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  1. might be time to go to an eye doctor
  2. He also thought the Jets should bring back Geno Smith
  3. Todd.. get off the message board and pay attention to the game
  4. Seriously. Give Petty the reps this week in practice. Anderson/Marshall/Enunwa/ Devin Smith and let's see how we do vs SF
  5. you were sayin..
  6. I think Petty slept with Robby Anderson's boo..
  7. Of course Gruden likes Geno Smith
  8. Tonight was the best thing to happen to this franchise. They've been exposed. Now let's make the needed changes.
  9. Where are Bowles and Fitz next year?
  10. almost looked like Fitz out there..
  11. Can't wait for Petty.... and then seeing the Jets keep the handcuffs on
  12. I'm surprised Gruden can speak so clearly with Revis' cock in his mouth
  13. Great play by Miles... and now we'll see Fitz in the 2nd half LOL.. taking a knee. **** Bowles.
  14. Gruden's a douche. Has any of Fitzpatrick's starts been 'pretty'?