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  1. Pretty sure Fitz coming back doesn't remove the possibility of seeing Geno this year. Granted it won't be in the "Do or Die" NFL only starting QB on the roster fashion but tons of scenarios lead to Geno getting time. Fitz style of play, just like last year will lead to quality snaps for Geno. Let's hope he can parlay them into quality time increasing his value as a player here or trading chip for next year. Mac scored big time on this deal and very little has to do with determining this years final record. You can tell from his non-Ryanesque response of not guaranteeing a post season spot. Reality is the cards are stacked against us and we going to need a few breaks to get close to a post season birth. I for one find it refreshing to have this kind of honesty from our front office. The move to get Fitz is for the betterment of the Jets going forward and speaks volumes about the MacBowles regime legacy of competence . It shows the young QB's how things work in a competent NFL franchise and allows them to have two veterans with very different playing paths to gain experience from. I think it will make them respect the starting QB position and not be force or in a sense "allow them" to luck into starting snaps ( they are not ready for) due to injury or poor play and poor depth planning. Sleep well Big Mac, mmmmm Big Mac. Damn it!! Loss my train of thought.
  2. If this fresh bruise on Geno's ego doesn't wake him up its fair at this point to imagine nothing will. Welcome to the board.. Coo Coo Ca Choo.
  3. Put some tape and rub some damn dirt on it Dexter .
  4. Chamge sucks. I hate it . Football is coming to save us. Thank heavens.
  5. I'm good dude . Saw the humor in it. I just hope as training camp picks up heading towards the season real news creates enjoyable threads. Life been sucked out of this place.
  6. No we don't. We are not going to be calling people out. Nothing good comes of it.
  7. They didn't. Two threads had to be lock because nobody finds it necessary to respect the guy that provides this awesome site to talk about our favorite team. I'm not standing for it. Personal attacks. Political trash talk. Antagostic flaming responses that do nothing but annoy will get you banned. Try me. Stop it now. Training camp just started. Season is coming. FOLOW THE RULES Or CEASE TO EXIST.
  8. To me seems like you come here to pick s fight.
  9. Wow. Very crude and argument start to a thread. To answer your question of what I think pretty sure I lock this thread and possibly ban you when I'm done reading it. I guess?
  10. Got to watch him play live half dozen times at Maryland . If the kid could stay healthy I whole cholesterol filled heartedly think he could be a very good player.
  11. Sanchez was in the first two years of his career. Lets see what Fitz does this year before we use the best word.