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  1. After seeing the coach hang his head like that I have no interest in this guy. I've never seen a coach just completely give up while leading. Thought that was really pathetic.
  2. I forgot to mention burning essential TOs. Can't believe we lost to this buffoon twice last year.
  3. 12 men on the field and not getting the play in before the 2 minute warning... So glad Rex is gone
  4. Judging from his proformance this year, he'll be great next year
  6. I'd prefer 4 mil per for 3 years (I'd even be ok with 4 years if the discount was great enough) with a large chunk guaranteed but I could live with up to 6 for 2 years and a more open ended contract. I think anything higher than 6 per is crazy on both ends. I love Fitz but: 1. I don't think there is a market. 2. I think at this stage in his career he's going to value stability over cash. 3. He genuinely likes it here (Marshall ect...). Given those I could see him getting far less than what everyone is calling for and signing for more years. My biggest concern is injuries with his inability to slide. The cheaper/longer contract seems practically worth it though even as a player/coach/QBbackup/mentor.
  7. In this case you should be looking at teams final record, and not what % made the playoffs. 10-6 and no playoffs (if we do only lose 1 more) shouldn't be judged differently as 10-6 making the playoffs. Just because this year has more teams finishing strongly does not mean missing the playoffs is a failure. Your 4-1 78% statistic is probably skewed by teams making the playoffs at 10-6 and 9-7.
  8. This WILL NOT happen. It can't happen. Please?
  9. Can you add some other qbs from around the league to this, just for comparison? Also completion %
  10. I can't watch Geno again.
  11. wow incredibly awful cromartie