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  1. would rather have had Williams
  2. they have until May 3rd to exercise the 5th year option. If they do then they will be paying the suckass Pryor $6 million in 2018. NFW. This is Pryor's last year with the Jets. Lets just hope Adams isn't Pryor II
  3. He needs to go. This is beyond stupid.
  4. I usually ignore these kinds of posts or react poorly... but when you are right, you're right. FML
  5. LOL. Cleveland is not sending their 12 to us and giving up its 2.01 and next years' 1st in order to move up to 6. These Fanspeak-type mocks are fun, but absurd.
  6. Fanspeak is fun. I just did a 4 round mock for the Jets with trades and this is what happened: I was able to trade down twice in rd 1. 1st to pick 14 and then to pick 20. I ended up with these picks: 1.20(from Denver) Ryan Ramczyk, OT 2.07 Charles Harris, EDGE 2.11(from Philly) Chidobe Awuzie, CB 3.06 Chris Godwin, WR 3.35(from Philly) Adam Shaheen, TE 3.37(from Denver) Davis Webb, QB 3.43 Damontae Kazee, CB 4.19(from Denver) Wayne Gallman, RB 5.06 6.07 7.06 Each of us should donate one testicle for Mac to have a draft like this. Trading down is a must for this draft. The players in the top 10 -15 are NOT that great, and the relative quality of the rest of round 1 through round 3 is a lot closer to them this year than in others. So, yes... if Mac can't find a trade-back partner, then he can eat sh!t. Bye-Bye Macadoodle.
  7. If the Jets exercise the 5th year option on Pryor for 2018, I'm going to vomit. What's the deadline again? May 3rd? This should be Pryor's last year with the jets unless he wants to play back up/provide depth for a 5th or 6th rounder salary. We should expect the Jets to draft at least one, if not two, safeties. We need a FS now and will need a SS to replace Pryor in 2018.
  8. I agree that Manziel's personality ruined him. But the same exact things you state were stated about him. Your point was that "it's a sure thing". Sorry, but it's not. Obviously you think it's worth the risk at pick 6. I don't. Many don't. We are just as likely to be correct as you. Sure thing my ass. Your posts would be far more meaningful without all the stupid hyperbole.
  9. the same was said of Manziel. Almost to a word. Proves nothing. Comes from a gimmick offense. He might be good but it's no way a sure thing.
  10. ASJ could very well be the starter if we don't draft a TE early. He's got potential. If only he had a brain.
  11. only after you use every ounce of energy, every nanosecond while the clock is ticking to find a trade-down partner. Plus Mac has to be willing to go below the traditional trade chart value to make it happen;
  12. This would make me happy: Trade back to somewhere to where we are a pick or 2 ahead of the Giants. Pick up an extra 2nd and a 3rd or more. Take Ramczyk or Robinson there in the low 20's. With the pair of 2nd rounders, take Engram and either the best Edge rusher or CB on the board a the time. Or take Edge and CB in the 2nd and grab a TE with one of the 3rd rounders. Use the other 3rd rounder on Elflein or a free safety. For me, this draft will be a failure without a trade back and accumulating more picks in rounds 2 or 3. (or next year)
  13. And Pocic is on the tall side for a C. Could be out-leveraged. But Pocic has played well at all positions on the line, including tackle when called upon. He brings versatility to the table. IMO, the Jets need one of these guys in addition to a OT. My secret wish is that the jets trade down to be right above or a couple of picks above the Giants and take Ramczyk or Robinson there and use the extra 2nd and thirds they will get to fill other holes. If they get a high 2nd rounder, they could grab Ramczyk or Cam with the low 20's 1st round pick and then take Engram at 2.7 and the best CB or Edge rusher with the acquired new 2nd rounder.
  14. I will miss Greg Allman....