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  1. I admit Sanchez has had a better career than Fitz. You can figure out the rest.
  2. It's amazing. They're still saying Genos 3-5 performance last night was an abject failure and Pettys 5-10 with a pick six against the 3rd string was light years better. It's like some bizarro world.
  3. Pretty terrible failure by Sanchez here. Had an spectacular chance to resurrect his career with great talent on both sides of the ball. He'll find a backup job somewhere but those playoff games are a distant memory. Gracias for those great couple January runs.
  4. Only thing I can think is they don't want to ruin the kids confidence with a RZ pick.. yeah I know - lame reason. but nothing else makes sense
  5. where's dbuttman? He's gotta see this.
  6. I wonder how that Boooo campaign went.
  7. Or he's locked in as the 2 and they want to see if they can finally get Hack some game play so they have a reason to IR him.
  8. Remember the other day when we were getting laughed at for our takes? Yeah.. good times.
  9. We're seeing why there was absolutely zero market for Fitz. Hopefully he snaps out of this but it kinda is what it is.
  10. You just gotta shake your head.. can you imagine what it would be like if Geno had those drives???