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  1. That Ponce de Leon was full of sh*t, man!
  2. I'll give the new Stadium this....

    Are you serious with this sh*t?
  3. if Curtis Granderson does NOT win the AL MVP.....

    Since I discount defense when considering MVP (with the exception being if a guy is exceptionally great or exceptionally bad or plays a position like catcher that can hinder offensive production), here are some numbers to digest: Jose Bautista's oWAR (Offensive WAR) is 7.9 with Toronto's cumulative team total being 17.6 for the year. Curtis Granderson's oWAR is 5.5 on a team with a total of 23.4. Ellsbury is a 6.4 on a team with a total of 30.6.
  4. Full Tilt Poker Ponzi Scheme

    Justice Dept froze their assets and later released them to allow them to return money to their US-based players. The other sites (ie. PokerStars) complied, but Full Tilt still has not paid back their customers. Why? They owe about $300m and have only $60m in the bank.
  5. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    Does that include calling someone a "Joe Brod"?
  6. Full Tilt Poker Ponzi Scheme

    Phil Ivey was smart to distance himself from this mess.
  7. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    I suppose that's fair... he stole the sig I made.
  8. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    I might need to use the search feature, but I remember reading somewhat substantive, semi-informed posts from you in the past. It looks like the lack of an offseason affected more than just the players.
  9. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    If you find being likened to Klecko to be a personal attack, then I suggest you sort out those issues with him. I never realized you disliked him so much.
  10. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    Go back and watch the first two games without paying attention to the final score or the QB statistics and give me a grade for how you think Sanchez played. Ultimately, any sport is about winning, but I fail to see what he has personally accomplished in the last two weeks that has everyone all giddy.
  11. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    Dynamite post, Joe Brod.
  12. They're really missing this intensity.
  13. To all the Haters...63.2%!

    And maybe he will consume the defense with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from arse.