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  1. Hey BallinPB stop posting all these skanks
  2. I gave it a try on the PS3 and it didn't click for me. The trailer looks gorgeous, I just hope the controls are good, they felt really wonky to me, similar to the same issues they had with The Last Guardian, I believe its the same studio,
  3. I'm willing to bet that Sony will do a price drop on their PS4 slim down to 249.00, so keep your eyes open.
  4. I don't have the specs, but everything I have read would seem to indicate that. Sony may not have spoke about hardware at E3, but there are other shows coming up later in the year where they could address it. And they also have PSVR if that's your thing. I don't see a need to upgrade anytime soon; now that they've finally added external HDD support you can just download your new games to the HDD and run them off there. I don't need one yet, I still have room on my 2TB, but its getting there.
  5. It is available on PC and PS4 yes. Since I love Fallout this was kind of on my radar, but I'm not really a turn-based or squad-based RPG type of guy.
  6. i noticed that Sony didn't even talk about hardware at all, probably smart on their end to just ignore it since it seems the X is way more powerful than the PS4 Pro. I'm going to hold off on any sort of PS4.5 or whatever until I have a 4k TV to run it on.
  7. I'm looking forward to this setting in FC5
  8. standalone Dishonored game
  9. This is pretty cool...too bad I dont have any friends lol
  10. HZD expansion