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  1. wouldnt count on the defense being ranked too high this year. no pass rush or cornerbacks and they are going to be out there ALOT with how bad the offense is going to be
  2. too bad we're gonna score about 10 points per game
  3. so jets drafting for the number 1 pick next year
  4. i can't for the life of me understand trading down from the 3rd to the 4th to pick up a 6th round pick.
  5. lmao
  6. i love this time of year. where the jets blow the draft
  7. In this case sign me. I don't mind going out there and being total sh*t for the minimum salary
  8. **** that site that is all
  9. if your dream is for the jets to draft cornerbacks.......your dreams suck. your wet dreams must be tube of ky jelly and fleshlight bad
  10. he's not taking any paycuts. he is paid through his business that is contracted by the patriots
  11. Someone told me this pig was ready for slaughter soon. That dude must be the worst farmer ever.
  12. You want to pay a qb 9 million? I thought we had enough backup qbs on the team
  13. this is the truth. you need to be the worst team in the league the same year a great qb prospect is coming out
  14. perfect woman right here
  15. this won't work. no matter how bad you think the team can possibly be.....the browns will always find a way to be worse