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  1. Look at it this way: If this is true, which I have a hard time believing, then Fitz most certainly NOT the leader you and your cohorts have been propping him up to be. 12 Mil is grossly overpaying him but instead of taking the gift and reporting to camp he's holding his breath and stomping his feet for more more more.
  2. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    meh. Im not voting you cause i think youre town. Make no mistake youre playing terribly but doing it as a townie.
  3. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    what were the other 2? Oh yeah Leelous travesty but what was the other?
  4. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Calm down Verb.. Every mod goes through this. I'm actually having fun with the format. DPR's abysmal run as King has been quite amusing. I read people being ticky tacky with your rules as standard operating procedure. I've been called the worst mod ever about 600 times. And I'm the best.
  5. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Shut your mouth, toots!
  6. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Welcome to 3 years ago when Nolder and I were screaming about this and getting trashed for doing so.
  7. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I get DRP's vote.. Crusher is just wrong about why he's voting me.. but there goes Lily.. let herself be talked into a bad vote on a flawed line of thinking i.e. "one of the people not voting must be the scum"
  8. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I don't have a dog in this fight but uhhh....
  9. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    hahaah ******* lizzie.
  10. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    You talking about Lizard King, right?
  11. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Yeah i followed you or jif lol.. pretty sure i was the first to say what i was doing but carry on.