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  1. Austin Howard is still in the league!!? And the starting RT for one of the best teams in the league!
  2. Yeah I agree, odd statement. Does he know his own personnel? Kind of like when Fisher said he was worried about Danny Woodhead on the Patriots a few weeks ago
  3. Tried to kind of force or push my son to be a Jet fan, he always bounced around to who ever the best teams were. He's 9 now and kind of settled on the Eagles and I'm glad, no need for both of us to be miserable with their teams for their whole lives. But no I could never switch teams now.
  4. Barry sanders and Walter payton
  5. Shell would get #1 & 2 killed. Dont want to see him
  6. This is the worst year in a long time for Olineman and Qbs. So most of these plans would require us trading down, I hope. Or we'd be extremely reaching. Most mocks have the top LT going in the 20's and they're saying that's a reach
  7. As long as we could still get Edwards as an UDFA
  8. Yes without a doubt
  9. Gilchrist went out of his way not to touch him and gave up another 3 yards in the processs. it was sad
  10. How does he not drive right thru Brady there and make the play
  11. Wow, that was not impressive at all
  12. Garappolo and Cousins are pipe dreams, but would be sweet. Id pass on the rest
  13. 5 sec qbs starting right now. 2nd to only the PAC 10
  14. This is really the most important thing. Nothing else matters. Do they think he can be a franchise qb or are we looking to get a qb with the top 5 pick we get.