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  1. Go for the sure pick. We have had too many high picks bust. Therefore, DO NOT take Dee Milner 2.0 (Lattimore). Adams ( I have a hunch he will fall when a QB is picked early), Howard or Fournette. If I had to pick one, I would say Howard (who is my personal favorite at 6).
  2. It's really quite simple: Whether the Jets roll the dice or make a well researched and thought out pick doesn't matter when every pick is ultimately Mac's choice. Therefore, he is responsible. <end thread> NOTE: Personally, I think it's too soon to use the word "blame". Maybe it was a terrible pick. Maybe it wasn't. I think we need to revisit that subject in a year or three.
  3. I never have hit a woman in my life. God knows I've wanted to at times, but I have always restrained myself. However, if a woman hits me then all bets are off. I am not going to do a tap dance while being attacked. I will defend myself and I believe I have a right to. That said, Mixon's response was way beyond what was called for. I am on the fence about him being on my team.
  4. I don't think the physical attributes and abilities necessarily translate into a good mentor. I believe the mental part is more important and a mentor should be the following (not in any particular order): A high character guy A good teacher Experienced veteran (has "seen it all") Smart Able to play in a pinch
  5. I wouldn't get to revved up over that. I think it's important to have at least one experienced veteran who can mentor the young QB's. That doesn't mean they won't start one of the young guys. It could even mean that Mac WILL draft a QB. My logic to that is that he didn't acquire a better QB (albeit marginally) than McCown. That doesn't make sense to me. I find it hard to believe they would purposely tank, but it would make some sense if he intended to draft a QB. Then, I think, Petty would be toast.
  6. I completely agree with you (and that is rare) EXCEPT for your last paragraph. Based on recent history I think that it is the Jets' intent to play their cards close to the vest. I have no idea who or what position the Jets will pick.
  7. You're half right. This is standard pre-draft posturing. But not to get another team to jump us, but rather, to get another team to trade up for our pick. Mac has already let it be known that he wants to trade down... unless... that statement was standard pre-draft posturing. This stuff will make your head hurt, if you let it.
  8. I feel like the opposite is possible. I didn't think they would take a QB at 6 prior to the signing of McCown. Now I wonder if that is exactly why they signed McCown rather than a better (albeit marginally) QB. I can't believe they would purposely tank. Just saying...
  9. Nope. I'm not sure of that either. That remains to be seen.
  10. Are you sure he is worth $10 mil/year? I'm not.
  11. Actually, Mac has always played his cards close to his vest in free agency. Most signings in the past few years have come with little if any prior leaks.
  12. It was a good move to lock him up before free agency, where he would likely fly away. There are very few starting caliber LT's available and most are not very good. Plus, this guy is versatile. If we draft an LT we can still use him elsewhere in the line. We now have insurance while leaving our options open. I like it.
  13. I didn't think this 2 days ago, but as the free agent QB pool begins to dry up I am wondering if we might wind up drafting a QB. Even if Mac didn't want to, he may feel compelled to do so.