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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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    AFC championship game against the Broncos
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  1. Of course it should be. Their goal should be to win SB 53 or 54. They're not winning 52.
  2. No, they wouldn't have a solid season, but they also wouldn't have the worst record in the league.
  3. Fixed your post. If the corner turns into Revis - Great pick, Milliner - bust Dlineman turns into Wilkerson or Williams - Great pick, Gholston or Coples - bust Ultimately that's what matters, not necessarily the position.
  4. Maybe he shouldn't have been drafted in the 2nd or at all.
  5. If Hack is the starter and the Jets are still picking #1 it's because he sucked and isn't the QB of the future.
  6. Just odd that the best coach in college football couldn't seem to use a stud player. Doesn't happen too often.
  7. That's so strange, he had him for 4 years and never figured out what to do with him. I watched the video and he looks good, just have to admit that I'm skeptical of a player who doesn't do much in college becoming a stud in the NFL.
  8. Shouldn't a "beast" have more than 2 100yd games in his career?
  9. Forced patriotism sucks. So does Kaepernick as a QB.
  10. Not if you aren't high on any of them. I'd rather wait another year than draft someone with big limitations.
  11. What is the point of the Jets signing a 30 year old QB who's barely played? Other than trying to lose.
  12. It does, if you're sure about the top of next year's draft and you know that your team isn't equipped to win this year.
  13. No more half measures. Be good or be awful. They look awful.
  14. A swap of 1's + Richardson and a 3 would be great for the Jets.