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  1. Please stop. It's too soon for that.
  2. Bowling ball with knives. Bob Jensen, I believe.
  3. How many times must you be told that waiting 47+ years for a championship is NOT wanting instant gratification and a quick fix.
  4. How about an actual picture of Patton instead of George C. Scott?
  5. It offends me to see people dragging out that old "every fan was openly campaigning to have him (Fitz) back" BS. Not me, and not half this board. If there's any criticism to be levied against Macc with regards to Fitztragic, it was that he didn't rein in his head coach from making stupid statements about Fitz starting when he wasn't under contract, and then competing with only himself to sign that scrub.
  6. Who's laughing?
  7. Never said I hated him. I said I used to love the guy and have no sympathy for him now. Big difference. I also said that his contract negotiation is fine...can't blame the man for trying to make as much dough as possible. But I don't have to like him as much after he holds the team hostage, as he had done multiple times.
  8. No, he's treated like a bum because of the multiple holdouts and mercenary attitude. All of his actions are fine as far as his contract is concerned, but that same action allows us to formulate opinions about him as a person as well as a player. Personally, I loved the guy until he left for TB, and haven't given a crap about him since. He sucked last year, so it's tough to feel any sympathy for him now.
  9. Great. Who's teaching Toilet Bowles how to coach?
  10. You mean our idiot head coach can't overrule that call? Isn't that his job?
  11. Add Carrie Fisher to the list.
  12. You do realize it was over 100 years since the Cubs last won, right? How many "next seasons" do you think we all have?
  13. How many blowouts on national tv must we endure before this clown goes? He needs the Gus Bradley treatment ASAP.
  14. Mac? Since when does the GM make that call?