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  1. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    More or less the Dogginz fault.
    From JC's all time puss out to Hess starring in Enemy of the State part 2 there is something very strange going on here.  That said, I'd rather have memorable chaos than easy but boring.
    oh and gfy.
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  2. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    Looks that way..  there was some doubt but Hess (as he said on the league message board) would be still willing to pay with a caveat.
    I'll get out the details via all your glorious email addresses I've saved and cherish (per Lizzie).
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  3. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    I can only remember a couple teams above (mostly because they've commented on their players in this thread) and I think other than my super squad Team 9 looks pretty solid.
    Even JiF's team isn't that bad..  Can make up for lack of RB prowess with that WR combo.  But if one of them goes down or has a bad game.. yikes
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  4. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    It's a joke..  the suspension may have been dropped but everyone knows that Brady and the Patriots are cheaters.  The damage has already been done.
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  5. Pac added a post in a topic Judge Nullifies Brady's suspension   

    no he hasn't.  was OJ vindicated when he was found not guilty?
    it's a stench that will never leave him.  he's a cheater and everyone knows it.
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  6. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    the horror..  it's like the first time in the history of FF this has happened.
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  7. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    Some of what I got wrong:
    Inviting you and Lizzie...  Offering to take your suggestions...  Not providing a shoulder for you to cry on...
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  8. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    no one knows what you're talking about..  it wasn't an auction either.
    juxtaposed..  what an ass hole.
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  9. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    Unbiased look at all teams...
    Team  1                                              Team  2                                              Team 3
    Andrew Luck                                      Matt Ryan                                           Sam Bradford
    Mark Ingram                                       Adrian Peterson                                  Frank Gore           
    CJ Spiller                                            Andre Ellington                                  Melvin Gordon
    Antonion Brown                                 Brandon Cooks                                   Dez Bryant
    Davante Adams                                  Emmanuel Sanders                             Odell Beckham
    Jason Witten                                       Martellus Bennett                               Zach Ertz
    Desean Jackson                                  Steve Smith Sr                                    Ameer Abdullah
    Broncos D                                           Dolphins D                                         Seahawks D
    Stephen Gostowski                             Nick Novak                                         Justin Tucker
     BN:                                                     BN:                                                     BN:
    Mike Wallace                                     Phillip Rivers                                     Eric Decker
    Pierre Garcon                                     Anquan Boldin                                   Carson Palmer
    Tevin Coleman                                   Antonio Gates                                     David Johnson
    Colby Fleener                                     Matt Jones                                          Terrence Williams
    Owen Daniels                                     Fred Jackson                                       Charles Clay
    Dangelo Williams                              Markus Wheaton                                Eagles D
    Marcus Mariota                                  Karlos Williams                                 Tavon Austin
    Team  4                                              Team  5                                              Team 6
     Peyton Manning                                 Ryan Tannehill                                   Eli Manning
    Matt Forte                                           Marshawn Lynch                                Eddie Lacy
    Alfred Morris                                     Lamar Miller                                      Latavius Murray
    Randall Cobb                                      Calvin Johnson                                   AJ Green           
    Allen Robinson                                   Amari Cooper                                     Deandre Hopkins
    Delanie Walker                                  Travis Kelce                                       Richard Rogers
    Doug Martin                                       Brandon Marshall                               Chris Ivory
    Rams D                                               Jets D                                                  Cardinals
    Mason Crosby                                    Dan Carpenter                                    Nick Folk                                               
    BN:                                                     BN:                                                     BN:
    Sammy Watkins                                 Legarrette Blount                               Charles Johnson
    Duke Johnson                                     Eddie Royal                                        Rashad Jennings
    Devin Funchess                                  Teddy Bridgewater                             Matt Stafford
    Ronnie Hillman                                  Knile Davis                                         Michael Floyd
    Jay Cutler                                           Marvin Jones                                      David Cobb
    Jeff Janis                                             Austin Sef-Jenkins                             Brandon Coleman
