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  1. That's an insult to high-schoolers.
  2. This is gonna be a fun place to check out after Sunday's game.
  3. You can't be this inept. No human is this inept. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't this inept.
  4. Tell you what, If Geno wins 11 games straight (only shot we have left) I'll suck a fart out of his a*s with a smile on my face.
  5. Well, as someone who works in medicine, I hope that isn't a loaded gun you've got to your head.
  6. He isn't missing 2 full seasons guys. @Barkus and @kdels62 have it right. Could he start next year on the PUP? Maybe. Looks likely, depending on his ability to heal. 2 seasons? No.
  7. You pout like a child on the sideline, undermine coaches with your stupid social media posts, you better look a lot better than the guy you're coming in to replace, especially in garbage time.
  8. I'm sorry. He turned it over once. He was careless 2 times in three plays but only 1 of those were actually turned over. Feel better? He set up 4th and long by eating a sack and fumbling the ball. I'm not gonna praise him for being tough and trying to make a play when the throw was still a stupid decision that was forced because his carelessness on the play before put the offense in a bad position. He's an NFL QB. He should be tough enough for that. Then again, I don't expect much from a guy who can't keep it together on the sidelines long enough to not look like a whining pouty child because he's not playing. I don't care about the Chiefs game because you still can't wrap your head around the fact that I hate them both and think they both suck. No matter how many times I say it, you want to turn it into a Geno vs Fitz issue. I publicly advocated for letting Geno start this season just so we could get a (likely) higher draft pick and roll the extra money into next year. If Geno put it together and succeeded? Well then that would have worked too. I don't have a specific dog in this race. I want someone who hasn't proven he's a complete failure to get their shot.
  9. Well not really. If his quotes are correct, it sounds like he's been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Wants to make a change, doesn't have the guy he wants to turn to. Those comments on Geno, coupled with the fact that he already chose to start Fitz over Geno but hasn't turned down the idea of Petty, tell me that the coaches want nothing to do with the current #2 and if it wasn't for Petty being injured, a change would have been made a long time ago.
  10. It's really amazing how much of a douche nozzle Geno really is. I remember his rookie year how quiet he was. How vets like Colon, Pace, Mangold, said that they loved him and made comments about how he seems like he is all about business. Then year 2 he just comes off like a total b*tch. Now, in years 3-4, he finds a way to make himself seem worse without even getting on the field. I like these comments from Todd and they should really help people understand why he has been so reluctant to pull Fitz without Petty.
  11. C-Lo is far from a clown. One of the better reporters we have covering this team actually. Really good guy on a personal level too. Usually right when he says something. If he feels like somethings up I'm inclined to believe him. Kim is a good writer but I don't agree with her on a lot of off-topic issues. There some things that she chimes in on a little too often for my taste that I think are better being kept away from the Jets beat. Sounds like someone brought up starting the younger guys sooner rather than later and we're getting closer to it actually happening. We'll see what a full staff meeting brings. Wouldn't shock me at all, to be honest. Bowles sounded like he really didn't want to throw Geno in and if Petty were active, he would have gotten the nod instead. Geno turning the ball over twice in the span of 3 plays probably reaffirmed that. Probably don't want to make Petty's first live start against the Pats either so get the jitterbugs out now instead.
  12. Geno coming in and sucking aside, how the f*ck do you find this an acceptable thing to say over somebody thinking Geno sucks. You might be the biggest loser I've ever seen post on this forum for taking criticism towards your boyfriend this serious. Holy sh*t.
  13. He was in no way, shape, or form required to force a ball into a guy hes staring down the whole way and get picked off.