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  1. For as much as much as Macc has riding on this he should hire a handoff coach, screen pass coach, deep out coach, and hail mary guru. He should also hire the best sports shrink in NY and even consider hypnosis.
  2. It's also worth noting we do in fact have a real QB coach this year and not some poser who had never worked with QB's. That was one of the more embarrassing aspects to last year. Gaileys protege was hired despite having zero experience with QB's and his first order of business was to declare they were not going to work on Hacks mechanics for a year. Then on his way out he takes a parting shot at the kid he either couldn't, or wouldn't help. It's no surprise this guy got stuffed in a broom closet for a college team this year.
  3. 8 wins. You guys are underestimating the impact Fitz had on this team. It was such an abysmal starting QB performance it may stand for years as one of the worst seasons anyone has ever seen. McCown may not be particularly good but I doubt we'll see anything close to the level of disgust we got with the conquering hero. Claiborne > Revis Mangold barely played Clady barely played Marshall didn't play well (thanks Fitz) We have a better coaching staff and a HC who hopefully learned a couple lessons last year. Lee will be improved, Wilk will come back strong, Williams ready to take next step to elite level of play... I really don't see why people think we're going to be so god awful... Fitzpatrick destroyed this team last year and they still sh-t out 5 wins. It won't be worse.
  4. If he can complete a 20 yard out I don't care if he plays wearing a kippah
  5. I tried an experiment to see if I could get him to take a break from this thread and it didn't work. He's still the leading poster.
  6. You know what tells me nothing? You.
  7. I can't believe you of all people don't see what's really going on here? It really upsets me when fellow fans don't see exactly what I see, when I see it. This thread has spoiled my supper. I'm thinking about leaving this board forever.. maybe taking 2 weeks off the internet too. Come on guys!!! LISTEN TO ME!!
  8. go back to the rock you were hiding under.
  9. what's the question I'll answer for him.
  10. Logic is my proof. No 37 year old QB is coming to the NY Jets to back up Bryce fu**in Petty.
  11. We are going to move on from Petty... Hack will get another year... along with whatever QB they draft next month.
  12. only because Bowles learned from his mistake last year. rest assured little one.. Joshua McCown is the 2017 starter for your NY Jets.
  13. If Macc was content with the roster and wanted to play Petty or Hack, he wouldn't have signed a 173 year old journeyman to start. Therefore, you're wrong.
  14. that's more wins than the combined career total of every current Jet QB. he might as well be Flash Gordon on this roster.
  15. because he's better than hack and petty.