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  1. Allowed "just" 59.8% of throws into his coverage to be completed? Is that a typo or is that actually supposed to be good?
  2. Report: Revis set to re-join Patriots

    How anyone believes Revis won't have a career year if he rejoins the Pats is beyond me... This is a classic Jets scenario.
  3. Title reads like an Onion article
  4. The only inaccuracy I see here is that the Jets win 9-10 games in these types of situations and either narrowly miss the playoffs or exit in the wildcard round.
  5. I thought the Sanchez contract was the worst thing Tanny did here...
  6. You'd think it would be addressed in the actual contract if they had any concerns at all...
  7. Oh good, Fitz scored. We get to see him start again next week.
  8. The league has to do something about the penalties, this is miserable.
  9. Mike Glennon Sighting Tonight

    Where is this speed from forte coming from??
  10. Can't believe the Jets vs Miami

    Jets / Dolphins isn't attractive to anyone, even Jets fans.
  11. I'm more concerned that if we stay competitive Petty is never going to get into the game. If we're in the playoff hunt and Geno plays terribly, the CS is going to put Fitz back in. I hear the guys saying they always want to see a Jets win... But its hard for me right now. I hate so many of the decisions Bowles has made, and winning games just seems like its going to reinforce the approval of what we've been doing so far. "Oh it just didn't work in the first couple games... But now we've got it" is how I can see the logic going, but we all know thats false. That being said I have no doubt the Jets will get to 5-5 before the bye, give me enough hope to convince myself Bowles and crew have turned the corner, and then, as always, rip out my soul.
  12. We're gonna have an awful draft pick and no playoffs again