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  1. Mcneil Toon K Clifton Glenn Shuler honorable mention v green lageman
  2. Awesome! Love to see Chrebet get some credit. Welker was still the best of this class
  3. Farrior was always the big one for me
  4. Jalin Marshall

    Funny Mac got 3 receivers with similar or higher draft grades in the 7th and udfa than Idzick got in the 4th and 5th rounds with his 3 WR picks
  5. Jalin Marshall

    Him and Archer fighting for a roster spot?
  6. RSP Film Room LB Darron Lee, Ohio State

    I have a novel approach for all these people that want to critique every pick. Actually watch some college football. A guy like Lee was on national tv every weekend. Then you wouldn't need to watch clips on YouTube. You would've got to see a great player who is everywhere, sideline to sideline, who impacts the game every series.
  7. Where will the money come from?

    I wonder if the Fire Idzick crowd sit at home feeling happy that they accomplished some great goal. Or do they realize they forced the organization to make a super bowl push when the team was a good 3 years away from that, only pushing this team further into mediocrity.
  8. Where will the money come from?

    All the whiny complainers kept begging for Revis last year, well now you got him. And we're going to suck the next 2 years
  9. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    I have doubts about this now that they've drafted Bissett. I don't think they waste a 3rd rounder if they think Garapolo is the heir apparent
  10. That was a bad draft class! Worth a shot seeing if we could get Joekel cheap?
  11. Mac on WFAN there

    Really like Mac's interviews as well. Actually Tanny's were the worst. He had that lawyer speak, where he would go on for ever and never actually say anything. He would've never admitted trying to move up for Tunsil.
  12. What will we win 7-8 games with him instead of 5-6 with Geno. Save the money
  13. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Jets round 3
  14. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    Happy with Hackenberg. But was looking at Whitehair or Bell. Bell and Pryor would've been a nice combo