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  1. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    So after 4-6 weeks it'll be smooth sailing for Hack or Petty since they'll all be nice and comfy at that point? It's like you're trying to make everything perfect, either they'll succeed or they won't. Let them play already.
  2. Sounds like they want to develop him and have him sit this year. F'n lunatics. Who does that.
  3. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    There is just no viable reason to have McCown play at all this season. The whole staff has to know this, they've had to discuss this before the season started when they started purging this roster.
  4. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Should be the same as last weeks. Maybe a series for McCown. Guys...Hack is starting the season. Can't wait to see what these hacks write up when it's announced.
  5. If Lynch is no where near to being ready on a pretty loaded Denver team, I can't even imagine what life would be like over here on the Jets. Would Mac then get a pass if he turns out to be no good, since that's who most of the fans wanted the pick to be?
  6. Eh, could've taken Beasly instead.
  7. I get it, everything was put into the defense. So it should be best of the best. Well it's not as of right now. So combine that with a horrific offense that can't move the ball and it spells disaster.
  8. I mean when the offense goes 3 and out starting at the 20, then a shanked punt giving the opponent the ball at the 35...kind of a good excuse.
  9. This is just another thing that only the Jets media (manish and others) feel the need to make an entire article about and put their everything into. Doesn't help that PFT posts everything and anything that Manish puts out. Again any other team this would be nothing. Can we clean house with these beat writers?
  10. Game Observations (DET)

    Petty probably doesn't agree when he got sandwiched last year.
  11. Game Observations (DET)

    I don't know. I just re-watched the first half. And the oline was just awful. I counted 3 plays that were on Hack. He missed Anderson, overthrowing him. A lowball to ASJ. And the ball slipping out of his hand. The rest of the time he didn't stand a chance. And I feel like a lot of it was an effort getting Powell a bunch of reps. At least that's the excuse i'm using for running the ball over and over on first and second down.
  12. Doesn't sound like Lynch is doing so hot. With way more weapons and great defense. So at least the Jets didn't miss out on him right?!
  13. Is there any recent examples of a QB doing that with such a bad roster like the Jets have? Bad oline, zero run game and late round/udfa's starting at WR? I mean Hack has not been good, just thinking of our next poor QB that will be thrown to the fire with nothing around him.
  14. I'm still in shock

    Eh. It shouldn't be an excuse but the Jets really do have nothing. I just don't understand how they knew they'd have a young QB situation and yet they go defense first 2 picks. They did the QBs ZERO favors. Unless this is their grand plan to tank, get their guy then go offense everything. But that's a nice little dream. Jared Goff looked like crap last year. That didn't stop McVay from surrounding him with a TE and WR with his first two picks and going out to trade for Watkins. Its not rocket science.
  15. I'm having a hard time finding talent everywhere outside of Leo. The offensive talent would be good if they were coming off the bench/depth guys.