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  4. It's a rip off. You want fans to pay full price for pre season games where people you never even heard of are playing, and in 4 weeks they'll never be heard from again? No thanks. You want me to pay thousands of dollars just for the rights to buy those pre season games? Again, no thanks. Then, your team sucks? Fans are going to re coup some of their money, and they'll sell on Stub Hub to whoever is buying.
  5. In 2 years, he's made... 36 million? This may go down as one of the worst contract extensions in Football history, it is historically bad. He does nothing. Literally, any 7th rounder could do the same job for 1% of the money. I was glad when we resigned him, and I was massively wrong.
  6. I had to listen to the game on XM radio for a bit, with the Pats home radio guys. Holy crap, all the do is bitch about how they don't get any calls. Scott Zolak, I want to slap you in the face.
  7. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Tough game. The series is 2 games of inches. Bird thrown out at home, Gardner at 3rd. Both were out, both were close. 3B coach should have never sent Gardner there. Head hits a ball to the top of the wall, caught. Houston hits a ball 2 feet over Judge, HR. Throw beats Altuve to the plate, Sanchez drops it. That's your series so far. Oh, and we got Gray, and Houston got Verlander. To be fair, I thought it was desperate at the time for Houston, but he's been lights out since they got him. Gray is a 5 inning guy who won't challenge in the strike zone.
  8. Plane crash. Pats team bus gets lost on way to stadium Jets forfeit. Official score 2-0, we cover the spread. Jets properly inflate footballs. Insert 20 into Tom Brady's rectum. They play baseball instead of football.
  9. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Green struggled a bit at the end, I think he may have had a bit of dead arm.
  10. 2017 Mets thread!

    Machado before Harper, but it depends on what he wants. Does he want 30+ million a year? How much of your payroll does that eat up?
  11. 2017 Mets thread!

    I would not give Harper the money that he wants. He's had 1 monster year. If you miss on a contract like that, it kills you forever. That's not the guy I give it to.
  12. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I think Houston wins game 1, and that's ok. Keuchel vs Gray is not a good match up, but at this point, why not us? Judge has to come out of it, but it would be great if the umps only called actual strikes, strikes. I get pissed at him for chasing, but when crap out of the strike zone is called, what's he going to do? I agree with you on Kahn for the 8th, but even if it didn't work out I wouldn't have killed Joe for that. Betances imploding is making his job a bit tougher.
  13. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    I loved Liz Hurley.
  14. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I'll give him credit, he did a good job with games 3, 4, 5. Nitpicking, I would have used Kahn for the 8th last night, but Joe was proved correct in how he guided them to the ALCS. Houston, tough matchup. We haven't played well against them for 2+ years, they are a bit more rested, and last time we went against Keuchel in the playoffs it didn't go well. Then again, we just beat on the probably Cy Young winner 2X in 5 days.
  15. Belichick praises Jets

    If you go way back, that was Vince Lomardi's M O. Always praise the Opponent.
  16. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Chapman is a beast when he's on. It's not the 102 fastball, it's the 87 mph slider. When he throws that for strikes, wow. The phrase, "The batter has no chance" is over used, but when is throwing that for strikes, it is unbelievable tough for a batter. You have to gear up for 100+, and then 87 with movement. All you can do is take it and hope it's a ball.
  17. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I'll give it Cashman. He doesn't pick up Frazier, Robertson and Kahn, this team is not even close to the ALCS. Great trade.
  18. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    They really threw the ball around. Hicks hit to the outfield was tough, that ball really had english on it. But how many errors did they make the last 3 games? 9? How many un earned runs?
  19. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    if it's me, I send Kahn out for the 8th, Chapman for the 9th.
  20. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    Worst O Line in the league? Def. bottom 5
  21. What do you want us, as a fan, to do? Mac cut a ton of dead weight. The younger players look like they are playing better. He can't go into the locker room and say "Lose". Aside from QB they are playing all younger guys. If the QB stumbles, or they are out of the playoff race, you start Petty. I would not have minded if they went 2-14. But they are not as bad as the 49ers or the Colts. The Browns may win a few now that they made the QB change, we'll see.
  22. Well, those 1st 2 guys had nothing to do with the offense. Peyton on the Broncos kind of converted their offense to what he was comfortable with. Farve did similar with the Jets. Look, Peyton could thrive most any offense, as long as he was free to check the calls at the line. I mean, the guy could read any defense, and until the very end he had a very good arm. Farve was def. at his best with Holmgren, and after the walrus left no other HC really had control over him.
  23. Peyton went to Denver, and made them change their system to what he could run. They went to a Super Bowl like that, then he got old, and their D became amazing, and they went back to running their O. Elway took such mediocre teams to the Super Bowl. Name one other elite talent on those early Bronco team. Elway would be good anywhere. People here love to bash Marino (I know I do) because he never won a ring. After drafting him, they added nothing. Duper and Clayton were two quick WR who would be slot receivers today. Marino's talent would make anyone look good. I mean, He threw for 5000 yards and 48 TD in 1984! No one touched those marks for decades. Marino in NO now? He'd put up Brees stats easy. Brees here, in the cold, out doors... I don't know. He'd be a huge improvement if Peyton came with him, but he wouldn't throw for 5000 yards. We don't have the offensive talent for him to do it.
  24. Great QBs need a match. Montana was great with Walsh. Brady is great with BB. Steve Young was needed Walsh to tame him. Farve needed Holmgren to reel him in.