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  1. WTF? If Breno can't go and could be a possibility for the PUP, let's cut bait and save the $$$.
  2. And Cromartie does?
  3. Pretending he won't be repeatedly allowed to tackle any DL opposite him to protect Brady? That's cute.
  4. If I had to guess, the Jets are exploring trying to dump Geno for a later round draft pick. There's really no reason to keep him on this roster - he's out in 2017 regardless, and at this point wasting 4 roster spots on QBs just seems dumb.
  5. Hope the OP is right. Besides, throwing Hack into a game at this point is almost a disservice given then extremely limited amount of reps he's had in camp. I'd expect they'd give him some mop up work in the last pre season game. As for Petty vs Geno.. as a defender (not supporter) of Geno on this board, I think it's time to cut bait with him and roll with Petty. Yeah, preseason means nada blah blah blah no game planning.. yeah i get it - but I don't think I saw Geno go through his reads more than once or twice last night. Every snap he'd lock into his WR and forced the ball to him whether it being a good idea or not. That's not something a 4th year QB should be doing. Cut bait, save his $1M and hope that Petty develops into something worth keeping on the 2018 roster.
  6. Burris gets a turn
  7. Geno has telegraphed every ******* throw tonight. Forget keeping 4qbs. Cut his ass
  8. Can anyone explain what happened to Marcus Williams? Playing like the old #20 tonight
  9. Special teams is vastly improved. Looks like we're going to need it
  10. O-line looks solid.
  11. What the **** was that Geno?
  12. Fitz looks like he's in mid season form
  13. Amaro is a joke
  14. I'll take a preseason fumble if it means this a-hole gets cut