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  1. Landry was a hit and miss for me. I said he'd be better than OBJ
  2. Wow, Blair Thomas. I think Bo has the highest ypc of Rbs in history.
  3. I always had TD in the most overrated category. That was more of a system than anything else, guys like O. Gary and M. Anderson stepped in and they didn't skip a beat. Same goes for P. Holmes, L. Johnson, etc with the chiefs
  4. 3-13 Weeks 3-5 scare me, a lot of winnable games there. Also weeks 14-16, could be facing a few teams that seasons are over and Bowles will be treating them like the super bowl to save his job
  5. Payton Sanders Brown Bo Faulk Mcneil Martin
  6. He's the only JN poster I'd want to meet. Is he creepy in person, that's what I'm picturing
  7. We've had good centers. Still have Mawae and Sweeney. Kendall and Jumbo possibles
  8. I thought we were all about BPA, why do we have to stay at the same position
  9. Namath Obrien Vinny Pennington
  10. What I'm saying is that we always pass up extremely talented players that had some issues in college, for way less talented players who didn't have issues, but then end up having issues when they are with us.
  11. WR is the one position I'm not worried about. oh and Safety
  12. Good thing we never take a chance on character concern guys at the draft
  13. Cool stuff. Big thing I think of when I see these stats is that they actually play defense in the big 10 though.
  14. What does frack the dog mean?