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  1. Personal attacks aside, you're either an idiot or a troll. Seriously - what kind of actual Jets fan would sign up to a message board with that user name?
  2. The Absinthe must have messed with your memory. In 2004 the Jets had Chad Pennington entrenched as their starting QB. In 2002 he came off the bench and led the team to a division championship, and a 41-0 win over the Colts and Manning in the playoffs. In 2003 he suffered his suffered his first major injury - his wrist - in the preseason. He returned in week 9 with the team 2-6 and led them 4-4 down the stretch. Why (besides for your hindsight) would the Jets be using a 1st round pick in 2004 on a QB?
  3. how do you look at those contract numbers and reach that conclusion?
  4. Sadly I listen to Boomer and Carton on my drive into work. Here's what happened: Marshall called into the show because a caller said he had just almost hit Marshall- who was riding a segway in Brooklyn. Marshall called in to joke about that claim, and Carton turned the conversation to the Jets. He asked Marshall if he'd be willing to rip up his contract and play for the vet min. Marshall laughed and said no. Carton reminded him about his comments about playing for free. Marshall said that he loved the game so much that if he had no choice, he would play for free - but he knows his value and will play for what he's worth. He then said that if you actually look at his #s from the past few seasons, he's been underpaid compared to his productivity - but of course after a 50something catch season for less than 900 yards that the team is going to turn around and want to talk pay cut. He didn't come out and say whether he'd be open to reworking his deal. Carton then got on a tangent about how Marshall won't be back next year, and that Brandon should go attempt to play for a winner before his career is over. And that was that.
  5. So he's a franchise QB BUT he won't go until the late 1st/early 2nd round. And you want the Jets to draft him 30 picks early just so they don't miss out. #logic
  6. I don't know. Home grown talent. 25 years old. Ascending play. Market value contract. Can someone remind me why people are complaining again?
  7. an up and comer who's been a RB coach for over a decade. i'm sure he's a good guy and a good position coach, but he seems underwhelming as a guy we'd want to come in, mentor young QBs and design an offense
  8. If Denver wanted him back as an OC you might have a point
  9. why? what has Lynn shown that makes you or anyone want him here?
  10. The guy was the interim coach in Denver in 2010 and voluntarily started Tim Tebow.
  11. Not at all. My comment was in response to Mannish claiming that there was no downside to playing him.... as if a bad performance wouldn't have the Jets tabloid writers salivating all off season tearing into the guy based on one bad game. That being said, I would've rather seen him play than Fitz in week 17 - but Manish can't claim 'no downside'
  12. lolz at 'no real downside' to playing Hack in the season finale. Imagine what Manish would be writing after a 11-30 2int performance? Hack would be completely buried
  13. And Todd Bowles and Kacy Rodgers are still employed.
  14. If the Jets draft a ILB or S at the 6 spot, Mac needs to go. This team needs blue chip talent at high price positions - OT, CB, QB - if the value isn't there at #6, trade down, accumulate more picks, and grab one later.