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  1. Tankers will love this Mock

    Best of both worlds for everyone! https://www.drafttek.com/2018-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp 10 NY Jets Josh Rosen UCLA QB +7 6'3" The Jets lost to the rival Patriots this weekend, with a freak call reversal of what looked like a legitimate TD by born-again TE, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, still making fans scratch their heads. Despite the loss, the Jets are showing that tanking the season is not in their mind-set at all this year. Guys like Damario Davis (53 tackles thru 6 games) and Jeremy Kerley (19 catches on 19 targets) are just two of the players stepping up on both sides of the ball. Should Josh Rosen actually fall this far come Draft Day, you can't help but feel there will be a frenzy of activity from QB-needy teams looking to trade up ahead of the Jets. Rosen looks like a Top QB prospect so far this year, and It feels unlikely that he will make it this far. For now though, the Jets look to have found their QB of the future without having to tank their way to the 1st-overall pick. -Rich Tinley, Jets Analyst
  2. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    Oh the tank crowd is back!!!
  3. Game Observations (NE)

    No they were not. People are going to score. Is that what brands Adams play dogsh*t? Because one of the most prolific TE's in the game scored a touchdown on him? Give me a break.
  4. OMG... Wilkerson did something other than stand straight up and watch the play happen?
  5. Okay, this stuff about Deshaun Watson has got to stop. NOBODY in their right mind would have picked him at six. If we were this stupid to do this, he would not have had the offense he does in Houston.
  6. Well, you have the last part of that name right that's for sure.
  7. Got your act is getting old and annoying.
  9. Game off, done

  10. That is about as true a statement as true gets.
  11. Gonna need four new D-lineman next year, because other than Ealy, there is nothing there. Williams better have a bounce-back second half to the season, and Mo should NOT be on the field, period.
  12. IF Bowles had any balls, he would bench Mo for the rest of the season. Just watch him on plays....he has ZERO effort out there.