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  1. But Steph Curry was always a PG. Monk has never been and doesn't want to be a PG. He's a shrimp for a SG. An NBA defender won't need to be elite to stop him because Monk is so short for the position. He has to be PG at the pro level or he's a bench player.
  2. Trading a 21 yr old PF averaging 18/7 in his second season is stupid and anyone advocating for his trade is being stupid.
  3. I'm calling it. Judge is going to be the new Captain in a couple of years. This catch was insane. Save the game.
  4. The name that is being thrown out there to be behind Tanaka is Gerrit Cole of the Pirates. He's a good pitcher having a good year on a bad team (2.84 ERA, .219 BAA, 1.02 WHIP). He's a better option to the other name thrown out there, Jose Quintana of the White Sox, who's having a bad year on a bad team (4.38 ERA, .253 BAA, 1.42 WHIP). The Yanks would definitely be unloading one or more of the OF prospects in any trade because, like mentioned, there are so many. We're still 2 months away from this being an issue because anything could happen in that time. But if they're division leaders still then, Cash will make a move for the rotation. They can survive with Headley and 1B because the offense is so dynamic. Top of rotation pitching addition is the key.
  5. This is an NBA exec on Monk as reported in NY Post. He's too short to play SG. He has to be a PG but he doesn't want to:
  6. That's what I'm thinking too. Maybe even as soon as next year. About being at 85-88 wins, it will be interesting if the Yanks are at that pace in July. Prior, recent history, shows that Cash would not make a deal at that point (he held on to Sanchez, Judge) when the Blue Jays overtook them in the division and they fell to the WC. If the Yanks are in range for 90-95 and a division title, I think Cash makes a move for a top pitcher.
  7. Yeah, they righted the ship. That offense can be really good. But I hate Headley on the field (his average has dropped too, so now he's approaching negative territory).
  8. I shouldve just read your post. It wouldn't have save me a, "Damnit!" when they got 8th.
  9. Still haven't gotten better, although I enjoy the Celtics getting blown out. Wake us up for Warriors/Cavs3
  10. I'm conflicted on Smith and Ntilikina. I like Ntilikina for the reasons you mentioned, but Smith is an explosive scorer. I'm not high on Monk because of his lack of length (height and arm length). He doesn't have the handle of a PG so he'll have a difficult time shooting over taller defenders.
  11. LOL. Just like the Knicks. Five times fall in the draft. Think about this, TWICE a team had moved up from 9 to grab top pick in lottery but Knicks have never jumped. Smith and French Kid are good choices at 8
  12. This. The Astros are a very good team. That the Yanks lost 3 of 4 and were still in 1st place after the series is a good sign. Tanaka and CC are the key, like we all thought going in. Tanaka has been uneven while CC has been dreadful. If Tanaka becomes consistently good and CC simply decent, then the Yanks will be alright. I don't trust the O's pitching and the Red Sox's hitting is completely punchless. The Yanks should be still competing by July. Will be interesting to see what Cashman does then in the trade market. They definitely need a front line arm, but don't know if they'd be willing to give up a top prospect for it.
  13. This is the worst NBA playoffs in a long time. I think the Cavs/Warriors three-peat will be pretty good.
  14. Fultz, Fox, Ball, Smith, then French Kid