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  1. YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I SAID! On a serious note though: Who do you think should replace Dorsey after we hire him?
  2. Yeah, if we would have kept Kerley, I mean who KNOWS? Maybe we beat Buffalo and make the playoffs....
  3. The key is this: When we fire Mac and hire Dorsey, who is going to replace Dorsey in two years when we fire him?
  4. We get it hate Mac....I'm sure he was there egging Mauldin on even.
  5. Well, that IS worse than spilt milk...
  6. No discussion of missile defense systems on the board....DANGEROUSLY close to politics
  7. Yup, and let me guess, its all Mac's fault, right? RIGHT!
  8. Devin Smith was not a wasted pick. The kid was a good football player. It sucks that he has been hurt, but that is part of the whole draft process. Some of them just don't work out. The kid could have been quite good.
  9. That's funny; McCown can a) Win almost a quarter of his career wins in one season and b. stay healthy enough to play enough games to win that many.
  10. Of course they did! But they also want everyone fired, rehired, and fired, and rehired, ad nausem as well. What would be great is to see another owner offer Woody money he can't refuse, and then actually stay the hell out of the way. Let the organization be run, you know, professionally.
  11. So, what you are saying is this: You want to talk about the GM that replace the GM that replaces the next GM, while Woody keeps being Woody?
  12. WAIT! Why don't we talk about the GM that you want to replace the next GM after Mac?
  13. Thought this could stir some fresh discussion. I mean, everyone wants Mac gone, and we already have a discussion about who should be the next GM next year....but what about the GM after that in 2 years when they haven't won a Super Bowl? Who should that be after we fire the next GM?