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  1. Wow didn't realize Edwards fell off so bad at the end of the year. He was great the first half of he season
  2. Besides for Harris, our personnel fit a 4-3 perfectly
  3. Is there any more of an ideal landing spot for all of these guys then Mccaffrey to the Pats. It will be Kevin Faulk all over again. Unless BB is sold on d lewis
  4. That stat is unbelievable. After seeing what is happening with the chargers, it all comes down to ownership. Losing franchises usually have loser owners
  5. Doesn't Reid run the offense
  6. I really don't care who the OC is going to be unless it's a HC in waiting type, who takes over for Bowles mid season. Next year is a lost year. Mccoy would've been perfect. Someone like Shanahan would be nice or in a dream scenario, Obrien
  7. Chart says a mid 3rd
  8. Mac is fine, I think will be our long term GM and bring a lot of success. Bowles is done, I can't remember a team folding on a coach like that, who ever became successful. And next year is a lost season, then we hire our coach of the future in 18'
  9. Damn, I really wanted him. Want him to be our head coach. But obviously a better spot for him
  10. Wow, 30 years old
  11. Yes, Williams is terrible, and Allen looks like he takes a lot of plays off. Foster and Andersen are studs
  12. Somebody is going to waste a pick on Williams. Guy is just not a football player, just an athlete. It will probably be us Thats the de/olb not the wr