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  1. If the Jets choose to re-sign Wilk, you're probably looking at a stagnant year two for the new regime. Even if they cut Cro and restructure Brick, the money needed for Wilk and bringing back Fitz will eat up most of their cap. And with holes at RB, TE, OLB, ILB, DT and on the OL, I'd expect the Jets to be very active in trading back and accumulating picks on draft day.  Of course you never know.. maybe Amaro, D Smith, and a few of their young linemen make the leap... and we have a few draft picks who step right in.. and it's not a lost season.   I think long term signing Wilk is the safest, probably 'right' move...  but for 2016 it will mean a long of low cost vets/youngsters via-ing for substantial playing time.  
  2. Is someone trolling the board as a fake mainejet?  even the real mainejet wasn't this bad.. 
  3. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

      1990? Child please. 1990 looks incredible compared to this crap in 1987. 121Roger VickRBTexas A&M242Alex GordonLBCincinnati375Onzy ElamLBTennessee State5129Kirby JacksonDBMississippi State6161Tracy MartinWRNorth Dakota7187Gerald NicholsDTFlorida State8196Eddie HunterRBVirginia Tech8214Mike RicePMontana9241Ron McLeanDTCal State-Fullerton10268Sid LewisDBPenn State11300Kirk TimmerLBMontana State12327Bill RansdellQBKentucky
  4. And if you sign both Mo and Snacks you're left with about 10-12 to try and resign Fitz (who will be 6-8M himself), add a few RBs, address our OLBs and TE situation (and OG if you want an upgrade from Winters/Harrison) .. Not to mention needing enough left over to sign our draft picks. It's year two for a new GM/coach. They're going to want the flexibility to rebuild the roster. Trading Wilk frees up $12-15M for 2016 and will bring back multiple picks. I think this is the direction they go.
  5. Jets start talks with Henderson

    maybe they like the depth/special teams play that Henderson provides? Who knows if the Jets view him as the starter
  6. Yeah.. I started this offseason as wanting Wilk back no matter what, and thinking the talk of cutting Brick was crazy, but looking at the Jets cap situation, their pending FAs and where they need to improve, I now feel it makes a lot more sense to make both moves.  We need an edge rusher. We need an ILB to replace Davis. We're going to have to spend 7-9 on Fitz. We need RBs.  If Cro gets cut, do you have to bring in another CB? We'll need a DT to replace Harrison. What about TE?  If you can replace Brick with a cheap vet, and you trust Sheldon/Williams will make up for Mo, then I think you do it. And knowing this is only Mccagnan's 2nd offseason and he's still shaping this team and needs the flexibility, I wouldn't be shocked if he does. 
  7. If I'm Mccagnan I'm trading Wilk for multiple picks and letting D'Brick go. I like both players, but keeping them here hamstrings what the Jets will be able to do this offseason.  Those two moves open up about $20M of cap space. You can sign a stop gap OT replacement and draft someone for the future. And with the new cap space, we can address our LBs and OL, while resigning Fitz and Harrison.   
  8. You're right about the $$$... but by all metrics he was one of the top CBs in 2015. The problem is he isn't close to what he was in 2009/2010. As for the original article, it's such a stupid premise.  This is a QB league. The Patriots have won with good defenses and they've won with sh*tty ones.
  9. And what's the alternative? Play Petty? Go back to Geno? Sign another mediocre FA QB for more $$$ than it will take to resign Fitz? Draft a QB in the first round and throw him into the fire? Not sure what feasible options we have for next year.
  10. +1 I don't think Bowles was referring to speed at CB. We lack speed at OLB and at our skill positions on offense. Cro's speed does little good as he allows WRS to run open at $8M a year.
  11. I had a Lageman jersey. Kiper killed the Jets for that pick, which didn't help him with the media or fans.. but Lageman was a high motor, tough player. If that Byrd play never happened, the two of them were on the verge of being a dominant duo. Needless to say, I wasn't happy when he left for the Jags.
  12. Bubby Brister Neil O'Donnell Frank Reich
  13. Yeah, but you also have to factor in that the Jets brought him in here at the end of camp and he was thrown onto the field to start the year By Nov he had that 6 TD game against the Rams... we go to NE and get the win, and then we beat the best team in the league (at least record wise) 34-13 in Tenn.   And then the wheels came off.. and we let Favre out of his contract so he can go play in Minny. Nice guys are we.  
  14. Jace Amaro or Devin Smith?

    I would really like to know the behind the scenes of what went down with Amaro this past spring/summer. The guy seems like he'd be a good fit lining up in the slot. Isn't that what he did all of his college career? Getting him on the line and teaching him to block was the story of the 2014 camp. As far as Devin Smith.. I really, really, really want to like the guy, but so far he's given us nothing. And missing another chunk of time isn't going to help. Depending on how his recovery goes, he might be put on the IR next year if he misses all of camp
  15. oh I agree that Favre didn't want to be there, but that 2008 team had a real chance to do something if he had stayed healthy.