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  1. Here ya go: Settings Q: Where can I find some recommended calibration settings for this TV? A: has some recommendations here: It is recommended that you further tune settings to your tastes. Also, it is recommended that you turn off the Eco options (Settings --> System --> Eco Solution, turn off Eco Sensor, Energy Saving Mode, and Motion Lighting). Q: Ok, I tried using the settings, but things still look bad. What do I do? A: Here is a description of the various display settings as well as what they control; there is likely one or a combination of settings you can change to improve your picture. @King Richard also has an even more detailed post on picture settings; they are for Samsung's last generation TV but most of them still apply. He also gives better recommendations on how to calibrate each setting. Picture Mode: These are high level modes that change all of the settings in the "expert settings" menu. Changing expert settings in one picture mode will not affect the settings in other picture modes. Usually, you should see 4 options here: Dynamic, Standard, Natural, and Movie. Only Standard and Movie modes can engage a special "HDR mode" (see below). If you only see two options (Standard and Dynamic), then you are in a special "PC mode". To exit PC mode, press Home --> Source --> (highlight your input) --> press up (to select "^") --> Edit --> select something *other than* PC under "Device Icon" --> OK. See the "Connecting a PC" section for more information. Special Viewing Mode: These are special modes that override the Picture Mode. Turning one of these on will disable selection of any other picture mode, regular or special. Options are Sports, Game, and HDR+. Game mode will reduce the input lag to around ~20 ms, at the cost of disabling certain settings. HDR+ mode will apply special processing to output 10 bit color. See the "HDR" section for more information. Under Expert Settings: Backlight: This controls how bright the LED backlights are. It will control how bright your TV is. If your TV looks dark, turn this up. If your eyes feel like they are being seared off, turn this down. Light bleed will be more prominent at higher Backlight settings. There is no real recommended value here, as it highly depends on your viewing conditions (e.g. ambient light) and personal preference. Brightness: This controls the black level of the display. Having this too high makes your blacks look gray or "washed out". Setting this too low will cause "clipped" blacks, where you lose detail in dark and shadow areas. Recommended values: 40-45 ( 45) Contrast: This controls the white level of the display. Having this too low gives you a dimmer, less intense picture. Traditionally, having this too high will produce "crushed" or "clipped" whites, where you lose detail in bright areas. However, most KS8000 TVs don't have this problem. Recommended values: 80-100 ( 100) Sharpness: This applies a sharpening filter to the image to bring out edges in an image. In all modes outside of PC mode, any value above 0 will apply this filter. You will likely start seeing sharpening artifacts if this value is above 20. Recommended values: 0-20 ( 0). In PC mode, the recommended value is 50, which is the true image. Higher values will apply a sharpening filter, while lower values will apply a blurring filter. Color: This controls the color saturation of your image. You probably don't need to change this. Recommended value: 50. Higher values will cause loss of definition on brighter areas, while lower values will cause the image to look dull. Tint (G/R): This applies a teal or magenta tint to the image. You probably don't need to change this. Recommended value: G50/R50. Apply Picture Settings: If you set this to "All Sources", any settings change will get applied to all of your input sources. If you set this to "Current Source", a change to settings will only apply to the current input source. Recommended setting: Current Source Digital Clean View: This applies a noise reduction/smoothing algorithm to the image. If you see too much grain in your image, you can turn this to Auto, although the image might then look too smooth. Recommended setting: Off Auto Motion Plus: These settings attempt to reduce motion blur and judder. If you see too much blur in fast-moving scenes, try turning this on/higher. Higher values (or setting this to Auto) will introduce the "Soap Opera Effect" (SOE). Some people like SOE, while others don't. Recommended setting: Custom; Blur and Judder reduction: 0-3 ( Off) Smart LED: This controls localized dimming in your backlight. Turning this on will allow for deeper blacks when there are both dark and bright parts to the image. Recommended setting: High Film Mode: This makes frame transitions smoother on interlaced sources (the i in 1080i). If you see interlace effects, turn this to Auto1. HDMI UHD Color: Turning this on for your input source allows both HDR and 4k with 4:4:4/4:2:2 chroma at