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  1. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    Paul Reiser from Mad About You is in Aliens?!?!?!!? never saw the movie, let alone its sequels.
  2. It's not a civil right to Voluntarily OPT OUT of a guaranteed $13M salary to play in 2017? Societal Privilege vs. Civil Rights are not one in the same.
  3. Union prez Winston: Don't care if NFL 'dies out' NFL Players Association president Eric Winston agreed with DeMaurice Smith's recent comments that a work stoppage in 2021 is likely, given the current relationship between the union and the league. But Winston took it a step further Monday in an interview with television station WCPO in Cincinnati, suggesting that players shouldn't care that a strike or lockout "might kill the goose that laid the golden egg." "Honestly, I don't care, and I don't think the guys in this locker room care whether [the NFL] is going to be around in 20 years because none of us are going to be playing," Winston, an offensive tackle for the Bengals, told WCPO. "So if these guys [the owners] want to own for a long time, then they can own for a long time. But another work stoppage might kill the golden goose." Smith, the union's executive director, said last week that "the likelihood of either a strike or a lockout is almost a virtual certainty." Speaking at a fan forum hosted by the Detroit Lions, commissioner Roger Goodell said he hopes the two sides can come to an agreement before a work stoppage. "I think projections of whether there's going to be a work stoppage are really not the point," Goodell said. "The point should be let's sit down and figure out our differences and get it solved and do what's right for our fans and the game and try to make this an even more popular game collectively. And that's what I hope will happen." The NFL's current collective bargaining agreement, which is set to expire in 2021, was finalized after a 132-day lockout in 2011. Winston, 33, said the union is preparing its players for another prolonged labor dispute, and he emphasized that the long-term health of the NFL is not a concern of his. "I'm certainly not worried about it," he said. "I'm not going to be around that long. I don't care if even if there are rookies in here. They're not going to be playing that long. So if this thing dies out in 20 years, it dies out in 20 years. That's not really my concern, and I don't think it's any of these players' concern in here, either." Smith, when asked about Winston's comments during an interview Tuesday with ESPN's Outside the Lines, said the veteran offensive lineman is "a person who understands the frame and business of football." "The owners locked us out the last time," Smith said. "They took the decision to make sure that people didn't have a place to work. They cut off the insurance to our families. They wanted to force an 18-game schedule. What are you supposed to do? Fight back, right?" Winston is a 12-year veteran and has been the NFLPA's president since March 2014. He acknowledged that there are "always going to be issues between labor and management" and said that a work stoppage will be the "inevitable outcome" unless serious progress is made in negotiations. The NFLPA has clashed in recent years with the NFL over player discipline in such high-profile cases as Adrian Peterson's suspension for child abuse, Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension and Ezekiel Elliott's suspension for alleged domestic violence. Goodell said he thinks that although neither side is getting exactly what it wants, the current labor deal works for both sides. "We believe that we have a labor agreement that is working well for the players, is working well for the NFL and, I think, as a result, is working well for our fans," Goodell said. "We think we should continue that. Now, does that mean we think it's perfect? No. Does that mean the players think it's perfect? No. But this should be a basis for us to work together and get it solved." Winston also was asked Monday why he thinks fans tend to side with ownership in labor disputes. "My personal theory is [fans] think they have a stake in the team," he said. "I was as blindsided by it probably as anybody [in 2011]. ... They don't look at the issues the way we look at issues: wages, hours, working conditions and health and safety. You could talk about the same thing in a coal miners' union meeting as we do in our meetings. "I think fans look at the team and say that that's their team. They have an ownership in that. That's why you always hear fans say, 'Oh, the salary cap,' and they think they're kinda the general managers. Obviously, fantasy football and things like that play into it."
