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  1. It was the smart move. Letting Wilk walk in 2017 and putting all your eggs in the Sheldon basket could've blown up in their faces. I love Sheldon on the field, and you can argue he's better than Wilk, but this is a lot less risky.
  2. Thanks for starting a post that isn't about our QB situation. I'm optimistic with the job Mac's done turning this roster over. You may not be able to fill every need in every offseason, but he's done a nice job getting more athletic on defense and special teams while providing our QB.. Whoever that may be.. With some legit weapons. Even when Wilk leaves, I'm feeling good about the core of our defense for the next few years and have to expect the 2017 offseason will focus on improving the OL and getting a young playmaker or two on the offensive side of the ball
  3. Come one now.. at least we got Browning Nagle.
  4. Next time you or anyone else feels the need to start yet another Ryan Fitzpatrick/Geno Smith thread, please... take a deep breath, push your chair away from the computer, and punch yourself in the face. There is not one new idea or statement in your post that hasn't already been said over and over and over and over and over again this off season. Someone make it stop.
  5. His mom is his business manager, not his agent.
  6. Weird. For a second I thought you were describing Mets fans from 1995-2005. I grew up in the '80s with the Yankees. While most of my friends became Mets fans with Daryl and Doc, I liked Mattingly. When the Yankees won in '96 it was the first time that any team I rooted for in my lifetime had a championship. As for the 2016 Mets - much more interesting than the Yankees. The Yanks are in a weird transitional year (or two). I just wish they would admit it. But the Mets are a fun team and I can admit paying more attention to them than my own team this year. Am I rooting for or against them? I guess that depends on the proximity of the Mets fans at any given time in my life.
  7. And you've stated this about 500 ******* million times this offseason. Doesn't make it true.
  8. What's wrong with watching balls? It's how I spend most of my weekends.
  9. Is this post supposed to be sarcasm? So confused.
  10. It's posts like this that really make JetNation the go-to spot for talkin' Jets football.
  11. So what's the alternative? Let him walk... And then let Sheldon walk two years later since he also will be demanding JJ Watt money?
  12. Wrong. The market for Mo is set. The Jets don't want to pay it. Instead, they're putting all of their eggs in the Sheldon Richardson basket. You would have to assume after they let Mo walk that they're going to pay Sheldon.. Right? And Sheldon's not taking a discount either. So what's the more reliable investment? A guy who's already been suspended, may be again, and could be a strike away from a long term suspension - or a guy who's kept himself out of trouble and continually rates as one of the best DL in the game? Maybe it will turn out to be the right move. But right now, if I were a betting man, I would not touch that sh*t.
  13. We already have him fit in for 2016. 2017 there are ways to make additional cap room that won't mortgage the future. He's a much more reliable investment than Sheldon is going to be - assuming Sheldon doesn't do a 180 and get his head out of his ass over the next two seasons.
  14. Sheldon may have more talent, but Sheldon is a jackass. It's a stupid move by this franchise to let Mo walk. Yes, we have 3 'studs' on the DL. The right move would be to pay Mo, let Sheldon play out his deal and let someone else deal with the headache, and enjoy the next few years on Williams rookie deal. Instead we're letting a standup quality player walk, and are going to be taking our chances with Sheldon - who's already on record talking about the kind of contract he deserves... Which is absurd considering up until now, he has not come anywhere near Mo's production on the field.