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  1. I really wish I remembered where I hosted the rest of these... and here I was thinking they'd never be relevant again...
  2. Let me guess, you played short-season Single-A minor league baseball?
  3. Are you honestly suggesting that a Finals that saw the first ever comeback from a 3-1 deficit and a Game 7 that was tied with a minute to play wasn't at all captivating?
  4. I was going to make ribs.
  5. Thibs is a Van Gundy guy, which means in addition to Jackson not wanting him, Dolan probably isn't clamoring for him either. Prediction... Jackson goes after Walton in the off-season, only to get spurned ala Kerr, and has to settle on Brian Shaw. Can't wait.
  6. Depends on where you're located. This storm dropped 10" more than Nemo did in my area.
  7. I am honestly shocked that they were willing to overpay in the short-term to land Cespedes. Kudos to the Mets.
  8. C'mon... that guy was like Sir Laurence Olivier compared to Hayden Christensen.
  9. I'm far from a Star Wars uber-nerd, but Tattoine and Jakku, while both portrayed as desert sh*tholes, are not the same planet. They're not even in the same system for crissakes!
  10. These are not mutually exclusive propositions. And if Occam's Razor was involved, Lenk or Colburn probably planted it there.
  11. The Mets have a finite window to capitalize on the fact that they're paying their top 4 starters only marginally more money (~$6.5m total, which includes projected arb number for Harvey) than they owe Carlos Beltran, Bobby Bonilla, and Bret Saberhagen this year ($5.1m), and they're blowing it. This is the best opportunity they will have to significantly improve the team before having to pay their aces and they're wasting it. That is what's truly pathetic. I would even quibble with the way they spent the little money they did this offseason. I'd rather have spent 4/$32m on O'Day than 2/$16.5m on Cabrera and would've gladly cashed in De Aza's $5.5m and Colon's $7.25 for 3 years of Span at ~$11m per and send out someone else as a 5th starter until Wheeler is ready. They gave Lagares 5/$23m and were ready to overpay Ben Zobrist until he could get his AARP card, but heaven forbid they give out any other contracts that exceed 2 years.