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  1. Actually I didn't have a first rounder at all. I took gronk at 15. 3 keepers. You keep at same round they were drafted. So for instance I can keep laquon with a 14th round pick. You are allowed to keep anyone on your roster at the end of the year even if you trade for them. Unless they were a free agent pick up, they aren't available as keepers.
  2. he has all the talent in the world. something is going on mentally with him i think.
  3. Hackenberg looking like hot garbage tonight
  4. yeah cooks was sort of boom or bust last year and started slow. but the second half of the season he was a lot better. looking for the 3rd year breakout for him
  5. no offense taken. but first of all i dont think qbs are relevant since i wouldnt use a keeper on a qb at all. it's only 3 keepers so the keeper aspect isn't exactly prominent. but cooks is young and promising, gordon if he stays clean is young and promising, and deandre washington is a pretty good keeper candidate also. i like winston but someone reached for him early. i dont like mariota at all.
  6. 12 team league. 1/2ppr scoring. draft pick trading. this is the first year of a keeper league. qbs - carson palmer, matthew stafford wrs - brandon marshall, brandin cooks, josh gordon, emmanuel sanders, torrey smith, laquon treadwell rbs - lesean mccoy, eddie lacy, danny woodhead, derrick henry, deandre washington tes - gronkowski, martellus bennett def - jets k - haushka
  7. i wouldnt bother with latavius murray. deandre washington is the future on that team
  8. i never read rotoworld. which retard wrote this anyway?
  9. Idk if I'd say he fell apart. He was given the ball on the 2 yard line behind a scrub oline and almost no practice.
  10. Idk what you guys expect. It was his first game play in the nfl ever with barely any practice reps. He led the team to a td and made that drive look almost effortless. Then he was put into tough situations and had some adversity. He didn't look overwhelmed at all and he made some nice throws and also some bad throws. Given the circumstances and lack of experience and reps I'd say he did fine. If you expected anything more than this you are delusional
  11. i think he looked fine. he sits all year he competes. he made some nice throws but ultimately looked like a raw qb with ability getting his first ever nfl game play
  12. I'm buying a hackenberg jersey
  13. never mind the fact that if the dude really did do all this research on the subject he'd have come across the fact that average gestational length varies by ethnicity and blacks tend to be earlier by almost a week......making his statement of absolute fact false. this is relevant since aj greens wife is black
  14. this may be the dumbest rant for the absolutely dumbest reason i've ever seen.
  15. this is bullsh*t. my first born was born exactly on his due was also her first born. i was my moms first born and i was early.