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  1. As expected Schwarber has not been cleared to play the field. Even if cleared, I'd think it was too much of a risk.
  2. It's hard to sniff the playoffs when the Knicks will be swimming in it as the 4th seed.
  3. Yeah, post All-Star break last year he was pretty good and he drove to the basket at will. He has to convert those as well as hit teammates (which will happen with extra work). Knock on wood, but I think he's healthy enough to perform at an All-Star level. Knicks don't need MVP Rose.
  4. 50 pts, 16 rbs, 7 stls, 5 asts 4 blks. Incredible. But his team still lost and he's surrounded by bums. With him signing that extension he'll be stuck in a bad situation for awhile, until he demands a trade. Ultimately, his injury issues will be the determine if he'll be an All-Timer. But he does have it all.
  5. There might come a point where Miller will be the starting LFer and is rotated in to pitch to get a key out then sent back out to left field.
  6. Undoubtedly, SenorGato, HOFer Theo Epstein built the Cubs the right way and for the long haul. I'm just surprised at your supreme confidence of the Cubs' long-term dominance when baseball, more than any other sport, is subject to such variance. Lester and Arrieta can easily blow out their arms. Bryant, Rizzo and Baez can get hurt. Other NL teams will get better. Plus, momentum is only as good as the next game's pitcher. That's baseball.
  7. Wait, D'Antoni playing Amare 37 minutes a night to open the season wasn't a good thing?
  8. Ron Darling would've been great for this series. He's a top-notch color man. I don't hate Smoltz as much as you guys do. He's definitely better than Ripkin.
  9. But the inherent nature of baseball is catastrophe. You simply never know. It does look promising for 2016 to 2018, but so did the World Series. Now the Cubs are down 0-1. They may still win it, of course, but they might not because the best team doesn't always win in baseball. In fact, the best team rarely wins the WS. They had an interesting ESPN article over the weekend, pointing out the fact that in the WC era (last 10 years) only 2 teams with the best MLB record won the WS (98, 09 Yanks). Heck, the best team doesn't always make it to the WS. That's baseball.
  10. This drubbing was not unexpected. Rose driving to basket with ease was promising, but the O got bogged down in the 3rd and Cleveland opened the game as a result.
  11. Surprisingly, Nike didn't match the Adidas sneaker deal with KP. Could it be another Curry/Underarmor mistake for Nike?
  12. Ahhh, the fan fallacy. You're not guaranteed the future, just this season. Cherish it. Players get hurt, they under perform, and other teams may out bid the team for free agents That's baseball. Think of Mets fans of last year or even Braves fans after 1995. The only sure thing in baseball is that there aren't sure things.
  13. I hear you, Rutgers. It's going to take time BUT it is promising that they have so dramatically picked up the pace in the preseason. They're near 10 more FG per 100 possessions compared to last season. The first 11 games are going to be telling IMO. Knicks play 8 playoff teams from last year in the first 11. If Knicks don't get buried in these first 11 I think they'll be alright.
  14. Nah, Geno's name always sucked. Good or bad play can't change that. The same with Bryce Petty. If he sucks, fans will simply say, "Man, he sucks, but that's a cool name." Geno's real name is Eugene Cyril Smith III. If he went with Cy Smith, that would've been cool.