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  1. Yep. Love is a trade chip for Knicks
  2. Never trade a 1st round pick for another team's back-up QB. Ever.
  3. Pitchers and catchers!!!
  4. Holy crap, Romo is 36? I forgot how old he is. When I saw the OP I was thinking meh, but what the hell, the Jets need a QB. Even with injury issue I thought Romo was worth a shot. I forgot how long he's been in NFL. No way that deal makes sense to Jets. Dallas would jump on that trade in a heart beat, though.
  5. Phil is the loneliest man in NYC
  6. Personal gripe--why do posters keep creating Yes/No Poll Questions and then don't offer Yes/No Poll responses? I want to vote "yes" but is the middle choice a "yes" or "who knows?"
  7. Not even close. Only MLB went down to the wire with a game 7. NBA was decided in 6. NCAAB & NCAAF were blowouts.
  8. Good point. I don't remember a sports year where so many major championships went down to the end with game 7s or final minute, etc.
  9. I'm doing my stretches to get ready to jump on the Frank Ntilikina bandwagon. So long as Knicks stay in the top 8 lottery seeding, they should be fine.
  10. Adam Silver attempting to broker a resolution between Knicks and Oakley and had a meeting in his office between Dolan, Oak with Jordan on phone.
  11. There goes the Knicks screwing up lottery seeding again.