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  1. It's not JUST between the gangs. These punks have NOTHING to do and they LOOK to prey upon people for no reason who are just trying to live their own life. Violence is brought upon people and some, if they value their life, respond accordingly.
  2. I recall those crazy souped up Hyundai drag races up on the Dyckman Heights facing the east river - down that big hill and on the West Side Highway just after the tolls in Manhattan. They would stop traffic at like 2:30am on the highway (last time I saw it live was 2001) right after the tolls on the Inwood On ramps - at first you think you're about to be car jacked ON the highway?!?! and then they would speed all the way down to 125th st. at like 90+ mph with mufflers BLARING! Crazy. I hear you Foe. Times done changed for the better . . . . these brats don't know how good they got this city now.
  3. His argument is that you "can always simply walk away" That is just not true. That kid, like myself, Foe, and MANY others in certain areas of NYC during the 80's and early 90's, probably had to FIGHT his way out of a predicament JUST to survive in order to not end up in the hospital or be dead. I agree with the notion that violence is not the answer in every situation, but there are situations - through no actions of your own to provoke it - that violence is thrusted upon you and the only way to ensure you can live is retaliating with violence. The carte-blanche mentality that you simply can always walk away, even when surrounded, outnumbered, and followed down the block, is such a privileged and out-of-touch delusion because that is simply not the reality. Violence helped in that it afforded the boy self-preservation, with JUST a punctured lung as opposed to being in a morgue. FACT.
  4. That remark just indicated to me all I need to know about you regarding this topic. pathetic. smh. WOW, really bad reading comprehension, huh? The Coney Island kid was outnumbered. Can you still not segregate the difference between the Mixon situation and the LARGER debate that Foe has made? When did I say I LIVED in that neighborhood you dolt? I have worked in the area because, as MOST NYers know, INDUSTRIAL zones are primarily in the outer boroughs. I'm done with this. Joe Willy 12, is this fruity nut cake your kid or something?!!?!?
  5. YEAH!!! TRY WORKING THERE and having to visit that area EVERY DAY for the past 30 years. You brain dead, boy? reading comprehension no good? WHERE did I say additional violence HELPS you. I stated that, unfortunately, you can find yourself in unprovoked sitatuions and OUTNUMBERED, so VIOLENT SELF-DEFENSE IS THE ONLY RESOURCE and option available if you want to live to see the next day. And how DARE you simply dismiss an innocent 16 year getting a punctured lung from a mob of 10 with an IGNORANT remark such as this: "Big deal, so you posted an article regarding violence. It happens everyday. Still doesnt mean that more violence is the answer. Im sure if he fought back that it did a whole lotta good." YOU are F'n ridiculous. Done wasting time.
  6. Like I said, go check out E. Tremont and Webster Ave on a Saturday night and let's see how you react if approached by a group of punks by that White castle next to the Shell gas station. I don't know you and you don't know me, so don't make the elementary assumption of a typical millennial twat judging other people's realities from your coddled PC delusional mind. Steer clear of that Popeye's as well if you ever sack up and decide to visit that area I mentioned.
  7. You REALLY can't discern the difference between his correct POINT on society's hypocritical PC stance on gender violence and how that is different from the universal admonishment that all agree Mixon SHOULD have reacted differently and that is no endorsement of his actions? ENABLER for Violence? Pop outside your bubble some time and realize not EVERYONE is as educated and understanding of societal decorum the way you, apparently, have been fortunate enough to have been insulted by, since you see such a rosy-colored world where you can simply walk away. Violence comes to YOU and there are times that your ONLY OPTION is to react with violence for self defense or you end up w/a punctured lung like that kid on Easter Sunday in Coney Island; or like most others statistics in these parts: DEAD.
