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  1. Man, I usually agree with you, but I don't see Mo sticking. Sheldon is far from the third best DE and is likely the one they're keeping. 
  2. I want no part in that. Also, one good player doesn't excuse: Kyle Wilson, Mark Sanchez (who rex picked because of his f*cking proday turnout), Quinton Coples etc. TL;DR F*ck giving Mo 20mil, he isn't that type of player, Rex sucked eggs.
  3. Could you imagine...

    My last memory of Cotch was a double digit drop season (not positive but I do believe it was a lot) and I didn't see much of a difference last night. Love the guy but he should never be a feature WR at this stage of his career.  Also Von Miller is filthy. The guy single handedly won them the last two games.
  4. Could you imagine...

    He missed maybe 3 passes that were open. The rest of the game they were absolutely blanketed. Greg Olsen is not the second best TE in the league. He is a very good player on a team that little to no options. I like him a lot, dont get me wrong, but he can be neutralized easily by a solid defense.  When Ted Ginn and Cotchery, especially Cotchery given his age, are your top two targets, you have terrible Wide Recievers. The upset shouldn't really have been that shocking.  Carolina's defense has been vulnerable all year and Denvers defense has neutralized far better offenses. The only way the Panthers were winning this game was Cam going absolutely nuts on the best defense in the league all by himself, or Peyton Manning literally throwing it away. Unfortunately Carolina's offensive weaknesses caught up to them and Cam began pressing. It's honestly not unheard of.  He looked like a guy who was forced to try too much last night.
  5. Could you imagine...

    I would love to see that interview and have proper context because I'd be willing to guarantee that isn't what he said.
  6. Could you imagine...

    You're right, because last night his biggest problem was that the lack of offensive talent around him finally caught up to the team and he could no longer compensate for Ted Ginn and Cotchery's stone hands. I loved Cotch but he was awful last night and a huge reason they lost that game.  Ginn had a huge grab hit him right in the hands and tipped into TJ Ward(?)
  7. Could you imagine...

