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  1. Agreed! If the mission was so urgent wouldn't you be spending every moment looking out that window, or at least have 1 person on lookout? Also you never ever stick your rifle out the window where it can be seen...not speaking from experience lol.
  2. The girls are loving it...hell we all are. I need to find more shows like this; if anything to get them off their phones and laptops for awhile and just hang with the parents. We're already halfway through and I wish there were more than 8 episodes, it looks like Season 2 starts in October.
  3. Someone made this in Madden, I think it's glorious
  4. Just started watching 'Stranger Things'... I heard it was good, and I noticed it was rated TV-14, so I asked my daughters if they had heard of it. They sounded really excited about wanting to see it, wife and I had been looking for a new show to watch as well. Really good, loving it so far. The best part about it though is having a show that the 4 of us can watch together.
  5. I love this show, but the last few episodes have been terrible. I understand that they are drip-feeding us the show at this point, that being said the next couple of episodes better make up for it.
  6. I think Kyle Wilson did before that...ugh
  7. Don't forget Radiogate as well. Class organization my ass.
  8. One of my favorite shows, pretty damn good production values for a show on the History channel.
  9. I just marathoned every season not too long ago. Excellent.
  10. Carol might be on the sidelines for quite a bit. Poor Mags, this will make her one tough SOB in the future. Next week we get to meet the people at The Kingdom - which is the other settlement that Negan is also extorting.
  11. I loved TWD, but man AMC has got to be the worst with the friggin commercials man, its brutal, Next time I'll DVR and start watching at 930pm instead.
  12. I'll be honest and I was annoyed that the open of the show just made you wait and wait and wait. I think everyone was expecting something right from the very beginning; I found myself being very distracted since I had already seen the opening scene from the teaser that was released early. But the episode really took off after Abraham got it, Glenn's death scene was given justice and was done nearly identical to the comics. And Andrew Lincoln was tremendous in that scene with that was some next-level sh*t right there. Rick has been broken. JDM is just owning as Negan.
  13. I am very late to the party but my wife and I are binge watching SOA for the first time, we both really like it so far. Also just started House Of Cards which I love, but she couldn't get into.