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  1. but I said no, no, no
  2. We are more or less saying the same thing. The only difference is that you contend the FO viewed Petty as a potential starter on the heels of a couple decent quarters against 3rd stringers, while I believe his decent play was the reason he wasn't cut. He's still a project with next year being the opportunity for his full audition. Of course they're not going to roll with Geno if they're out of contention. This isn't brain science.
  3. Barring a stretch of sustained success in the regular season Geno was never going to be here next year. This notion that they were using the training camp reps to evaluate his future with the team is quite a stretch. He was, and is, persona non grata with a large segment of this fan base. While it would be nice if fan perception never entered the equation when teams make decisions, we know that's simply not true. I mean it's probably the single biggest reason the Jets caved and signed our bearded journeyman. The off the field issues matter but the IK incident seemed to be isolated and all accounts Geno has been a good teammate the last year and a half. So he sent a cawk pic to some chic. Favre did the same and everyone got a laugh out of it. Brandon Spikes and others have cell phone videos of themselves getting fellated by groupie skanks. The uproar over a drunken Geno sexting is unwarranted.
  4. So your contention is they gave Geno valuable reps in mini and training camps instead of Petty IN CASE anyone called to offer us a 6th rounder? Part of this master plan was to cut Geno if there was no offer despite the fact they used countless time making us believe he was the backup? That's some strategy.
  5. haha... gotta say.. at least guys like you and AFJF can fiercely defend your position without resorting to calling people silly names. It's funny. As to your point above? You and I both know that's balderdash.
  6. No dude. I'm using the articles to bolster the opinion I formed while watching the offseason, mini-camp, and pre-season play out. At no point anywhere did I ever see comment by Bowles indicating anything other than Petty was competing. He did however on numerous occasions call Geno the backup. Even more important than that was Geno was USED during the pre-season in a manner consistent with how backups are handled. I mean what do you think was going on? Bowles subterfuge to unleash Petty as a backup on an unsuspecting Bengals team in week 1?
  7. As soon as you find me one that has a quote from Mac saying he's going to cut Amaro or Milliner.
  8. pick a card, any card
  9. Good god Petty will not be ready for 2 months if at all this season. Can we stop pretending that Geno doesn't exist because you hate him. Petty lost the competition for #2 as evidenced by him playing the very game he got hurt in. I mean think for a second. You all keep harping for a guy to play that was close to getting cut and hasn't thrown a pass in a month. He's not going to be the one to replace Fitz if he gets benched in the next 4 games. Why is this not obvious to everyone??
  10. Yes, of course. For a second I forgot that most teams decisions on who is starting during mini-camp.
  11. Cool theory. I suppose that's why they left him dangling for anyone to sign until 10 minutes before training camp started.
  12. haha.. that's right - I forgot about that. Yeah he's saying what he has to say and trying to keep up the confidence of his obviously flawed QB. Can you imagine a Fitzy under center who's worried about keeping his job?? My god he might set unbreakable records for QB ineptitude in a single game.
  13. Is this sarcasm? He's had a bad career at the office.
  14. meh.. I don't take his statement at face value. Every HC has to exhibit confidence in their starter especially with these vultures in the NY media praying for a juicy story to write. You think he wants to open up the possibility of every player being asked the QB question every day? I'm hoping he's simply saying what he has to but behind the scenes is as disgusted by what he saw as the rest of us.