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  1. Agreed, except it was cocaine. In fact, LT snorted coke on the sidelines during a game. One infamous incident was when he got hurt real bad during a game (might've been a separated shoulder), went to the sideline, stuffed his face into a towel and returned to the game like a wildman.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, overall TV viewership, attendance and merchandise sales are down across the board for the NFL. It's been trending that way. What the NFL lives on is the ridiculous TV deals they sign, which is based on the biggest fraud in entertainment IMO, the Nielsen ratings.
  3. The baseball season is so long that Didi will miss a month and it would still feel like he played the whole season. Girardi looks like he's going the smart route and having the first 5 in the BA order be: Gardner, Sanchez, Bird, Holiday and Elsbury. I think in a year or two the heart of the order will be Torres, Sanchez, Bird and Judge at 2 through 5.
  4. Tough win last night but not killer. Knicks still have the tougher schedule down the stretch than Philly and Magic.
  5. Losing seasons are just fine when you're not trading away 1st rounders. Only if Isiah had realized that.
  6. I love it when (my) plan comes together. Knicks now tied for 4th lottery seed. They have a chance to lose the remaining 10 games. I'd love Ball, but even with the 4th pick Knicks will get a chance to draft a star. It's likely going to be Fultz, Ball and Jackson top 3. If Knicks are at 4, they'd have a shot at the French Kid and Fox, which is great.
  7. Gobert's shot chart looks like a bullseye. Another good loss last night. I hope they don't win another game for the rest of the season.
  8. Bostonets, Lakers and Suns have locked up the top 3 lottery seeds, but there is still a good battle for the 4th spot between the Knicks, Kings, Sixers and Magic, all separated by 2 games in the loss column. Magic currently have the lead with 2 games up in the loss column over Knicks. Magic have 26 wins and Knicks have 27. If Magic can win 2 more and the Knicks none, the Knicks are in pretty good shape for 4th spot. Problem is that they're all losing at same time so Knicks cant take full advantage of this soon to be 0-4 road trip
  9. We can only hope, but it's going to be tough to catch Suns who have 5 more losses after Magic beat them last night. I think Melo & Knicks are up to challenge. Those 2 Nets loses were huge for Knicks future.
  10. It's difficult to build a successful team in the NFL now because there is no blueprint anymore. It used to be, build the team up through the draft and augment those young players by key veteran signings. Now it's, "Do you have a top QB?" Otherwise you're treading water. The "must have a veteran QB on roster" idea is part of the treading water syndrome. It's easier today for the plan to be "Let's be competitive and take a shot," then it is to have a plan, "Let's build a championship contender." It's odd, because in the other major sports leagues you can have a "championship" blueprint. Not in NFL anymore.
  11. After the Knicks started 14-10, they've gone 13-32, which is incredible. The Knicks, Suns, Magic and Sixers all have tough schedules down the stretch but are within 4 games in the loss column. That's going to decide lottery seeds 3 through 6.
  12. This is what I was thinking as well, except, you know, Sanchez is the most cost effective experienced QB on the market. Just sayin
  13. Critical loss tonight. Knicks needed that. They have a 4 game road trip which they'll likely lose all of them. Only 2 lose out of 4th lottery seed