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  1. Very interesting read. Great post AFJF. If the NCAA doesn't bend because of this then there's a chance that this league becomes a big threat. Even if it slightly takes could become reaaaaaaal interesting when it comes to high school recruits.
  2. Forgive me. It's hard to understand him at all, regardless of topic.
  3. I don't have to put words in your mouth. You've done a pretty good job of stuffing your face with them. I haven't said anything ignorant. I've pretty much said that unless you have a problem with this person being a woman you should have no problem with the Jets doing what every other team in the NFL does by hiring an intern. That IS exactly what this situation is. The hiring of an intern. That's it. You clearly have your panties in a bunch because the Jets hired a woman as an intern. You're ignorant.
  4. Oh I'm not even coming close to saying it's not like that. I work in the sh*t show that is modern day health care, lol. Still don't make it right, is all I'm saying.
  5. "Only the Jets........" - You "It's not just the Jets." - Me "*Contradicting statement*" - You How about you just say that you don't like her because she's a woman and you're ignorant so we can call it a day?
  6. Then why are you upset about the jets doing something every other team in the NFL does every summer/spring by hiring an intern?
  7. Why is giving an intern a shot in training camp unthinkable at all? It literally happens all the time. You just never hear about it like in this instance.
  8. Yeah. Being against someones ability to do something based off of a preconceived bias is f*cked up, no matter what profession it is.
  9. Who honestly cares either way? There are plenty of colleges that have male cheerleaders. There are also plenty of reasons to be pissed/upset with this organization from ownership down. This isn't one of them. Also I think there actually was 1 male cheerleader before.
  10. Yeah man, f*ck being inclusive and giving people a fair shake based off of their merits and not based on what's between their legs, am I right?
  11. So disappointing to hear. Between the drops, the suspension, the muffed punts...I think Peake beats him out easily.
  12. We did. This particular WR wasn't drafted. #GotEem 🙃