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  1. well leonard williams is our best player. our offense sucks so of course our fantasy stats are bad. last year marshall was a fantasy stud though. this year forte was doing pretty good in fantasy until he got hurt like we all knew he would
  2. i'm just about to board the derek barnett bandwagon
  3. If a missed kick costs you a game your kicker isn't the only one who blew it
  4. if we draft a kicker anywhere near the 4th round i ******* quit watching football
  5. 30 interceptions in 2 years. I personally don't like the "dual threat" style qbs. They don't seem to transfer well to the nfl game.
  6. Fournette is better than every rb on this list. Only one close is probably Gurley (who I would also take on this team in a heartbeat) and Fournette is still a better prospect. Listen I know we don't agree, but Fournette is a ******* monster As far as Watson goes.....we already have a prospect with accuracy issues.
  7. Big difference between just filling a spot and getting a rb who looks like he has the ability to be the best in the league
  8. Big difference between just filling a spot and getting a rb who looks like he has the ability to be the best in the league
  9. the qbs in this draft suck and are not worth it. fournette on the other hand is projected to be an all-star rb. your argument makes little sense. take a crappy qb instead of rb who looks like he can be great? this is why the jets suck every year, they pick sh*tty players from need. And the jets offense was actually 11th in 2015 which isnt exactly impressive. and it took the best year for a jets qb ever and the best year marshall ever had to get to. with that said they were still middle of the road in yds per play and couldnt even win when it counted. also....their 2015 scoring defense was actually 9th in the league. were you particularly impressed with the 2015 defense? i wasn't but they were tied with the cardinals and the texans in pts per game allowed.
  10. if there is a better player available at 6 then yeah. but you dont just take an inferior player because its a position you think you need. myles garrett would be the edge rusher to take but obviously he will be gone. you dont just reach then for an OL because you think a rb is not worth it unless your o-line is better. if fournette is the bpa you take him and then work on making your o-line better don't pass up superior talent because the rest of your team is crappy as well.
  11. if we pick another ******* defensive player not named myles garrett i am done with this ******* sh*t team. our offense is ******* terrible. we need offense, you have to score in this damn league and we are terrible at that. 30/32 in scoring. thats god damned pathetic!!!!! fournette is a great pick for us.
  12. the key is you pay the best qb in the world less than 12 other qbs in the game. how do you manage to do this? by paying him under the table
  13. huh? this analogy is dumb af
  14. i mean the guy is backing his teammates. how is this bad?
  15. Actally you use him to try to move up for miles Garrett. Otherwise you stay put and hope fournette is there at 6