  8. SO . . . . back on topic McGinn on NFL draft: RBs | Teams weigh risk with Mixon A quick overview of the top three running backs on Bob McGinn's board. USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin First in position-by-position series previewing the 2017 NFL draft. GREEN BAY - Thirty-one owners of NFL teams and Mark Murphy, president and chief executive officer of the Green Bay Packers, ultimately will decide the immediate football fate of Joe Mixon in the draft next week. Mixon, the running back from Oklahoma, might be the draft’s most polarizing player after he brutally assaulted a woman in July 2014 with a right-handed punch that broke her jaw and caused other facial fractures leading to eight hours of surgery three days later. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera inside a restaurant in Norman, Okla. The video was released in December, showing millions what led to Oklahoma’s one-year suspension of Mixon from all football-related activities and his subsequent plea to a misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury. Mixon, 20, completed a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior counseling. The victim of the assault, Amelia Molitor, later filed a civil suit against Mixon that remains in litigation. In late December, Mixon held a news conference in which he apologized to Molitor, now 23. Mixon released the video himself a week earlier when court rulings made it apparent it soon would be made public anyway. Mixon’s status as a first-round talent is undeniable. He’s big, fast, athletic and versatile. In a draft deep with capable running backs, Mixon is one of only a handful of true three-down players. Each year, teams spend millions investigating character and off-field concerns. In some cities, scouts are valued as much if not more for their ability to uncover and evaluate red-flag issues on players than their ability to evaluate them as players. The league itself took a tougher stance against domestic violence after video surfaced of Ray Rice hitting his then-girlfriend in 2014. Rice’s attempts to resume his career failed when no team would sign him at the risk of public outcry and protest. Some teams remain irked about the NFL’s decision to ban Mixon from the scouting combine. As a result, more than 10 teams, including the Packers, have had Mixon visit their facility for interviews and medical evaluation. Others have sent representatives across the country to become more familiar with him. This month, the Journal Sentinel asked executives in personnel from 11 teams this question: What round, if any, would you feel comfortable drafting Joe Mixon? Six personnel men said they had made the decision not to draft Mixon under any circumstances. Of the three that would select Mixon, one said first round and two said third round. Two executives declined to comment. Here, in their words, is how 10 of the executives in personnel view Mixon entering the draft. In a draft deep with capable running backs, Oklahoma's Joe Mixon is one of only a handful of true three-down players. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports) AFC executive: “How can you in our (large) market? How could you in any market take that guy early or in general? Off the board. Me, personally, I’d have a very hard time living with that.” NFC executive: “I really think without the incident he’s a top-five pick. He’s probably going to go late first to mid-second. This guy’s just too talented. What he did was terrible. It was three years ago. He got suspended for a year. It’s not like he hasn’t paid a price. Since he did, he’s been fine. It will come down to the owner. I think a lot of owners will be very skeptical doing it. If I was in the 20s I’d take him.” AFC executive: “He will not be on my board. Impulsive violence against a defenseless woman. I believe in forgiveness, but this is not a matter of forgiveness. It’s natural consequences for an action. I wish him well. ... Once you watch it you become a witness. I don’t need someone else telling me what happened. Maybe I don’t know all the circumstances before and after. A lot of times you’re not sure what really happened. This one, I saw it. He’s had some other times where he’s snapped. Not this heinous. I’ve got to look my wife in the eye. That’s not what I’m about.” NFC executive: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable. You’re going to have to get up in front of a camera (if Mixon is drafted). If it’s on video now, you have no chance. But they swear by the kid at the school. He probably had too much to drink, but you can’t hit a girl. He won’t be on our board.” NFC executive: “Off the board. Our guys went and talked to him. They said he was really good. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. Just made a mistake when he was 18 and is paying for it.” AFC executive: “To be determined. I’m going to pass on that. Some opinions I get paid for.” AFC executive: “I am grading the guy as a player. The owner is the one that has to make the decision. There’s other people (football players) out there who have done much worse things. I don’t know what will happen, but I will bet you a team will draft him and he turns out to be a star. I don’t know how you’re going to justify it but if the guy goes out and scores touchdowns people are going to forget about it real quickly.” NFC executive: “If your owner signs off on it then you go ahead and take him. We’re definitely not going down that road. Whether you take him in the first or the seventh, either you’re making a stand or you’re not. It’s not like some other incidents where drugs or this and that (affect) the value and the round. To me, this is you’re yes or no for him.” AFC executive: “I did a lot of (expletive) when I was 18 that I’m not proud of but I never knocked out a girl. That’s just such a hot-button issue. I’m hearing too many things. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I don’t have the confidence in him to draft him. We can get another back. You may turn down a special guy but the special guy’s got risks. I couldn’t do it.” AFC executive: “He’s got talent but he’s also been caught on video. I took him off the board.” Sooners coach Bob Stoops suspended Mixon for a Nov. 3 game against Iowa State after he tore a parking ticket in half and threw it at the attendant, hitting her in the face. According to the police report, Mixon inched his car toward the attendant in what was described as intimidating fashion. In December, Stoops said he would have thrown Mixon off the team if he had slugged Molitor in the current climate. “Two-and-a-half years later, dismissal is really the only thing that is possible,” said Stoops. “A young guy having an opportunity to rehabilitate and to have some kind of discipline and come back from it is really not there anymore. Hopefully, that message goes down even to the high school level that these things are just unacceptable to any degree.” Stoops said he was shaken by the video, describing it as “horrible.” Sixteen personnel people agreed to rank the running backs on a 1-to-5 basis, with a first-place vote worth five points, a second worth four and so on. Leonard Fournette led with 73 points, including 10 firsts. He was followed by Dalvin Cook, 61 (four); Christian McCaffrey, 47 (one); Joe Mixon, 34 (one); Alvin Kamara, 12; D’Onta Foreman, five; Kareem Hunt, four; Samaje Perine, three, and Curtis Samuel, one.
