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  1. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    This is the second team that had cut him, no?
  2. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Still not upset we lost, but that call was so blatantly bad, it got under my skin a little Happy they played well though
  3. Boston Sports Radio

    Sounds fun
  4. Doubling down is interesting. Rudolph and Mayfield?
  5. So did Nagle, Clemens, Geno, Hack
  6. Niners are taking a qb, no way they trade down
  7. Finish this sentence....

    Mean the Pats are finally really done
  8. He had 38 yards at the half. until they backed off and played a semi prevent in the second
  9. Game Observations (CLE)

    That’s the key, he has good players now. For what it’s worth, Mac does an excellent job with the back of the roster
  10. So about those Safeties

    Did I watch the same game as everyone else, granted I was flipping back and forth with the Yankee game. Watson sure didn’t look very good to me, they were getting dominated at home, and got most of his productivity in the 2nd half when the defense lightened up with the lead. He had 38 yards at the half
  11. Thoughts

    That wants to ground and pound you. thats a 1980’s offensive guy
  12. Thoughts

    Browns will fire Jackson, bring in a offensive guy, get a top qb and be a contender for the next decade plus. You know kind of what we were supposed to do
  13. McCown a great addition

    Honestly he would’ve been perfect last year, with a team that was actually trying to make some noise. Hes been good
  14. So the Browns are going with their young qb seeing what they have in him, they get to judge if he has anything, and if he doesn’t they lose and get a top pick. What a novel idea
  15. Mike Pennel

    Is Simon on the practice squad?
  16. Really? Havent seen them play yet, but saw a few highlights from him. Figured he was playing pretty well
  17. Bucs vs Pats

    BB may have outsmarted himself not kicking the fg there
  18. Bucs vs Pats

    I almost jumped on it too He sounded so confident
  19. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    No I’m not calling anyone either or the other. that was someone else who gave the tankers, a not real fan label. Im just saying that from the people I know, the people that rooting for wins aren’t as into it as the tank crowd people I know. Im sure there are “real fans” on both sides
  20. That part about Garapolo getting franchised and making 7M more than Brady is ridiculous. They really need to look into the Pats shady dealings with Brady