  4. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    Jets' Todd Bowles continues curious, evasive QB strategy FLORHAM PARK -- For the second straight training camp practice Wednesday, Jets coach Todd Bowles took a curious and evasive approach with his three-man quarterback competition, though it looks like Bryce Petty is clearly No. 3 in that pecking order. On Tuesday, presumptive starter Josh McCown received just three first-team reps, plus a handful of scout team snaps. On Wednesday, McCown continued to get relatively limited work. At one point, he played catch with injured rookie tight end Jordan Leggett (foot), in order to stay warm -- similar to how McCown ran sideline-to-sideline sprints during Tuesday's practice. Bowles has said he plans to name a starting quarterback Monday, coming out of the Jets' third preseason game, Saturday against the Giants. During the regular portion of practice Wednesday, McCown got five scout team reps and nine non-scout reps. (For all quarterbacks Wednesday, most non-scout reps were with the starters.) McCown concluded practice by running six reps with the starting offense in a half-speed two-minute drill. So he technically got 15 first-team reps Wednesday, plus five scout reps. Christian Hackenberg finished practice with 19 non-scout reps and 15 scout reps. Petty's numbers: 15 non-scout reps and 30 scout reps -- an indication he is No. 3 on the depth chart. So what's the deal here? Bowles cautioned reporters to not read too much into the reps on Tuesday and Wednesday. "I don't, so you probably shouldn't," he said. "Yeah, we script it [beforehand]. I don't count the reps. We count the plays. We don't count which quarterback goes in. We see what we need certain people to do [with plays]. And we put them in to do that." But for the most part, Bowles was again evasive after practice, despite being peppered with quarterback questions. Typically, a team gives its Week 1 starting quarterback extensive work leading up to -- and during -- the third preseason game. Why such limited action this week for McCown, who played one series in the Jets' first preseason game and not at all in their second, at the Lions? Hackenberg doesn't look at all ready to start in Week 1, based on his struggles against the Lions. McCown is the Jets' best option. Surely, then, they'd want to give him extended playing time in the third preseason game, since starters never play in the fourth game. Maybe McCown will play a lot against the Giants, after not practicing a ton this week. But if that's the case, Bowles did nothing to clear up the situation Wednesday, five days before he plans to name a Week 1 starter. Will all three quarterbacks play against the Giants? Could Hackenberg start again, as he did in Detroit? Might Bowles hold McCown out entirely on Saturday, to keep him healthy for Week 1? If so, how would Bowles feel about McCown playing just one series in the preseason? To all four questions, Bowles offered essentially the same answer: "We've got to sit down and talk about it. It's still early." He meant early in the week, of course, since it's not early in this quarterback competition. Bowles said he and his coaches will make decisions for the Giants game on Thursday night. Bowles said his Saturday starter would depend on what type of game plan the Jets want to run and "what we're trying to work on, on offense." Which, of course, sheds no light on anything. For what it's worth, Bowles did say he doesn't want to enter Week 1 planning to use a quarterback rotation, which is rare in the NFL anyway. He also believes right now that he will keep all three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster coming out of camp. "But that could change," Bowles said. Leaving open the possibility of the unexpected -- fitting for this Jets quarterback situation.
  5. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    Jets' quarterback competition gets weird ... and Todd Bowles clams up Josh Mccown was 5-for-5 in his limited action during Wednesday's Jets practice. AP Photo/Seth Wenig Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- For the second straight day, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty shared the majority of the quarterback reps, with Josh McCown reduced to a bit role on Wednesday. This is a curious way to conduct a competition, considering there's only one preseason game remaining for the starters. Predictably, New York Jets coach Todd Bowles offered no insight, leaving us to decipher the strategy. It could be one of two things: 1. Bowles knows what McCown can do and wants to give Hackenberg and Petty as many reps as possible, perhaps even letting them play most of the game Saturday night against the New York Giants. The downside to this approach is that McCown will get shortchanged, which could come back to bite them if he's the Week 1 starter, as expected. He's a heady player, but even smart guys need game reps. So far, McCown has taken only seven snaps in the preseason. 