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  1. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    It's a piss poor defense. He said he was just "playing around" with a 5th vote on me getting me half way to a lynch and leaving it there until just about everyone unvoted me. Of course he's going to try to defend.. what person just throws their hands up, smiles, and says good job guys you got me. jeeeeez louise...
  2. Maybe you're on to something. When I look at the incredible success that Fitz' understudies have enjoyed I'm blown away. I mean who wouldn't give their right arm to have Jordan Palmer, Trent Edwards, Tyler Thigpen, Jake Locker, Case Keenum, or Ryan Mallet on this team. All that professional excellence they've enjoyed simply by being around the Ryan.
  3. I can't believe anyone bought this nonsense.
  4. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    If anyone but you asked I would have replied with 3 of my favorite letters... but since you ask JiF was spamming the thread with shtick while the train was gaining momentum and refused to address the topic of a guy getting speed lynched. the idiot Hess quietly unvoted without citing any reasons and began asinine assaults on other players.
  5. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Let me put it to you this way.. If Ballin' flips scum JiF and Hess have some splainin' to do.
  6. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    see this? he said my play was wrong yesterday which implies he saw said play yesterday. why did he wait until 6 votes to storm in and defend? where was he yesterday?
  7. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Its as if people expect him to stutter or type ok you got me lol.. defended well? Pfft
  8. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    *super hard forehead slap*
  9. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    its best i got right now. Not just the vote but the urging then subsequent hiding after votes peeled off. Now look at him go.. i have never seen him so amped while defending.
  10. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    ehh.. actually it was me.. but carry on.
  11. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Hey I was the first to vote Ballin yesterday and notice it.. whatever makes it easier for you to justify your vote is cool wit me. I'm used to being under appreciated.
  12. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Back to it.. Unvote Vote Ballin
  13. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    cool thanks for doing this so I didn't have to.
  14. Voodoo Island Mafia - Game On

    Gotta admit it is absurd to have lists after these first 15 pages.. My strongest scum read at the moment is Ballin.. Reason is he not only quickly jumped on an important position on my train but seemed to subtly encourage others to as well. Since the train derailed and I voted him he's disappeared. I'm so good at this sh-t.