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  1. FTFY Villain - I don't know why you're so agitated about this. I think everyone agrees Hack screwed up on this play - that this result wouldn't have happened to a better / more experienced QB. AND it's possible (likely IMO) that someone else (Powell) screwed up too. When your QB is in a car wreck, there's plenty of blame to go around.
  2. I give Hack an A for effort.
  3. Thanks for this!!! It was a great read... Even though it was a bit like rubbing salt in the wound... One thing that was noticeable - it seemed like Petty had some actual pockets with more than a second or two to throw. If one of the points of red-shirting Hack was to help get him less shell-shocked - I don't think this preseason is helping...
  4. Well, at least this will settle any QB controversy. Or at least make it clear if we're tanking or not.
  5. This game is so depressing... But I guess that makes sense, given that preseason is supposed to be practice for the regular season.
  6. No McCown?

    Was it reported that McCown won't play? If so, why not?
  7. 8/15 practice tweets

    If you don't think this sexy man looks like a franchise QB, you must be blind.
  8. Learn From History

    I rewatched the game last night, and Hack looked pretty reasonable IMO. It seems like he executed the plays as they were supposed to be executed. He threw to the open guy, his short passes were accurate and had lots of zip. A couple of plays he looked down field, didn't see what he wanted, and checked down (without holding it too long). Now, without the all-22, we have no idea if there *was* something down the field he should have thrown to - but we'll figure that out eventually. WRT training wheels. TBH, I think that game was a lot like what our offense is actually going to be. Lots of short passes, look down the field occasionally, and take a few shots. Hack still needs to work on the last part, which he didn't really try, and we don't know if it's due to coaching distrust or him being gun-shy. Presumably / hopefully, next game will see some deeper throws.
  9. The thing is, what would people say? "Wow, McCown looked good! What kind of odds can I get for the Jets winning the Super Bowl?" "McCown, it's looking like he's a much better signing that I thought. I think he might get us to meaningful football in November, and maybe 7 wins!" I'm pretty sure that the one thing we all agree on is that we want to see McCown out there as little as possible...
  10. Game Observations (TEN)

    I know this was never up for debate, but damn, Hack's got arm talent. That very first pass he threw, the 5 yard stop on the right to Marshall I think - I could hear the ball whistling through the TV. And because it got there so quickly, it gave Marshall a chance to make a move and get another 5 yards...
  11. I'm surprised no one has said "how many snaps does each QB get?" I would love to see some evidence that Bowles will start either Petty or Hack - or at least is willing to consider it. I couldn't care less if they stink or not. Start the one that stinks less.
  12. Roster Projection, just because

    One high level comment - 27 D and 23 O? Isn't it more typical for it to be 50-50? I guess the 2 suspended (offensive) players have been replaced with defensive players.
  13. Training Camp Updates Thurs 8/10

  14. Jets Camp 8-4

    I think "wind knocked out of him" is code for "might have a concussion". "Yeah, he stayed on the sideline, but we took his helmet away because he was kindof tired. Plus he scraped his knee."