing in mettenberger at this point. geno is probably going to be cut.....we don't need another crappy qb on the team
  8. haha. idk if i'd say the light ever really went on for testaverde. he was mostly a very average qb who had one good year that happened to be while he was a jet
  9. i think, for the most part, we should be thankful that no one on this board makes any decisions for the jets
  10. i love when people make statements like this. doesn't have anywhere near? i'd say odb, as of right now, is higher rated receiver. but these guys are both insanely talented. jerricho he was nowhere near the level of odb
  11. the bills are going to be sh*t
  12. i liked the titans jersey. if you ask me those kelly green jerseys were ugly
  13. krl camp reports. love this time of year.
  14. he looked bad at the end of the season when we needed a win to get into the playoffs also. dude is sh*t.......