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  1. There's a HUGE difference...

    Here's the problem. The Jets win 4 games. Pick 4th or 5th. The top QB prospects are gone. Who's the QB in 2018? A nice catch or a good tackle is nice, but its long overdue to get a QB in here.
  2. There's a HUGE difference...

    I'm not saying anything new. At least if they started Petty or Hackenberg and they won a few games it would give you hope for the future. Winning with McCown does nothing. I enjoyed seeing the dolphin fans leaving the stadium all dejected, but tomorrow morning we're 1-2 and need to lose 13 or 14 more to get a QB
  3. There's a HUGE difference...

    I'm not naive enough to think there's a locker room scheme to tank the season. As a fan, I want them to lose every game until they get a QB
  4. There's a HUGE difference...

    Math is pretty simple. A few more wins and 4-12 or 5-11 will have us missing out on the best QB prospects since Luck. I'm 39. I have season tickets. I don't like seeing the team lose. But at some point you have to look big picture.
  5. There's a HUGE difference...

    Dude.. we won with McCown. A 38 year old at the most important position on the field. A position where we don't have a starter in 2018 right now. All that matters.
  6. Cost me $75 to re-up in my suicide pool today. ******* Jets.
  7. 3 and 2

    Max sure knows how to drive traffic up on his board.
  8. I guess the bright side to this is he didn't say that the two were safe no matter what this year.
  9. I don't want to say it but

    important game to lose this week.. can't be getting all uppity with a week 3 win. season's a long haul - those one or two wins should be saved for later, when we can truly blow our chances at one of the top 2 draft picks.
  10. MNF Lions-Giants

    Marshall drops a 30 yard pass. Imagine that.
  11. there's zero chance Petty sees the field until McCown gets knocked out of a game. Bowles is an arseclown
  12. Have either of our draft pick WRs had a pass thrown their way?
  13. I can live with going 1-15 and getting a top QB in the draft, but Bowles better be long gone.
  14. My point is our defense ******* sucks. And that's on Todd sh*tbag Bowels. They didn't have a firesale on the defensive side of the ball this offseason. It's the defense that should be keeping us hanging around games
  15. LOL.. seriously. WTF is McCown doing in a 35-13 game in the 4th quarter? I mean, you could ask that question when the score is 0-0 but at what point do you just put in one of the young guys?
  16. Amazing that our offense looks semi competent and our 17 years straight of drafting defense in the first round and our 8 straight head coaches with defensive backgrounds leads to this
  17. A 4th for Steve McClendon? Someone taking on McCown's contract? you guys are a riot.
  18. Craig Carton "Resigns"

    the dude was replacing Don Imus. the bar had been set pretty low
  19. Personally, I'm just amazed the Jets still had all 3 of their timeouts left that late in the game. And who said Bowles hasn't improved???!??
  20. I'm sure Forte's 5.8 40 speed, stone hands, and $4M salary is enticing for any top team looking to replace an all pro player.
  21. Will the Jets average 10 points per game?

    We have to start missing these 48 and 52 yard FGs
  22. Bowles Lives on Another World

    We're lucky to have Bowles. Without him, and this roster might eek out a win or two this year and miss out on the #1 pick in 2018