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  1. didn't Rex used to watch other guys worship his wife's feet?
  2. but his body is a wonderland
  3. Sweet! If I put down $100 on the Jets to win the SB this year, this means I'll lose $100
  4. Holy ****. Throw the kid in there this year. Starting the year off with McCown accomplishes nothing and is just delaying the inevitable. If Hack falls on this face, let him fall. The entire existence of the 2017 season is for the Jets to find out if Hack (or Petty) can actually be a starting NFL QB. The only way to do that is to get them on the field. **** McCown. Let him 'mentor' with his $6M on the bench. Throw in Hack. Let him sink or swim. If he sh*ts up the bed, Petty gets the nod down the stretch and you are in a position to draft a top QB in 2018. It's not that complicated.
  5. Where's Darrin Walls when you need him?
  6. Hey! I've watched gay porn. I know how it's done.
  7. Remember 2016 week 1 vs Cleveland when McCown sliced us and diced us until he got hurt? Think he had them up 20-7. I'm sure Bowles does.
  8. because you blow. duh.
  9. what kind of work you looking to do for sports? cause there's a reason they call it a blow job, hear what i'm saying?
  10. It would confuse Bowles enough to start him.
  11. Questions that need immediate answering: 1) Do they like Jamal? 2) Do they like Marcus? 3) Do they still like Calvin?
  12. If Bowles wanted the flexibility to run a little of what they used to do in Arizona, the new safeties will definitely help. I think the CBs are adequate. I like Burris, I like Roberts. Maybe the guy from Dallas stays healthy. He's playing for a contract. Speaking of playing for a contract - Sheldon Richardson. He's going to have a monster year. I also expect Mo to bounce back. Yeah he's lazy, but yeah, he also had a broken leg and those injuries take time. The young LBs all have another year under their belts, and Harris might be a 2 down guy this year. I don't know. Call me optimistic. But most likely stupid. So just call me that.
  13. Sadly, no. I believe the contract starts at 6M and he could get up to 12M with game bonuses. Regardless, I don't give a fcuk what they paid him. The team has zero money tied up at QB and could afford to overspend to land their guy. But 'their guy' better be 'their guy' to be a mentor to Petty and Hack, and not to start 1/2 the games this season. Of course, given Todd 'He gives us the best chance to win' Bowles, I'm guessing, barring injury, McCown gets every penny of his Jets deal
  14. Trading Pryor is fine, but they better have plans to cut Gilchrist's over paid ass as soon as he can pass a physical
  15. I almost want them to draft a safety just to watch heads explode around here. Ideally a trade back here and then grab either the best OL/CB/WR on your board.