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  1. Imagine how good we could be if we spent some of those picks on offense instead. What a bunch of dogs.
  2. http://blog.masslive.com/patriots/2017/10/angry_jets_fans_convinced_nfl.html
  3. Kizer has a very Steve Grogan-esque neck. Just sayin’ ...
  4. Someone should let James Lofton know he’s not getting paid by the word.
  5. Other than the NFC Championship.
  6. Glad to see the Jets dominating, especially over the Phins. I can never root for us to lose, even though intellectually I know losing is better for the team long-term.
  7. Exactly. And regardless of record, McCags or his replacement had better sell the farm to get one. Trade anyone but Adams and Williams, but we need a QB.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. Poor guy really hasn't been treated with respect his whole NFL career.
  9. Unfortunately it's hard to see the youth development when Toilet Bowles plays has-beens like Kerley over guys like Ardarius Stewart.
  10. Juston Burris woefully involved in at least three Raiders TDs today. We are really bad.
  11. Juston Burris is not a good tackler. That's putting it mildly.
  12. Sorry, can you elaborate on what makes him a good HC? I mean, seriously, can you point to one or two examples of how he was good at what he did? I can think of ten examples of bad coaching, but nary a one where I thought to myself "wow, he really out-coached the other guy" or anything close to that.