  9. Grew up in Marble Hill area and had to deal with P.S. 141 Kappock & Kennedy HS kids. Rowdy and pugnacious lot. Had friends who went to Bronx Science who had their own survival issues fending off DeWitt Clinton kids jealous of BrnxSci' academic rep. Your environmental upbringing was probably even MORE rough than mine. I worked in my family business during summers from the ages of 14 through 18 in the Belmont section of the Bronx. Warehouse on the Webster Ave strip under the Cross Bronx along the Metro North tracks running alongside Park Ave. I worked unloading the delivery trucks to supermarkets all over the Bronx, Uptown Manhattan, Queens, and central Jersey - Elizabeth, Newark, JC. I agree. The term lady is not at all applicable to today's young females, they are JUST as foulmouthed and volatile like ANY OTHER punk out in the street. Not too long ago, a group of middle school urban girls walked in front of my residential building and in their passing by throw a 1/2 empty can of soda and a bag of chips on the ground. There was a garbage can not even 4 feet away. I point out to the girl who littered there was a receptacle to put that in. Her reaction? kicked the can towards me and yelled "**** You N$GGA" and they all laughed and started cursing and thought they could intimidate me with their profanity until they saw I just glared at them until they walked away. It's just sad. A younger, more spontaneous person - male or female - on THIS side of Morningside Heights probably would have started an altercation with those female punks.
  10. 16 and counting . . . .
  11. Thank you for the personal attack. Ok genius, so this kid should have simply walked away right? I wish I had your shell. 16-Year-Old Boy Beaten By Large Group At Coney Island After Being Asked 'Are You Static?' Coney Island, on April 8 (Scott Lynch / Flickr) A teenager was viciously attacked by ten people on Coney Island Sunday, leaving him with a punctured lung. The assault was caught on a video—which was posted to Facebook—and the attackers allegedly asked the 16-year-old victim, "Are you static?" before ganging up on him. The incident took place around 6 p.m. on Easter, April 16th. The victim was walking near 3205 West 12th Street when he got into a "verbal dispute" with ten males, an NYPD spokesperson said, which then turned into a physical altercation. The group kicked and punched the victim above the waist. Police and EMS responded to the scene and took the teen to Interfaith Hospital where he was in serious but stable condition. He suffered a small puncture to his lung as well as cuts and bruising above the torso. The victim's sister reportedly went to the 60th Precinct to report the attack on Monday. "As detectives began their probe, they were informed of the Facebook video and were able to connect it to the hospitalized teen. 'Today in Coney,' the Facebook user who posted the video, captioned it with three emojis for tears," according to WABC 7. The video remained on Facebook from Sunday through Wednesday afternoon. Facebook told the Post, "We remove graphic images and videos when they are shared to celebrate or glorify violence." (Copies of it ">are still on YouTube.) The NYPD investigation is ongoing.
  12. LOL. Thank you for pointing out that I phrased it poorly. It wasn't a challenge to him, lol. What I meant to express was that in THAT area of the Bronx, when someone comes at you, the ONLY WAY to NOT GET KILLED (and it's MOB beatdowns up there, homeboys eventually appear) IS by Responding with MORE violence just in the name of self defense. Thanks RJF. lol.
  13. Jabrill Peppers . . . . and he can do spot duty at RB as well. 3 birds in one hand.
  14. So this thread turned into a real . . .