    In this thread: People pretend they don't want the reigning NFL MVP, who accounted for 40+ TDs while essentially throwing to no one and being the only offensive superstar on his team. Nice.
  8. I'm not saying he will be here. I'm just saying I don't know if he will be a Raider. If Mac decides to dangle Mo as trade bait, they won't be the only team interested.  If I were Mac, and I wanted to trade up to draft a QB, I'd look into trading him in a package  to the Bears or Titans.  They both could use him and supposedly Tennessee has already stated to teams that they are listening to offers for their pick. It may ultimately be too costly, but it's a hell of a lot better than pulling a Bills/EJ Manuel and trading back into the first for an overrated QB prospect like Paxton Lynch.
  9. The only scenario I'd be ok with. Otherwise the Raiders can go f*ck 'emselves
  10. My ideal guy is Wentz so I'd be ok with that.  I'm not a huge fan of Lynch. At all.
  11. Man, if we could somehow land Wentz or Goff, I'd be a very very happy camper. 
  12. Personally, I don't see it either, but if the price is right then I think it's something that should be considered.  We supposedly inquired about him at the trade deadline so I do think there is a certain level of interest on our part.
  13. Not saying we should go for it, I'd have to really look into pro's and con's, but gives us something to discuss
  14.  CHRISTIAN PETERSEN/GETTY IMAGESColin Kaepernick wants to put the 49ers in the past and start over elsewhere next season, preferably in New York with the Jets.The Jets’ decades-long search for a franchise quarterback could unexpectedly land them one of the most dynamic players in the league. The Daily News has learned that embattled 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco after a forgettable 2015 that included on-field struggles that resulted in a benching midway through the season and a coaching change after it. The Jets are his preferred destination, according to sources. The Jets, aware of Kaepernick’s desire to play for them, are intrigued, but still in the early stages of their offseason planning and evaluation, according to sources. They’re also deathly afraid of tampering (see: Darrelle Revis situation, circa 2015).  JETS COULD BE THINKING QB AT NFL DRAFT General manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles have expressed their desire to re-sign impending free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick, but nothing is guaranteed. (The Jets and Fitzpatrick’s camp are expected to discuss an extension in the coming weeks). Although Kaepernick wants to play in New York, he still has five years remaining on a blockbuster $114 million extension signed in 2014 that includes escape hatches for his current employer. The Jets, coming off a 10-win season, would have to trade for Kaepernick or wait until he’s cut.  The 49ers must make a decision to keep, trade or cut Kaepernick before April 1 when his 2016 base salary of $11.9 million becomes guaranteed. San Francisco would save $8.5 million by cutting Kaepernick, who is scheduled to have a $15.9 million cap charge this season. The possibility of landing the 28-year-old dual-threat signal caller presents an interesting option for the Jets, who still want to bring back Fitzpatrick as a short-term solution at the right price. Kaepernick, however, offers Maccagnan and Bowles the rare opportunity to land a difference-making quarterback entering his prime at a discounted rate. It’s unclear what San Francisco’s asking price would be in a trade, but Kaepernick certainly would have to sign for less than what the 49ers are scheduled to pay on his current deal if he were cut. Would the Jets be willing to part ways with draft picks – they only have six this season, including one in each of the first four rounds -- or wait for Kaepernick to be released before making a move? ELSA/GETTY IMAGESLeaving San Francisco is easier said than done for Colin Kaepernick, who still has five years remaining on a $114 million extension signed in 2014.EX-JETS WR STEPHEN HILL FINDS STABILITY WITH PANTHERS The Jets -- and their pair of 1,000-yard receivers -- are the most enticing alternative for Kaepernick, who was considered one of the league’s bright young stars not long ago. Kaepernick, three years removed from taking the 49ers to back-to-back NFC Championship Games – and one play away from consecutive Super Bowl trips -- has become disillusioned with the franchise that selected him in the second round in 2011. His frayed relationship with the team during the past year has shown no signs of improvement. New San Francisco head coach Chip Kelly didn’t exactly give Kaepernick a ringing endorsement last month after the dual-threat quarterback went 2-6 as a starter under train-wreck Jim Tomsula in the first year of the post Jim Harbaugh era. Owner Jed York declared last week that there’s “no question” in his mind that Kaepernick can re-gain his job as the starter. "I've always had a very, very high opinion of Kap,” York said. “Kap's a great kid. He's done a lot of great things for us. Again, this is a fresh start for everybody." Kelly’s read-option offense appears ideal for the athletic Kaepernick’s skill set, but the quarterback wants to take his talents elsewhere. Kaepernick, who had left shoulder surgery in November and right thumb and left knee surgeries last month, is rehabbing with personal trainers in Colorado rather than at the team facility. It’s unclear whether the rocky relationship can be mended, but he believes that the Jets make sense for him at this point in his career. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s success at tailoring schemes to his personnel shouldn’t be overlooked, either. In 1997, Gailey turned Steelers’ dual-threat quarterback Kordell Stewart into a game-changing force (32 total touchdowns) that got Pittsburgh to within one win of the Super Bowl. MEHTA: JETS PUZZLE GETS TRICKY AFTER FEW CORE PIECES Fitzpatrick’s leadership and production were invaluable in Bowles’ first season, but the Jets don’t have a clear-cut successor at the game’s most important position. They have no long-term solution. KEN GOLDFIELD/KEN GOLDFIELDColin Kaepernick's possible arrival could throw a wrench in the Jets' plans to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick as quarterback next season.The brain trust is cautiously optimistic that Bryce Petty will develop into a viable option, but there is no guarantee that the investment will ultimately pay off a couple years down the road. Kaepernick, who is 31-22 as a starter in five seasons, including four playoff wins, is five years younger than Fitzpatrick with a higher ceiling than anyone on the Jets’ roster. He went 10-14 in the past two tumultuous seasons that prompted concerns about his ability to grow and adapt. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS SPORTS ON FACEBOOK. "LIKE" US HERE.  He has proven that he can win in big moments, but has he peaked? Or can he rekindle the magic with a new team? Will he even be available? Kaepernick wants to play in New York. The Jets need to thoroughly explore the possibility. The potential payoff is too high.  @MMehtaNYDN TAGS: daily news exclusives , nfl , san francisco 49ers ,colin kaepernick , new york jetsJOIN THE CONVERSATION: facebook twitter email  by Taboola Sponsored Links PROMOTED STORIES Why Aren't People Using This Trick To Get Grants* For School Online?*Qualified Students – ClassesUSA The Story Behind Your Last Name Will Surprise YouAncestry American Homeowners Are In For A Big Surprise In 2016The Easy Loan Site See The Online Furniture Store That Has Retailers WorriedWayfair We Tried Blue Apron: Here's What HappenedPopdust for Blue Apron 7 Outrageous Credit Cards If You Have Excellent CreditNextAdvisor  More ArticlesThe hottest WAGS of Super Bowl 50While all eyes are on the field for Super Bowl 50 -- see who's wives and girlfriends are turning heads from the audience! Colin Kaepernick wants out of 49ers, in with Jets: sourcesThe Jets' decades-long search for a franchise quarterback could unexpectedly land them one of the most dynamic players in the league. Ricky Williams recommends NFL players use marijuana for painFormer NFL running back Ricky Williams says he believes marijuana can has medical benefits for football players. Lady Gaga to sing national anthem at Super BowlLady Gaga is set to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Goodell says NFL taking Manning HGH report 'very seriously'Not everyone is taking the Al Jazeera report that linked Peyton Manning to HGH use seriously, but the NFL is. Show 5 more   HTo the topSite MapServicesContact UsTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy