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  1. I'll take a ticket to the sh-t show.
  2. Then forget the friends but bring oxygen.
  3. When you get feisty I remember how awesome it's gonna be when we finally lay down.
  4. I give you 1 game before you remember how awesome we are then you'll sign up again. Feel free to PM me how you want me to play the next one.. fast and loose, try to actually win, jerk, friendly, etc
  5. No thanks.. This forum doesn't need modding for the most part.. and I don't want to mod the foosball forum.
  6. Spamder and Salad Tosser are 2 new guys.. Spamder posts more in 10 minutes than the ape does in a day. It's usually a wall of filth but at least he's posting. BG just played the game and while he still sucks at it at least he was here. We don't need to "dissolve" the forum lol.. it still probably gets more posts than any other part of the entire board.
  7. and my forum modding style would be very loose provided people acknowledge my genius.
  8. Gotta admit.. I take a sense of pride that my game caused an Ape and Fat man to weep into their shirt sleeves. Suck it up you 2 pansies before I start getting angry. I think the impact of the bickering is being overstated as is this doom and gloom about losing Slats and Shutout and Vic.. if they don't want to play.. **** em'. I choose to stick around and again - use the game to communicate with the guys/gals I've been e bickering with over the years. Every game there's a new "worst player" to be jeered.. not sure why this is any different.
  9. Ahh that makes sense. The last thing you want to watch is mindless bickering when it reminds you of the mindless bickering you had with the ex. I know this to be true as when the LF and I are going at it I have a very short fuse. Thankfully kids are eventually resilient enough to overcome things PROVIDED the parents show unconditional support and don't use them as pawns. Obviously you won't but from the sounds of it the Ex might. If so, she's stupid.
  10. DPR running the next one I thought.
  11. well someone had to be the goat and I can't blame Verb when he says he had to take care of his sick child now can I? yeah actually would have been nice to see what would have happened had you made it a bit longer.. You wouldn't have hid and you might have slipped up and gave away your team lol.
  12. My mistake for neglecting to mention the other winner!
  13. despite the bickering I am happy this was a no reveal game. If you think about it, it changed everything. If DPR claims Cop he might get protected and investigate away... If Ape claims a role who is earning perks, Smash claims Vig etc then people are naturally forced to look at others. I wanted to see lynches based on game play and although the result was horrific for the town that's what we got. one regret was not getting to see Nolder use his role. He was Gladiator and at any point in the game could have challenged a player to a duel. Once that happened ONLY he or the person he challenged could be voted. That would have been teh awesome lol.