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  1. Hackett, Schotty, Gailey, and on and on

    ...and you nailed it. Knew you would. Haha
  2. Word Association

    STEAK! Yay, Inlove you steak!
  3. They are NFL safeties not whales at Seaword. We always make Smash plays.
  4. Hackett, Schotty, Gailey, and on and on

    You can't bounce back if you never fall down.
  5. Banners will get cheap soon. The fly over the beach announcing $26.99 Calabash Buffet Before 6pm season is almost over.
  6. Word Association

  7. Word Association

    Drive thru
  8. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Dude went right from playing pocket pool to putting his hands up.
  9. Word Association

  10. You guys watch them Im keeping my eye on Dexter.
  11. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Official vote count Decker-(3) J80, nol, spooty Spoot-(1) Decker Ape-(2) CTM NOL-(3) Lizzie, nyn, DPR Pac-(1) Dicetosser J80-(1) Pac * NOTE* New deadline Monday 8/21 730 pm eastern *
  12. Word Association

  13. Word Association