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  1. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Oh, I though you originally said Derrick Johnson. Him and Edgerrin had similar careers. Now if you are saying Derrick Thomas, then yes I would go with him.
  2. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    That's a tough one. That comparison doesn't really make the decision any easier. Both of those guys had very similar careers
  3. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Smith, not really close
  4. When the Patriot Dynasty Ends...

    they were 11-5
  5. Nice job, have a few disagreements.  But well done. Stacy, Thompkins, Douzable, Harrison are some of my differences.
  6. You cant blame Revis IMO!

    this, I don't know what coverages they were in, but the reason we lost was because of Watkins. Not sure if its all Revis fault, but it is obvious we're going to regret that contract for a long time.
  7. Jets to Select 20th Overall

    Hackenberg is absolutely a blue chip. Have to find out if he just sucks or did Franklin kill him. I know for a fact he is going to kill the pre draft process and still might not be there at 20.
  8. Thompkins isn't going to catch it anyway
  9. We are a one man team - Marshall
  10. true, but he hasn't been a malcontent his whole career. That is, until Rex showed up
  11. MVP watch.. FitzMagic for MVP ? ? ?

    I'd vote Marshall ahead of him. Still, nice to see
  12. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    You were the guy who jumped down everyone's throat when they said Smith was going to be a bust.   Smith had a few good games at the end of osu career and shot yo draft boards.  He was a bum for 3 1/2 years prior to that.
  13. Chiefs or Steelers: Who slips up?

    I think the steelers might be the best team in the league right now, and the Chiefs have a ridiculously easy schedule.   So we are sh!t out of luck