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  1. rules? host forum? entry fee and payout amounts?
  2. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    KWS Band tonight in Morristown @ the Mayo Arts Performing Arts Center!
  3. there is nothing logical in not firing Todd Bowles after last season, now and in the future.
  4. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Is it possible to add a post count for each thread? The feature has been missing for a long time now and we once had it. See post #60
  5. Reputation \ Reactions

    Oh yeah! Young and hip!!! But that brings us to the eternal question.......... What, exactly, is hip? that said, don't really like the emojis. Young and hip vs. old and curmudgeonly.
  6. Been there. Donate or Stub Hub my preseason tickets then, if we decide we actually want to go, buy $5 seats on stubhub, bring my paper tix for my real section and sit in one of the hundreds of empty seats in that section. At least I get something back for these useless games and I still get to go.
  7. Make sure they change the bar codes because the former PSL holder still has those cards. In fact, until you get your new cards you can pretty much assume the old one still works. There are no names on the cards, just account #s and seat location. I wouldn't assume anyone at the Jets would realize that those cards need to be deactivated. Phone call.
  8. Jordan Matthews???

    yup... Smit on a 3-yr deal, but they can release him after this season with zero dead money. Is he worth $5 million for 2018 and 2019? Doubt it. But the Iggles have that no-risk option with him after the season, so it's basically a prove-it kind of deal. Jeffery is UFA after this season.
  9. Jordan Matthews???

    I believe that Jeffery and T. Smith are each on 1-year "prove it" deals. Jeffery has a storied history of injuries and it would be risky for them to bank on him. and Torry Smith is a very limited fly-pattern/go-route guy and nothing else. He's 28 so maybe they would they want him long-term, but Matthews brings far more to the table than him.
  10. welcome to the world of nyjunc. Here to derail threads and debate nonsense.
  11. The Shane & Sperm scenario is likely correct. And Bowles is no leader. It's obvious that accountability is scarce and infrequently required. He f-ing sucks Jet Nut. And I LOVE my Jets. This isn't being a bad fan as you always allege. This is a fan who can't stand what he sees and wants the ownership of this team to fix it. Put your pom-poms down for 30 seconds and open your eyes. Woody f-ed up hiring this guy. And I have no love for Mac either. I also would like to know if Woody told Mac to make all these cuts to save money in a losing cause. It wouldn't surprise me.
  12. I'm buying what he says about Marshall. But in his own right... godammmit ....Sheldon can't shut up. He reminds me of Rex sometimes. Give him a microphone and he's guaranteeed to say something he shouldn't have. He's way too easy bait for NY press.