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  1. I'll be joining.. probably tomorrow
  2. Agreed about Geno to a point. But Geno going out and failing at this juncture isn't as much of a blow to them as Petty doing so. Petty will be here in 2017 in some capacity. He's the first QB Mac drafted. They want to give him an ideal situation to walk into.
  3. how so? If they put Petty in a bad situation after missing 5 weeks and he looks bad, people will be screaming about how he's a wasted draft pick - a pick that this front office made. If Geno goes out and sh*ts the bed, so what? He's a leftover from the previous regime who wont be here in 2017. They had to replace Fitz now and didn't want to rush Petty into action. They'll play Petty when he's up to speed and not a minute before. It's not that hard to grasp
  4. How many times are you going to spam the board with this crap? Unless you have a link that describes the alleged damage to his shoulder that you're claiming.. STFU
  5. I think there's also something to be said about Petty being Mac's draft pick. They throw him in there after missing the last 5 weeks of practice and he looks bad, that's a hit on them. They'd rather play it safe and let him get up to speed. Meanwhile, throw Geno out there - he's an Idzik pick and has already under performed.. so there's really not much to lose.
  6. You mean like when Gruden said the exact same thing during the replay that clearly showed open WRs while Fitz decided to force it into his first read? Week in/week out there have been open wrs. If you look at the weekly QB breakdown thread on JN you'll see that the playcalling and lack of open wrs aren't the problem.
  7. hindsight is one helluva drug.
  8. If he's hurt, sit him. We have enough DTs
  9. Didn't the announcers say that it had been 35 games since the Bears last defensive TD?
  10. Fitz needed to be benched, but the timing has put the organization in a weird position. I don't doubt that there are no current 2017 plans that include Geno - so what if he goes out and plays reasonably well, winning a few games? Do the Jets continue to trot him out there, keeping Petty on the bench? Do the Jets consider offering him a deal for 2017? As Jets fans, do we really want either scenario? And if he is playing decent, do we have any assurances that the coaching staff will pull him regardless and give Petty a shot? And what's the alternative - he falls on his face and they do bring Petty in? In a way, that's what most fans want - so what's the point in rooting for him to look good? Make no mistake, I'll be rooting for him..but other than the 'I root for the Jets' rational, I'm not sure exactly why..
  11. 100% Class. Imagine if this a$$ was on the Jets?
  12. And here I was, opening this thread hoping to see a topless Leonard Williams photo
  13. Not for nothing, but we'd be heading to 1-6 either way.
  14. Bowles is a player's coach. I'm not surprised that immediately after the game he stood up for Fitz. That's Bowles. I'm also not surprised that beginning on Tuesday there was some backtracking on Monday's comments. The coaches met. They looked at tape. They discussed their options. The coaches know Fitz has been horrible. They also know the locker room likes him. But you have to make a move for accountability. And in 2016, that starts and ends at the QB position.
  15. Woody is paying Fitz $12M and is well aware of the hatred the fan base has towards Geno. Why would he intervene and tell the coaching staff to start him?