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  1. I'm not happy that every week for the last month I've had to explain to my 12 year old that our team sucking in football is ok and he shouldn't let him bum him out. I'm also not happy that I've had to say "oh jeez" or "man we suck" in a calm voice rather than screaming the obscenity laced tirade I'd be doing if he wasn't in the room with me. Take that Rubix Cube and shove it straight up your ass. Don't care that you think you don't suck. You do. Congrats on swindling NFL teams for millions upon millions of dollars. No one said you were dumb.
  2. Todd Bowles teams have consistently gone into games with less emotion than their opposition. The game is predicated so much on who is playing with more determination. This is a direct reflection on him and his lassez-faire demeanor. If the team continues to get outplayed, outcoached, outhustled, and outhearted, then I don't see how firing him does not improve this franchise.
  3. The league is filled with egomaniacs and meatheads alike. If you want to act like Geno sending a d-pic to some skank offends your gentle sensibilities then you have that right. Just like I have the right to think it's hypocritical nonsense.
  4. Look at how the narrative changes. Aghast at a dick pic and a plane incident but a hero to many of them was a womanizing alcoholic who used to show up for practice still drunk and tried to kiss a sideline reporter during a national game. Lets calm down with the righteous indignation a bit shall we?
  5. Then you'll never have true absolution.
  6. It's crazy, isn't it? Some are acting as if this is Doug Flutie getting replaced by Rob Johnson. Fitz has SUCKED.. The only conspiracy theory that would be relevant is why it's taken this long.
  7. I don't see any downside to this move at all.. either we start winning - which is the only way Geno keeps playing - or he crashes and we get Petty in a couple weeks. Either way we should hopefully avoid ever having to see Fitz put his entire body and soul into a 20 yard out, and still watch it bounce off the turf in front of the waiting receiver. Happy days indeed!
  8. I know this is in vogue to recite this lie but most of us know it's not true. Geno has never been as consistently bad as the last month and a half we've seen from Fitz.
  9. He knows I'm kidding.. we've played mafia for years and this is nothing compared to what we're used to. He'd never complain about this.. Just like you'll never hear me complain and the 10,000 times I've been called an idiot, moron, lawn care worker, etc.
  10. He's upset.. Everything he and his pack of dopes have been screaming for months came crumbling down. I'll let him simmer down then I expect his apology.
  11. Well if it was (which I highly doubt) then KUDOS to Woodrow. Thank God someone stepped in with an intervention.
  12. I told you that I took you off ignore a few weeks ago. You were a beaten man and had retreated to the lounge for a hiatus. I respect that you didn't continue lobbying for your fallen hero and acknowledged your gross miscalculations. All that's left for a full recovery is that you apologize.