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  1. West Coast Offense Principles/Info

    Someone takes the time and effort to bring a well-written article, one that actually raises the bar to this web-site and educate the masses on actual footbalk acruement and help the basic fan grasp actual technique on how one of THE MOST successfully offensive systems created in the history of the sport works from a technical standpoint, and you sh*t on it by saying dink and dunk doesn't work? its unfortunate that someone who has actually gone to the effort to make this sight better through actually football knowledge had to read your POS first. Personally, I thank you for your time and effort C Mart!
  2. Really? It has happened in the same draft, let alone bsck-to-back years. with this leagues emphasis going to hell on just one position, it won't surprise me in the least if we see it happen. But I hear you; it shouldn't happen because you typically need about three years to see what to see what you have
  3. Washington sold the farm for one QB then drafted another 3 rounds later. How did that work out?
  4. If we go 6-10 this year we won't need a QB because Hackenberg will have been responsible for said victories.
  5. You could be right. Tough though, given a sophomore set back and all.
  6. Dak Prescott could be the next Kaepernick. He has had one good season on a stacked offense. I would want to see 3-4 great seasons before he gets put in the elite status.
  7. I guess I missed these three QB's doing anything of value while I've been here in Europe. I thought it was one pre-season game
  8. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

    I've heard of them....Zeppelin that is.
  9. Around the league: Preseason week 1

    Mike Glennon will be out of football in five years or less and we will STILL be talking about how he would have saved us.
  10. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Can't wait to hear you bitch and moan about them in 18 months! Oh wait.....I can, and I don't think I am alone
  11. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Can't wait until your hired next year so we can find your replacement two years after that!
  12. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    I am in Venice and logged in to see what might be up..... I hope we can at least Win one game like 1996
  13. Any Europe Jets fans

    Currently in the French Riviera. She is warm!!!
  14. Any Europe Jets fans

    I am in London England and will be in France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium over next three weeks on vacation with family just curious!