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  1. So you don't pass on a QB until you pass on a QB. got it.
  2. I'm not sure who's performance was worse - Glennon's in this game or Foe for posting every throw from this game.
  3. probably. but i'll be rooting for Bowles to do a 180 and for one of our QBs to make a step forward. As Jets fans we certainly can laugh at both of those possibilities, but after almost 50 years our luck has to change one of these days.. I think?
  4. i think it just means we needed a RB coach
  5. does the team employ a foot masseuse?
  6. I got a FedEx delivery this AM as well... got a Mark Sanchez jersey signed by Sar I.
  7. so your offseason includes a season.. and a post season. interesting.
  8. technically you have words strung together that appear to be in a sentence-like structure.. but not one single thing written here makes any sense.
  9. yay! a coach who's never coached Revis and who hasn't watched any 2016 game film assumes that Revis can easily make the switch to safety.
  10. So Vinny comes in week 3 and destroys the Colts 44-6, then moves on and defeats Miami 20-9. Foley gets healthy enough to play, and Parcells chooses to put him back in? Not sure I'm buying what you're selling.
  11. If this is true, this is even dumber than the alternative. So Parcells KNEW Vinny was his 'ace in the "whole"' yet let Foley start the season 0-2, only went to Vinny when Foley got hurt, and then went back to Foley when the Jets were 2-2 - only to see Foley go 5-15 and lose 30-10 to the Rams before handing the job back to Vinny.
  12. wait.. so people are actually buying this 'Chan was only going to coach for two years' crap. Right. And Kotite quit. The team needed a scape goat, and Gailey was probably happy to take the fall and get out.
  13. Personal attacks aside, you're either an idiot or a troll. Seriously - what kind of actual Jets fan would sign up to a message board with that user name?
  14. The Absinthe must have messed with your memory. In 2004 the Jets had Chad Pennington entrenched as their starting QB. In 2002 he came off the bench and led the team to a division championship, and a 41-0 win over the Colts and Manning in the playoffs. In 2003 he suffered his suffered his first major injury - his wrist - in the preseason. He returned in week 9 with the team 2-6 and led them 4-4 down the stretch. Why (besides for your hindsight) would the Jets be using a 1st round pick in 2004 on a QB?