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  1. Damn!! I'm sorry Daddy. LOL.
  2. No. it doesn't. Not at all. So GFY and STFU.
  3. Pooping
  4. Exactly. To much loss. CTM, Slats, Dan x, JVOR, Brett, Sharrow, Shutout ( didn't play many but played well), Wombat (DMer but a good one), Wombats brother (way better than Wombat), Pacs Ladyfriend ( way better than PAC, hold her liquor better too), DMer with the little evil dog, Teh Doggin (terrible mod great player) , SMC ( Lord Sith of the deadthread), Vic ( Spider-Man, awkward boner, scum Vic God, emo innovator), and some I forhot. All gone all missed. JN Mafia has run its course. Already asked Max to dissolve the forum into the lounge. We should just honor our dead and be done with it. " Your fight is over."
  5. Tiger
  6. Power
  7. If we are being honest Revis has already phased himself out. But yeah sure.
  8. Shhhh, just close your eyes, it will be over in a minute.
  9. Yes. You do the work and I will be loveable. Can't miss. As long as you never speak. We got this shit.
  10. Wow, do you ever take your mouth off your own dick? Like ever ? LOL. Sounds nice Ape.
  11. Yes. We will both quit teh mafia and start a home improvement business. But let me do the talking. Your kind of a dick. Just saying.
  12. My family decorates like a gay wedding for every holiday and birthday. Eleventy billion tack holes and a quarter trillion tape marks. I use s gallon of spacke in tack holes alone. I have no idea wtf they are so excited for.
  13. LOL. Yes. It's my fat asses fault you think your the center of all discussions. I'm sorry.
  14. Funny enough my parents are coming down for my 50th birthday this New Year's Eve so Mrs Crusher decided We had to paint the living room, hall and ceiling. Been like living at Lowes.