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  1. I am certainly not a Mac apologist, but prior to this off season, who should he have picked in the draft or brought in as a free agent? For a while, it was pretty slim pickings if you were looking for a QB. It's tough to make champagne out of beer.
  2. This thread is moot. A QB cannot be judged based on one preseason game.
  3. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

    I like Led Zeppelin. I never heard of these guys, but I like them... and yes, they DO sound like Plant and Page. If you like Led Zeppelin, you should also check out Dread Zeppelin:
  4. The exclusive "NEGATIVE" thread

    You goofed. This statement has no place in a negative thread.
  5. I am as excited by the coaching changes as anything else we did in the offseason. It seems Bowles has made some excellent choices. Thanks for great job you have been doing, KRL. I look forward to your reports all through the off-season and find myself disappointed when you have to go back to work.
  6. a Lucky Jet

    Obviously, he is not random. I'm betting the dude is an acquaintance of his.
  7. Regardless of how good Hack looks in 2017, we MUST come out of the 2018 draft with a franchise QB. The Jets have set themselves up to be positioned in the top of the draft, essentially making a huge investment in the future. If, against all odds, the we have a good season and are not high enough in the draft to land that long sought after franchise QB, then we MUST trade up... whatever the cost (see Eagles and Carson Wentz). If this means we wind up with 2 franchise QB's, isn't that a shame? What a great problem to have! We could trade one of them and recoup some or all of the capital it cost us to move up in the draft. Losing season or trade up... there are no other acceptable outcomes.
  8. https://fansided.com/2017/05/23/odell-beckham-jr-signs-record-endorsement-deal-nike/ "Nike decided to match an offer that Beckham Jr. received from Adidas that is believed to be for five years and more than $29 million. He notes the deal could eventually escalate to as much as $48 million over eight years" Just how much does a guy have to make before you consider it "endorsement gold"?
  9. But, there's another side. Cimini points out: "what college star wouldn't relish a chance to play in the New York market for a quarterback-starved franchise?" It would be a chance for him to be a hero and savior. Additionally, there is much more money to be made hawking various products in larger market areas... and money is the great equalizer. Sure there's a chance he leaves us at the alter. Who knows?
  10. I would never discount any possibility in the NFL. If Hack is actually decent, then its a moot point anyway. We would win too many games to land one of the top QB's, even with only 4 or 5 wins.
  11. let us see how long Mauldin Lasts now

    I don't want any of you on MY jury!
  12. IDK... I just don't see the big deal. McCown came in and looked worse than expected PLUS Hack looked better than expected EQUALS the're closer together then many thought. Thank you Captain Obvious!
  13. I'm not ready to anoint him anything yet. But I think it's safe at this point to say he will be a good player.