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  1. During the post game show last week Westhoff strongly stated that he believes the 4 down lineman on D aren't "lined up properly". He said that Williams isn't lining up like he was in college which played more to his strengths. Basically he thinks Kacy Rogers isn't putting them in a position to succeed.... Shocker.
  2. I find it interesting that Geno showed more than Petty ever did and 1 was persona non grata while the other is everyones darling. hmm.
  3. You're usually more level-headed than this. Did you just compare pulling an aging Warner to play the #1 pick in the draft, to pulling McCown for a guy who had 3 TDs, 7 picks, and a 60 QBR last year?
  4. Not a chance. They've defied all the pundits predictions and other than the 2nd half against the Raiders have been in every game. Benching McCown at this point is just plain stupid. Not to mention it would put an obscene amount of pressure on Petty who realizes, like everyone else, that McCown has played well and is a great teammate.
  5. If Bowles walked in and announced Petty was starting he'd get slammed by a large portion of the fan base, the local media, national media, and most importantly the team. Even if McCown was playing poorly, which he isn't, there is no justification for benching him when the team is 3-3. Unless you think this was supposed to be a SB contending roster. This debate is starting to venture into the absurd. Petty will play if and when the Jets are out of playoff contention. Period.
  6. This is like the 7th time you've asked me to remove my pants. Sorry bub I don't roll that way.
  7. Sound good to me! So when does the humor part start? I kid..
  8. you and the rest of the Goonies are creating this fantasy where Petty is good and I'm the one letting my imagination run wild. uh huh.
  9. Deep down they know this is 100% true but they have to keep up the facade. Could you imagine what Petty would have looked like the first 6 games of the season? Oy. Would have been ugly. The reason Petty is not starting is because he's not a better QB than McCown is. Mystery solved.
  10. I wonder if all this revisionist history happens on Browns, Bears, Niners, Jags, Bengals, and Bills boards. They are all QB needy teams who also passed on Watson. My guess is 2 years from now no one will be crying that we didn't pick him. Once the coordinators get a years worth of game film he won't have these Tecmo Bowl statistical games.
  11. Yes sensational mentor. So much so his last coach tried to get him to quit playing and become a coach. He's exactly the guy you want in the QB room with your draft pick teaching him how to be a pro. He's what Fitz was supposed to be. You'll have to ask Bowles and Morton why Petty was buried. I just surmised that given the fact the first few weeks of camp he got 3 snaps compared to the 20 or so the others got. Everything the Jets have done the last 2 years screams they don't view Petty as their future starting QB yet people here still chase this dream that he just needs a chance. There is a much higher likelihood he's not on the team next year than him being the starter. If we draft a QB with our first pick I think it's pretty much a certainty he's a goner.
  12. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    You forgot an all world line and one of the best WR's and RB's in the NFL. You also forgot the part where they've got a worse record than the Jets.
  13. What's that have to do with the price of tea in China? If McCown was playing as poorly as Hoyer then yes.. you bench him. Is there anyone saying anything to the contrary?