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  1. idk if i believe it so much payback for spygate but rather goodell spanking them for being caught cheating again after he covered for them the first time.
  2. Trade down?

    i'm a die hard jets fan....but i'm not a homer. i am fully aware that the team has been pretty bad for a majority of the time. just gotta keep hoping that it will turn around. i'm not under any delusion that barely making the playoffs, and then getting to the championship only to look like garbage, is success.
  3. Trade down?

    if you ask nyjunk he'll tell you that sanchez wasjets best qb since namath and that the jets are fools to have let him get away.
  4. Trade down?

    its an option when you are willing to drop down 20 spots so the raiders can unload a piece of sh*t like jolley to you. seriously....the jets got fleeced by the ******* raiders......thats go to be an all time low. never mind they took a kicker wit the pick they got. the franchise was in the hands of a bunch of clowns
  5. Trade down?

    except it really wasn't a smart trade at all
  6. Trade down?

    this is an excellent evaluation of why it was a bad trade. repped.
  7. Trade down?

    It was a desperation move because they didn't get Jeb putzier. Just shows how horrible the front office was.
  8. Trade down?

    You should have someone explain the meaning of good and bad to you. Maybe you have a 3rd grade son/daughter you could ask to explain to you in easier to understand terms.
  9. why was helen kellers leg yellow?
  10. Trade down?

    you're right we traded down into the 2nd round and got doug jolley in return. trade was great!!! you are the clueless one buddy.
  11. Trade down?

    you won't convince him.....he still thinks mark sanchez is a great qb
  12. Trade down?

    like your qb evaluation skills......your trade evaluation skills suck as well. the trade sucked
  13. Trade down?

    how on earth can you evaluate a trade without taking into account the player we traded for? its asinine to even suggest evaluating a trade without evaluating who we traded to get
  14. Trade down?

    you would like this trade. lol.
  15. i think i signed up once to respond to somethng there but it wouldnt even let me post. idk how you get posting privileges there.....i think you might have to post a pic banging a tom brady blow up doll