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  1. Using Sheldon Richardson as an example is not helping your case at all. I don't know where he's at now but that guy has been the definition of immature and stupid so far, ESPECIALLY last year. There is a big difference between skipping OTAs for a charity commitment or extra rest, due to age catching up, and skipping them because your kicking and screaming about not having "your" QB. It's a slap in the face to his teammates and more importantly it's a slap in the face to the front office who are trying to get things done.
  2. I'm sure his coaches and the teammates of his that decided to actually show up and put in the work and build on last season as a team give a small sh*t about him deciding to skip out, especially when it's for someone else who, as of right now, isn't even apart of the team. Also, Douche Canoe Decker knew when OTAs were. He conveniently goes for his family vacation the first week of them? Either he's an a*shole, stupid, or all of the above. Marshall is running some charity events judging by social media and Mangold had a kid, nevermind that both of those guys are both older than Eric. Decker had from January to most of May to find time for a vacation. He chose the first week of OTAs by pure chance? Bullsh*t. Then it also comes out from 3 different reporters that sources close to him said that his absence was no coincidence. He's coming off as a child.
  3. Man, I want every single person here defending Decker's actions to make yourself known in this thread because you sure as sh*t better have the same feelings if Sheldon/Pryor/Williams pull this same garbage when their contract negotiations come up. ESPECIALLY if another Jet player comes out and pulls an Eric Decker for their butt-buddy. I don't want to see a single one of you take a different stance after the lengths you have gone to defend a journeyman backup QB who had one good year out of 11 just so you don't have to crawl into your safe space to avoid hearing the name "Geno Smith" on Sunday because you have this preconceived notion that he can't improve in his 4th year, you know, nevermind the fact that the bearded a*shole just had his best season ever and it only took him 11 years. Honestly, I've had it up to the heavens with Fitz and his hardball games, but at least he has the whole "I'm not under contract" reason not to show up. Mangold had a child and knowing Marshall and following what he does extensively and seeing the competitor he is, they both get a pass too. Decker has zero f*cking excuses. He's the only d*ck face that has reportedly not shown up for no other reason than he is unhappy with something that has absolutely nothing to do with him. This is a classic case of the kid with the ball just packing it up and going home when things don't go his way. He comes off like a f*cking child. You want your boy to get paid? Then take a paycut or restructure so they can sweeten the deal and get something done. Otherwise, shut the f*ck up, stop singing with your hot wife, stop filming your stupid tv show, stop promoting stupid sh*t on Instagram, come to workouts with your team, and do your job because the offseason is over and now it's time to put in the work. If that isn't the mentality Decker has then he can go f*ck himself because losers that pull the sh*t he's pulling don't belong on an NFL team and they usually never win anything of significance.
  4. Brandon Marshall is a better teammate and more mature person than Eric Decker. That is not something I would have guessed a couple of years back.
  5. Decker is a f*cking idiot for doing this and so is anyone defending him. How's that for honest take?
  6. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Right, because why let facts get in the way of a stupid argument? Bowles is the head coach of a professional football team, not a f*cking babysitter. His responsibility is to take care of the guys who did show up. If them not showing up to voluntary workouts has something to do with the Fitzpatrick situation then that reflects poorly on them, no one else. I say this as a personal fan of all 3 of the no-shows.
  7. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    I'm really trying to figure out where this imaginary narritive that Geno has looked good in practices came from. Last year was the only year where I remember hearing "Wow, Geno Smith looks great" and we all know why that work and progress didn't get to be shown off in the regular season. I mean sh*t, didn't Rex infamously call one of his practices horrendous or something like that his rookie year??? The second year all I really remember hearing was our wideouts and weapons suck (Decker aside), that there is a competition but there really wasnt, and that Geno and Vick looked identical in practice so the nod goes to the younger guy anyway. Seriously. I find it absolutely hilarious that some of you will to go such extreme lengths to just sh*t all over any sort of positive news that comes out on the guy.
  8. This is absolutely incredible.
  9. Agree with everything you said. I probably should have made a disclaimer that goes into detail about how much I hate John Idzik as a whole. I'm just happy that he effectively "broke" Rex Ryan.
  10. Calling him a writer is generous. I figured as such lol, nothing against you or anything. I just find it adorable that a guy with skin as thin as wrapping paper is the quickest to jump all over another person with thin skin. You're still good people OP.
  11. Also, he may be a Jets fan but Joe Caporoso making fun of anyone for being thin-skinned is hilarious. Guy is the softest little pr*ck on twitter. Challenge any one of his idiotic opinions and he immediately hits that block button.
  12. One Buffalo Bills reporter basically says Rex is too stupid to function and he goes into full lockdown mode. Considering how long this spiteful buffoon lasted in the NYC media, this is actually impressive. We can criticize Idzik on a lot of things but that man came in here successfully cut off whatever was left of Rex's d*ck and balls after the weight loss. Guy still hasn't recovered.
  13. 26 with 3 or 4 more on the ground. Big question is what the turnover number is.