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  1. so far, so good over there. and by 'so good' I mean the return of Maine, who's tongue seems to be firmly planted about 3 inches up Sooth's ass. And the ban on TX has been dropped, so there's that. in all seriousness, i want to thank Max and all the OGs who built this site. I stuck around JI until the bitter end since it was really all I knew - it was the first Jets board I joined in the 90s, and even with the mass exodus (and loss of many quality members) in the mid '00s, I enjoyed the traffic that place used to get. But even when JI was still around, I used to pop over to JN from time to time, and it's been my Jets home ever since the merger - and will continue to be.
  2. are you suggesting Bowles enjoys penises... in his facial region?
  3. I'd be shocked if Bowles doesn't anoint McCown his starter the next time he has a microphone in his face.
  4. Imagine if Hackenberg gets to play and looks like he could be a NFL QB? I'm not sure I can... but that would be kind of amazing.
  5. It's a good thing his first name isn't 'Beg'
  6. No doubt. Maybe the can resign him to a $12M a year deal when he turns 39.
  7. If history is any indication, you're 100% correct. But if they're conceding it's a lost season, give the kids the reigns and let's see what they can do. It seems that it's a foreign concept to this organization.
  8. The last thing this team needs is a 38 year old journeyman under center in 2017. If he's brought in, it better be on a super cheap deal, with the understanding that he'll only see the field in the event that both the kids sh*t the bed.
  9. well.. it's 2016 all over again except we got rid of Revis' fat, lazy ass. Maybe Claiborne stays healthy. Maybe the Jets use one or two draft picks in the first 3 rounds to address the position. Stay tuned.
  10. The good news is even when he's out hurt, he'd still be giving more effort that Revis did on the field in 2016.
  11. The Jets picked this guy up on waivers back in February.
  12. I think I'd rather question the intelligence of certain people on this board who apparently take every (often agent driven) tweet and report coming out of FA at face value. Who knows how much the Jets have actually offered players who signed elsewhere? I'd also question people who complain about the actual contracts doled out so far by Mac this offseason as overspending. While living in a bubble might be nice, take a look around at current market value- which is being driven up each offseason by the always increasing salary cap. I'm putting a little naive faith in Mac right now. So far, the FA they have been targeting are all on the right side of 30. They haven't thrown big money at a mediocre QB. They're in the midst of cutting the dead weight. (Gilchrist- You're next up buddy). He's been unsexy about it, but he's sealed up the OL and won't have to reach for a guy in the draft. There's a lot of work left to do, and this upcoming draft is critical, but so far, I'm on board* *I reserve the right to take everything back if they bring in Cutler or give $$$ to Daniels or any other scrub.
  13. Sooth's new money making scheme?
  14. Maybe the Jets were afraid Folk's leg might accidentally win them a game or two this year. Better safe than sorry.
  15. I'm gun shy on Lattimore. Whoever the pick is, not only does he have to stay on the field, he has to produce.