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  1. I've gotten used to this game... IT's OK Steve Phillips is a dumbass.. My GT is Netsfan126 HIT ME UP
  2. It's a good feeling taking 2/3 from the Rays in the TRAP
  3. The ground rules there are so ****ing gay
  4. Ward has 216 yards lmao And game over Jacobs TD!
  5. Trading Santana Moss, for Laverneus Coles. The front office must really regret doing that.
  6. Then I won't be worried about NYJ MIA hehe
  7. Why would you guys be bitching? Ravens loss helps the Jets.
  8. CF, Austin Jackson. Kid's a stud.
  9. I was just saying, 1 week they look like the best team in the NFL. Next week they look like pure crap. They killed the Jets, but just inched a victory against KC last week.
  10. Ben Sheets is Carl Pavano Deja Vu...
  11. They're an inconsistent team...
  12. Herm and Kiffen seemed to do well against them.