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  1. Looks like Crapture the Fag Part Deux to me... enjoy.
  2. I'm thinking of you too hun.
  3. I would have claimed scum 2 weeks ago.
  4. With like a quarter of the total value guaranteed. He's retiring after this year or getting cut then retiring.
  5. Good fit.. Patriots don't like their players talking and Harris hasn't said anything particularly interesting in his life. Harris will be retire after this year and will have had a very good pro career. Can't hate him.
  6. So I'm the brains and JiF is the as shole? At least you got that part right.
  7. I'm going to ocean city sunday for a week otherwise id play.
  8. How long before TomSham or the Dbuttman slither in to tell us the white RB should have been the pick?
  9. What a sh-t show.
  10. squirm pig, squirm
  11. Unvote Vote Hess
  12. If we're not talking wrastling or twinkies I don't expect you to understand.
  13. Only game related thing that's interesting are JiF's overreactions. Null read at this point but I'm watching that freak.
  14. How bright a TV can get. Helps create great HDR imagery.