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  1. Just the opposite. They didn't throw to him much and his pass catching was a huge part of his game in Chicago. I saw them consistently feed him the ball between the tackles, which is probably not the best mix of plays he is suited for.
  2. Yet the correlation still exists: We are going on 10 years with 2 defensive minded HCs, neither competent in any phase of offense. And just coincidentally, nine consecutive years of all defensive 1st round picks, the only exception: Rex Ryan handpicked QB. That is what doesn't make sense. Rex: Sanchez, Wilson, Wilkerson, Coples (Remember Rex promised him he would pick him) Milliner, Richardson, Pryor Bowles: Williams, Lee, Adams. Yes, this makes perfect sense. 3 different GMs, and still curiously all defensive 1st rd picks not one of them saw it in the team's best interest (and their own as well) to invest in talent on the other side of the ball. You know... the side the HC doesn't really care about. Come on. It couold very well be that Woody gives the HC the say on 1st rounders. Sure looks like that.
  3. saw it tonight cause Mrs Dcat refused Dunkirk. I was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed it a lot and the british kid is great as a young Spiderman. You've got to change it up to keep it viable and it seems to be a very good reboot. Michael Keaton was too likable as the antihero. But I dig Keaton anyway.
  4. Will John Morton use him correctly? I assume Bowles will do whatever Morton endorses.
  5. I do find the fact that every round 1 pick under Bowles and Rex except for Sanchez was defense. And Rex went with Tanny to Cali to watch Sanchez work out on a high school field and was smitten. With respect to at least 1st rd picks, I think the defensive minded head coaches had tremendous say.. They reported to Woody, not to the GM and it wouldn't surprise me if Woody gave then the 1st round grocery they wanted.
  6. not too shabby after 43+ years
  7. Hey Joe Walsh fans, from Founders Award celebration honoring Joe Walsh at Mo Pop in Seattle. 12/2016. Joe one of my all time favorites. Kenny Wayne just nails it. Enjoy.
  8. as stated in an earlier post, Forte remains on the team because his salary is guaranteed and it would cost the Jets more money to replace him on the roster since his salary hits the cap whether he is on the team or not.
  9. That's what I want. Sooner than later please.
  10. that wasn't even the point. It was about how poorlyboth guys played ON THE FIELD. nothing about this thread was about off-field issues.
  11. Because I was wondering aloud how long it will take for this downtrodden franchise to ruin Adams' great enthusiasm and motivation. Kid comes in with everything we could ask for but Jets give him a surrounding team in the midst of a personnel dump leaving little talent on the field. My concern is that Adams gets demoralized within the next 2 years.
  12. But starting QB is Bowles' call to make, and his interests are short term. One in which 5 or 6 wins is to be accomplished at all costs. I expect Bowels to start McCown and play him until the team is mathematically eliminated or he gets hurt. Even though everything yo say is 100% correct, The only way Bowles does what you want him to do is if Hack lights it up in pre season or Bowles' return in 2018 is assured and perhaps an extension with it.
  13. rookie holdouts are a rare thing since the CBA was signed. Bosa's dispute with SD stubborn owner was highly unusual.
  14. I wasn't talking about their off the field behavior. I was referring to their performance at their respective positions on the field. But now that you mention it, Bowles has shown us nothing that would lead anyone to believe that he can steer these young guys in the right direction. But that's a discussion for another thread. Bowles is playing Richardson out of position for the most part and it can be argued that Lee is not really built for ILB so Bowles is supposed to use his Arizona magic and use these players talents effectively. SO far... not impressed. Bowles defenses haven't been any good.
  15. I have no problem with the pick. I have a big problem with the management of the team. I hope Bowles doesn't ruin this kid. He's done such a fine job with Richardson and Lee . Talented kid signs a contract with a team that has descended to the lowest point in all of professional sports: the thought of tanking a season and the apparent personnel decisions that would lead to it.
  16. I had no problem with the theory behind Idzik's plan. Unfortunately his talent evaluation skills, including the entire Jets scouting staff, couldn't draft their way out of a wet paper bag. His draft still makes me sick to my stomach. He had no leadership skills, was a terrible public speaker and was faced with freelance Rex not having to report to him. A losing situation fitting for a loser of a GM. Ultimately, I blame Woody. He created this mess.
  17. It will be an interesting study to see how long it takes for a motivated, enthusiastic, talented rookie to realize he is in a sinking ship. One thing I want for sure, is for the Captain and the first mate to go down with it.
  18. And people were critical of Tennessee for drafting Corey Davis over Mike Williams. Looks like the better move for the time being.
  19. "Tanks" for the memories?
  20. position is filled.
  21. Need a replacement GM for an orphaned team in a 13 year old Keeper league. One of three separate Keeper leagues I have managed for 13+ years. Unique Keeper rules (from 2-4 Keepers; different types). Late August live draft on Yahoo. Normally $150 entry fee but for this team, there is a discounted buy-in for year 1. Reply via PM with contact info, if interested.