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  1. Just applied to work for the JETS :)

    So it's your fault, huh
  2. Who Could go if Jets opt for Pre-Deadline Fire Sale?

    I understand he has value as a player. What i'm suggesting is that he's closing in on that dreaded 30-year old barometer where his trade value is going to completely tank and at best he's likely in the last two or three years of his prime. If you realistically think we are going to be competitive next year even with a new qb, then the rationale makes sense. I just don't see us being anywhere close to there with the state of our offense even with a great draft next year.
  3. Who Could go if Jets opt for Pre-Deadline Fire Sale?

    Powell is 29 in october. I like the guy, but what is he exactly doing for this team in the next two-three years that is worth holding onto him for. Then again, the Jets have to actually use Powell to get trade value, so who knows.
  4. I mean, the raiders drafted Amari Cooper, khalil Mack, and Derek Carr to cornerstone the franchise. You know, the assets you can only find via the draft in a franchise qb, a #1 WR and an elite pass rusher. It's almost like drafting primarily drafting three positions for about ten years now in round 1 (cb, 3-4 DE, and undersized tweener linebacker-safety) is a horrendous way to build your roster in a pass-driven league.
  5. Next season...

    Gotta be someone in the last three games. If they have shown anything, it's that dead cat bounce once you've been made to suffer through an unwatchable products for the first three months of the season.
  6. History Repeating Itself?

    Terry Bradway worked here for 14 years. Jeff Bauer for i think 12. To be fair, they both presumably were piping hot candidates for other nfl jobs, right? If the Jets have shown anything, you don't need to be good at your job for 5 years plus. Source: Jets.
  7. History Repeating Itself?

    The value of cap space means a whole lot less than it used to. The rookie scale and increased cap limits really pretty much made it so teams can keep their own guys and the guys that make it to market are either solid talents looking for huge paydays on winning teams or are mediocre talents looking for paydays on any team. That's why i think you are seeing more trades and increased valuation of draft picks.
  8. Adams played 75 snaps but only 19 at safety.

    Going great. Daughter will be two in december. No Jets expectations makes it so i don't have any false illusions about this season. Hope your family is doing great!
  9. Adams played 75 snaps but only 19 at safety.

    Toxic locker room culture and lack of clear vision and direction. It's the biggest problem facing this franchise no matter who is gming or coaching or playing. It should be clear to everyone regime change after regime change and yet the same mistakes keep appearing over and over again. Sheldon Richardson being a moral hazard contract risk doesn't excuse the Jets from playing him out of position because they drafted 3 1st round players that play the same two positions on the field. If anything, he's probably the most athletically gifted of the three of them and he was the one made to play out of position. I'm not even against experimenting with that but when it became abundantly clear that it wasn't working the lack of adjusting was astounding. But here we have it, fourth and 8 and we punt down 9. Just a metaphor for our entire existence as a franchise that bowles doesn't even realize that was a game losing decision.
  10. Adams played 75 snaps but only 19 at safety.

    Have to agree with who-boy on this one. Mainly because one cannot accurately quanitify the value of a happy memory on a crisp september afternoon.
  11. How can anyone still defend Macagnan?

    Arguing the wrong issue. Unless you're one of those fans that rah rah want the Jets to win this year, there are a lot of people clearly on board for tanking for a chance at an elite qb. Mac sucking at roster construction, making draft picks, or negotiating trades for the most part are what people are upset about. the jets have gazillion needs at positions you only really find elite talent in via the top end of the draft (qb, olb/de pass rushers, #1 corner, #1 receiver, LT) and not a ton of assets or even a real plan to fill them all in the next 2-3 years at earliest. Guess we'll really have to wait for the gm's 5 year plan to come to fruition huh.
  12. Sheldon Traded

    Macro vs micro completely. Basically, this is making the most out of a broken situation, which given Mac's poor track record is something to applaud. However, the series of bad decisions preceding this trade necessitated that we accumulate draft assets at the expense of a talented player entering his prime years. Kind of like a drunk guy driving his car into a telephone pole, but thank god he wore his seat belt because it could've been a lot worse.
  13. Maccagnan Pulls off Shel of a Deal

    He literally announced to the press that he was self imposing a deadline to cut decker while waiting a week to see if anyone would trade for him. What exactly is your definition of botching?
  14. Sheldon Traded

    Locker room issues aside Sheldon was probably the Jets best asset and player. That being said, there is probably very little chance he was ever going to be a cornerstone for this team by the time (optimistically ever) if they are super bowl competitive again.