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  1. I don't want to say it but

    Landry will catch about a dozen against our LBs. Ajayi will plow over the tiny backer again and again. Miami 27 - Jets 6
  2. Here's where we disagree

    That is completely incorrect. My company is registered in NY, but we have offices in most states. People who work in NJ don't pay NY taxes. They pay NJ taxes, even though they report to bosses who work in NY.
  3. RIP Walter Becker...Steely Dan.

    ".....no static at all" RIP. One of the greats.
  4. ^This. And no way they take millions of dollars off of their lifetime earnings in the NFL. I think Matt Leinert might have provided a valuable lesson for those guys.
  5. During the interview, make sure you tell them just how much Todd Bowles and Mac suck donkey balls
  6. I turned the sound off on the TV and have the audio from the Broncos radio pair. took a little tinkering to sync them. Fantastic homers. Enjoying it. Much more fun than listening to those two, who have to be the WORST pair doing an NFL game I have ever heard since the 1970's.
  7. ^^ nice pick Holy Toledo
  8. Welcome to the 2017 JetNation Mock Draft. Please use this thread for selections only. All discussion of picks, trades or anything else should take place in the Discussion thread. The Cleveland Browns, @Beerfish, are On-The-Clock. Pick due by Monday morning, 10AM
  9. I'm not disagreeing with what you say but you really should factor in the fact that Sheldon was one toke away from a one-year suspension. Any infraction, even minor, will likely result in a lengthy suspension. And *that* is not the Jets fault. Everything else may be, but this part of it irrefutable. Good riddance. Let's move on.
  10. rooting for this alleged "team" is a project.
  11. Draft was moved to Monday morning. Need one more team. PM me if interested.
  12. Hi, I'm doing a 10 team league on Yahoo with a Monday morning draft, 11:00 AM Eastern. We've got 9 teams in and need 1 more. It is $200 entry with a $2,000 prize pool to be allocated as follows: 1st: $900; 2nd: $500; 3rd: $400; 4th: $200 It's a superflex, which means it will essentially be a 2 QB league (which I have never before tried). There are also IDPs. PM me here or email. Dave
  13. Anyone doing a money league?

    Hi, Im doing a 10 team league on Yahoo with a Friday night draft either 9 or 9:30 Eastern.. I've got 7 teams in and need 3 more. Pretty sure I will have 8 in by this afternoon. It is $200 entry with a $2,000 prize pool to be allocated as follows: 1st: $900; 2nd: $500; 3rd: $400; 4th: $200 It's a superflex, which means it will essentially be a 2 QB league (which I have never before tried). There are also IDPs (haven't decided on how many biut it will be from 5 - 7 of them. PM me here or email. Dave
  14. Reputation \ Reactions

    butt fumble is just stupid. It was mildly humorous... generating a partial chuckle, for about 3-4 seconds. Now it's just dumb. Really dumb.
  15. tough break. In other news......
  16. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    LOL!!! I see the backs of my son and I in 137 in this photo. Too funny.
  17. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    I love the visitors side. I'm on the 32 yard line, half way up in the lower section and have a clear view to the front of the Jets bench where I can see the goings on, reactions and interactions among the players and coaches The visiting team has their backs to me and I really can't tell their demeanor from behind.
  18. Andrew Luck

    if they trade or cut Luck after 2017, the Colts would have an immediate $22,000,000 cap hit. LOL if they traded him tomorrow, the immediate cap hit would be $41,600,000. Double LOL. There is no reason for this thread to exist.
  19. I'm putting it on Bowles. I have no doubt that there is a big rift that will only get bigger. Not unlike Rex Idzik. Our a-hole imbecile owner is using the same stupid reporting hierarchy that has failed time and time again. Woody Johnson is a complete imbecile. I hope the IRA kidnaps him from London, never to be found again.
  20. He's also saddled with an imbecile for an owner that I have no doubt pushed him towards appeasing bowles in each round 1 (just like Tanny had to yield to Rex in EVERY 1st round pick). This in no way excuses Mac's other awful picks in other rounds. But the way the organization hierarchy is set, Bowles does not have to yield for Mac .
  21. Anyone who says Mac's future depends on Hack or that Mac has "staked his career" onthe mid 2nd Rd pick of Hack is an idiot. 2nd round QB pick fail 4 out of 5 times and specifically within the middle of round 2 virtually nil. That one errant pick will not and should not determine Mac's future. The rest of his picks.. sure but for the bozos who repeatedly claim that Mac risked his career on a #51 pick of a bad QB, just get real. What nonsense.
  22. You got my curiosity going. I looked up 2nd round QBs from 1984 - 2015. If I counted right, there were 32 of them from 1984 - 2015. Hack was the only one in 2016 and Kizer this year. Out of the 32, only seven had sustainable starting status with any team, meaning these are the ones that could be considered successful QBs or at least within sniffing distance of that: Boomer Esiason, Brett Favre, Kordell Stewart, Jake Plummer, Drew Brees, Andy Dalton and Derek Carr. 7 out of 32.. 2nd round QBs have roughly a 20% chance for sustained success. Here are the other 24 that sucked or were at best backups: Jack Trudeau, Mike Elkins, Billie Joe Tolliver, Browning Nagle (Jets), Matt Blumdin, Tony Sacca, Todd Collins, Tony Banks, Charlie Batch, Shaun King, Quincy Carter, Marques Tuiasosopo, Kellen Clemens (Jets), Travaris Jackson, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Pat White, Jimmy Claussen, Colin Kaepernick (even though he went to a superbowl), Brock Osweiller, Geno Smith (Jets), And then there is Jimmy Garappolo, for whom I'll abstain decision because he has to sit behind Brady. So at best it's 8/32 or 25% chance for success. I'm pretty sure we'll be adding Hack to the list of 24. That makes 4 of them jets 2nd round picks. 0 for 4 for us. Edit: Hack was selected at pick 51. If you narrow it down even more... just looking at the 2d round QBs who were drafted anywhere from 8 picks below Hack to 8 picks above, from pick #43 - #59 and there isn't even one solid QB: (pick #) (name) (43) Drew Stanton, (45) Todd Collins, (46) Tony Sacca, (47) Jack Trudeau, (48) Jimmy Claussen, (49) Kellen Clemens, (50) Shaun King, (51) Billy Joe Tolliver, (51) Christian Hackenburg, (52) DeShone Kizer, (53) Quincy Carter, (56) Brian Brohm, (57) Chad Henne, (57) Brock Osweiller, (59) Marques Tuiasosopo