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  1. Apparently Fatcessa leaked the entire Giants schedule on his show today.
  2. But if I'm Cleveland and the rumors are true that I want Trubisky, why let it even get to that point? I'd be looking to move up to #4 or #5 to get ahead of the Jets... not wait until the Jets are on the clock.
  3. They trade up to #6, and then Buffalo moves up to #5. That's why they'll wait.
  4. Brady apparently bailed. Guess he's too much of a puss to take any backlash
  5. Makes no sense if I'm Cleveland. They're going to wait until the one team desperate for a QB is on the clock at #6 to make the trade? Why wouldn't they be looking to trade to get ahead of the Jets? Cleveland GM "You promise that if you're on the clock, and the #1 ranked QB is sitting there, you'll trade the pick to us?" Mac "Absolutely" Cleveland GM "You're not just saying that, right? No chance you're just telling us that so that we don't attempt to trade up ahead of you at #5 and take him before you can?" Mac "No chance" Cleveland GM : "okay! we trust you!"
  6. I like how these QBs aren't good enough for the Jets to take at #6, but teams will be lining up to trade multiple picks to get up to #6 so that they can take one.
  7. with 19 less TDs and 1200 less yards. But if we take away a few games in 2015 i'm sure we can get those averages to match up to 2016.
  8. and if he didn't throw all of those interceptions.
  9. And considering Houston's rock solid QB lineage that's really surprising.
  10. I'm not sure I understand your point... which seems to be - let's pick an underwhelming prospect now, because if we wait a year, that prospect who we think might be good today, could end up just as underwhelming?
  11. I'd guess both. Long term, it's better to trade Richardson now, save the $8M and get a 4th rather than let him play next year and hope for a comp pick. As for Gilchrist, the guy as under performing his contract before he tore his patella tendon in December. That injury takes a solid year to recover from.
  12. Looking at this roster, it's hard to see a scenario where we don't draft at TE, S, CB and OL. Add in late round flyers on LB and RB. And that's before we even address the sh*tstorm that's known as our QB position.
  13. I renewed. Why wouldn't I? Investment. Gold.
  14. I don't understand why everyone thinks Cleveland will pick us as a trading partner, considering we're the prime threat to grab a QB. If anything they trade up to #5, ahead of us to grab a QB. Otherwise, why are they trading with us to get to #6? To get ahead of the Chargers, Panthers or Bengals? The next team that might take a QB is Buffalo at #10. I don't know.. think it's a bit of wishful thinking on our part since we'd all love that second 2nd round pick.