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  1. If this has any truth to it, don't hate it. The only issue is pushing money in 2016 to 2017 to fit Fitz under the cap. I really don't see a big gap in wins and losses whether it's Geno or Fitz behind center next year. Ultimately though, the reality is that the team and locker room is behind Fitz, he brings professionalism to the position, and is a better face to the org right now than Geno Smith. Is that worth an average of $10M a year? In todays market.. unfortunately, yes.
  2. I think that 'roster bubble' is just a poorly chosen spin on Bowles actual comments. Basically Bowles said that he didn't get a good look at him last year, and doesn't really know him, so like every other guy, he's going to have to fight to make the team. If anything I see it as keeping that spark lit under Amaro's ass.
  3. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    This thread is so depressing.
  4. Fitz or refund ?

    Can I get a refund for the 30 seconds of my life that I've wasted by opening this dumb thread?
  5. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    I'm not a Geno supporter but let me call BS on this new false narrative emerging about Geno being a great practice player. He underwhelmed on the practice field and on Sundays in 2013 and 2014. Last year was the first real time we heard reports that he was looking good in practice and we obviously didn't see whether or not that was going to translate on the field. Regardless, it's apparent that the team has little to no faith in him as they're openly courting Fitz to return - and that should speak louder than anything else about Geno at this point - but let's not make stuff up just as another way to express Geno hatred.
  6. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Manish loves trolling this fanbase
  7. Imagine a bizarro world where Fitz and Geno switched personalities, but their on the field performances remained the same. What would we spend the offseason talking about?
  8. I agree and am in the same situation. I made the decision in 2009 to purchase PSLs, I wrote Woody a check, and I never looked back. I never saw the PSLs as 'liquid gold' as you might have claimed they'd be one or ten thousand times- it was simply an upfront cost increase that I figured would pay off over time. And even though it hasn't exactly worked out like that, it is what it is. I like my seats, I like the guys around me, and if I ever did decide to sell, I'd cut my losses and move on. As for the preseason game rip off.. two words - charitable donation.
  9. I was on the wait list in the old stadium, and finally got tickets in 2006. The benefit of having season tickets in the old stadium was that it used to be very hard to find decent seats for a decent game at a decent price on the open market (unless you came to the stadium on game day and found someone desperate in the lot). A large part of that was the low ticket prices for sure, but in 2009 when it was decision time on PSLs for me, I figured that the cost of the PSL would be worth locking in a decently priced ticket in the lower bowl. In my area of the stadium, that has not been the case. You can easily find tickets for face value (or even under) for most games. The games I have to sell I'm lucky to get back face value - even against the Patriots. This isn't me complaining about prices or my PSLs - it's just as in terms of value, I probably would've been better off skipping the PSL, and cherry picking the games through the season that I wanted to attend. Chances are, I'd be able to get most tickets for right around face value.
  10. I call BS on this article. No way does Myers have friends.
  11. Is Geno a leader?

    Sure he can. Probably to 5-11.
  12. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    Multiple people have responded to your repetitive broken record BS, attempting to explain to you why Lee is more than a 'shrimp' and isn't Maybin 2.0. (I mean, besides the fact they play two completely different positions with different responsibilities). But after your 100th post of 'he's a shrimp' 'no starters in this draft' 'they needed a TE to beat the cover 2' 'they ignored the offensive line' blah blah blah, then there's nothing left to do but insult the stupidity that drools from your mouth. And btw, yes- the Jets very well might go 6-10 this year, but that's not an indictment on the draft picks or on Mac's offseason plan. This is a rebuild. They don't have a viable answer at QB in 2017. The schedule looks tough. A regression is certainly possible- but that doesn't mean that the team isn't getting better.
  13. It's going to be another lost year for Smith. He needs reps, and considering he's missing all of camp and the pre-season, I actually think the Jets PUP him. The guy I'm hoping breaks out is Amaro. Hopefully last year was a wake up call, and he gets out of the doghouse and onto the field. He seems to be perfectly suited for Gailey's 4 WR sets. On defense, Mauldin is the obvious choice. Lee should be almost just as obvious. Although he might not be in the 'starting' lineup from the start, I expect Bowles to line him up in multiple spots and use him as a blitzer early on.
  14. Where will the money come from?

    Maybe for someone without a brain.
  15. Mac on WFAN there

    Caught the interview. Basically Mac 'likes' all of our QBs. Craig pressed him on Geno and his response was a little back handed. Forget the exact wording, but it wasn't a ringing endorsement. He did say Geno had been thrown in the fire as a young player and that he has the skills to be a good NFL QB. He 'hopes' to have Fitz back. Claims that they haven't been focused on Mo and his contract with the draft, but now they'll turn their attention back to him. Said that Lee was the kind of player the Jets were looking to add this offseason - he mentioned they where interested in Mark Barron in FA - and that he's still 21, so they see tons of upside. He admitted they thought he'd be gone by the time they were on the clock.