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  1. Winner between Petty and Hack Then get ready for Darnold or Rosen for 18
  2. I prefer him to the 3 projected to go ahead of him. But that's not saying much
  3. Is that rep number a mistake?!
  4. I don't ever watch tennis, so not sure if this is a joke or not. Are these 2 still playing each other in the final? Thats an incredible run, they must've been playing each other in the finals for 10+ years, no?
  5. I'd prefer Cook. I see Fournette having some of the issues Ron Dayne had, just to a lesser extent
  6. My dream draft would be somehow to get get Cook and Howard. Probably not possible, but maybe trade back a little in first and move our 2nd up a little to middle-end of 1st
  7. I think some team is going to get burned real bad with him. Guy is just not a football player. Though I've seen a lot of mocks having him go to the Steelers, and that would be a perfect fit for him
  8. This, it's going to happen eventually. But my interest is less and less each year, so when it finally does happen, it won't be as big of a deal as it should be
  9. And it seems like every single OT taken in the first round last year is ending up looking like a stud
  10. Yes this was planned way before the Super Bowl
  11. My lifetime 1- Peyton 2- Brady 3- Montana 4- Marino 5- Elway 6- Rodgers kelly, young, aikman, favre
  12. Every single other qb that he has put in there besides for Brady has been just about as successful as Brady
  13. Tim Williams is the most Jetsy pick ever. A one skilled player who can't play football, he's the defensive equivalent of Devin Smith. So of course we'll take him
  14. This is about as good of a hire as we could expect. This is a lame duck job. We'll win somewhere between 2-6 games this year, Bowles will be fired and the new coach will bring in his staff. I didn't really understand all the interest in who will be the new OC, unless it was going to be a HC in waiting type
  15. Wow never heard this before how many kids does he have