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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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    AFC championship game against the Broncos
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  1. Not really. Allen totalled 3700 yards last year, Hack's high was about 2900. Hack also got worse as he got older.
  2. No one, not even Murphy thought he was going to turn into the hitter that he has. If he thought it was gonna happen he'd have taken the 1 year qualifying offer from the Mets and been able to sign a much bigger contract after the 2016 season.
  3. Testaverde's injury was the worst thing that happened to the Jets franchise.
  4. Nice seats, bad game so far.
  5. Every game I have ever been to I have seen people fail to remove their hats, continue to play with their phones and continue their conversations. Political protest is as American as it gets. He got attention for his cause and put some money where his mouth was. That's much better than a scumbag like Richardson.
  6. If Darnold has a good season and is ready for the NFL he'll go. The team picking 1 is always awful, it doesn't matter if it's the Jets or someone else.
  7. How can you guarantee that?
  8. The Jets offense will be truly awful which will offset any of the gains from the defense.
  9. So you're saying that the Jets team + Rodgers = Super Bowl?
  10. Who is the franchise QB?
  11. I don't think you know what zero means.
  12. Highly rated falling due to an incident that may or may not have happened. Thoughts?
  13. The chart is a guide. I would have done the same deal that the Bills got for #10 even though according to the chart it wouldn't have worked.