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  1. They've played no one, so its hard to know if we have to worry about this. They are confident and well-coached. We are confident and badly-coached. We should start there.
  2. Your right because he looked like he was going to cry in his post news conference.
  3. I'm here. Just wanted to chime in. Who am I? Nobody
  4. And so it's OUR game...lets stream roll them! JETS 31 PATS 14 Statement game!
  5. unfortunately, it's already divided and i can count how many Capt'n Crunchberries she had for breakfast. Well I'd like to part the sea just a bit further and I might have to eat those crunchberries.
  6. Some girl told me about it along time ago...
  7. Bannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I just like saying it.
  8. I'm not down on him. I think he has played exceptionally well considering being a rookie and not that fast. They have to throw the ball somewhere so it's obvious that they will pick on him and not Revis would'nt you? He has a knack for hardly ever being out of position during a play.
  9. One more...GREG "the hammer" VALENTINE...
  10. You mean the "The Hammer" who Appeared (mostly) nude in October 73 issue of Playgirl Magazine. I purposely left him out.
  11. Yes Homo Homosapien
  12. I beg to differ....MC HAMMMER..ummmmm.....Hammering Hank Aaron...ummmmm
  13. 100% in agreement
  14. Hottest chick I've every seen.
  15. I'd like to part that divide with my mighty scepter.