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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    she is indeed beautiful. Wasn't enough to salvage this train wreck of film
  2. sure did. still have no idea what you are talking about, joke or not. Carry on.
  3. huh? You realize that we have no idea what in the world you are talking about. There is no context in your post. So whatever it is you are raging over, I hope it works out well for you and the forum.
  4. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Post of the year!!! No... Post of the decade... (since the early 2000's). All UR b.s. calls belong to NE Cheatriots
  5. Yes... but the rest will still hit, just over two instead of one year. Anyway you slice it, the contract Mac gave Mo was bad and not worth his lack of effort.
  6. 1) Wrong. 100% wrong IMO. Put a good product out on the field and the stadium will be full of Jets fans. I've seen it from time to time over the last 33 years (excluding Shea Stadium years where it was never sold out anyway). We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. 2)The idea of a family section is for Jets fans and their kids, not for opposing fans. You misunderstood the idea apparently. The idea is to protect Jets fans kids from the obnoxious fans, whether home team fans or opposing team fans. Nobody suggested that opposing fans sit in a "family" section. Funny. 3) You may not know it, but there are already opposing fan designated areas but for guests of the visiting team. They are not publicized. And almost all teams do the same thing. There are seats for them in reserve in both the upper deck and some at field level. The Jets release those tickets when the opposing team doesn't need all of them, usually 5-7 days before the game. It happened with the Jaguar game. About 100-200 seats, mostly in one area of the upper deck were put up for sale a few days before the game.
  7. if he is cut after the 2017 season the dead cap is $9 million, not $3 million. (3 years of his amortized bonus 2018, 2019, 2020 @ $3 million per year). It's money already paid, but it will escalate the moment he is cut. Correct me if this is wrong. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/muhammad-wilkerson-7745/
  8. Given a choice of selling them to a Jets fan for say...75% of face or to an opposing fan for 125% of face, I'd sell them to the Jets fan every time. But Jets fans generally won't pay anything when their team is this awful.
  9. seriously, do you have any friends who wants them? I'd like them to go to a Jets fan. They are $170 face. Send me their offers. Otherwise they go on stubhub to someone who might not be a Jets fan. End of story. No complaining.
  10. He is lazy out there even when he isn't beat up. I watched him closely on many plays. He freaking takes plays off and gives minimal effort at times. It was a mistake giving him that contract. @SenorGato couldn't have been any more wrong if he tried. Don't even bench Mo. Just cut his ass and pay him this years salary and be done with it. Come on Mac... admit your mistake and move on.
  11. I ate the tickets many times when they were $25, later $50 - $75. But I ain't doing that anymore with $170+ game day prices. If people have a problem with it, they are welcome to buy them from me before they go up on stub hub. I always ask for less than face from a Jets fan. Way under face most of the time. But Jets fans don't buy tickets to see "their" team when it is this bad. So... anyone want 3 tickets to Atlanta Falcons on the 32 yard line? Make me an offer before they go on stubhub, where they are now listed. I'll pull them off stubhub immediately if I get a reasonable offer. I'd rather they go to a Jets fan. I have a big job that day and can't go. And my non season ticket holder Jets fans friends don't want to spend or even go. I've been a season ticket holder for nearly 40 years and let me tell you... Jets fans are the cheapest, most cynical, miserable curmudgeons on planet Earth. SAR is correct about that.
  12. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    saw Tedeschi-Trucks at the Beacon on Saturday. What a great show! Highly recommend next time they come around.
  13. Word Association

    ...the chicken.
  14. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Saw Blade Runner 2049. Wow. The level of sucktitude was inceredible. Even the fantastic Dolby theater and sound couldn't salvage this piece of garbage. THey spent $155 million on it and won't come close to that in the box office. I'd like that 2 hours and 40 minutes of my life back. Awful. And Ryan Gosling is beyond awful. Don't waste your time on this one. Bad movie.
  15. I agree that ASJ has to learn how to hold on to the ball. And I agree that if the ball was lost (as shown in your photo) with possession not regained, then the call is fine. However, he did regain control after that photo and before hitting the pylon. You need to show *all* the photos in presenting the case, counselor. You are cherry picking as stated in one of the above posts.