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  1. Well when we try to rebuild the right way our idiotic fan base goes nuts and flies banners all over. So we go out and spend like crazy to win now with a team that is nowhere ready to compete for a title and you stay in the 7-10 win rut. And that's why we'll never win a SB
  2. So would you rather have Garropolo and Brissett or Petty and Hack? F$@k my life
  3. I've honestly never paid attention to them ever since they told me Kyle Wilson was doing good
  4. I just assumed Rodgers was DC in name only and Bowles would run the D
  5. Yes without a doubt. I still say he was way overrated and A Glenn was better. He also goes down as one of my all time least favorite players along with K Wilson
  6. Not knocking Mac, but he wasn't really a find. Everyone knew he was a great player except a few knuckleheads on here
  7. Something else must've happened. Even Rex isn't that stupid to know how this will look. He must've questioned Rex or something. Argued with Rob maybe. Poor Jeannie, can't say we didn't warn her
  8. They are trying to kill forte. he'll be done at mid season at this rate
  9. I thought he looked even worse this game, if that's somehow possible
  10. Like to see some passes to forte out of backfield
  11. Think we beat the bills, they are a mess with injuries. and we beat Seattle, they always struggle early in the year. We catch them at a good time. But that's it
  12. I agree with you. My take from the get go was the only thing Fitz will do is give us a worse draft pick next year. Let Geno start and by some miracle the light comes on and we win 11 games (10-15% chance), or he stays the same and we go 5-11 (85-90% chance) and we get a good draft pick. Instead we go with Fitz and lock us in at 7-9 wins (100%). He is what he is. And another mid range pick where you're not finding a franchise qb
  13. Yes!
  14. I agree, but have to put Revis in any summary of the game, when he takes 15% of our cap and is a weak link. On another note I'm starting to think we can plug anyone in the middle of our dline and they will be a stud with how good the rest of our line is.