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  1. i want to say you're not wrong at all. seems like zeke gets 5 yds at a time untouched, then he's pretty fast so he outruns the linebackers
  2. dak doesn't emerge without that o-line and zeke
  3. i didn't mean that he will be cut. i meant he pretty much sucks now. he will be even worse next year. dude is slow AF
  4. yeah really. i think the dude is just done. this game is hard to play for a long time. rb's and cb's seem to hit the wall the quickest
  5. marshall is still pretty good. its not his fault the qb is terrible. getting rid of marshall creates a hole where there wasn't one. revis' contract is one of the biggest problems an the team. also, cutting clady will net us 10 million.
  6. i mean....when a team loses you can't say nothing was wrong. obviously something was wrong.
  7. are you kidding its going to be a bloodbath. brady and company are going to destroy the hapless jets
  8. you guys never learn. you go into the season with completely negative expectations and you can never be disappointed
  9. lamar jackson is going to be another michael vick, or even worse rg3. pass on this bust
  10. qb - hack probably isnt the answer. neither is romo or cutler. rb - forte is toast. next year he will be burnt toast. ol - needs on the o-line are everywhere te - yeah exactl we have sucked here since i can remember cb - yeah we are ****ed. revis should be a safety at this point
  11. in almost any data set there are outliers. this doesn't change the fact that for an overwhelming majority of the time you need a franchise caliber qb. the saints have been average the past couple years. but before that they were winning with brees and have won a superbowl as recently as 2010. even with franchise level qb's pure dynasties like the pats are rare. give a team a franchise qb and you have a team that can turn their fortunes around in a year and become a contender. the jets have no such chance at that, and it's because we lack a franchise qb. btw, alex smith is not a stud, but he's underrated
  12. yeah fire him. dude is a huge pussy