    Vernon Davis                                      Khiry Robinson                                  Kyle Rudolph         
    Team  7                                              Team  8                                              Team 9
    Russell Wilson                                   Cam Newton                                       Ben Roethlisberger
    Jonathan Stewart                                Justin Forsett                                      CJ Anderson
    Bishop Sankey                                    Joseph Randell                                   DeMarco Murray
    Vincent Jackson                                 Demarius Thomas                              Julian Edleman
    Roddy White                                      Julio Jones                                          Golden Tate
    Jordan Cameron                                 Greg Olsen                                          Heath Miller
    Mike Evans                                         Jarvis Landry                                      Devante Freeman
    Texans D                                             Panthers D                                          Bills D
    Steve Hauschka                                  Dan Bailey                                          Adam Vinateri          
    BN:                                                     BN:                                                     BN:
    Leveon Bell                                        Isiah Crowell                                      Larry Fitzgerald
    TY Hilton                                           Ryan Matthews                                   Doug Baldwin
    Joique Bell                                          Kendall Wright                                   Victor Cruz
    Danny Woodhead                               Stevie Johnson                                    Jordan Reed
    Brandon LaFell                                   Tyler Eifert                                         Charles Simms
    Lions D                                               Roy Helu                                             Matt Prater
    Colin Kapernick                                 Derrick Carr                                       Julius Thomas
    Team  10                                            Team 11                                             Team 12
     Drew Brees                                         Aaron Rodgers                                    Tom Brady
    Jamaal Charles                                   LeSean Mccoy                                    Jeremy Hill
    Todd Gurley                                       TJ Yeldon                                           Carlos Hyde
    Alshon Jeffries                                   Jordan Matthews                                Keenan Allen
    Martavius Bryant                               Andre Johnson                                    Jeremy Maclin
    Jimmy Graham                                   Dewayne Allen                                   Rob Gronkowski
    Gio Bernard                                        Nelson Agholor                                  Alfred Blue
    Ravens D                                            Patriots D                                            Bucs D
    Brandon Mcmanus                             Matt Bryant                                        Cody Parker
     BN:                                                     BN:                                                     BN:                            
    Shane Vereen                                      Tony Romo                                         Torrey Smith
    John Brown                                         Marque Colston                                  Breshad Perriman        
    Devante Parker                                   Darren Mcfadden                               Tre Mason
    Joe Flacco                                           Lorenzo Taliaferro                             Brian Quick
    Denard Robinson                                Eric Ebron                                          Darren Sproles
    Cody Lattimer                                    Andre Williams                                  Alex Smith
    Larry Donnell                                     Phil Dorsett                                        Josh Hill
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  10. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    It's not my fault it's too heavy a concept for you to understand.
    Your hero Doggin agrees it blows away the regular waiver wire scenario.
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  11. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

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  12. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    Just so everyone is clear on how FAAB works..
    when you bid whatever amount you've entered is what you'll pay (at least that's how it is on CBS for me)...
    It's not like Ebay where it will look at everyone elses bid and put you $1 over to win..  so if you really want to pick someone up think about what you're willing to part with before making a bid.  You're not going to get a chance to see what everyone else has bid.  Even if you're the only one to place a bid the system will take out whatever amount you put in.
    So while you may think placing an $80 bid on whoever is a week 1 stud is a good idea, you may want to reconsider as that means you only have $120 left for the rest of the year.
    Get it? If you don't ask now because if you whine later on I'm going to link this post.
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  13. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    because that's the first time in your life you've heard that happened.  you should worry more about getting attacked by a shark.
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  14. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    and if you bid $200 on a player you are the stupidest a-hole of all time.
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  15. Pac added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Part Deaux?   

    For the stupid people...
    - you get a bank of $200
    - if you want a player you make a claim and bid..  the next morning at 11 you're told if your bid was the highest
    - it's not a live auction..  it's a bid.   You have to make an educated guess on how much to bid knowing you have a kitty for the whole year you can't exceed
    - zero bids are allowed
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