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  1. Oh to be hated..
  2. Didn't he get shot in the ass?
  3. Jesse James is a fifth round player with a really cool name. We couldn't draft a good TE with 5 first round picks. We suck.,
  4. LeVeon Bell is silly sauce. Hit him 2yds deep in the backfield and you are lucky if he only gets 6 yards. Guy is outstanding
  5. considering it came down to the last few seconds. Yes!!!
  6. That's what you came away with ? Haha
  7. We are lucky to be able to watch Aaron Rodgers play this game. That pass was truly a thing of beauty. The catch was amazing as well. Awesome Game. Rooting for PAC to win it all.
  8. What an amazing game!!
  9. They also defy the ideal gas law too
  10. 50 yard is a chip shot for this kid. Rogers is goat!!!! Goat!!!!
  11. Well uh errr. Wow. What a game