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  1. Wait till Geno delivers a victory this week. Be up to $45.50 next week.
  2. As long as the ratio of PAC game post to Klecko saying he sucks post stays around 10:1 we good.
  3. LOL. Business as usual.
  4. What about Pac?
  5. Integrity28 57,550 Replied: 2 hours ago ยท Report Tell her I'm in
  6. Happy Birthday Jizzmaster Sperm.
  7. The Ape is in. He told me so.
  8. Is Ape playing? He said he wanted to awhile back
  9. Well hang out the 80 more and you won't need surgery. Can you say pristine?
  10. Yay.. Abour you being in. Not the shoulder surgery.
  11. Like I said before when the defense started to become terrible, poor scheming, guys playing out of position, lack of adjustments and god awful coaching will eventually convince a fan base every player sucks. So far we have Pryor being a bust because he is playing free safety instead of in the box strong safety. Sheldon sucks because he is playing outside linebacker instead of defensive end. Hell we even had a Leonard Williams is a bust thread!! Todd Blowes is way in over his head and like any family it's the children's that suffer when Daddy loses control of things.
  12. 3 and out? Turnover?? What you gonna ask for next a pick 6??? Fumble return for td????? Child please.
  13. Anyone can. Just look at his homepage.
  14. I agree with that. But pretty sure he was known as the do a lot with a little defensive coordinator man in SAN Fransisco. I could be wrong. Just what I remember.