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  1. I don't want any of you on MY jury!
  2. IDK... I just don't see the big deal. McCown came in and looked worse than expected PLUS Hack looked better than expected EQUALS the're closer together then many thought. Thank you Captain Obvious!
  3. I'm not ready to anoint him anything yet. But I think it's safe at this point to say he will be a good player.
  4. Correct. No one should be blaming Mac for this. I have long been resistant to all the chatter about Woody being a bad owner, thinking of how willing he has been to open his checkbook. But now, the cutting of Harris and Decker have convinced me otherwise. Even if we allow for the fact that Woody seems to have decided to tank, there is no excuse (except misguided stupidity) to let these two players go. They would have helped the young players on both sides of the ball grow into the NFL. Now there is no one except Josh McCown, who has no previous history with the Jets. He will certainly provide some leadership and guidance, but who will set the example for all the young receivers on the team? Who will set the example for all the young defensive players? Bad move Woody. Mac and Bowles are helpless in this.
  5. BPA is only effective if the scouting reports are accurate and the GM is selecting the right players in the draft. As you point out, this hasn't been happening. But don't blame it on the BPA philosophy- blame it on the staff. Other teams have gone BPA quite successfully.
  6. My sentiments. The whole thing is fake news. It's the quiet time of the season and the hacks are looking for a story. Don't believe everything you read.
  7. From Rich Cimini: 10. Confessions of a sideline reporter: Yep, I was the guy who encountered a Hackenberg pass last week at practice. With a phone in one hand and a notebook in the other, I was able to use my forearm to block a low sideline pass that hit damp grass and skipped like a stone on water. End of story. Can we stop the hysteria, please?
  8. Not to worry. If the Jets' draft pick is not high enough to land the QB they want, they will do whatever it takes to move up. They will have no choice or they will have tanked this season for naught.
  9. I heard it discussed on the Sirius-XM NFL channel. Apparently, he was told by his doctor that his football career is over.
  10. Looks like linguine and white clam sauce to me.
  11. Freelancing a route = more turnovers... especially with a less than average QB.
  12. You can't make this stuff up!
  13. I would think that means he has a HUGE playbook, which may not be such a good thing.
  14. You make my point better than I did. I was trying to say that it is possible, but only if it becomes second nature. For that to occur, it takes repetition, time and effort.
  15. This is probably true, but it IS possible to fix this problem- even under duress. The key is to practice the correct mechanics so many times that it becomes your new habit.