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  1. Saw 'The Witch' recently and I thought it was really well done. Cant wait to see the new Blair Witch movie.
  2. Some of these girls need more sandwiches in their life. Still very attractive though
  3. I haven't been here in a bit, but jf80 is killin' it
  4. This thread should be renamed Goal "100,000 boners" because goddamn
  5. No problem man it was fun - might have to check you guys out again October when you're playing Krogh's, it's literally right around the corner from me.
  6. Had the pleasure of meeting Snell41 in person last night in between sets - super great guy, and his band really kicked ass. I couldn't stay for the whole show since I had the wife and kids with me, but I'm glad I decided to go check them out. My favorite part of the setlist was Beat It On Down The Line/Me & My Uncle/Big River, and China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider - good stuff! I'll definitely be around to check out the other NJ dates when possible.
  7. I will be checking out Snell's band tonight with the wife and kids - doubt the music is their thing, but the weather is going to be gorgeous out tonight - cant wait.
  8. If you haven't tried it, the new Doom is fast & fun.