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  1. I'm ready when you are!!!!
  2. Marley
  3. Jammin
  4. Geno Smith coming back would guarantee we win one or two games too many to be in the Sam Darnold sweepstakes. Just play those two QBs we already have and ride that drowning poney into the deep water and for once catch the big fish. Suck 4 Sam 2017!!!
  5. Johnny
  6. What about the " eye of the tiger"? Without that you got nothing.
  7. LOL. Just can't believe grown damn professional athlete makes tweet like a little girl about the boy she likes.
  8. I'm surprised that he tweats like a 13 year old girl
  9. He was great for the last 11 years. That's for sure. Lucky to have the guy.
  10. Be careful. Anytime I tend to my dogs drunk I end with stuff like this
  11. ^^ loser ^^ winner
  12. Tomato juice. Three for times wash
  13. Super Suck 4 Sam? Me likey and thank you.
  14. Yes. I count myself as an exodus. Bought same weight give take