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  1. at this point citizens of the USA should be able to deny this appeal solely on the grounds that they are wasting tax payer money with this bullsh*t. our high courts should not be tied up with this nonsense. what a gross waste of taxpayer dollars and judges salary (which we pay). the ******* request should be denied and let the crybaby serve his stupid ******* suspension. our high courts should not be tasked with deciding something so ******* stupid just so some narcissistic ****tard entitled crybaby can try to preserve his bullsh*t "legacy". i mean seriously....can we use our high courts for actual important issues. this is inconsequential crap that is not suitable to be considered for this.
  2. Need a Comeback!

    just post this and ask....." you think this is how brady likes his asses??"
  3. Shaq Lawson needs Shoulder Surgery

    rex ryan is a clown
  4. bullsh* don't pay a d-lineman 100 million dollars (unless he's jj watt) when you don't even have a qb and there are 2 other high level d-linemen still on the team. its stupid. reality is they should have negotiated with him last year and when they found out he wanted 100 million they should have traded his ass.
  5. too much talent on the defensive need to pay that kind of money to wilkerson imo.
  6. $1 > $5 is you might want to start recounting all that money!!
  7. Jets are going to have a great year

    i really don't think fitzpatrick is better than geno smith anyway. obviously the FO doesn't think so eaither since they arent too worried about fitzpatrick not signing
  8. you do realize that you face the open part of the bracket towards the side you think is better.........just like in math the open side of the bracket faces towards the larger side of the inequality
  9. Esplain to me please

    mostly water.........solid digestive waste and bacteria. mostly anyway. i think some mucous as well. in other words bryce petty is obviously ******* disgusting, lol
  10. When the oncologist - EDITED

    Sorry to hear. I wish you guys the best of luck.....beat that bastards ass!!!
  11. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    not sure the exact dollar amount but i'm pretty sure he needed to spend a good chunk of the cap anyway. the cba doesn't allow for teams to just sit on cap have to spend a majority of it or you are not in compliance with the rules
  12. It was a serious used to know. The situation is similar in that Pennington had a much harder time when the defenses were good. I don't think fitz wins 6 games this year if he's the qb
  13. Francessa leaving WFAN after 2017?

    i vote for patsfantx and nyjunc tell me that wouldnt be entertaining?? matter of fact max should give them a podcast
  14. i mean he did fumble the ball which was immediately returned for a touchdown.......he was just as culpable as the defense
  15. what was penny boy wonders record against top 10 defense again? lol