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  1. The irony is that the plan (build through draft) was sound, but not if you're a bad drafter. To have 12 picks and not trade up to get talent and then blow the picks is inexcusable.
  2. Yeah, Bernie should be included. The thinking is that Bernie retired before 2009 title but Jorge wasn't a key player on the 96 team.
  3. Because Gene Michaels made it so
  4. We all remember Maas. That was pre-Core Four, so the drafting didn't count yet. Crazy that he was intentionally walked twice, but made sense based on who was batting behind him. Yeah, he'll cool off, but he's always been able to hit and his defensive skills are top notch. Rare combination for a catcher today. Another great Yankee catcher? I like the sound of that. Sanchez' back-swing follow through is ARod-esque, but his batting stance through the swing reminds me a little of Edgar Martinez. That was the one guy who terrified me as a Yankee fan in the 1990s.
  5. Gary Sanchez is ridiculous
  6. Yes, and if the Jets had any faith in Geno they would've done the prudent thing and rested Fitz for a week.
  7. We have a pretty good idea what Mac and Bowles think of Geno based on their actions. They played Fitz with a broken hand last year over starting Geno There was no market for Fitz this year but still paid him $12 million. It makes no sense to cut Geno until they believe they have a viable backup. If they're not sure I think they'll make a move to keep all 4 such as IR'ng Hack.
  8. I know the writers speculated on it, but I never thought there was possibility for this FO to cut Petty over Geno. There's 3 QBs on the roster that Mac signed. He has nothing invested in Geno. Geno had to play lights out in preseason and practice to be considered a keeper over Mac having to consider getting rid of a guy he personally chose.
  9. Westboork signs an extension with OKC so that ends those stupid KP/Westbrook trade rumors (which were fan/media based nonsense anyway)
  10. The media sucks, but the stories are well known told from multiple sources. Plus, we can reach our own conclusions based on the indisputable facts. So we don't need to know him personally to say he's an ahole. We have people who know him saying he's an ahole and we have the facts, such as: We know of Geno's detractor teammates at WV We know he stiffed a teammate out $600, refused to pay him and got his jaw broken. Teammates did not rush to support him in the media. We know that he left the draft because he didn't go in 1st round and his agent had to tell him to return for the second day The love of Fitz is completely different and not necessarily connected to Geno.
  11. Exactly. He lasted that long because he had mega ability. Geno doesn't. But George's career pales to what he shouldve been based on his talent.
  12. Glennon will get his shot eventually if he is as good as you think. They all do because college ranks simply cannot produce enough quality QBs. As for Geno, every young QB shows some promise. That's why they're in the NFL. But while confidence is an issue, I don't believe confidence is what's holding Geno back. Geno being an ahole is what is holding him back. There were negative reports on him back at West Virginia. He's not a trouble maker or problem child, but he's a dick. The world is filled with them. Jeff George was a supreme ahole and had mega ability and failed. Geno doesn't have that ability to prop him up to get the chances George got to prove he's not good enough.
  13. Teams are so desperate for quality QBs that talent can't be hidden in NFL. For Geno's sake he has to shine in everything to show he's worth a shot someplace. If being pissed off helps achieve that, good for him. The problem for Geno is that he sucks AND he's an ahole. If he wasn't both, Macc wouldn't have worked so hard to re-sign Fitz. Become good and stopping being a dick and Geno's NFL fortunes will improve.