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  1. It's those same powers of discernment that lead me to believe you were thrown in lockers in high school and laughed at by the cheerleaders.
  2. No sh-t! Surprised he doesn't squeeze in Regan love into his rap. That guy was something else as a poster haha... I have no doubt whatsoever who he voted for.
  3. Is that true? that's hysterical if it is.
  4. Lucas, Westoff, Pauline and Colon all ecstatic about the pick on SNY but TomSham and Dbuttman know more than them.
  5. The one that had like 3 TD's last season and who Alabama didn't even utilize with regularity?
  6. another one with no answer on who the correct pick was. actually I think it's safe to assume you wanted the white RB.
  7. So you don't have an answer. I accept your surrender.
  8. Who was the pick? And please don't do that stupid thing many others are doing and assume that there were multiple offers Macc turned down.
  9. The offense was terrible because Fitzpatrick was the worst QB in the NFL last year. I know nothing about college football other than what I read here and even I know that there was no offensive player available worth the 6th pick. Stop with Mahomes or Watson.. Macc was NEVER going to reach for a QB with the 6th pick without even giving Hack a chance. It would have been admitting that he wasted last years 2nd rounder which no self respecting GM was going to do. So since they were not taking a QB under any circumstances who were they supposed to take with Fournette gone? The white RB?
  10. Terrible headline.. doesn't make any sense.
  11. Wheeen the Jets overdraft, grab a guy who is trash that's Lattimore-ay...