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  1. I don't really buy into these types of generalizations. Quality teams are built through the draft and free agency. Quality teams have a good balance of proven veteran leadership and young talent. The key is to make the right decisions in both areas. The order in which you do it makes little difference. The Jets should absolutely be players in free agency if they identify players who can be the foundation of this team for the next 4-5 years. The fact that they may or may not have the QB of the future on the roster should not deter them from improving and building up the core of the roster. It's never a bad time to add a proven talent who fits the system, provides veteran leadership, and is in the prime of his career as long as the price tag is reasonable.
  2. Personally, I watched the least amount of NFL football this season in at least 20 years. The product is simply mediocre and bordering on boring. Rules are geared toward a single position, officiating is uneven and inconsistent at best, focus is on individual players rather than teams as a whole, commercial breaks are out of control. I used to view the game of football as a chess match. It's turned into checkers. It's all very predictable, and you constantly have the same handful of players competing for a Superbowl. Two out of ten playoff games this season were competitive. The rest were a one-sided snoozefest that could be turned off by the third quarter. The NFL has a big problem on its hands in my opinion. The game and its popularity have peaked. It's only going to get worse as more and more parents keep their kids from playing a clearly dangerous game in terms of head injuries, and the talent pool begins to shrink in the coming decades.
  3. I need to see more from Anderson before I buy in. He's a potentially decent role player, but he definitely has his flaws, and I haven't seen anything to rate him above JAG status after his rookie year. The fact is NFL rosters are littered with players of his caliber. We're just not used to seeing this team hit on late round picks / UDFA so we get giddy any time someone shows any semblance of potential.
  4. He may not be on the hot seat right now, but he absolutely should be part of the discussion. He took a great financial situation and in less than two years turned it into a roster full of underachieving and overpaid vets with a bunch of question marks at best for the majority of his draft picks.
  5. I am not a Fitzpatrick fan at all, but the job is his until the playoffs are officially out of reach. When the Jets have 7 losses (sooner rather than later IMO), it's Petty time.
  6. Bowles just stands there like a statue on the sideline. Someone should check his pulse. This team has no energy.
  7. The wheels fall off the bus. Jets 10 Seattle 27
  8. At the end of the day, a man knelt during the singing of a song. Disrespectful and misguided? Yes. Cause for outrage? Hardly. This country is great because people have the freedom to make such statements.
  9. RG3 has undeniable talent, but his regression the past couple of years has been very troubling. He's a player who needs to hit the reset button (similar to Trent Richardson a couple of years ago). He needs to stay healthy and get his mind back in the game. We'll see how it goes. I feel like he would have been a good fit in a quick read offense like the Jets run. Getting the ball out of his hands quickly will limit the number of hits he takes and let him start playing instinctively rather than overthinking it.
  10. Nicely done. I really don't see any glaring areas of disagreement. Assuming all of the locked and likely players make the roster, that leaves 9 roster spots to fill with 26 players on the bubble. Some tough decisions will need to be made.
  11. One quarterback is under contract beyond this season, the other is not. If it's close and the Jets do not want to carry four quarterbacks on the roster, then letting go of Geno makes sense. Let's see how the the rest of camp and the remaining preseason games play out.
  12. I called DirecTV today and spoke with a senior representative in retention. Long story short, they are not budging much on the price of Sunday Ticket Max. I managed to get them down to $44.99 for 6 months for a total of $270. Since I was off contract, I also negotiated a monthly credit by signing a 12 month contract which helps offset the cost of Sunday Ticket. Overall, I'm happy with my deal but I think it's clear that the days of free Sunday Ticket are behind us.
  13. In a league full of parity, the Jets have as good a chance as any other team. The Jets are a well balanced team with a nice mix of stabile veteran leadership, game changers in the prime of their careers, and young promising talent on both sides of the ball. They also have some great continuity with many returning starters who should be comfortable with the system. The Jets finished last season on a 5-1 streak and looked like potential contenders. If they can continue to build on that success, anything is possible. The Jets are being overlooked by many analysts this summer, but they are built exactly like the type of team that can outperform expectations and make a deep run. We'll see how it all shakes out, but there is no reason not to be optimistic at this point.
  14. Same old boring arguments for 8 months now. Yawn. Can we please just move on already? I'm really hoping the Jets found a diamond in the rough with Marshall. He seems to have all the skills necessary to be a player in this league.
  15. When was the last time a franchised player didn't sign their contract and sat out an entire season? Wilkerson is and always was going to be a Jet this season. Fitzpatrick's presence on this team was much more questionable. If reports are to be trusted, the Jets set a deadline and Fitzpatrick showed up to sign the offer on the table at the last minute. It's really quite simple. The job was Geno's until the day Fitzpatrick was signed. He worked hard all offseason, did everything he could to impress the coaching staff and his teammates, then got usurped the day before camp by a guy who has been MIA all year. If he didn't get a little pissed off, I would have to question his competitive nature and drive to be a professional football player. It's human nature. In any case, I'm done talking about the feelings of the backup quarterback, which in my opinion are completely understandable and expected.