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  1. Only worry is the wasted money on Revis. We have a lot of depth, Revis, skrine, milliner, Williams, mcdougal, Burris Every team has the same issues at CB, and I think we're in a better position than most.
  2. Pitt and GB Had jets 7-9. After starting 0-6
  3. Whatever happened to Harrison?
  4. For some reason he gives me the impression of someone that is going to breakdown very early in his career
  5. 1- we start 1-5, everyone blames Geno even though we would've had the same record with Fitz 2- the oline is atrocious, forcing us to finally address it in the draft next year 3- D Lee is a stud
  6. They both need each other. Theyre both great and will go down as one of the greatest of all time. But like someone said earlier, Beli was on his way to being a permanent great D coordinator and Brady would've ended up a journey man. The Pats and themselves hit the lottery, good for them.
  7. I agree with every word of this
  8. In all likelihood Fitz would only be here one more year. And we have ZERO chance of winning a super bowl with or without him. Seems obvious to me that it's Geno time
  9. No one on current roster, but would've loved to take a shot at K. Wilson
  10. I'm usually an 80's or 90's guy. But the S. Greene run @ San Diego to send us to the afc championship always stood out to me. I thought they had no chance of winning the game, and doom and glooming, waiting for us to blow it. Then, BAM, he was gone and we were going on.
  11. I remember Cowherd always saying that they have research saying nobody wants to talk about baseball. All they care about is football and basketball. All local shows talk about is baseball and their ratings are great. Maybe people only care about their local team though. I think ESPN only aims at the 15-30 "urban" demographic.
  12. Baseball season I watch mlb network Football season I watch NFL network No need for ESPN. Couldnt care less about the nba, not going to watch 2 hours of nba highlights to get my 10 minutes of baseball.
  13. So he's riding in passenger seat while the guy crashes his car. Why is he responsible for the damages? Unless he just said he'd pay to be a good guy and now he's not. The guy has no case, unless just to say Manziels word is sh!t
  14. Mcneil Toon K Clifton Glenn Shuler honorable mention v green lageman