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  1. I don't think I can handle another week of "the sky is falling because Bowles won't play Hackenberg" posts....but I agree.
  2. Re-enters the draft and the Chargers are not allowed to re-draft him.
  3. Yeah it's tough because the Chargers are kind of strong arming them for a far more team friendly deal. At some point though I feel like Bosa should say f*ck it, I'll bank on myself. Especially when you have vets on the team calling you out. He comes off as a prick and this is doing nothing to remedy that.
  4. TIL 10 wins and 6 losses after a 4-12 season is "not winning". Time to relearn math kids!
  5. This is preposterous. 2 posters here told me Leo's SPARQ scorez weren't up to snuff therefore his below average athleticism would cause him to be limited to an average DE that never lived up to the draft hype.
  6. Yeah, like Gerald McCoy. The DT the Bucs took with the 3rd overall pick who also lines up all over the place...including nose when Tampa deploys the occasional 3-4 look (albeit rarely)...just like Leo. Players like this are special. I highly doubt he's going to stay there forever, but this is the best way to develop an interior rush and get all three of the big boys on the line at the same time without switching to a base 4-3.
  7. Which is almost exactly how Petty came off as last year in the dog days of camp. Now he's the second coming around here. I'm happy that Bryce has developed. Not just because we may have something there, but also because it shows that coaching staff knows how to do things the right way and will do the right thing to fix up Hack.
  8. Shhhhhhhhhhh. You're interrupting the circlejerk. We used a 2nd round pick and the fans here want to check themselves into a crisis center over Hack sitting and learning when it was known from day one that's what he would be doing. Imagine what some would do if we traded our next 3(?) drafts for a guy that is playing worse than Sean Mannion. Now I'm not saying Goff is gonna flop, but LA better do something similar to us and not rush the kid or else its not going to be a pretty start for them in their new city.
  9. If signing Karlos means that we will cut all three of those bums, then I'll roll out the red carpet for the guy at Florham Park.
  10. I totally understand that. I'm not upset with people wanting to see him play. I reaaaaaally want to see him play myself. I just don't understand some of the fans who almost come off as excited to see him fail just so they can stroke themselves to the tune of "Ha! I was right!". Was it really necessary to pick the one bad tweet at the time to post in this thread and casually glance over the two, supposedly, pretty TDs thrown? If all the updates from today were posted to keep everyone updated on the progress of Hack, good or bad, then I wouldn't have brought up "cherry picking". It's clear though that keeping everyone informed of today's reps wasn't the goal with that post. This whole thread was supposed to be about the unique situation we've seen develop over the first two pre-season games being the reason why we haven't seen Hack yet. Honestly, I believe that theory. The team is in a weird spot right now because, ideally, we'd just cut Geno, move on, and use the roster spot on someone more important to the team. That being said, they clearly want to give their young guys more reps and the only way that will be solved quickly is if we figure out the backup spot first. Look, I get its frustrating, but we just have to be patient. This offseason, no one thought Petty was going to be more than a backup his entire career and now people are ready to anoint him the savior. It's two irrational extremes. All we need is just a little patience.
  11. Im not debating that he's struggled, but sitting around waiting for something bad to happen and bumping the thread by ignoring the good things that were said before the INTs is the definition of cherry picking. Sounds like he had a rookie day. Mixed bag. Don't see the big f'n deal.
  12. Yeah, you just posted that tweet and casually skipped the others to keep people of this informed of today's TC. Riiiight 🙄
  13. And just now in teams: But hey, let's continue to cherry pick the negative to fit a narrative.
  14. No amount of hatred for one player is going to change the fact that James Franklin is a horrible coach and the hate he gets is completely warranted. He's a solid recruiter but he's a horrible developer of talent.
  15. You know who else put up good numbers in the SEC? Tim Tebow. Greg McElroy. Brandon Allen. Jake Coker. Tyler Wilson. Ryan Mallet. JaMarcus Russell. Blaine Gabbert You know who put up poor numbers his final year? Jameis Winston. How about Carson Wentz? Put up solid numbers in a sh*t conference still got drafted high and was considered possibly the best QB prospect out of all of them. Same with Lynch. Saying Dak Prescott was looked at as a better pro prospect as Hackenberg isn't really accurate. No one saw what Dak's doing right now coming. This isn't Russell Wilson. This was a complete surprise. I liked Dak too and won't even pretend I saw this coming. I think it's also important to remember that Dallas has an incredible line, offensive talent, and two games against two awful defenses. For the most part, the two were looked at as big time wild-cards that could be steals with their talent level. The book is far from written, for either guy. Overreactions over either one is silly.