refresh rates higher than 30Hz (4k with 4:2:0 chroma at 50/60Hz should work with this off). If your input has HDR or is at 2160p resolution with anything higher than 30Hz, YOU MUST TURN THIS ON for that input. If you are not, then you can leave it off. HDMI Black Level: This changes the mapping of colors when your input is RGB. It is disabled if you are receiving a signal in YCbCr. If you don't know what any of this means, you should probably just move along. If your source is outputting "RGB Limited", then you should set this to "Low"; if your source is outputting "RGB Full", then you should set this to "Normal". Setting this to "Auto" will typically not be smart enough to detect what type of RGB your source is outputting. For more information, see @King Richard 's post here. Dynamic Contrast: This applies special post-processing to increase contrast of the image. This behaves very differently when receiving SDR vs. HDR content. For SDR content, it is recommended that you set this to Off or Low, as higher values will cause loss of definition in dark/bright areas. For HDR content, Dynamic Contrast will make the image brighter. For HDR, recommend values are Low or Medium; Off will likely make the image too dark, while High may make the image too bright. Color Tone: This changes the color tone or temperature of the image. Settings closer to Cool will apply more blue to the image, while settings closer to Warm2 will apply more red to the image. Warm2 is the setting that most accurately reproduces what a director intends for you to see, although this may look too red for some. For more information, @King Richard writes a good post here. White Balance: This gives you the ability to make more detailed calibration changes to your TV. However, these values are very specific to each TV, and if you don't have special calibration gear, you should probably leave these alone. Recommended values: 2 point: 0; 10 point: Off. publishes the calibrated values FOR THEIR SPECIFIC TEST UNIT, but they do not recommend using them. Gamma: This adjusts the gamma correction for the TV. If you don't know what this is, you should probably leave this alone. Recommended value: 0 RGB Only Mode: Uh... I don't know why they even put this in. Leave this Off. Color Space: This changes the color gamut of your picture. For SDR content, setting this to "Native" will make your colors more saturated, although this might look off. For HDR content, you can use either "Native" or "Auto". Q: How do I turn off the Samsung Logo light at the bottom of my screen? A: Systems --> Expert Settings --> Light Effect --> Off
  2. It's not fair to my scummates if I'm not paying atten... WAIT... I mean.. .. errrr... uhhhh... crap.
  3. what do I have to do to get mod killed? I will not make a reads list when I haven't read any of the posts. Good news is it's a big game and I don't think my inclusion really factors in for balance. Mod kill me. now.
  4. Shoot me. I didn't sign up because I knew I couldn't participate. Too busy at work and no way I'm reading 40 pages.
  5. wait - I'm playing right? who should I vote for?
  6. so this is what's it's like to be sent a role PM without ever signing up. I don't see myself on the roster - am I out?
  7. So is Kaylee the breast, I mean BEST player at DM?
  8. apparently he has no interest in going down in the boat with Todd Bowles.
  9. Team has grossly neglected nurturing their young QB's who are in need of guidance, discipline, and someone who commands respect. Bowles idea: RB coach with no Coordinator experience. Looks like a perfect fit.
  10. He had a QB coach who had never been a QB coach and then told everyone that they wouldn't work on his mechanics for a year. They somehow made the situation worse by refusing to play him which got more people talking about the situation than had he just played a meaningless game or half. It might be the worst "coaching" of any 1st year QB I've ever seen and it was brought to you by Todd Bowles. Still amazed we have to deal with another year of him.
  11. If you're set on Samsung this may be the one to get. Definitely better than the other one you looked at. It's up there with the other stuff I've been talking about. The only reason I'd still get the Vizio is because it's $50 cheaper and supports Dolby Vision but you can do a lot worse than this TV. It's good at upscaling as well so your regular content and sports will look nice. Picture will be awesome. Especially if you dial in the settings when you first get it. Let me know when you do and I'll show you a link with preferred settings.
  12. Let me know when you're ready. A couple buddies have just given me budgets and what they want and I basically tell them what to buy. TV's, receivers, speakers, subwoofers blah blah blah.. I've wasted an unspeakable amount of hours reading about and researching this stuff over the years.
  13. I forgot.. this is the time of year when you and JiF pretend you know about college football.
  14. Silly as in awesome silly?