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  1. SMC added a post in a topic Unbelievable Eagles Run Game Stats   

    Who knows what happens, but this is a bad matchup for the Eagles.  The Oline can't block, the WRs can't separate and the QB can't throw deep.
    The Eagles have to overcome that to win.  This is not the same Eagles team from last year.  Kelly has gotten rid of a lot of players.
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  2. SMC added a post in a topic Fitzpatrick’s Efficiency Best for Jets Since Favre   

    Yeah, Dilfer was awful. No way saying Johnson was awful, just saying he was competent.
    With a good defense, a QB should put up 2/1 TD/INT average or better.  Johnson only threw for 3049 yards that year (17th in the NFL that season) and his yards per attempt was 6.76 (18th in the NFL). His 22 TDs was 10th best.  He was a competent QB, and did everything asked of him to help his team win.  Competent QBs can do that. 
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  3. SMC added a post in a topic Fitzpatrick’s Efficiency Best for Jets Since Favre   

    While I agree Dilfer was garbage, I'd peg Johnson as a competent QB protected by a lights-out-defense.  Fitz could do 20-10 this year, which isn't far off.  
    And we can quibble on what is "championship caliber football" because I think a competent/mediocre QB can play championship football on the right team, like Johnson did with the Bucs.  For me, if the team is good enough, the QB being a positive rather than a negative is "championship caliber."  Mediocre QBs can make big plays in the postseason to help the team win (Sanchez, Delhomme, etc.).
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  4. SMC added a post in a topic Fitzpatrick’s Efficiency Best for Jets Since Favre   

    I get it, but I'll never understand the "anything less than a championship is pointless..." mindset where the team has not won a championship in most of the fanbase's lifetime.  It's weird because I can only think of Jet fans who have that.  The fanbases of other teams that have long droughts or never won one don't say that.
    But regardless, this is a process (Manginiism!)  Fitz leads a team through that process.  Franchise QBs don't break free unless something weird happens (like Peyton), so the hope is that a guy like Bryce Petty learns from a crafty veteran like Fitz and grows into the starter's role next year to be that QB that puts the team in a good position to compete for a championship.
    In the meantime, the Jets will adopt the Ravens/Bucs model (Brad Johnson's Bucs) and try to compete with competent QB play and lights-out defense.
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  5. SMC added a post in a topic Fitzpatrick’s Efficiency Best for Jets Since Favre   

    Which is competent and that's all Fitz needs to be if the D keeps playing as it has.
    As mentioned multiple times by other posters, the Jets' QBs of the past have not been competent and when the D was not as good the Jets had losing seasons.
    An excellent QB carries a competent offense and defense.
    An excellent defense carries a competent QB and offense.
    The problem is when the defense or the QB are merely good and then the other units have to be better.
    Note, I'm not using "excellent" to mean HOFer or historic, just among tops in the league at the time.
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  6. SMC added a post in a topic Bowles - "they"   

    True.  It's surprising to us, but it shouldn't have been because that was looked on as one of Bowles' strength in the interview process, that he made the most out of what he had on D in Arizona.
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  7. SMC added a post in a topic Bowles - "they"   

    This is entirely true, but at least the Jets caused 4 of those 5 turnovers.
    The offense is still a work in progress.  Fitz seemed overagreesive with the 3 corners out trying to force throws to Marshall, who was triple teamed because the corners were out.  That was a time to attack Decker's side again in 2nd half.  
    As to Bowles, the benefit for the Jets is that he's an NFL lifer and lacks the personality for TV so he's not looking for a bigger job, like Herm or Rex.
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  8. SMC added a post in a topic If You Still Have ESPN In The Buffer, Back It Up And Watch The Brandon Marshall Interview   

    At least no one is complaining about Marshall ' s in - week TV appearances any more.
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  9. SMC added a post in a topic 0-2 Eagles coming to town   

    There was a crazy stat on ESPN talking about the Eagles' current woes that Bradford is the worst rated QB on deep throws over the last 10 years.  The Cowboys didn't respect their WRs and neither should the Jets.
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  10. SMC added a post in a topic I Hate Myself ...   

    How do you define "nearly beat"?
    It was 21-7 in the 2nd quarter and 37-13 in the 3rd quarter
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  11. SMC added a post in a topic I can't decide who I want to win Sunday- Bills/Pats   

    Rex can't help but make it all about him, even when he "takes the blame."
    As mentioned, the false bravado is his undoing.  He gets his players head swelled and they act as undisciplined fools during the game.  The taunting by the D after giving up a TD was ridiculous.
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  12. SMC added a post in a topic The Thread I didn't want to make   

    Only if it was the last game of the season.
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  13. SMC added a post in a topic Cro sprained knee?   

    In retrospect, maybe the visual display of agony was a sign that Cro didn't tear his ACL.  Jenkins, Jordy and others when they tore their respective ACLs didn't Paul Pierce it on the field and walked off on their own power.
    Then again, Dustin Keller writhed in pain on the field, but his knew blew up like a grenade.
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  14. SMC added a post in a topic Jints vs. Cowboys thread   

    Because they're starting MLB is hurt.
    Regardless, the Jints' OC has been awful since he was hired last year.  Absolutely moronic call at 3rd & goal at the 1.  Senseless.
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