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  1. Ocean Mafia

    When Brett was walking down the pier towards the water I was certain this would be waiting for him:    
  2. Ocean Mafia

    An especially stupid catch up. I think Jetengenitalia is scum.  I also think CTM is a distraction I'd like eliminated.  JiF is scum too. Unvote Vote CTM
  3. Ocean Mafia

    is this pig for real?
  4. Ocean Mafia

    you're a stupid ass
  5. Ocean Mafia

    look at this ass hole go!
  6. Ocean Mafia

    on another note I'm going to show why I'm best at this game. Jet Engine = scum.  If I'm proven right I may tell you how I put this together before his 1st post. Vote Jet Engenitalia
  7. Ocean Mafia

    no guarantee there is a cop...  In that scenario I would have much rather taken my chances a getting shot by scum.  you've basically given convenient excuses for why no one should target you at night while giving you a 1 way ticket to end game - complete with a "trust me" thrown in for good measure. it's so disgusting I can't stand it.
  8. Ocean Mafia

    there were 50 ways you could have played if true.  You chose the lamest.  Congrats.
  9. Ocean Mafia

    ^^ what an ass hole  
  10. Ocean Mafia

    Great opening scene.  A lot to mull over here before voting.
  11. Daredevil Mafia

    Unless you're an idiot that would have been pretty transparent.  I had spent somewhere around 3 RL days blasting LK and to start a day you suggest I vote 80??  I had gone all in on getting LK lynched...  hammering Spoot was ok because he was my #2 and I wasn't getting any traction on LK.  The next day I had to go back to him.  That's why I'm not sure why you're saying I was agreeing with 80's points..  they were my points..  and I had been making them 72 hours before 80 mentioned him.
  12. Sign up for next mafia game

    I just started a new gig today...  My contributions during the day will be sparse (if anything at all).  If that's ok sign me up..  if not I'll wait till I get more settled.
  13. Daredevil Mafia

    I see both sides of the Ape/Smash drama.. I was genuinely ticked at Smash for being rewarded for his emo fest.  If I was town I would have also concluded that there's no way he was scum.  When you couple that with JiF stupidly all but confirming CTM our lynch pool the last 1/3rd of the game had dramatically decreased.  We basically had to go all in on Spoot and LK..  I'm not sure why CTM can't grasp the simple concept that I HAD to be all in on LK.  I also was making what I thought were good points.  Either he or Crush should have been lynched immediately.  I've won games as scum before claiming someones role and not getting lynched for it. On the other hand, I don't think Ape should really be talking about any PM's.  I've received and sent dozens during games to dead players or in some cases those still alive.  As long as you're not talking specifics or anything to help the person I think those off the grid communications should be kept private. So in a way, you're both babies.
  14. Daredevil Mafia

    Once an Apette, always an Apette.
  15. Daredevil Mafia

    You came at me early chappy....  when you come at me early you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences.  You pretty much got owned..  hopefully you'll learn from it.