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  1. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Fallout 4 has been saving me money. I've had certain games on my radar forever but I know I wont play them yet because Fallout4. Far Harbor has been fun and creepy, the enemies are like nightmare fuel. The new soundtrack is amazing, and so is the atmosphere. I've barely scratched the surface, can't wait to get out there and explore more of it. The Division Doom Uncharted 4 I still want to play these games, but at least they will be cheaper when I do get them.

    I have a feeling it will be. And quite honestly I like it. I love the fact to be able to go back and see the events that transpired in the past that they've talked about. I have a feeling they will be flashing back to Jamie killing the Mad King as well as other events.

    Another great episode - saw this cool theory on reddit about The Mad King: Ok so I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this as a possibility but after tonight’s episode I’m leaning more towards it being a probability. Bran and friends are the voices in the mad king’s head. We’ve now seen Bran’s ability to influence the past (or, confirm it depending on how time travel paradoxes are solved in GOT). We’ve seen the link between the past and present BREAK Hodor’s mind, turning him into a simpleton. I don’t think madness is a far stretch from this. If you remember Jaime’s testimony, the mad king just kept repeating “burn them all.” What if he didn’t mean King’s Landing and the rebels? What if Bran somehow either accidentally or purposefully lets him see the army of the dead? Someone could be yelling something akin to “burn them all” just like tonight’s “hold the door.” In the season six trailer we see someone in shadow getting stabbed in the back. Lots of people think this is Jaime doing his stabby stabby kingslaying thing. The only time we see flashbacks are through Bran’s visions. A man going mad with voices in his head in a Bran flashback? I’ll be shocked if thats a coincidence. On a more broad speculative front, I’m curious to see if Bran’s job is going to be making sure history happens the way it happened or something time lord-esque like that. The Tree Eyed Raven said it was time for Bran to “become him.” Was his job watching history and influencing it to make sure it happened how it was supposed to? Ahhhh time paradoxes. What an episode. Hold the door.

    LOL, yes. Also the part when Danerys emerges from the fire with the baby dragons too, forgot that one. And when Tyrion kills Shae and his

    So many of these characters just own the screen when they are on it in this show, I cant even fathom dozing off like my wife does when we're watching lol. Littlefinger is definitely one of them for sure.

    Hmmm...maybe not. I saw this theory posted about Tommen & the High Sparrow on Reddit. (copied below) I agree though Lady Olenna kills it in every scene. ------------------------- It's my belief that the High Sparrow told Tommen about the Tyrells' involvement in Joffrey's murder. Judging by the tears in his eyes when he's about to tell Cersei, it seemed to be the worst possible news. I believe it's Ser Loras who revealed this information as he seemed absolutely broken by his solitary confinement. Immediately after Tommen tells her the news, Cersei and Jaime show up to the small council with a plan to invite the Tyrell army into King's Landing to deal with the Seven and protect Margaery from a talk of atonement. I believe this is a ruse by Cersei to draw the Tyrells into her scheme. Why would Cersei do this? It accomplishes multiple things and is quite an ingenious move but may backfire terribly if the Tyrells are ready for it. The Tyrells picking a fight with the Seven will create unrest among its followers/citizens of King's Landing. They will turn on and blame the Tyrells with the Lannisters "standing down." This creates a war between two of Cersei's least favorite factions: the citizens of King's Landing who treated her like garbage during her walk of atonement, and the family responsible for her son's murder. Every dead body is a win. The Lannister army is now in perfect position to finish off the Tyrells and enact revenge for their fallen king. The dissolution of the Seven and the deaths of Loras, Margaery, Lady Olenna, and the High Sparrow would be the sprinkles on top of Cersei's revenge sundae. This could all backfire, however, if the Tyrell army is allowed inside the walls of King's Landing, ready themselves to overtake the Lannister army, and claim the Iron Throne for themselves. I didn't see anyone mention this theory anywhere, but it immediately came to mind after that small council scene. Will be curious to see this play out. Edit to add: I think there are a few interesting additional tidbits, and this could solely be my confirmation bias speaking and reading too much between the lines, but it's interesting nonetheless. 1) During the conversation between the High Sparrow and Margaery about his past, he mentions a feast, drinking wine, sleeping bodies on the floor, and the endless struggle to maintain his position. Some interesting symbolism at play here. 2) When Tommen speaks with Cersei, she says that "Margaery's safety is paramount" and he immediately asks her "You don't like Margaery, do you?" almost in a way that implies "You were right about her." Then Cersei mentions that queens and kings demand respect and the High Sparrow doesn't respect them. Immediately after this is when Tommen says that he has to tell her a secret the High Sparrow told him. I read this in a way that Tommen's about to prove her wrong about the High Sparrow. Joffrey was king and the High Sparrow has gotten to the bottom of the true killer's identity. "See, ma? He does care about kings and queens!" The High Sparrow seems to be manipulating Tommen, and this information is the trump card that will keep him in Tommen's (and hopefully Cersei's) good graces. 3) During the small council scene, Jaime says "The King has been talking regularly to the High Sparrow about the queen and Ser Loras." It doesn't seem as if Tommen would be bothered by a walk of atonement from this comment. Almost like the High Sparrow has flipped Tommen to his side against his wife and brother-in-law. 4) Also during the small council scene, notice the look on Cersei's face when Lady Olenna mentions "Many will die no matter what we do. Better them than us." Cut to: smug satisfaction on Cersei's face as if to say "I hope there's many deaths, and you'll be one of them." And as someone else has pointed out, Rains of Castamere is playing in the background. 5) As /u/spurs-r-us points out, when Tommen is about to tell Cersei the secret, she holds her hand to his heart and Joffrey's ring is showing dead center in frame.

    My wife has a habit of nodding off (like, a lot) - and she has done this numerous times during some of the more important and jaw-dropping episodes -it was really annoying - she did this when: -Ned Stark got beheaded -Jamie gets his hand cut off -The Red Wedding -Joffrey's death -Oberyn vs The Mountain -Brienne vs The Hound I'm sure there are others, those are the most notable to me.

    Amazing the transformation from Season 1 to how much I hated him to how much I like him now, after all he's been through. My wife was never into the show,so I finally convinced her to give it a chance. I agreed that I would rewatch every single episode with her. Frankly its been easier for her because I can help her with people, places, names and storylines as we go through it, because there is just so much to take in at first. It has been a wild ride all over again just seeing her reaction to everything that has happened. She has taken to the show much more than I ever thought she would; we have been powering through episodes like crazy this past month. We started sometime in late april and we're halfway through Season 5.

    Pretty amazing, isn't it the first time they have been on screen together since season 1? Long time coming.
  10. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    I believe it's free, but I heard its a grindfest.
  11. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Don't loot the other junk if you don't need it just yet. Always take caps & ammo since they have no weight. Also any Stimpacks and chems. If you're running out of ammo take the scrounger perks so you'll find more ammo & caps. If you need a place to sell your stuff, make your way to Diamond City and there are several vendors where you can sell off extra weapons, junk and gear for ammo or to get caps. Strong back perk is a must so you can carry loads of gear if you're the hoarder type. The closest vendors are located here, this should help - Lower the difficulty to the easiest setting, and just get out there and explore. Killing things will get you XP, as will discovering locations.
  12. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    it's on my list to get at some point
  13. What was the hampur?


    There is a new (or old) theory going around that not only that Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's mother - but also that he has a twin sister - Meera Reed. They look alike, and they were born in the same year (according to the wiki)

    Based on the preview for next weeks he finally makes an appearance, it looks like he's in the Erie.