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  1. No he didn't. Either your reading skills are extraordinarily poor or you just constantly interpret things in a way to forward your own agenda. It gets old and stale in case you didn't know.
  2. But fielding a piss-poor 22 men can ensure the tank. It's not a player or coaching move. It's 100% a GM and owner mechanism. Players don't tank on the NFL. But a GM can. And eventuslly, a player will just quit, as we saw so obviously with Brandon Marshall and Revis. Although Revis sucked even when he was trying.
  3. Understatement. Once the initial curiosity subsides, my guess is that 50-60% or more of the seats will be comped by casinos each week. As for Home Town advantage and fan support at the stadium itself, it will be very similar to Jets home games as far as non fans being there.
  4. Nope. Not even close. But don't let stop you. Carry on.
  5. Kenny Wayne Shepherd band will be at MPac in Morristown, NJ on Wednesday 8/16. There are still good seats and not expensive. Saw him in PA last year. Absolutely fabulous show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oG_TgaVxFk
  6. the performance of the offense in 2015 in no way excuses Gailey from completely ignoring Hackenberg's development in 2016. Not saying he should have been the starter or anything, but no work at all? Come on. That's abnormal and it's not on Hack. It's on Gailey and Bowles.
  7. http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2017/06/ronald_gasser_trial_date_joe_m.html Ronald Gasser heads to trial Aug. 7 in Joe McKnight killing 18 Updated on June 12, 2017 at 10:54 AMPosted on June 12, 2017 at 10:18 AM Ronald Gasser, 55, is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of former NFL player Joe McKnight. (Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office) 51shares BY MICHELLE HUNTER mhunter@nola.com, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune Ronald Gasser, the man accused of fatally shooting former NFL player Joe McKnight in a Terrytown road rage confrontation, will head to trial Aug. 7 on a charge of second-degree murder. Judge Ellen Kovach of the 24th Judicial District Court set the date during a status hearing Monday morning (June 12). Prior road rage case OK for trial in death of Joe McKnight Defendant Ronald Gasser was accused of attacking a motorist in 2006 at the same intersection where McKnight was killed. Prosecutors say Gasser, 55, was the aggressor in a "cat-and-mouse" chase that began when McKnight, 28, cut him off while both were driving across the Crescent City Connection on Dec. 1. The chase ended at the intersection of Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard in Terrytown when Gasser shot McKnight as the former New York Jets running back stood outside of Gasser's passenger window, authorities have said. Gasser stayed at the scene until authorities arrived. Gasser's attorneys say McKnight was the clear aggressor, and accused him of being under the influence of anabolic steroids, marijuana and pain pills when the shooting occurred. Gasser, defense attorneys said, acted in self-defense to protect himself from McKnight's "violent and erratic behavior." Before the trial, Gasser will return to court July 14 for a motions hearing. VIEW COMMENTS
  8. It's ironic. The biggest complainer/whiner in troll-like fashion posts a selfie.
  9. In my opinion, Gailey did the same thing to Hackenberg the next year, 2016. Gailey had ZERO interest in developing him at this late stage of his coaching career. The whole red-shirt garbage was Gailey avoiding having to deal with him. He had no interest at all b/c he knew his time was limited. Gailey = P.O.S.
  10. Didnt he just draft Mahomes? He traded this year's and next year's 1st rd picks + this year's 3rd. Interesting.
  11. that looks like the terrace of one of the private suites