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  1. Yesterday myself, my lovely wife and charming daughter went to this old school diner and I got this silly over sized roast beef club. Changed my life.
  2. I never got the road rage. Spend most my time in Drive thus. Is it ok if I say this prick should spend the rest of his miserable hate spewing life in prison? I hope so.
  3. Whewww! Only took six looks at the title before it registered. Thank goodness. Me thought I was slipping.
  4. You get bacon and you get bacon and you get bacon... haha fuck you do
  5. 1. Bacon in my hands 2. Bacon in my mouth 3. Bacon in my belly
  6. 1. Bacon 2. Bacon 3. Bacon
  7. Masteclass in mafia
  8. Even our safeties got safeties!
  9. In a storm of irony I would guess joewill12 and SAR I are his supporters. Rest us? F-Woody.
  10. Ha. He thought you were talking about Lear Jets.
  11. Crap is eternal
  12. F U thunder thighs
  13. "Hey anybody here know if the crap has stopped yet?" smashmouth wants to know.
  14. Can I be Starsky?