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  1. All the Taylor talk is bizarre. Who exactly do the Bills plan on having play QB if they let him walk? I don't think he's going anywhere.
  2. Signing and paying Cutler would be a catastrophic decision by the FO that would result in mass firings and pandemonium amongst the fan base. The only winners would be Manish Mehta and porky Cannizzaro. They would have an absolute field day writing slam pieces every other day. Cutler is a poor mans Jeff George. If we sign this pile of dung I'll vomit all over Floram Park.
  3. Mike Glennon doesn't care this much about Mike Glennon.
  4. Considering Cutler was thoroughly outplayed by Brian Hoyer why don't we just sign him instead? For like 10 Million less.
  5. my god don't we see enough blowing of Brady in the media? we gotta bring it here too? I don't give a flying fu-k who thinks Brady is the bestest ever. To me he isn't and never will be.
  6. Still would love to see the so-called "GOAT" play when QB's were allowed to get hit and DB's were allowed to play defense.
  7. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat won the WWF Intercontinental Championship like 8 times in the 80's. I put Bradys accomplishments right in line with that... In other words... who gives a f--k.
  8. They could win again next year and their legacy will always remain tainted. They're a cheating pack of pigs that many hold contempt for. In 20 years if you don't think "cheaters" will be the first word that pops into most peoples heads when discussing Tom Brady and the Pats then you're deluding yourself. Congrats.
  9. you were already unreadable but the last few pages have created a whole new category of terrible posting that I don't think will ever be matched. Please just go to porn hub or something and leave us alone.
  10. I was feeling sick to my stomach when I remembered that no matter how many they win, they'll always be known as a cheating franchise with tainted SB's. With the others being gifted compliments of Seattle and Atlanta.
  11. Saw this last night.. Always liked Maher and he's been on fire since the election. So awesome to hear someone on TV tell Brady and Bellichik to F off rather than kissing their asses.
  12. tell me they didn't let you get away with this craptastic post.
  13. What if Branch Rickey was alive and we hired him as the WR coach... and then hired Leif Garret as our TE coach. That'd be awesome.