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  1. I love Mike Maccagnan. I f*cking love him.
  2. I guess that makes me the Hermes to your Tiresias???
  3. So you think we can get press passes now? I'm basically Rapaport and Schefter combined 😃
  4. I had it posted here yesterday in another thread. I can't believe it lmao, JN had it here first folks!!!!! ROLL OUT THE PRESS PASSES BABY.
  5. Oh....well then. Guess my friend and I were both right.
  7. I know three that have/are currently interning. Possible there's 2 there now or only one or maybe they're all there. Again. Im not going to say that or give too much detail because if im being real with myself here, given my history of being tight lipped, if I let a little too much slip ill f*ck up somewhere and blow it entirely. The consequences are far worse than my pops being spoiled an episode of Game of Thrones lol. The person that gave me this was ok with everything I shared. He knows about the thread. Even if organization found out who I WAS and tried to narrow it down that way, we've thought ahead on that and covered ourselves on social media platforms and other platforms during everyone's time with the org.
  8. Lol I can actually say that, from what I'm told, the Jets organization (and even the players that they run into) treat their interns very well. My buddies who intern with them don't have a bad thing to say about anyone there and, out of three, only one is a born and bred fan of the team. Time will be ticking for my friend now, thats for sure lol. I know how he ended up getting wind of this, but as I said earlier, going into more detail with the proof would result in blatantly giving away who he is and out of respect for him and his future I can't even give a sliver of the rest of everything. Wayyyyyyyy too many things that will blow up his spot. I will say this. In my gut, with more knowledge of the info and how he got it, I personally believe there is a chance that he may have gotten wind of a Darron Lee signing over Ryan Fitzpatrick. He stands by his words and who it's about, I'm personally going with my belief (that even he admits wouldn't be SHOCKING considering, again, the details about everything and how he got the info was)...but hopefully he's right regardless of who it is so we'll have SOMETHING to talk about today lol.
  9. Yeah, said friend gave me permission to share this and reviewed what exactly I shared to make sure I removed all trace of who this came from and who it was shared to but he's still sh*tting his pants. That all being said, he still wanted this out there because he's a huge Jets fan and is definitely pro Fitz. For his sake I hope what he heard was right because it would suck to potentially get in a huge amount of trouble for something that doesn't happen. Like Mike said earlier, there's part of me that questions whether or not he just jumped the gun and the player Bowles was referring too is Darron Lee. That would still be pretty cool. Just hope that with so much risk involved there's something of substance there.
  10. The topic of our conversation was Fitzpatrick. Entirely possible that Bowles was referring to Lee seeing as it would be on the eve of TC and I'd imagine they want him there for the full camp. Unfortunately posting the rest of the texts would result in me having to redacted like 75% of the info for his job safety and the job safety of other people in our circle of connections.
  11. Even though it could be really beneficial to try do something like that, not only would the player almost NEVER do that, but it's far too risky. If the FO really believes that his progress is that significant, you play him this season and if he does really well you do exactly what the Redskins are doing with Kirk Cousins and tag him next year. Of course this type of move also has to factor in whether or not the organization truly believes in Hackenberg's ability to develop into "the guy", something I believe they think he can do.
  12. I loatheeeee the "a friend of a friend who works for _____ said _____ etc." But...ironically I got a text message this AM from someone that I'm friends with who is interning with the Jets. He sent me this: He doesn't usually mess around with us and as I said, I usually loattttthe this kind of stuff so I really debated whether or not to actually post this. Decided "f*ck it". If he's right, that's awesome. If not? Well it's a slow offseason and it's relevant to this thread so no harm, no foul. Only reason I really went through with it is because I do know for a fact that he is interning with the Jets and is a huge Jets fan. Obviously anything personal was redacted. If it's true, I just hope we aren't going above or beyond 2 yrs 12Mil per with minimal guarantees in year 2. That's what first offer reportedly was and, in my opinion, is what Fitzpatrick is worth...maybe even a little more than what he's truly "worth". Obviously Rapsheet has more "sources" but no one outside this organization seems to have a damn clue what Macc will do so we'll see. I know there's been instances, even here, where news or signings were broke ln by "lesser known" employees so let the countdown begin...
  13. 1. There was never any whining from me. You might want to reexamine how you answered a post that had nothing to do with you and look of the definition of whining. 2. My "title" would be a Jets fan that doesn't want to see us throw money at a mediocre journeyman. 3. No. Never was. That being said, it doesn't change the fact that you have no grasp of what's being said or discussed in this thread and we're probably better off keeping your snarky mouth shut. 4. You can't wrap your head around the idea that our schedule, as of right now, is considered more difficult than last year. I can't help you there. 5. This one is cute. Especially since it's the second time that you've called me "no name" as if you are someone who is above everyone else lmao. Like you're apart of some special "cool kids club". Guess what snowflake. You aren't special. No one really cares about you or your message board persona. You're just another guy posting on a Jets message board. Seriously re-examine yourself if your serious about being a middle aged man who thinks he's "Jets board" internet famous. That's sad. Like real sad. Also, stop with the "Muggle"/Harry Potter bs. My username has nothing to do with those sh*tty books. It makes you look like even more of a child. When you go after my first post acting like a snide, know-it-all, a-hole. Don't be surprised when I go after you. You're also the last person I honestly want to talk football with because right now it's apparent that you don't have a single clue about the game. I'm done here.
  14. 1. No safe space needed. I'm pretty comfy. 2. 5th time. Not a Geno "fan". 3. You haven't grasped a single thing. 4. Strength of schedule isn't an "excuse". It's reality. We have a tough schedule. I know you like to go against the grain but those are the facts as they stand today. 5. You are almost never right. Even going back to JI. 6. The guy, who just this past off-season, stated that he knows next to nothing about QB's and "doesn't pretend to" is now going to lecture this forum about Hackenberg and his future. Do you want to remind everyone about the young QB you last waved pom poms for? BS you get a kick out of this. You've turned your username and "reputation" on a football message board and turned it into a sad sad sad persona. Or at least I hope that's the case because being around someone as miserable, pompous, and condescending as you sounds horrific.