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  1. 8/15 practice tweets

    I think you're overthinking this one a bit, Donald. I appreciate the sanctimonious tirade tho.
  2. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    GG. I was the Doc
  3. Crapture the Flag Part 2

  4. 8/15 practice tweets

    Oh yeah that was some seriously below the belt sh-t in that post. So what are you seeing corky? Pretty obvious it's McCown until mathematical elimination then bring it home with the Hack Attack, no?
  5. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

  6. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Jokes aside the shtick is kinda funny but best in short spurts. To try and sustain it over a week or 2 for a game might be too much to ask for. If this is Crusher then don't be angry... if it's not Crusher then gfy.
  7. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    This has the potential to be the single worst game of mafia ever played. Part of me is holding out hope every one of you is punking me to see if I'll start playing this like a real game.
  8. 8/15 practice tweets

    You are still clinging to this hope that Hack is going to start? How much evidence do you need to see that McCown is the starter and Hack will play if/when the season goes in the tank OR McCown performs poorly for multiple games?
  9. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    wait.. this is really a game?
  10. Game of mafia brought to you by Chimp the Pimp

    I'm going to play this game with the level of effort it deserves.
  11. Crapture the Flag Part 2

  12. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Ape has come close to destroying mafia on a # of occasions but I never thought an alt created to poke fun of him would lead to the death of JN mafia.
  13. Guess you and the rest of the ilk have to come up with new talking points. Hack ain't playing any time soon.
  14. Game of mafia brought to you by Chimp the Pimp

    Let your conscious be your guide, fat man.
  15. Game of mafia brought to you by Chimp the Pimp

    err... call me crazy but wouldn't it be a conflict of interest if this fake poster mods a game when the true identity of said poster is playing?