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  1. Maybe we wait around for Dan Quinn and he still doesn't f*cking come here so none of this sh*t still doesn't happen.
  2. Very well might have been the case. My point was more along the lines of Atlanta being a far more desirable job to take. In fact, I think Bowles, whether he ends up being good here or bad, made a personal mistake by letting us keep him here until he signed without visiting Atlanta. Obviously at the time I was excited, but I was still surprised. Quinn is reaping the benefits of having a franchise guy in place. Don't get me wrong, he's done what he's had to do, and definitely deserves some credit for getting the Falcons over the hump that Mike Smith never could, but we're not honestly missing any of Quinn's coaching ability. We're missing "the guy" under center. That's the huge glaring difference with these two franchises.
  3. Weird, I didn't realize this forum was where all we do is slobber up the Patriots and talk about how good they are.
  4. No. Because the league is run by a spineless moron who has no balls to do the right thing.
  5. If you want to actually talk about "TRUTH,REALITY and FACTS" then how about the fact that these "perfect" Patriots were actually accused and found guilty of cheating in 3 of their 4 Super Bowls (all 4 if we're reeeeeeeeealllly getting technical)?
  6. Lmfao, and you two call yourselves Jets fans.
  7. Right, just completely ignore the fact that he probably would have chosen another team over us guys. Oh, also ignore the fact that the two guys, as coaching prospects, were neck and neck but waiting on one could have cost us both. Obviously none of that is a big deal.
  8. QB-less, horrendous defense, offensively inept Jets orrrrrr Matt Ryan led, loaded offense, some decent pieces on defense Falcons. Where the f*ck do you think he was going?
  9. He was picked by the Falcons to fix the defense, in particular because the offense had all the pieces in place to be great. Kyle Shanahan has more to do with the Falcons making the Super Bowl than Dan Quinn does. Quinn was also never going to come here over Atlanta.
  10. It's been all Matt Ryan. This game is the prime example of how useless everything else is without a franchise QB.
  11. That's a phenomenal deal. I don't see how anyone could have an issue with a contract like that.
  12. This thread is hilariously stupid. Like, it's actually entertaining. Bravo OP.
  13. Why would we have drafted Big Ben?
  14. I don't understand the fascination with this kid at all.