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  1. Rose out again tonight. They should still have enough to beat Boogie and the Kings
  2. IDK. I bet many plumbers would appreciate a pep talk Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that’s what you have here today. That’s what you have earned here, today. One toilet. If there were ten toilets, you might not clear them all. But not this toilet. Not today. Today you clear it. Today you stuff that sh*t all the way down because you can! Today, you're the greatest plumber in the world. You were born to be a plumber. This is your time. I'm sick and tired of hearing about a clogged toilet. Screw it. This is your time!! Now go out there and clear it!!!
  3. I get it, but note that I said the YANKS don't care. I didn't say me. DV doesn't really outrage Americans for reasons we can't discuss in this venue. I will say this about MLB, though, since the Ray Rice incident they have dived out harsher penalties than the other sports leagues. The NFL remains a national disgrace on this issue. As to likeability, being a Gen-X Yankee fan is different than those rooting for other teams. Remember, our first sports nirvana was as pre-schoolers and early-schoolers who's parents rooted for the Billy Martin, Reggie and Thurman Yanks who won in 77 and 78. There were a bunch of aholes on that team, including the manager and biggest star. Everyone loved Thurman because he seemed like one of the few who weren't aholes. We've always had that, even in the Bernie era.
  4. Fortunately for the Yanks, they never had to worry about being likeable to Mets fans That said, the Cubs were more than happy to have AC and all his baggage help them win the WS. It was a necessary signing for the Yanks as they transition to 2018. Betances demonstrated that he's not made for the closer's role and the Yanks lost a lot of winnable games down the stretch because Betances couldn't close the deal.
  5. KOQ takes jump shots to keep Davila honest. Relying on him to take jump shots defeats the purpose of KOQ
  6. The metrics say Melo and KP do mesh. Also, there's no way you can play KOQ and Noah for extended minutes because all that would do is clog the paint. Staggering KP and Melo's minutes as Hornacek has absolutely worked in the 9-3 run. Why would they change that now?
  7. Completely expected outcome last night. Back-to-back against defending champs without starting PG results in no shot at victory.
  8. Rose is out tonight with a sore back. Getting an MRI Oh well. It was fun while it lasted
  9. Good call and that was after a SB appearance. He was also an assistant with Jets so it's fitting for Bowles
  10. I saw it on last night's postgame and am disappointed I didn't come up with it. It's the perfect nickname for KOQ: Oak-Quinn
  11. I'm surprised things turned bad so quickly for Bowles. He had a winning season last year and now the media and fans want him fired. Not saying he should stay, but I can't remember a coach getting fired in his 2nd season after having a winning season his first year.
  12. All true, but it's the back end of a back to back so it's tainted a bit. Knicks are like 0-4 in back to backs and the second game has all been against winning teams.
  13. Rondo is awful. Dragic isn't a bad option, but like you said, that's a bad contract. Knicks win 4 in a row! Unfortunately, Rose had to leave the game early because of back spasms. Hopefully he'll be ready for tomorrow.
  14. Cool. McDaniels can bring Tebow back considering he drafted him with the 15th pick.
  15. No. It's only only about $6.8 mil a year for 4 yrs, which is cheap in this NBA. Of course, if Thomas is never healthy again because of his foot problems then it will turn out to be a bad move, but going in, it was a good re-signing. The same with Lee. It looks bad now, but going in it was good. Hopefully Lee will start hitting open shots. The Knicks are going to get a lot of open shots this season with Melo, KP and now Rose re-asserting himself. The Knicks need Thomas, Lee, Holiday and Kuz to hit their open shots. At least Phil got the coaching hire right. Hornacek has been good with his rotations, great on out-of-bound play calls, and shown a propensity to play the hot and sit the poor shooting. I'm stunned how bad Thibs has done in Minny (he was my first choice).