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  1. But it would be fun while it lasted! Just like the Jets always do with fun household names. Gets us excited for two season, hire new coaches then do it all over again. Jet fans love that cycle and hate seeing the team actually build something.
  2. Any news that Woody will no longer be over seeing the Jets, is great news.
  3. I'm glad I skipped this one in the theater. Much rather rent it on demand or something. I got excited for it then started reading the negative reviews on rotten tomatoes and sounded just like how I felt after viewing the witch. Totally bored. Hate when fans and critics label these films, incredibly tense and suspenseful, when it's just no pacing and painfully slow. You can include The Invitation with those.
  4. lol what GM is hitting home runs on every pick from the last 2 drafts. These guys have been productive players so far, it's a good start to a long rebuild.
  5. Whatever young offensive lineman break free. Back up the trucks. That's the only position i'll over pay for especially if they're under 30.
  6. Commercials and redzone probably killed ratings. Mostly commercials. There's no need to take that many breaks, speed the game up and more engaging and we'll keep the channel on.
  7. Well nothing is "official" until gameday but it's a good start. In general, I feel like practices so far have been pretty well balanced, back and forth between defense and offense. Not the typical, defense is ahead stuff. Could change during training camp obviously but I've like what I read so far. Feels different especially with the coaches we have this year. Let's hope it continues.
  8. And that's why he's an idiot just like all of them are. Making assumptions and mocking before anything takes place. McCown is a veteran but it's not as if he's a productive one. A talented younger player can easily beat him out.
  9. Well that's what happens when you try to do a competitive rebuild that the owner insists on doing every couple years. It got us 10 wins, a fun little season and a lesson learned. Now they're on a smarter path and hopefully continue to stay on it.
  10. Who??? Can't even take these practices seriously.
  11. I don't know why, because Bowles is an idiot, with McCown getting majority of reps but either way...end of training camp and pre season will determine the starter. Hopefully Hack makes it obvious.
  12. Convincing Woody we need to blow this up and build through the draft.
  13. They shouldn't miss. They're NFL QBs. That's not allowed.
  14. It's not because it's NY. It's because it's the NY Jets and the writers that cover them and how they cover them. If Hack was on any other team it would've been reported as "he's been inconsistent or struggling with accuracy" and that's probably it.
  15. Part I like the most from that is Kevin Greene showing him some new pass rush moves. So simple yet I feel like Jets never had a coach who did such a thing. Hopefully we see it translate on Sunday's.