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  1. Have you watch him play the football yet?
  2. Maccnificent

    Who is that in the photo?
  3. SHAME on Jet fans

    Says the guy who has a lady named Dedra who makes all his traveling arrangements.,
  4. SHAME on Jet fans

    Cupcakes > Jet fans
  5. Yes. If they haven't watched forte run last couple years.
  6. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    We have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl this year then going 0-16.
  7. SHAME on Jet fans

    Please no name calling. Thanks.
  8. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Good post. It's getting harder and harder to find guys that are truly excited about playing football for the sake of the game. This kid loves the game and it shows.
  9. The Optimists View

    My son and I watched the game enjoying chicken wings at the local sorts bar. Over the years we got to know lots of rival fans. This one couple from Miami we have been watching games 10 years with sat with us. The wife, a very big football fan, lectured me on how tanking takes away from the spirit of the game before it started. During halftime and at the end of the game she talked about how her granddaughters were adapting to college life. I was relieved they are both doing just ducky.
  10. Pizza Hut? Heyday was the 80's. Back then I shared my food with the people with me.
  11. Just made a nice tackle my friend.
  12. I'm pushing the brand...
  13. Today we win. Book it. Things are starting to gel, the offense line are beginning to trust one another and Jamal Adams pretty much a lock for defensive player of the year.
  14. We better effing lose every game

    Bring back Dexter!!
  15. "Classy" Giants Fans...

    Hopefully the person the pukester landed on was hardy. be a shame if he landed on a kid or slightly built woman.
  16. My assessment of Darron is fine," Jets coach Todd Bowles said. "He's a linebacker for us. He plays well. He has some mistakes he can correct, just like everybody else on defense." LOL
  17. NFL may scrap moves to LA

    To be fair LA got some nice boobs!