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  1. Who needs O lineman when you can hold ?
  2. A technique commonly used by wife's everywhere.
  3. Sorta chose me. @Integrity28
  4. I find wearing a name tag helps.
  5. If we can ever get a successful starter I would tatoo it on my butt.
  6. Somewhere between dominant and slouch.
  7. Super groovy is a stretch.
  8. Eyebrows? Check.
  9. Not yet.
  10. 2nd year in the league not started yet and prognosticating he gets snubbed by the HOF? Haha Jetfans
  11. Woman find those jerseys irresistible.
  12. I'm on the mum list until bye week. Worn myself out trying to play a game most are not playing. Obviously you didn't see Bryce Petty play decent against 3rd stringers. Ungrateful Bastid you is. Geno Smith can't open his jaw wide enough to eat children