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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. That is why you let young guys try to figure it out. Remember when people thought he'd be better in the bullpen..
  2. They got a lot of permission for different characters. Iron Giant, Batman Logo, Big Foot Monster Truck, all kinds of stuff.
  3. That's really not that interesting. I take that back. It's not interesting at all.
  4. That was the same point I was going to make. What about other sports? Football is too dangerous, but MMA is becoming more and more popular. What about soccer? What about gymnastics? The punishment those girls go through is insane.
  5. The actor who plays Euron is quoted as saying he is going to make Ramsay look like a child.
  6. Saw Dunkirk. Damn. Tom was right, really not much like it ever. If you ever complain about having a bad day, think about what those people went through, and then just shut up.
  7. Refsnyder traded to the Blue Jays for a AA first baseman
  8. Took 2 of 3. Ellsbury is sitting for right now.
  9. I wasn't until Whedon took over, and is changing a lot of things. The original Avengers was supposed to be crap, and he re wrote and fixed it. Avengers 2 had too much interference and was very mediocre. Good to watch once, but nothing I'd try to see again. If he is given free reign to fix the Justice League, I think it could be good. I do like the casting, I like Cavill as Superman, the guy doing the Flash could be good, I liked Gal as Wonder Woman, Khal Drogo as Fish Guy, and I actually like Ben as an older Batman.
  10. Agree. Loved the Vulture as well.
  11. Just saw the replay. Judge hit a freaking bomb. Fan in the second to last row of the upper deck jumped up to catch it
  12. Gonna see Dunkirk tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
  13. Just one link to the next, to the next. It's brilliant in it's depth.
  15. Children of the Forrest don't really age as I understand it, kind of like Tolkein's elves. But they are all but wiped up. Or.... did Bran go back in time and help build the original wall?