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  1. So basically joewilly owes the Jets a kidney for his disloyalty? They can then offer it as a Jets rewards program benefit for a loyalist in need.
  2. No way in hell you didn't know we would end there. LOL
  3. Since we are talking about the Jets you are probably right. At the same time not sure any NFL team would come out and admit they are tanking. My thought would be pick up a scrap heap QB like McCown and talk about him like you believe you can win with him. Hopefully Bowles is practicing his "surprise face" for the media so when the team starts out 0-8 and he puts in Petty or Hack to "save" the season. Not sure what what you think the off season of a tank season would look like. Personally I'm guessing just like this.
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. That would rather simplify things going forward.
  6. Words hurt sometimes
  7. City of Compton
  8. Whatever. I excel at that shit.
  9. Of course. Im fat and love men.
  10. Other than the Superbowl they won together?
  11. You're Jenny Craig?
  12. Possibly make tackles 3 yards deep instead of 6 yards deep. Progress!
  13. Boars are the tiny linebackers preferred method of transportation.
  14. Todd bring us back a boar hunter or gtfo. !