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  1. Well, if by some miracle Hack succeeds, we are in a great position for years to come. If McCown does well, we'll pay him $12M next year and he'll suck.
  2. There's no way you could take a full powershot from me... And FYI, I can Squat over 500 lbs!!!!
  3. Why would we draft a QB when we have Hack?
  4. I think I can summarize. We traded one sucky player at a non-premium position for another sucky player at a non-premium position. If you want to take the cap into account to compute suckage per dollar, it's a little tricky at this point, as you have more dollars non-guaranteed vs less dollars - but guaranteed. Although - I'm a little bit confused as to whether we want to *increase* our suckage per dollar, or decrease it? Maybe we should be multiplying instead of dividing, and hence the units should be suckage dollars...???
  5. If both / either was going to be cut, then Pryor would have a cap hit due to his guaranteed money, but Davis would not. So that would save money. If Davis *isn't* cut, then yes, he will cost more than Pryor. Though given that he's cuttable - isn't renegotiating downward a possibility too?
  6. Would he get a free JN subscription?
  7. It seems pretty unlikely we'll only go with 2 QBs, no? Who would be our #3?
  8. Hooray! Glad you got some good news today.
  9. I suspect his foot placement has typically been fine in practice. The issue is more along the shell-shocked, David Carr syndrome. So obviously drilling it in to him in the offseason / practice is the right thing to do. But we'll just have to wait and see how he does in games...
  10. Each draft pick was bad, but he made it up in volume.
  11. Damn it, for once I thought *I* was the person breaking Jets news!! Oh well. It was cool to see at least! At LNG, you just walk on the tarmac, so I got a good view.
  12. Anyone know why? It just taxied up.
  13. I'm sorry, but I wish Mangold nothing but the best. At this point, it's certainly possible his career is over. So if he does get a job - anywhere, even on the Pats - I would be very happy for him.
  14. If by "stigma" you mean what's technically known as JetsInsiderism :-), IMO the issue was their private members-only forum. If you had something where it was a few bucks a month, just to let us pay for the site more explicitly (so as a replacement for ads), with no other benefits, I would gladly pay that.
  15. Somewhat related - would you consider allowing people to subscribe and pay a monthly amount, and not have any ads?