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  1. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    Oh, I do not disagree with anything you have said. I couldn't believe when Michaels was fired, and I was a young teen back then! Success was used only in the sense that from a coaching standpoint, his teams went to the playoffs. The only reason Walton went to the playoffs was off of the back of Michaels and the team he inherited. I guess there should have been a disclaimer that while he gets credited for going to the playoffs twice, when in actuality, Michaels should have been credited with 4 appearances!
  2. Someone made a great point in another thread that it does not matter who they bring in to coach this team because we keep failing to provide them with the obvious: A QB that can play. So I thought, let's take a look at our coaching history, and see who was saddled with whom. I skipped over the Joe Namath era and a few years after, and started with Walt Michaels, only because that is the first Jet coach that I TRULY remember as a kid, and I skipped over one year wonders Pete Carroll and Al Groh: Walt Michaels (1977 - 1982): Matt Domres (2 games) Richard Todd (16) Matt Robinson (13) Richard Todd (56) Results: 2 playoff appearances, including 1 AFC Championship Joe Walton (1983 - 1989): Kyle Mackey (1), Tony Eason (2), David Norrie (2), Richard Todd (16), Pat Ryan (19), Ken O'Brien (71) Results: 2 Wild card appearances Bruce Coslet (1990 - 1993): Browning Nagle (13), Boomer Esiason (16), Ken O'Brien (35) Results: 1 wild card game Rich Kotite (1995-1996): Glenn Foley (3). Bubby Brister (4), Neil O'Donnell (6), Frank Reich (7), Boomer Esiason (12) Results: Whole lotta BAD Bill Parcells (1997 - 1999): Glenn Foley (5), Rick Mirer (6), Ray Lucas (9), Vinny Testaverde (13) Results: 1 AFC Championship Herman Edwards (2001 - 2005): Quincy Carter (3), Brooks Bollinger (9), Vinny Testaverde (31), Chad Pennington (37) Results: 3 playoff appearances out of 5 seasons Eric Mangini (2006 - 2008): Kellen Clemens (8), Brett Favre (16), Chad Pennington (24) Results: 1 playoff appearance Rex Ryan (2009 - 2014): Kellen Clemens (1), Greg McElroy (1), Michael Vick (3), Geno Smith (29), Mark Sanchez (62) Results: 2 AFC Championship appearances Todd Bowles (2015 - Now): Geno Smith (1), Josh McCown (1), Bryce Petty (4), Ryan Fitzpatrick (27) The 'best' coaches, Walt Michaels, Joe Walton, Rex Ryan and Herman Edwards (appearances in the playoffs) had one thing in common: stability at quarterback. The longest tenured starters, Richard Todd, Ken O'Brien, Vinny Testaverde, and Chad Pennington, gave their coaches more starts. They are also the four best QB's to play on the team since Namath (although, that is not saying much for Richard Todd). So, whether Todd Bowles stays or not, or Bill Cowher comes out of retirement, unless we solve that QB issue, it isn't going to matter. To me, it is unfortunate that this league has evolved over time to become more reliant on just one player. But, it is what it is.......
  3. Then Joe Namath needs to be out of the Hall of Fame. Eli is a 1st or 2nd ballot HOF player. Cut and dry.
  4. 2 Super Bowl Rings 2 Super Bowl MVP's 4 Pro-Bowls 320-217 TD/INT ratio 8th on all-time passing yards list Um...Yeah, I would say he deserves the HOF nod.....
  5. After the two years of John Idzik's tenure, h cleared out a LOT of cap space, but as we all know, drafted poorly. Whether you agree or not, Mike Maccagnan is on thin ice. He too this year cleared a LOT of cap space and jettisoned many veteran contracts. Will history repeat itself? Another GM coming in who will get a clean slate? If the cap goes up even slightly to $170 million next year, the Jets will have roughly $60+ million as of now, with another $20 million in contracts that can be cut. That, along with what is likely a top 3 pick in all the rounds, you have to wonder: IF Woody wants to clean slate (again), would $60-80 million dollars in cap space at top picks in each round of the draft be enough to persuade a solid veteran GM to move to the Big Apple?
  6. That is true everyone: Lee was picked right around where everyone believed he was go. Now, here is the issue: Why do we always seem to be the team to pick guys where they should go (COUGH Devin Smith, Lorenzo Mauldin, Darron Lee, Vernon Gholston, etc.), and yet they do not work out for us?
  7. As much as I don't like it, as you know we have had our disagreements on this, I find it harder and harder to think Mac can right this ship. I mean, when you are Bellichuk and you have the track record you do, cutting a guy like Mo who has dogged it for two years after getting a BIG contract can be justified to the owner in a meeting. But Mac has no success stories to sell Woody on. He has to sit there and say "yeah, I guess I gave a whopping contract to the wrong guy, and he should go now. You will have to eat millions in doing so." BUT, we have a QB to build around....no wait, we have a SOLID D-line to build around...no wait, our receiving core was revamped...no wait....I spent TONS of money a couple of years to lock down our CB problem....no wait. We have a pair of safeties now!
  8. Who knows....maybe he stays one more year, and if the Jets put a semblance of a decent team together, maybe that will spark him enough to try again. Makes it a tad more palatable to let him go. We definitely got Haynesworth-ed on that one. Since signing his contract, he has disappeared. Not looking good for Mac. I think every GM makes mistakes, and makes them yearly. But the mistakes are starting to pile up so high that he may not survive.
  9. According to over the cap, we save about $11 million next year, but would have about $9 million in dead money. Might be worth it though, given the $100 million in cap space. We can absorb it and be done with this dog.
  10. I had to leave for a bit and came back to see it was 42-20 and I thought the same thing. How STUPID can Del Rio be after last year's debacle of leaving Carr in a game that was won, only to see the Raider season flushed down the drain thanks to him getting hurt?
  11. Drugs are NOT the answer this early in the day. Just sayin.
  12. AAAANNDDD We still can't after 15 ******* years find someone who can catch a ******* punt!
  13. I don't mind losing this year....I expect it. But I would like to see SOMETHING from Morton that says he has some creativity other than a dumbass play call on 3rd and 1 in the opposing team's zone.
  14. How long until the FIRE ROGERS AND BOWLES billboards are up all over NY?
  15. I'm not trying to brag here, considering I am only 5'8", but I could have defended Crabtree better than that.
  16. This is a good example as to why you don't TANK for a year, especially when you make it so obvious. Some of these players look like they have quit already, knowing this season is a write-off
  17. We need to use our next 5 1st round picks on a pass rush
  18. tackle.... TAckle... TAAAAACKLE.....
  19. I REALLY hope Bryce Petty plays today.
  20. I SURE am glad we have drafted defense 100 years in a row for our Defense-minded coach can produce such a great defense.
  21. When did tackling NOT become part of training as a professional football player?
  22. Four QB Scenarios

    I have always thought the Jimmy Garrapolo situation would be the best. We could probably get AT LEAST two more first round picks plus a move down for our pick. We could look at a guy like Baker Mayfield to draft and just sit in a later round because we could. My ONLY fear on this: Has Garrapolo shown enough to warrant such a move, and will we INVEST in protecting him and giving him weapons, or are we gonna use all those assets and money to sign 3 CB's, a Safety, 3 linebackers and D-Line depth? ABSOLUTELY no to the second scenario. It has Brett Favre written all over it.
  23. Jet Coaches and their QB's

    All good points about the Oline man. This is ANOTHER good reason why the NFL needs a farm system.