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  1. Any substance behind this, or just the internet calling it 'imminent'? I mean, I think it's really the only one that works; even if it doesn't seem to make the most sense. Melo for Kyrie makes sense financially, but Melo is not going to waive his no trade clause to play for a Kyrie-less Cle. He wants a legit PG. OKC doesn't make sense financially, nor does it make sense for him as a ball dominant player to play with Russ and George.
  2. Oona Chaplin, anyone?
  3. #1-10) Not guaranteeing that Peyton would be the #1 pick in '97. If Parcelss had just given him that guarantee, we would have had a first ballad HoF, probably would have been able to retain Belichick, probably would be at least a 1x super bowl champ, and Brady would be a nobody right now. Instead, Parcells didn't want a college kid to hold power over him (even though he knew he'd have drafted Peyton #1 anyway), and well...the rest is history.
  4. False.
  5. tom brady*
  6. Ouch
  7. How about the one to force OT in the first place! Awesome game all around
  8. **** Syracuse. HBO is doing a series on Geno and the girls...just finished the first part. Definitely must-see.
  9. That was tough. Both the game, but also the draw. Nova got screwed having to play a Wisco team that was seeded lower than they should have been.
  10. Quite the big dance for the dukies this year!
  11. You're right, UConn doesn't get the recruits or have the HoF coaching or the special treatment of a duke/unc*/kentucky. Yet they have more championships than all of them over the last quarter-century. The one sub .500 record UConn's had in 25 years is because of season ending injuries to our top guys in October. Yet the dukies come out to talk. You go be proud of your membership to "College basketball royalty" as you lick up Grayson's tears for not even getting to the sweet sixteen. I'm enjoying my school's fad of sustained success.
  12. Yet, UConn hasn't missed a beat, adding two more titles to their collection since then.
  13. Look up NCAA men's championships over the past 10, 20, or 30 years. You'll find them more than any other school. Twice while stomping duke out. UConn's on the sidelines because two of our top three guys went down for the year in October. Have your fun this year while you can.
  14. Checked out the GoT concert @ MSG last night. The Daenerys set in the first half and the entire second half were epic. Anyone else catch it?
  15. Have been away from JN for the past couple of months, but with Revis, Marshall, and Mangold () getting the (deserved) ax this week, figured I'd find time. Given what we know now and how Revis' career is unfolding, has anyone's stance changed? I think he'll get in on the first shot, but I'm still on the fence about whether he deserves it. '09-'11: maybe the best ever (because of Rex's schemes). But a significant fall from grace since.