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  1. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Can Devin Smith be our Version of OBJ?   

    Personally, I had Beckham ranked #1 in a very strong WR class.  The Beckham vs. Cooks debate was always fun.
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  2. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Bills release Fred Jackson   

    Rex doesn't need locker room leaders because he is the ringmaster.
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  3. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Coples & Davis   

    Face it, Coples is an OLB, and that's not going to change any time soon.  With brand new systems in place, the coaches are using the preseason to get players up to speed for the regular season.  They are not going to waste this precious time to conduct an experiment or as some sort of deception tactic.  It would be a different story if there was an established system, coach, and players in place for multiple years.
    With that being said, Coples is at his best with his hand in the dirt, so that's where I expect him to be much of the time.  Either way, this will be Coples' last year here.  He's a decent player, but his motor sucks.  I believe the new regime will be moving on when he becomes a FA after this season.
    Davis doesn't have any motor issues, but his instincts aren't great.
    Both players will be starters in 2015, but there is no guarantee either of them are here long term.  Davis has a better chance to stick around after this year because he'll still be on his rookie contract.
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  4. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Which Receivers Make the Final Cut?   

    The OP is close.  Swap out Powell for Kerley, and you have a winner.
    Marshall, Decker, Smith, Kerley, Owusu, Enunwa
    Evans goes to the practice squad.
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  5. DoubleDown added a post in a topic No settlement between Brady and NFL   

    This is good news because the NFL is not backing down from their ruling and subsequent punishment, which is Brady's only realistic chance of getting a reduced suspension.  I would be absolutely shocked if a federal judge overturns the punishment handed down by a private entity such as the NFL which was made in accordance with a legally binding CBA.
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  6. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Quincy Enunwa emerging as #3 WR   

    At this stage in his career, Smith's main role will be to stretch the field while Marshall and Decker work the underneath and intermediate routes.  According to reports, he was playing well early in camp, and I personally think he'll carve out a nice role in the offense by the middle of the season.  His game is going to become more refined as he gains more experience and adjusts to the speed of the NFL.
    There were a large number of rookie wide receivers that had a big impact on their teams last year, and a handful of them were injured at the start of the season as well.  In my opinion, Smith has the talent to continue the trend and make an impact this year.
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  7. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Jets offense PPG w/ Fitz at QB predictions   

    I'm expecting the Jets to be in the 20-24 point range, but I think there is potential to be even better.
    I think the Jets will be able to move the ball fairly well on the backs of Marshall, Decker, and Ivory regardless of the quarterback.
    People tend to focus on the high number of turnovers in recent years, but another big factor in the lack of offensive production has been poor performance in the red zone.  In the past couple of years, the Jets actually did a decent job of moving the ball down the field, but their drives always sputtered once they reached the red zone.  If Gailey and Fitzpatrick can improve the red zone efficiency (converting TDs instead of settling for FGs, not taking awful 3rd down sacks which take them out of FG range, etc.), I think this offense will be better than people expect.
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  8. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Forum Upgrade Complete   

    The ability to hide avatars would be great. This feature was not available previously, and I was hoping the upgrade to the new software would add this functionality.
    I know there are many users who visit this site at work during working hours, and unfortunately there are a few heavy volume regular posters with avatars that are NSFW.
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  9. DoubleDown added a post in a topic What does Fitz need to do to hang onto job?   

    I think 2-2 with more TD's than turnovers will be enough to keep the job.  That's the "minimum."
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  10. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Deflagate Will Have MAJOR impact on NE's level of play this year   

    Agree to disagree.  I think it made a measurable impact (as pointed out in the original post) especially in wet, cold, and snowy game conditions.
    How many times have we heard players, coaches, and announcers claim that the ball is "hard as a rock" on very cold days?  Deflate the ball by a few PSI, and sudden it's much easier to grip, catch, etc.
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  11. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Milliner out 6-8 weeks (MERGED)   

    Milliner has a ton of talent, but he's made of glass.  It was the case in college, and it has continued in the pros.  Some people just don't have the physical stature and stamina to play football at the highest levels.
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  12. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Deflagate Will Have MAJOR impact on NE's level of play this year   

    It was a secret.  That's no longer the case. 
    If it's so inconsequential, then why do it at all and risk getting caught/exposed?
    Personally, I think the Pats are going to move on from this ordeal and continue being one of the best teams in the league.  However, that doesn't mean that properly inflated footballs won't impact their rate of turnovers from a high level.
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  13. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Right Guard   

    Anything less would be uncivilized.
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  14. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Former first-round pick Coples impressing new Jets regime   

    Coples is a very talented player who flashes dominance at times, but he's missing a good motor.  He simply disappears for long stretches far too often.  It was one of his biggest criticisms coming into the pros, and it's proven to be true thus far.
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  15. DoubleDown added a post in a topic Other than QB, what position do you view as 2015 Jets biggest question mark?   

    Agree to disagree.  Rookies are always a question mark.  Older players past their prime are often a question mark.
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