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  1. I just looked it up, and that was also the last Jets defensive TD overall. I think we've scored one or two safeties in that time, but no INT or fumble returns.
  2. Spiller signs with Seattle. Wonder if he'll just stick in town and suit up against us on Sunday.
  3. to be fair, why did he post that photo and want people to caption it... I mean, anyone with half a brain would assume people would have fun with the Fitz bad game.. but then again, maybe that's giving Geno too much credit.
  4. reading comprehension skills brah. Get some. He posted a photo of him with a half frown. Nothing to do with Fitz - it was his instagram followers who took it there. And then he deleted the post.
  5. He fumbled throughout the preseason as well. If he doesn't clean his act quick, he's not going to last
  6. Two things to our advantage - Seattle is coming East for a 1pm game Wilson is playing on a bad ankle sprain and a sprained MCL that he hurt last week Everything else screams loss.
  7. Yay.. another receiving option Fitzpatrick will stare down and force a badly thrown ball to!
  8. So tired of the 'NY fans can't/won't/don't know how to accept a rebuild' tired false narrative.
  9. It seemed like the game plan vs Buffalo was to maintain their lanes/gaps to keep Taylor from taking off with the ball. Yesterday they didn't have a shot at getting to Smith. His WRs/TEs were wide open all day on those quick slants. I was more concerned with what we saw out of the front 7 and the KC running game yesterday. It's been years since a RB ran through us that easily.
  10. Jets 31 Chiefs 6 Alex Smith sacked 14 times.
  11. no wonder we have so many fans of other teams post here
  12. I still don't believe this is the original TX.. The last few years the trollin under his user name has been weak sauce. Night and day from old school TX. Or maybe he's just gotten fat and lazy in old age.
  13. 3 games a year?
  14. Helps that we've played 2 games at the point of these stats, while most others have played only one.
  15. All I remember from this game - besides the final score - is Pat Ryan's 4th and 6 QB sneak. Of course I was barely out of diapers - which could also be said about today.