2. Bowles is keeping his options open. He hasn't tipped his hand, refusing to give the edge to anyone. If you take his words at face value, it's still an open competition, which would mean Hackenberg still has a chance to be the Week 1 starter. That would be an all-time upset, considering the way he played last week in Detroit. Hackenberg would have to be lights-out against a very good Giants defense to warrant consideration, but don't be surprised if he gets first-team work in the game. It doesn't have to be this confusing, of course, but the Jets send mixed messages. Bowles said the coaching staff won't decide this week's starter until Thursday night. Asked if all three will play, he said, "We'll sit down and talk about it." Is there a chance Hackenberg could start? "We've got to sit down and talk about it," Bowles said. Any chance he'd rest McCown on Saturday night? "We'll sit down and talk about it," he said. "It's still early." On Wednesday, Hackenberg led the way with 19 reps, followed by Petty (15) and McCown (nine). A look at their day: JOSH McCOWN Wow moment: There weren't any great plays, but it was a solid day. In fact, he was 5-for-5 in his limited action. At the end of practice, he was the quarterback in a walk-through of a two-minute drill, perhaps an indication he'll be in the game at the end of the first half. Whoa moment: With Hackenberg and Petty sharing most of the action, McCown had a brief soft-toss with tight end Jordan Leggett off to the side. On Tuesday, he decided to run gassers on his own -- his way of staying active. CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG Wow moment: Every so often, he provides a glimpse of promise -- and it happened on a deep fade route to rookie wide receiver Chad Hansen. Hackenberg showed great touch on his high-arching pass, dropping it in the bucket, as they say. All told, he was 14-for-17, but keep it mind those numbers were compiled against the scout-team defense. Ditto, McCown and Petty. Whoa moment: Not on this day. BRYCE PETTY Wow moment: His encouraging outing in Detroit has resulted in an increased number of reps. Petty was sharp, completing 9 of 10 passes. "Bryce has been picking it up pretty good and getting more comfortable in it," Bowles said. "He's been throwing the ball downfield more. I do see that." His best throw was a frozen rope to Robby Anderson, who made a juggling catch. Whoa moment: It was a clean day in terms of turnovers, as it was for all three quarterbacks.
  6. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    The Jets begin team drills and QB Josh McCown is with the starters, not running gassers on his own For the second straight day, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty received the majority of the Jets' QB reps, ahead of Josh McCown. The breakdown: Hackenberg 19, Petty 15 and McCown nine. They did a two-minute drill walk through at the end, and McCown took those reps. This is a strange competition. Jets injury report: RB Matt Forte (hamstring) practiced for the second straight day with no setbacks. Didn't practice: CB Morris Claiborne (shoulder), LB Darron Lee (illness), LB Lorenzo Mauldin (back), TE Jordan Leggett (sprained foot), S Rontez Miles (eye) and DL Anthony Johnson (stinger). TE Jason Vander Laan (shoulder) is having tests. It could be a significant injury Jets rookie report: OLB Dylan Donahue practiced with the starting base defense, in Lorenzo Mauldin's vacated spot. Coach Todd Bowles downplayed the significance, saying it was just to get a better evaluation of Donahue, who missed the first game with a minor shoulder injury. TE Jordan Leggett (sprained foot) is missing valuable practice time, which could hamper his ability to contribute in Week 1. Safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye continue to draw praise from coaches and teammates.
  7. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    Kevin Kolb : Donovan McNabb David Klingler : Boomer Esiason Kordell Stewart : Neil O'Donnell Kellen Clemens : Chad Pennington
  8. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    I was just talking to my notary (rabid Giants fan who's family has had Giants STix since 1927!) and he was haranguing me about the Jets QB situation and how it would be "so typical Jets/Mets" to start McCown until he eventually breaks down. Claims they should start the young guys, despite how bad Hackenberg looks. I agreed and stated that Petty will be announced the starter and Hackenberg will back him up & then start once (#9 still is rather fragile and Bad OLine) Petty goes down w/injury. McCown will only start if BOTH young QBs go down. HAck is clearly NOT ready yet, and Mac can still save face if ONE of his TWO selected QBs shows competence and at LEAST can become a solid #2 QB and mentor for whoever we draft in '18, b/c McCown won't be here next year.
