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  1. i haven't seen a skill set like that since Browning Nagle
  2. How much do you think they'll charge for parking? regular season amount?
  3. get this stupid sh*t out of the practice thread.
  4. I think Skrine is a lot more cut-able next off season without the dead money hit. Assuming he's gone, that gives the Jets $75M to work with next offseason.
  5. Another slap in the face to PSL owners.
  6. He's a 30 year old 1B possession WR making below market rate based on this year's FA crop. He has another 5+ years in the league. Why wouldn't he be in the long term plans?
  7. To be fair, Decker was talking to the media last November saying that Fitz gave the team the best chance to win. Granted, that assessment could be correct given our two young QBs apparently suck donkey balls, but I'm not really sure it was his place to comment at all. And then you had his 'protest' in camp by not showing up for a day or two over Fitzpatrick. I hoped we'd keep Decker - he's a 1B WR in his prime on a reasonable contract. Injuries aside, he produces on the field. So given all of that, why else would the team decide to release him?
  8. Gary Myers on board for the Tank

    Anyone who feels sorry for Todd Bowles hasn't watched a Jets game in two years. This year could be a free pass for him- if he actually shows he knows how to put players in position to succeed, keep his locker room intact, and learn how to coach on game day.
  9. I will admit that Fitz-politics aside, I like Decker. A 30 year old #1B WR making $8M a year could've had a place on this team. All the other cuts, good moves.
  10. For The Sake Of Balance

    Maybe they had to wait until they had a potential replacement on their roster to do so. All reports had them all in on Hightower this spring, and I have a crazy feeling that if they had pulled that signing off, Harris would've been shown the door then.
  11. $70 million in cap space and a highly probable top 3 draft pick. Someone crack me in the back of the head with a baseball bat and wake me up in 2018.
  12. Come on man.. who else is Bowles going to play at OLB?
  13. My bigger takeaway from all of this is that Mac and Bowles aren't on the same page - at all. It was no coinicidence that Bowles disappeared and was almost an hour late to this press conference and then proceeded to give thinly veiled replies that exposed his displeasure. And if Bowles is against releasing an over payed, aging LB because he 'gives us the best chance to win' I think we have our answer to who the starting QB of the Jets will be in 2017, if the Fitzpatrick situation in 2016 hadn't already provided the answer