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  1. My comment wasn't made as a fan, but a business commentary. Lack of a dome was a bad business decision by Mara and Woody. And, no, SB is not a 10-15 year cycle. In many instance, it's a 5 year cycle for choice locations. Lastly, the Dolphins and Raiders have never played a playoff game at MetLife, so what's the point? Hypothetically? You give up a dome for the 1% chance that a warm weather team may play a road game at MetLife? Seriously? Heck, Jets have hosted only 2 home playoff games in 20 years.
  2. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I agree Yanks have a shot, but unless they win the division (unlikely) they'll have to beat Cleveland in a 5 game series. It can still be done, but they'll have to beat Kluber at least once, which is no small order.
  3. Having a football stadium in NYC was a pipedream. If MetLife had a roof, the complaints would drop IMO. The AC exterior is meh, but who cares. All these other stadiums have roofs which make them multiuse. That means MetLike would hold multiple SBs rather than the gimmick Goodell agreed to to throw the Mara and Woody a bone for their support of him, as well as multiple Final Fours, conventions, etc. The lack of a roof was a major blunder on Mara and Woody's part from a financial standpoint because it decreased the opportunity for more revenue to pay down their construction debt. THAT is a main reason why Jets won't opt out. Woody owes too much money on the stadium to try to get bought out by Mara.
  4. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Yeah, it seems like the WC is the likeliest destination. Unfortunately, that means facing Cleveland in the ALDS. But, hey, that's baseball. More than any other sport, the best team doesn't win. And, yep, GQX, Yanks need to put up that netting pronto. The little girl should be alright. No inclination that she had a skull fracture. I wouldn't start Gray in WC game because you have to go with your best guy there and its Severino. With your season on the line, you start the guy who has carried you all season (and has even been better in 2nd half). Also, it sets a rotation of Gray (R-GM1), CC (R-GM2), Severino (H-GM3), Tanaka (H-GM4) (if ahead, Gray if down), Gray (R-GM5) (or CC if Gray had to pitch game 4). Gray and CC have the most postseason experience of the starters and you want them pitching twice.
  5. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I think people are in wait-for-postseason mode Betances needs to fix himself. It's ridiculous how wild he is. It seems mental in his inability to control his mechanics.
  6. I'm surprised the media was selling the SB stuff in preseason. The Giants have been bad under Reese and McAdoo. Reese is one of the worst GMs in the NFL who has lived off of SBs essentially built by Ernie Accorsi and Coughlin. They let go of the wrong guy in Coughlin. McAdoo has never showed anything in NFL. His O sucked when he was Coughlin's OC, but he gets promoted? The different way the media treats the Giants and Jets is absurd. Yes, there are the rings (6 years ago and counting), but there has been a lot of mess. Where was the outrage over the way Mara handled the wife abusing Brown?
  7. Myles Garrett and Mitchell Trubisky got $30.4 mil and $29 mil guaranteed this year as the top 2 picks. Yeah, Darnold and Rosen are going to give that up to play another year for free. Ridiculous.
  8. Rosen and Darnold are not going to forego guaranteed millions to risk injury playing for free. This is sports media nonsense.
  9. Here we are for the new season of our New York Knickerbockers, celebrating their 70th year!!! The Opening Night 15 man roster is set, with the final cuts today. The only surprising cut was Chasson Randle, but with his broken orbital bone he's out until late November. Post to this new thread for the upcoming season. I'm most exited for KP's 2nd year leap. Prediction wise, I think the Knicks make the playoffs as a 4 seed with a ceiling of 3rd seed if no major injury happens.
  10. Boston Red Sox CHEATERS!!!!!

    Actually, Red Sox were fined for sign stealing. Yanks were fined for bullpen phone use from last season.
  11. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Another great outing by Severino
  12. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    BTW, Yanks remaining schedule is ridiculous. They have 16 games left, 13 in The Bronx and 3 in Toronto.
  13. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Yanks went 6-3 on their last long road trip of the season which is great. Judge looks like he's got his swing back. Incredible year. The same for Sanchez who has 31 homers after missing first month. I'm glad Girardi put them back-to-back again. That's a lethal combo. The best thing is, if the Yanks win tonight they'll be back to 15 games over .500. That means they would have totally eliminated that horrible team-wide slump in July/August when they played like the worst team in baseball. So now it ends up being .500 ball for the worst part of the season. Not bad.
  14. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    That sucks, Ape. Good luck. That said, it wasn't as if you got lynched the day you got laid off or something. Just sayin'
  15. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Exactly, and it doesn't have the deterrent of random kill for no lynch because the scum don't have to fear if they only have to get 4 votes to lynch someone because of the deadline rather than 8.
  16. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    This is Crusher
  17. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    BTW, I think the countdown thing is detrimental to the town. The scum benefit from dragging this out and if they don't have to commit to lynch anyone and, instead, meerly have to wait out the clock, the town is screwed. Think about it--it takes 8 to lynch the last 2 phases, but scum benefits from the fact that 2 townies are dead based on 4 votes each. Something to consider in future game mechanics.
  18. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    Good luck town. First game back in over a year and I'm speed lynched in D2. **** you all. Look at the 3 speed lynchers in LZM, Nolder and AJ. Those are by best scum tell.
  19. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within

    I might vote for SCM too if I knew who he was.
  20. Rebounding is overrated. Knicks have Willy for that. Plus, rebounding has nothing to do with D. For instance, Jokic averaged 9.8 boards last year, but was one of the worst defensive big men in the NBA. You need elite rim protection and, based on the metrics, KP provides that.