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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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    AFC championship game against the Broncos
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  2. Also with the Mets still limited payroll Murphy most likely means no Cespedes.
  3. What's wrong with sabermetrics?
  4. That's also not accurate. Murphy missed 30 games last year and 15 the year before. Neither has been overly durable.
  5. That's not accurate. Duda has OPSed .830 two years in a row. Murphy .730 in 2014 and .770 in 2015.
  6. You don't know what Reyes did. None of us really do. It could have been really awful or it could have been a simple shove because his wife was in his face hitting him and they were both drunk. I try to look at it this way, she forgave him, so can I. Any Reyes haters want Wally as the manager?
  7. Are you watching the same offense that I've been watching?
  8. Wally is never managing this team.
  9. I've also seen him botch a few.
  10. Flores can't bunt.
  11. I get your point that the lineup sucks, I think you just used the wrong team in your comparison.
  12. ? No one trembles at the site of the Bronx Bombers now.
  13. Cool, at least you're consistent. I understand your point. I look at it like this, there was one incident involving a shove. Alcohol was involved, not sure if by both parties but if both were drinking a simple shove could send someone into a door. I'm not trying to justify his actions but we really don't know the circumstances involved in the incident.
  14. If his wife forgives him, why you can't you? Just out of curiosity (and I really don't know) what was your position on Ray Rice?
  15. The farm system exists to make the major league team better whether that's through promotion or trade. The Mets don't have a 3b in the system worth discussing. Wilmer is a replacement level player, by all accounts Gourriel is a very talented player. 2016 is by no means over and they should not act like it is.