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  1. Nice to finally have a pumter
  2. J Marshall. Is something going on with Williams that he is even considered to be a cut?
  3. This is definitely on the chargers not bosa he's just asking for what everyone before and after have got
  4. Grigson is a knucklehead
  5. Mauldin has been a mild disappointment all camp. Edwards has me excited about the punting game. We've neglected the position for so long.
  6. Good point. I was thinking he's just very far behind, and they don't want to start the bad press if he's really bad.
  7. I feel like the Giants are very underrated this year
  8. I really hope Thompkins doesn't make it
  9. Could we get similar type talent for oline depth for Smith? I doubt it at this point.
  10. Yes heard it was bad
  11. I said last night, wow he looks gassed. never seen him gassed in his whole college career. guess this explains it
  12. That makes 2 teams in division tied up in contracts with mediocre qbs. The time is now and the next 5 years for us.
  13. Amaro Milliner And I don't think we've seen the last of Geno