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  1. I'm all for tanking the next 3 years. 3 years of suck or 30 years of sub mediocre we've been getting. Just not for him, Josh Rosen on the other hand....
  2. I'm going to take a guess and say Fournette goes into the 10-15 range. I don't think he's quite the game changer Gurley or even Elliott is, and I also think he'll get hurt a lot- he's a pounder, takes a lot of shots. And also think Hack is the only potential franchise qb we have, not petty
  3. No most level headed jet fans, like the ones I know that don't go on here, all figured we'd have a brutal start
  4. I agree, and I'm pretty sure Bowles knows it. Problem is there's just not that much of a need for an in the box safety. It was just a terrible pick for a player who is not suited for today's nfl
  5. Pryor and revis hopefully
  6. Good point about revis's tackling. It seems like he's almost making an effort to not get involved with tackling any backs. all time least favorite jets 1- Revis 2- K Wilson 3- B Nagle
  7. Give geno a full week as starter. Let Petty get ready. And go from there
  8. I don't get how he has become such a project. He started for 3 years in a power 5 conference, in a pro offense.
  9. If the chargers do decide to give up on McCoy, He'd be high on my list for hire either as HC or OC
  10. Why do I get the feeling that people are going to be very dissapointed when we finally get to see Petty. Hackenberg is the only qb on roster who has a chance to be a franchise qb. And that seems a little far fetched now too.
  11. Only rex Ryan would still draft a safety like Pryor in today's NFL. He's just about useless
  12. A 3rd round pick by us that was projected to go 6 round or later by everyone else. no real surprise he stunk
  13. I think the exact opposite is going to happen. Youth baseball is booming in my area. Having trouble fielding football teams, and fall baseball is huge
  14. Number 1 issue is the fan base. Idzick realized this team was far from competing for a championship and people ripped him apart for not spending money money on guys like cromartie-rodgers. this team needed a complete over haul and the fan base wouldn't let it happen. so therefore we stay in the constant cycle of mediocrity
  15. Has to be the right Qb you move up for. we would've moved up for Goff and be in way worse shape than we are now