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  1. My 16 yo son has no interest in football whatsoever. He did go with friends to a "sporting" event in a stadium however - a CSGO tournament! :-O I think a lot of kids today are just growing up less interested in it, probably mainly because of all the other choices they have... Also, no matter what the facts are about CTE, it's a fact that more parents today are prohibiting their kids from playing football... Unless you're getting new young fans, it's inevitable that interest will decline over time...
  2. I thought you couldn't waive players that were injured? Isn't there some rule like that?
  3. Why was he only compared against other rookie safeties? It's definitely good that he's performed (a little? a lot? I have no idea what a 2 point difference means) better than other safeties drafted after him - but it's more that it would be disappointing if he wasn't. Of course it's only 2 games anyway...
  4. What I want to know is - what exactly does the US Ambassador to Britain do? Christopher makes it sound like Woody is going to be working 100 hour weeks, I guess eating tea and crumpets 24 hours a day?
  5. FTR, even though it's very hard for me to root against them on a given Sunday - I hope they go 0-16. What my question is - who is the "they" that you're talking about? Who do you think will have screwed up if they win a few games? You can't really blame Mac - I don't think it'd be possible to put together a worse team... And I guarantee you the players and coaches are trying to win every game possible.
  6. My question is - how has Robby Anderson not committed harikari at this point? He seems to be pretty wide open on many plays - but never gets the ball...
  7. Thanks for doing these. So you think Shell did well overall? Because in addition to the one play you highlighted, there was another one, I think on an otherwise good pick up of a stunt, where he was completely turnstyled... But I didn't watch him very closely in general...
  8. What exactly do you mean by screwing it up? Do you mean if the players try too hard? Damn them!! Can't they take an example from Mo? Or do you mean the GM screwed up if he drafted players that actually have some talent? Gosh, I really hope that Adams is a total bust!! Do you think Bowles is doing everything in his power to go 0-16? OK - that last one is true... But he's not doing it on purpose!
  9. You think Belichick would ever try to let the Jets beat him?? Week 17 is the clearest L we have. Our team will have given up, and Belichick will revel in running up the score.
  10. There's only one way to stop Mo - have someone try to block him.
  11. Exactly. If you want to be confident for 0-16, you can't have any good players. Check that - you can have good defensive tackles and good safeties, because they make almost no difference to whether you win or lose.
  12. Are we really going to be complaining about the refs this season?
  13. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Not sure how best to reference a specific video. But for your caption: Davis (56) playing the Sam in this formation doesn't maintain his gap biting inside again. Opens up huge hole for Tolbert that was an amazingly bad play. Davis is running to the hole, the RB is running to the hole - and then for no reason Davis cuts back... Hard to fathom...
  14. Have you ever heard of regression to the mean? If you took the top (anything) for the league - best passer rating, most yards, whatever - it's more likely than not that the player will have a worse year the following year.
  15. Positives/Negatives From Todays Game

    Negatives: This team looks even worse than I was imagining. I don't think they're going to be competitive for a single game this year. Positives: Same as the negatives
  16. Nobody Tanks Like The Colts

    It seems like Luck will play the 2nd half of the season, no? There's no way the Colts are going to stay under 4 wins... And I'd be surprised if we make it above 2 wins...
  17. I really like watching these defensive battles. I assume both of these titans will probably end up being top-5 defenses.
  18. I'll note that their 2 best QBs are inactive today - Petty and Kerley The tank is on!!!!
  19. Bowles can't name backup QB

    Don't you see? This is brilliant. Now the Bills have to gameplan for *TWO* different backup QBs.
  20. You mean because if McCown gets hurt, we'll have no chance at winning the super bowl?
  21. Bowles might be an idiot, but I think the fact of the matter is that *any* coach in his situation would do whatever he can to be 7-9. He knows he's getting fired anyway, and so he needs it for his resume. So even though *we* have a long term outlook - he doesn't.
  22. Petty Politics Hurting Bryce?

    You mean the long pass that was horribly underthrown? My main issue with Hack is that on the rare occasion when he's had some time, and sees an open receiver - he has been very inaccurate. A couple of the great catches by receivers in the last game - they were wide open!!! Put it in their stomach, don't make them leap and tap dance. Even the int to Anderson which some have said is "all" on Anderson - that ball was put about 4 yards in the wrong direction. It shouldn't have been a pick - but it was a terrible pass regardless and got Anderson clobbered for no reason other than inaccuracy.
  23. Bowles Presser Today

    Didn't we used to rave about Mangini for doing the same? What possible benefit could there be about being coy for the Philly game? They won't know who to gameplan for??? I like reading about the Jets, getting info, etc. I'm pretty sure this season it's about the only entertainment I'm going to get. So open up Todd! Tell us what you really feel!