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  1. Darron Lee per PFF

    I get that they'll always call helmet to helmet, but Cutler ducking into Lee's helmet is a little different than Lee launching himself head first.
  2. Petty / Hack Timing

    You really think Bowles makes a QB switch at 3-6, let alone 3-7? Were you in a coma last season?
  3. Darron Lee per PFF

    The one flag was complete BS. The other was a legit call, but was on a play where Lee was in position. It looked like Lee's best game as a pro to me
  4. this opens the door for Mo to get a tackle this week
  5. let's keep Bowles in McCown in 2018. They may lack the star studded talent that people are used to , but who needs that when you've got grit.
  6. maybe we should use that mid first round draft pick next year on a DL
  7. Bowles is not an NFL head coach. Period.
  8. Bowles has shown no improvement on game day, no improvement coaching up a defense starting 6 first round picks, no improvement in getting our 'big name' players to play for him. Want to give him credit for the new 'positive' locker room environment after purging nearly every veteran on the roster? Don't fool yourself. He should be fired after this season. But let's not kid ourselves. This being the Jets, Bowels will ride Josh McCown to 5 or 6 wins, and will be back in 2018. With the #7 pick in the 2018 draft they'll draft that edge rusher that's continually used as a cover up for all the defense's faults, and resort to signing Brian Hoyer to be our QB.
  9. The forum this year in a nutshell

    Seferain-Jenkins and Claibourne are free agents after this season. As is Kony Ealy.
  10. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    Classiest losers I've seen.
  11. I think there's a small vocal disillusioned minority here who want the team to actually 'tank'. That's not going to happen. The rest of us are divided. On one hand, you have the fans who want to see the Jets win at all costs. The draft situation will sort itself out later. 'You can find a QB' anywhere' crowd. The other fans, myself included, want to see the team make strides - specifically the young players. But we think winning games with a stop gap one year QB is setting the franchise back long term. Yes, we might be in position to draft a QB in the middle of the first round. Yes - we could trade up to grab our guy (most likely giving up most of this year's draft (and our 1st round pick next year). But we'd rather not have to do either of those things. A 4-12 season where our young guys are coming on (and one of our young QBs looks competent when eventually given the opportunity) is a huge win in my eyes. A 7-9 season where we mortgage our future to move up in the draft or end up giving some QB $25M in free agency- not so much. I've rooted for wins all my life, no matter what the cost, and it where has it gotten the franchise? I'd rather see this team on the clock next April with the QB they want still on the board over winning ugly October games vs Cleveland.
  12. McCown a great addition

    I can respect that. But let's not kid ourselves - McCown is what he is - a replacement level journeyman QB. Let's get a real QB in here next year.
  13. McCown a great addition

    In all honesty, what's the difference? It's the same results - good enough to miss out on top prospects. You evidently hate our young QBs, McCown is a joke - who do you want as the 2018 QB considering we wont be in the position to draft a top prospect? Please tell.
  14. McCown a great addition

    I really hope you're a troll. For your own sake.
  15. Remember when Antonio Allen covered Gronkowski that one time?