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  1. He's going to be a bust
  2. Earlier in the draft process, I said to take Cook at 6 and trade back up in first to get Howard. Now with Cook falling and Howard rising, the exact opposite would work just as nice
  3. And he's a very good blocker
  4. Be happy with Adams or Howard
  5. I remember thinking that they were finally building a winner, and then they dumped O'Brien and it all fell apart
  6. Him and T Williams are going to be big time busts
  7. Always pictured him as a journeyman
  8. If I absolutely had to pick a Qb it would probably be Watson. But I don't even think that would be good value with our 2nd round pick
  9. Howard looked great, Njoku stiff. Howard definitely pulled ahead of him
  10. Definitely not against going RB high, but I just don't think Fournette is the guy. Hes going to get banged up, he'd be the perfect 80's RB. Not 2017. My ideal first round would be try and move back a little and get Cook, then trade our 2nd up a little to end of first and take either TE, Howard or Njoku
  11. The burden of genius
  12. Build the Oline and get a good rb. Start Petty to guarantee getting the top pick.
  13. You know you hit the nail on the head with Jenkins. Ive never seen anybody dominate the way he did those 2 years he got hurt. For a short span. Goes in the what if category
  14. I know every one is anti Revis now, but I always thought he was way overrated. I would've taken A. Glenn over him anyday. At least Glenn made some big plays every once in awhile