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  1. You are such a class act boss. After all the crap between you and Sooth you still respect his privacy.
  2. Like any of us expect anything else. It's always a grind watching this team.
  3. If that's insane, sanity is no place for me . I love you.
  4. No cupcakes? Dude stop, your scaring the fatman.
  5. To be fair we don't beat good teams period. So the fact we play them at home or away is irrelevant. Basically rendering your prognostication to nothing more than an urban legend. So basically we make the playoffs and attend our third NFL final four tournement in ten years. Not too shabby if you ask this fatman.
  6. Beach Bully Barbecue in Virgina Beach. OMG
  7. Completely Defy the system. Well and the rules. But hey dynasty and stuff.
  8. Hell of a coincidence . LOL
  9. Legitimate? Really?
  10. Glad your enjoying yourself because pretty soon you won't be.
  11. When was the last time you went outside to feel the wind or the rain?
  12. Smart money has you wrapped up here well before that.
  13. To be fair they were pretty dangerous to us till last Thursday.
  14. Do you really have to make this easy for him? Really?