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  1. Bowles needs to step up and do something. It's now being called out in the media and being made more and more clear of how little effort he's giving. Send a f'n message and bench him, do whatever it takes to hurt him in the pockets. How is it that everyone and their mother can see him not giving a crap and he continues to put him out there? I try to like Bowles and think he can be good but decisions like this just kill any hope I have.
  2. Thanks Joe! Love looking at these every week. Appreciate it. I'm curious what your overall thoughts are with the McCown and the offense? Clearly the oline is not opening a ton of holes for the run game but also seems like McCown is leaving a lot of plays out on the field. Anderson looks better then I've expected. He's been consistently making plays each week against some pretty good corners as well.
  3. At what point was Petty actually given a shot to beat McCown this off season? The whole focus of the off season was to see what they had in Hack and if improved or not.
  4. Cmon. Are you really comparing those two?? Why compare Stafford along with Sanchez, let alone Luck. The point right there is that Sanchez is holding a clipboard while the other 2 are still starting and giving their team hope each year. The position is filled and doesn't have to be worried about. The rest is up to the GM to fill out the roster. They're not drafting a QB every year in hopes to find the right guy. Of course you can find a talented QBs in any round at any point. Point is, you better your chance when picking at the very top. A crap load of luck is needed after that.
  5. What pressure? To play above average? They’re 3-3 and barely squeaked by the past couple weeks due to the QB play. This isn’t making a switch after they’re 5-1 or something. Either way, Bowles is sticking with Mccown. But if they lose the next two, he’ll start to feel the pressure to make a move.
  6. If we stuck with a GM for a while, would we be having this problem. We've had Tannebaum, Idzik and now Mac and they've all drafted their own Dlineman in the first round. Almost want to stick with Bowles and Mac just for the reason of continuity and building. So we're not just canning each guy every 2-3 years and starting all over, wasting picks each year.
  7. Sure, they could definitely use upgrades. They still have ways to go but I think they have a good foundation that can be built upon as time goes on. So when they do bring in a Allen Robinson type WR (let's hope), it's not just him and then Charon Peake on the other side. Also doesn't help that Bowles for whatever reason won't give guys like Stewart, Hansen, and McGuire more time. I don't think it's a coincidence that the running game was much better when Forte didn't play.
  8. How much of is it on the QB? If we had a guy like Cousins, would it still be a huge mess? My point is I see guys making plays on offense but McCown does nothing but make it tougher for them. Turning it over in the redzone and taking sacks, making downs even harder to convert.
  9. He's been average. He's not out there winning us games. In fact he's costing us a couple. How about making a spark for your team and trying a younger option? McCown has thrown 7TDs and 6 INTs, taking 19 sacks (that's 4th in the NFL), and has 6 fumbles. Putting in Petty is sending a message you want to do better not tanking.
  10. What makes this offense so incredibly terrible?
  11. This is where the owner needs to step in. McCown did a great job showing us the offense can move the ball, players are learning the system and making plays, the line is playing pretty well, run game eh but for the most part overall, not bad. Now it's time to move on and see what we have with the young QBs. You know the offense can function with an average QB like McCown, so will it elevate or sink when Petty comes in. But of course Bowles will ride with the vet until about 4 weeks left I'm sure, giving neither of them experience. Bowles would even look better if he made the switch and things got better. ugh.
  12. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Gotcha. And this makes him a terrible waste of a pick.
  13. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Isn't he diving because he's trailing behind after getting rubbed from a pick by the other WR? Are you really calling him average because Gronk, one of the best TE's to ever play, scored a couple of touchdowns? Show me a safety going one on one that's constantly shutting him down. Call out Bowles if you're gonna call someone out for putting his rookie one on one with him with no help. I don't care how good a defender is, there's just some players that deserve more attention then just throwing a single guy on him. Why any coach ever does this is baffling. Look at what Belicheck did with Tony Gonzalez, he was always putting two guys right in front of him.
  14. You make it sound like these are the Geno Smith days where we were setting records for 3 and outs on offense. If there was a top 10 QB on this team, everything would be different. Unfortunately we don't have that yet. But I guess you can nitpick everything until then. Well except Wilkerson, that whole situation is a just huge WTF right now.