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  1. Sign him. Idc. Just f*ck my sh*t up fam.
  2. Fair enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. - Geno doesn't have to throw 6 INT's to get the same result, he just has to be as ineffective. Something that he's shown time and time again he can be. It's about the only thing consistent with him. To be honest, I don't think the turnover margin is that drastically different. He probably just eats a couple of more sacks and fumbles instead of throwing it right to the defender. Unless we got Goff or Wentz, we weren't starting a rookie this year. Even with one of them, I doubt it would have happened. I loved Wentz to death and I didn't think he would be ready this quickly. Same goes for Prescott. Regardless of who we drafted, the plan was to sit them. More often than not, that's the way things should be handled. Almost the entire fanbase was ok with that during draft time too. - The Gase hiring was considered by many experts to be a "great" hire. One that would EVENTUALLY turn that team around. First year super success really wasn't really realistic and the team was ok with that. That's the issue. Everyone outside of the team is soooooo concerned with instantaneous results, that no one looks at the big picture. The GM and Coach of this team have both stated multiple times that, yes, while they are built to "win now", they are still in the process of building a team that can sustain success with young players and there will be bumps along the way. You don't sustain success by firing a young HC every 2-3 seasons. Especially when that coach gave you your first double digit winning season since 2010. - Again, because you don't risk injury to the only other QB healthy due to the fact that you're clinging on to the hope that he can pull of something that Brady couldn't do coming off the bench cold. Especially when we're talking about Geno Smith being the guy coming off the bench. It was a lost cause. Leave Fitz in there and just pray to God the game is over quick so that no one gets hurt. - My guess for a starter next year? Honestly? Petty. Especially if he plays this year and shows something. If not Petty and Hack doesn't look like anything special, I wouldn't be stunned to see them take a rookie first rounder. Maybe they sign another vet. I don't honestly think it's going to be Fitz. If it is though? Then yeah, Bowles and Macc will have live or die by that sword.
  4. Very rarely do people completely miss a point by this large of a margin, but congratulations, you did it. 1. Both Geno and Fitz are stupid. They both have ten cent brains. Happy now? Didn't think that after a 6 INT performance or my past criticisms of Fitzpatrick, that I needed to clarify that. 2. The third pick pretty much sealed the f*cking deal. Get the Cinderella story out of your head here. Geno isn't coming off the bench cold and pulling off a massive comeback never seen before in the history of this team. If Bryce Petty didn't get hurt, Geno probably isn't on the damn team right now. 3. No. I don't want to keep starting him. I want Bryce Petty in when he's healthy and ready to go. Until then, yeah I'm gonna have to roll with the guy that everyone and their grandma thinks is a better QB than the backup, by a large margin.
  5. - Geno? No. No one in their right minds thinks that Geno Smith is a better option. He didnt even show, in his opportunities this summer, that he's worthy of being the SECOND option. - Petty, for the millionth time, wasn't active. He has an injury to his throwing shoulder. The fans desire to see what he's got isn't going to heal that shoulder any quicker. - He's not above criticism. What he is though is a young HC and this is what happens with young Head Coaches. They make mistakes. Guys like Zimmer (who made some mistakes of his own his first 2 years) and Arians are exceptions, not the rule. You live in Florida, Gase was supposed to be a f*cking savior. Fix Tannehill and all that jazz. They barely beat the Cody Kessler led Browns yesterday. You may not be calling for his head (although saying that he's tying his career to a guy who will be here for 1 more year implies that is how you feel...but I could be wrong), but there are plenty here who are. It's moronic and, at this rate, will poison this board worse than the Geno-Fitz threads of summer.
  6. And then you throw Geno, the only other QB active, into already lost sh*t show of a game and he gets injured. Then what? The game was over. Let Fitz sit in his soiled f*cking pants, I don't really care. Rather that than desperately trying to cling to the hope that Geno "Million Dollar arm, Ten Cent Brain" Smith could pull off something that no other Jets QB/team could do the other 62 times they were in that situation. Hate you break it to you, but Bowles's career is not going to be tied to Fitzpatrick and his ups and downs. He is, unfortunately, our best option right now. The FO, CS, Owner, janitors, office guys, have shown that must really hate Geno Smith and never want to see him start another down for this team. I'm not going to disagree with them either on that one. Not after the preseason he had. They will probably ride Fitz until Petty is ready to come back and take it from there. Get over the burning & reactionary desire to see Bowles fired because it's not happening this year and the quicker everyone screaming for his head realize this, the better off this board will be.
  7. You guys do slurping up Jace Amaro that the Raiders have a historically bad defense through the first 3 weeks right? It's like none of you watched him in the preseason. For those criticizing the coaching staff for his summer failures, explain to me why just about EVERY young player (Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson) had great moments and Jace didn't? The game plan was the reason he ran the wrong routes, dropped passes, and never got open? I love how people will rewrite history when they're pissed off. Out of all the players that had good reports in camp, why was Jace the only one that sucked fat d!ck when the lights came on? We came out of the preseason praising the CS and GM for getting us some really good young talent on offense, and now it's their fault that Jace Amaro, the one guy who showed absolutely NOTHING, was cut. Is it going to be like this every time we lose?
  8. No one, even me...Fitzpatrick's largest critic, believes Geno pulls them put of this hole that he put them in. I want Petty the second he is healthy.
  9. No one, even me...Fitzpatrick's largest critic, believes Geno pulls them put of this hole that he put them in. I want Petty the second he is healthy.
  10. No one, even me...Fitzpatrick's largest critic, believes Geno pulls them put of this hole that he put them in. I want Petty.
  11. The QB threw an INT for every month that he held out for 12 million dollars. I'd say it's on him a little bit more.
  12. The QB threw 6 INT's and two other players fumbled. This is not on Bowles.