  9. Don't underestimate 'em, they got PLENTY of FIGHT!
  10. Former 'little dog' Darron Lee among Jets to watch against Lions Darron Lee bulked up in the offseason, but he doesn't expect the added weight to affect his speed. Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire The New York Jets (1-0) face the Detroit Lions on Saturday night at Ford Field. Here are five players not named Christian Hackenberg worth focusing on: LB Darron Lee: Trying to become more physical at the point of attack, the former first-round pick added nine pounds since June, reporting to training camp at 236 pounds. Lee doesn't think it will slow him down. Point of reference: He blazed the 40-yard dash in 4.47 seconds at 232 pounds at the 2016 scouting combine. Sheldon Richardson can't call him "little dog" anymore. "That was fair last year," Lee said. "This year, nah." Now it's time for Lee to use that speed to make plays. The first-team defense probably will play about a quarter. C Wesley Johnson: Going into training camp, he was deemed the heir apparent to Nick Mangold, but Johnson no longer has a stranglehold on the job. Indianapolis Colts castoff Jonotthan Harrison is challenging and could see time with the starting line in the game. Coach Todd Bowles said the position is up for grabs. WR Chris Harper: He could be the beneficiary of the thinned-out receiving corps. Harper, cut five times in the last two years by the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers, is expected to start in three-receiver packages. He has terrific hands, but he needs to improve as a route runner and blocker. "I think I have the greatest chance I could ever have," he said. Next to Robby Anderson, Harper has been the most productive receiver in practice. Now he needs to take it to the game. RT Brandon Shell: He appears to be running behind Brent Qvale, who got most of the first-team reps in practice. It's still an open competition at right tackle, according to Bowles, so you have to figure Shell will get some time with the starters. The Jets could go into the season with a two-man rotation, as they did last year. Bowles hopes to avoid that, but he didn't rule it out. OLB Freddie Bishop: With Lorenzo Mauldin nursing a back injury, the former CFL standout probably will start for the second straight week on the weak side. No one has jumped out, so Bishop has a legitimate shot. This is a homecoming game for Bishop, who played at Western Michigan and signed with the Lions out of college. Jordan Jenkins appears to be the frontrunner on the strong side. Mauldin needs to get back quickly or he could be in some trouble.
  11. LB Julian Stanford standing out, hoping to stick with Jets FILE - In this Aug. 12, 2017, file photo, New York Jets inside linebacker Julian Stanford (51) celebrates after sacking Tennessee Titans quarterback Alex Tanney (11) during the second quarter of a preseason NFL football game in East Rutherford, N.J. Stanford is used to being an afterthought. He was an undrafted free agent out of Wagner in Staten Island, New York, in 2012 and has since competed his way onto the rosters of four NFL teams while trying to make an impact. With an outstanding summer and a sensational sack in the preseason opener, the linebacker hopes he's found a home with the Jets. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Julian Stanford was stunned by what he saw between him and the quarterback. Nothing at all. The New York Jets linebacker was unblocked and untouched as he bolted up the middle at full speed and flattened Tennessee's Alex Tanney, sending him flat on his back and into the MetLife Stadium turf. The crowd let out a collective "Whoa!" while Stanford's fired-up teammates mobbed him to celebrate the bone-rattling hit that punctuated the Jets' preseason-opening win last Saturday night. "I think that's like a linebacker's dream come true," a smiling Stanford recalled after a recent practice. "It was just a great feeling. It was probably the highlight of my career to this point, so far." Preseason games don't count in the standings or stats sheets, but every play is crucial for a journeyman player trying to earn a roster spot such as Stanford. Flash on the film during games and practices or risk being cut. It's a lifestyle — and challenge — Stanford fully accepts. "It can be tough at times," acknowledged the 26-year-old Stanford, entering his third year with the Jets. "Whether it's two snaps, four snaps, 10 snaps or only special teams, whatever I do and whatever film I put out there, I want to put my best foot forward so that when they turn the tape on, they see me." Stanford is used to fighting to be noticed. He was an undrafted free agent out of Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, in 2012 and has since competed his way to opportunities with four NFL teams: Jacksonville, Detroit, Tampa Bay and the Jets. With an outstanding summer so far, including that sensational sack, the chiseled and athletic linebacker hopes he's finally found a home. After all, the native of Bloomfield, Connecticut, grew up just a few hours from where the Jets train, and his family is able to watch him play in person. Stanford's wife, Tiffany Dawson, was born and raised in Staten Island and she was a track and field star at Wagner, where the two met. "I want to do everything I possibly can to continue to get better," Stanford said, "and continue to take steps forward so that hopefully I stick on this team." Stanford was a versatile star for Bloomfield High School's football team, playing linebacker, defensive line and running back, but was only lightly