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    The female ones
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  1. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Man, what happened here. Yanks are having a good season, and it's like, 3 guys chatting about it once every day or 2.
  2. See, that's the thing. He took over a roster with poor talent and a lot of cap room. The guys he extended, didn't work, the older vets he brought in, didn't work. His drafts didn't add a lot of talent other than Williams. The Hack, Maudlin duo is awful.
  3. Macc took over a poor roster 3 years ago. Has the talent improved in any way? No.
  4. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Yeah, I don't see Yanks catching them, Boston isn't losing enough. I agree. I was hoping for 84-86 wins, and some young guys get some good experience. This year has been great, the only real downer is Bird. Just hope he learns from this year to become a player.
  5. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    He won't beat Kluber or Sale, but he should finish 3rd in CY Young. Gray has been excellent since being picked up as well, they just don't score and make a crap ton of errors for him. If Tanaka and CC can go 5 innings, 2 runs in the playoffs, this team can make serious noise. It has the pitching and the bullpen.
  6. nfl week 1 ratings

    That isn't helping either. A player whines about wanting to get "respect", he gets paid, and he dogs it. Time after time the big contracts blow up in people's faces.
  7. nfl week 1 ratings

    I don't like watching nearly as much. Every game has a BS roughing the QB, and every game has at least 1 pass interference, where even the announcers are like, "I'm watching the relay, and I see nothing". The Rams and Chargers are going to be a wakeup call for the NFL They are both going to draw absolute crap in that new stadium. The Chargers especially left a good football town and a good fan base, and went to a town known for not caring about NFL teams.
  8. He really does everything so well. He works really hard. He gets the big contract, and works just as hard. He does stuff with special needs kids. He raises millions to help flood victims. He is a standout in his community. You can not be a Texan fan, but how do you not root for that guy?
  9. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Judge just hit 2 more, with 6 RBI. Sanchez hit #31
  10. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    2 out of 3 from the Rays. They just keep winning series right now. Of course, the Indians may never lose again, so there's that.
  11. That's because you had 320 pound Sheldon playing OLB.
  12. He wasn't. He and management argued over a FA QB. Saban really wanted Brees. Management gave him Daunte Culpeppar
  13. With all of his original knee ligaments.
  14. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    That's moronic. Judge set the rookie walk record. #2 all time in rookie HR. His OPS is 200 points higher, his OBP is 60 points higher. Benintendi is a better OF, but it's not even like Judge is a stiff in RF. Judge leads the league in HR, walks and runs scored. I'll freely admit, it's been a bipolar rookie season, but it's still an amazing rookie season.
  15. Marshall did not want to be here, and was supposidly causing locker room issues. Decker has been healthy one out of the last 3 years. I probably would have kept Decker, but they got someone from Seattle, so it wasn't that necessary.