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  1. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    we are going to be the worst team in the league.....so yes
  2. this BS i don't understand how anyone can give him a good grade. if he's not slinging it arond like manning in his prime then he's basically worthless. he's already had about 4 quarters of play at the pro level. more than enough time....if he's not playing like a franchise qb in mid-career form then it's time to cut him
  3. abysmal attempt... you should be banned for a month for this
  4. one time the little giants beat the pee wee cowboys so anything is possible
  5. i mean this pretty stupid imo. if he is the number 1 pick he is going to play for a team that wasn't good either way. the jets, next year, will have a lot of resources to build the team up. you'd have to be an idiot to turn down number 1 pick money and risk injury only to get picked by another crappy team the next year anyway
  6. to be fair, my 13 year old son could have picked williams and adams. the jets got luck AF that both those guys fell to #6. they were no-brainer picks
  7. this team will be lucky to win more than 1 game, and might very well go 0-16
  8. yeah i'll get there i'm sure, lol
  9. you must be young. i used to have that perennial positive out look for the team. thinking best case scenario for every player and how they will all get better than they were last year.....another year in the system, another year together to gel, more experience in the league blah blah blah. but 30 years of crap sets you straight
  10. really? williams and wilkerson are the only real players on the defense. the new safeties can be good but they are rookies. we are going to get torched all year and our offense is the worst in the league easily
  11. seriously....if this happens i'm done with this ******* team. if you are going to tear it down, tear it down.
  12. We're number 1!!!!!!!

    lol. this is a total nightmare if it happened
  13. finest jets to ever play? dude never even made the probowl. he was above average at best
  14. you think maybe they tried to trade him? its a business......
  15. It's An Exciting Time To Be A Jets Fan

    me neither so I have no idea