recruited by colleges. Wagner and Central Connecticut State were his options, and he chose to go to New York. After four years as a standout linebacker for the Seahawks, Stanford was signed by Jacksonville in 2012 as an undrafted free agent. He beat the odds and made the Jaguars, becoming just the second Wagner player to appear in a regular-season NFL game — joining former Jets coach Rich Kotite (1967-72). FILE - In this Aug. 4, 2017, file photo, New York Jets inside linebacker Julian Stanford works out during NFL football training camp in Florham Park, N.J. Stanford is used to being an afterthought. He was an undrafted free agent out of Wagner in Staten Island, New York, in 2012 and has since competed his way onto the rosters of four NFL teams while trying to make an impact. With an outstanding summer and a sensational sack in the preseason opener, the linebacker hopes he's found a home with the Jets. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File) "From Day One when I got to Wagner, I always told myself I had dreams to play in the NFL," Stanford said. "There's guys in the NFL whose jobs are to find guys like myself. I was going to do whatever it took to accomplish my goal." Stanford made 23 tackles while playing in 16 games as a rookie, including six starts. He thought that would be the start of big things — until he was cut the next summer right before the season. "That was a major reality check for me," he said. "I was out of football and wasn't sure what was happening next." He spent the next few months working out twice a day and going for tryouts with teams every Tuesday until Detroit signed him that December. Stanford played in 14 games for the Lions in 2014, but was again a late-summer casualty the next season. He was signed to Tampa Bay's practice squad a few weeks later, released, re-signed and then waived a week later. "You can't rest on one or two plays," Stanford said. "This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. So, even though you made a play yesterday, what are you doing today? What are you going to do tomorrow?" The Jets gave him his next shot that December by signing him to their practice squad. He was cut last September, re-signed to the practice squad the next day and then promoted to the active roster in October. Stanford was on his way to a breakout season, starting three games because of injuries to other players — but then hurt an ankle and landed on season-ending injured reserve. New York cut him in April on what coincidentally was his wedding day. Because of NFL procedural rules regarding players who finished the previous season on injured reserve, the Jets were required to release him by April 15. They re-signed him three days later. He's in the mix at inside linebacker for the Jets, potentially serving as a backup to Demario Davis and Darron Lee. Stanford has also shown to be a valuable part of the special teams unit. "I'm a small-school guy and a lot of people might not know about me," Stanford said. "I like to get back and tell my story to kids and give people who may be in my position hope and motivation that it is possible and you can do it, no matter where you start."
  12. This veteran is trying to win ‘dogfight’ for Jets’ kicking job By Brian Costello August 19, 2017 Chandelier CatnZorro DETROIT — Chandler Catanzaro just shakes his head when he looks back at the 2016 season, his worst in the NFL. The new Jets kicker made just 21 of 28 field goals and 43 of 47 extra points for the Cardinals last year. “I did my best, but the results, obviously, weren’t up to my standards,” Catanzaro said this week. The story is not quite as simple as Catanzaro struggling, though. Arizona went through two long snappers and three holders during the year, completely disrupting the timing of the kicks. Still, the Cardinals moved on from Catanzaro and he landed with the Jets in March. Catanzaro knew Jets coach Todd Bowles from Bowles’ time as the Cardinals defensive coordinator and liked his style. “It was definitely a tough year for me statistically,” Catanzaro said. “I was just looking for an opportunity. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long. The Jets called with interest. It’s a great organization, a great place to kick up here, the fans are awesome. I’m really excited about this year.” The kicking job is not Catanzaro’s yet, though. He is competing with Ross Martin, who is in his second year trying to make the team after being cut last summer by the Jets. So far in practice, Martin has outkicked Catanzaro. But special teams coach Brant Boyer said the “preseason games are everything.” “I think it’s a dogfight,” Boyer said of the competition. “I think they both have done a nice job. I think they both have some strengths but, I think it’s neck and neck and we will see how it plays out in the next three weeks.” Catanzaro is not focusing on the competition. “I’m all about controlling what I can control,” he said. “I’ve been hitting the ball really well. I feel like I’ve hit 100 percent of my kicks well, just a few of them haven’t gone in. I’m really confident in my process right now. That decision is up to the coaches. I’m going to let the chips fall where they may.” Bowles was asked what he hopes to see from his team Saturday night against the Lions in their second preseason game. “Just sharp on assignments and everybody getting on the same page [and] some continuity starting to gel on game day,” Bowles said. “Like to see a lot more effort out of certain guys on special teams that will show up that are right on the bubble, that will start to assert itself.”