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  1. Yeah, I don't know if OKC can offer anything of value for Melo or anyone else for that matter.
  2. At least they got something for Refsnyder. Tough break for him, but he ran out of minor league options. Now Yanks get a minor leaguer they don't have to put on the 40 man roster. Hope this series win (finally!) is a sign that they're righting the ship. All things considered, the Yanks went 1-8-2 in their last 11 series and are still only 1 game back of 1st in the loss column. That's a good omen for their division title chances.
  3. I was thinking long term, as in next offseason and the July 2018 trade deadline. Quality starters usually become available. That said, I understand the need to shore up the bullpen and the Yanks did that with 2 quality & controllable arms.
  4. That's great, Jif. Who knew that Don Nelson was a pothead
  5. Completely agree. I understand trading Rutherford because Yanks have a glut of high-end young OFer prospects/MLBers, but save that for a trade for a No. 2 or No. 1 starter. That said, the Yanks acquired 3 MLBers for a minor leaguer and a washed up reliever, which is unheard of and tells you how valued the minor leaguer is.
  6. Interesting stat from Judge's 2nd half mini-slump, according to ESPN before last night's game: The bolded has been the biggest problem IMO and you can see it's the biggest drop off and leads to the poor percentages in the other categories.
  7. My only thinking is that there is an OF logjam, but Rutherford could be part of a better package than what Cashman received. Agreed, bad trade.
  8. Cashman panicked. Traded for White Sox's Frazier and Robertson for 2016 1st rounder Rutherford. Very disappointed in Cashman. Rutherford is Yanks No. 3 prospect and they need pitching
  9. Portland wants to trade for Melo, but Melo is not interested in waiving his NTC for the Blazers yet. Before the Perry signing, the Knicks and Rockets tried to pull in Portland for a 4 way or 3 way deal, but Portland said it didn't want to help the Rockets, but would rather want to trade for Melo outright. Attached is the link to the Portland artice on this: According to other reports, Portland's offer would revolve around Mo Harkless and a future protected 1st. That's better assets than what the Rockets are offering.
  10. In theory, yes, but when a player has had such a serious injury, normal impacts have a greater risk of causing a reassurance of that injury. The body always works on the weakest link principle. If that previously torn ACL is the weakest link in his knee, it is the first to go.
  11. At least they didn't lose another series. CC and Severino looked real good. Judge in a mini slump, but he crushed that ball which was robbed of him as a HR. I give no credit to Tanaka, though. Yes, he kept them in it, but he pitched well enough to lose and after the embarrassment of a season he's had thus far (worst ERA of any starting picture in AL with at least 10 starts) he doesn't get a carrot for performing like a JAG. He's getting ace money and is expected to be an ace. But because he has been such an utter failure in that role, Yanks have to rely on a 22 yr old kid and a 37 yr old with a bad knee to fill that void.
  12. Ntilikina got hurt in the final game of the French league championship. FYI, Smith has a healed torn ACL. Hes looked great, no question, but one awkward landing on his dunks and he is gone for season.