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  1. It's all about the money. Geno is the Jets' best cheap option. The Jets need someone with starting experience to hold the fort..
  2. My gut says it's Geno, Petty, and Hackenberg. If Fitz wants to sign for $5-7 million, then he replaces Geno.
  3. I'm not going to pretend to know more than the experts or what the future holds. I like the pick from a pure need basis. Lee fills a big hole on the team and brings some much needed speed to the defense. No reason to be pessimistic at this point. Glass half full, it's going to be fun watching Pryor, Lee, and Mauldin flying around on the field for years to come.
  4. Jet Fans Need To Stop ...

    Amaro is talented, and I hope he gets a shot to prove himself this year. It seems like once you are in the dog house with this coaching staff, it's very tough to get out. Just ask Jeremy Kerley. Amaro had his fair share of drops during his rookie season, but he was also routinely gaining separation and running free in the secondary. Geno simply couldn't hit him more often than not. Tight end is historically a very tough position to excel in as a rookie in the NFL. I thought Amaro looked very promising all things considered.
  5. Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million in Lawsuit

    People are harping on the $55 million number, but the reality is Andrews will get just a small fraction of it. Fifty one percent comes from the pervert who video taped her. This guy has no significant wealth, and she'll be lucky to get anythingfrom him. Forty nine percent comes from Marriott's insurance policy. Since this is a non-physical injury settlement, it is taxable andwill be taxed at around forty percent. We're already down to $10 million before any court and lawyer fees are even taken into consideration. That huge $55 million dollar award will end up being in the single digit millions. She deserves every penny.
  6. Is Denver's D one of the all-time greats?

    A defense should be measured based on the effectiveness of stopping its opponents. The 1985 Bears were built to stop a 1985 offense, the 2000 Ravens were built to stop a 2000 offense, and the 2015 Broncos were built to stop a 2015 offense. How can you rank "all-time great" when the context iscompletely different? The league is heavily weighted toward the offense in this day and age. A dominating defense forthe majority of a seasonis a tall task and a notable accomplishment.
  7. Again with this nonsense from the Pats fans? It's really quite simple. If cheating doesn't help, then why do it? Why take the risk and ruin your reputation if there is little to no gain from it? Playing with deflated footballs isan advantage. It's common sense. Any 8 year old child who has thrown/caught/kicked/squeezed/spikeda ball can tell you it's easier to do when the ball isn't pumped up all the way. Time to move on and drop this silly argument.
  8. +1 Petty winning the job would be ideal, but realistically speaking, Fitzpatrick is the Jets' best bet at this stage.
  9. Let Ivory Walk?

    Let Ivory walk. He's too one dimensional and has too much of an injury history to warrant a big contract at this stage of his career. Running back is a position that should be drafted young, utilized while the body and legsare fresh, then let go before the inevitable downward spiral begins. A good mid round pick can/will replace Ivory's production.
  10. I know I am in the minority, but let him walk. He's a very good player but not enough of a game changer to command top dollars. The defensive line also happens to be a position of strength for the Jets as they have two young and cheap players locked up for a few years who have very similar skill sets. Save the $15 million per year and build up the other units on the team. He's been a great team player and deserves a nice contract, but it's not going to come from the Jets. It's the nature of the business, and it was inevitable after the team drafted multiple first round picks at the position for the past few years. With all that said, I wouldn't be shocked or unhappy if the Jets did franchise tag him next season. If a long term deal was going to happen, it probably would have happened already.
  11. Fair enough. My only point is that he failed to buildup the secondary with adequate players, he didn't ignore it. If Milliner, Pryor, and McDougal all stayed healthy and were able to produce from the onset, the situation would have been much different. He took a huge risk building up the secondarywith youngquestion marks and not formulating a legitimate backup plan. It completely backfired on him. I think he was too confident in the talent of the players he drafted, and he overrated Rex's ability to develop players in a defensive unit which he supposedly specialized in. He overlooked their extensive injury historiesas well.
  12. The secondaryonly went to hell in hindsight through poor drafting. In his two drafts with the Jets, Idzik invested heavily in the secondary using two first round picks (Milliner and Pryor) and a third round pick (McDougal). I can only assume that Rex had a say/influence on these picks, but for various reasons, he was unable to develop any of these players.
  13. Idzik took way too much of the criticism. Rex was the biggest problem on the team. Idzik added some decent talent through free agency and got the salary cap in order. His drafts weresubpar (took too many risks on injury prone players). Geno developing into a bust was the nail in the coffin.
  14. Rex names IK captain

    The clown strikes again. Punching a teammate in the face in the locker room is a shameful, disrespectful, and childishact. Apparently Rex thinks it's also something to be celebrated.
  15. Lol @ the Geno hate

    His awareness levels are definitely below average. In terms of the two plays near the end of the Raiders game, I think you need to take context into consideration. It was crunch time near the end of a game with realistically very low chances of coming back. The team was desperate. He's a young quarterback, a bit rusty after being thrown into a game unexpectedly, and he's trying to make something happen. He had similar rollout playsto the right in the second half(long rush up the sideline, second TD throw) which were successful. Was he "dumb" in those cases too? You win some, you lose some. I understand that it's a bit of a pattern with him, but you can nitpick "dumb" plays by every quarterback every week.