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  1. Absolutely not But he will
  2. OLine > Franchise QB

    I agree our line is pretty much set. Johnson has been fine, but could be upgraded I guess
  3. OLine > Franchise QB

    Top 3 QB?? I wouldn't put him in my top 15
  4. MNF Lions-Giants

    God I hope not, I want the Giants to be bad for the next 4 years while Eli hangs on, leaving them in limbo
  5. MNF Lions-Giants

    Too conservative there?
  6. MNF Lions-Giants

    How can a guy with such great hands have so many easy drops. Concentration
  7. MNF Lions-Giants

    Saw something today that Eli has only finished top 10 in qbr 3 times in his career, And it was 6,7,9. Telling me this guy is a HOFer
  8. Darron Lee

    K Wilson, Pryor, Lee in order worst instincts ever
  9. Yea but is he $18 mil good, sounds like you're describing a player that makes $5-7 m and Leo is getting close to being the most overrated Jet ever
  10. Deep Thoughts

    I'm 40 going on 60, as old school as you can get. and I loved this, a guy in his hometown having a great time getting the crowd pumped up. F&ck the Jets, play better and you don't have to worry about this
  11. Deep Thoughts

    True, but Bowles has the players on D. the team is going to stink no matter what, but the d should at least be functional
  12. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    Morton is turning out to be a good O coordinator
  13. What's that Bercovici guy up to
  14. Is this an actual rebuild?

    Can someone explain this to me