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  1. Howard and Williams, IMO, are going to be dominating stars in this league. I hate Kiper but I could live with this pick. Solves a need and it might honestly be BPA.
  2. Watson is a guy who, in any other QB class, would be a top 2nd to late 2nd draft pick. That isn't a guy I want us to take 6th overall. Especially with next years class being so strong.
  3. He was a 4th round project pick you dunce. If he becomes a longterm backup capable of starting in spots, it was a decent pick. The Giants QB scenario is nowhere near ours. They paid Geno 2 million because he's young and cheap and they didn't really need him with Eli in the fold. Why in the world would they consider an almost 40 year old McCown for 6 million with that "established veteran presence" on their roster already? That would be beyond stupid. Not only that, but McCown wants a chance to play. I doubt he's starting opening day, but at least he gets that chance here. We paid 6 million for a vet mentor who can step in and play in case of injury. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. We're also not trying to win this year. Deal with it. We're trying to develop youth while, hopefully, losing enough games to draft a good QB if neither hack or Petty work out and continue rebuilding. Almost every other QB on the market was more expensive and would probably have won us enough games to keep us mediocre if they played. As a final note, paying Fitzpatrick 12 million to not play Geno Smith absolutely told us everything we needed to know about him. The fact that the Giants were the only ones knocking his door down to only offer him a backup job @ 2 million per year with all the teams right now in need of a guy who could potentially start for 1 year while they wait for next year's class (49ers, Browns, Texans, etc.) solidifies what the rest of the league thinks of him. He, just like everyone else from his QB class, is hot garbage. Fitzpatrick sucks too so don't even throw that Fitz Fan stuff at me.
  4. How about you just leave since, you know, you've been in full blown b*tch t*t lactation since Glennon became a Bear. You went as far as saying that you'll watch more of them than the Jets. Who actually says that as a fan of a specific team? Quite frankly, I've seen you fawn over 2 QBs since coming here. Bercovici. Glennon. You constantly told us how good they were, they have all the tools, have "it", and low and behold, they both suck horse d*ck. I'm not even sure Bercovici is in the league right now. I'll make a really long story short. You, of all people, asking anyone to shut down a forum because you don't like the opinions others have about a QB in any way shape or form is absolutely hysterical, even if it was "a joke". 6 million dollars for a backup to mentor the young kids (yeah, believe it or not, that is a actual thing football teams do) is absolutely nothing. The only reason you're complaining about this is because we didn't give that long necked scrub in Chicago double that to help you reach your circlejerk climax over him. If you hate this place so much at times then leave. No one will care. Every thread with you (and ThaDude) usually ends up turning into a Glennon conversation since he signed somewhere else. It's either that or now you b*tch and complain about every tiny miniscule thing the FO does because it's clear you haven't gotten over the fact that we didn't sign him and you need to lash out in some way. Every. Single. Time. It's absolutely obnoxious.
  5. Soooooo you want our first 1st round QB since Sanchez to be another sh*tty prospect (one that was worse than Mark was, coming out of college), yet believe this.
  6. Benjamin Albright is also a giant arrogant cuck/toolbag who is never right and gets into pissing matches with people who call him out all the time for it so I think it's safe to say that he's wrong on this.
  7. I'd flip on Maccagnan like a flip of a switch if we reached on this QB class. Trubisky is the only 1st round talent I'm really curious on, and even then it reeks of Sanchez 2.0. Boi, this better be a fuccin' smokescreen. Wait. Until. Next. Year.
  8. Oooooooh I'll answer this one! *Ahem...* No. He doesnt.
  9. Fitzpatrick was always better than McCown, and they both, throughout their careers, proved they were better than Geno. Don't know what is too hard to figure out here. They all collectively suck, but McCown is cheap, offers veteran insight, and doesn't have the fanbase wanting to kill him (yet.)
  10. Unreal. I work in health care and know exactly what that disease does to strong and wonderful people. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Best of luck Dwight.
  11. MY STORY In September of 2015, I started feeling weakness in my left hand. I was mildly paying attention to it because since my playing days, I’ve constantly had pain in my neck. I was thinking it was related to some kind of nerve damage because it would just come and go. After months of tests and treatment, I got some bad news. I was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. I have ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Those words are still very hard for me to say. While I’m still trying to wrap my head around the challenge I will face with this disease over the coming years, the only thing I know is that I’m going to fight like hell and live every day to the fullest. There is no test that will positively diagnose you with ALS. You have to eliminate the possibility of all other diseases and disorders and then wait to see what additional symptoms you develop. I visited six neurologists and three ALS specialists. I also was treated for a B12 deficiency, which sometimes can mirror the symptoms of this debilitating disease. In addition to losing strength in my left hand – which makes opening a pack of sugar or buttoning my shirt impossible – I have now experienced weakness in my right hand, abs, lower back and right leg. I can’t run, play golf or walk any distances. Picking up anything over 30 pounds is a chore. The one piece of good news is that the disease seems to be progressing more slowly than in some patients. I’ve been asked if playing football caused this. I don’t know for sure. But I certainly suspect it did. And I encourage the NFLPA and the NFL to continue working together in their efforts to make the game of football safer, especially as it relates to head trauma. What I do know is I have a huge battle in front of me and I’m grateful for the strength and unconditional love from my wife Kelly. She has been my rock. She keeps thinking positive and convinces me each day that we can beat this, as does my daughter Casey and my son Mac. My brother Jeff, his wife Debra and their family also have been unwavering with their love and support. I get the same pep talk from the Boss, Eddie D. His support has been incredible. So rest assured, I know I’m not alone in this fight. Every single one of my 49ers teammates that has contacted me has said whatever I need, anytime I need it, they will help. That’s just the kind of guys they are. They were so giving as players and now they are the same as friends. I can’t thank my teammates and friends enough for their support. Mr. D always treated us like family and that family is still together. I also want to thank all the great 49ers fans. Your support over the last 35 years has allowed me to remain connected to you. Rarely does a day go by when I’m not asked about ‘the Catch,’ when we were able to get past the Cowboys and go on to win our first Super Bowl. I’m not having a press conference or doing any interviews. That time will come. Right now, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to devote all my energy preparing for this battle and I would hope you can respect my family’s privacy as I begin this challenge. My ultimate hope is that eventually I can assist in finding a cure for ALS, which disrupts the lives of so many and their loved ones. Sincerely,
  12. I'd be lying if I said the accuracy issues didn't miff me a bit, even as a supporter of Hack. That said, if he puts together a really nice season with a higher completion percentage (60+) grades on him will skyrocket. Going into the upcoming season I've got the top guys ranked: 1. Sam Darnold 2. Josh Rosen 3. Jake Browning 4. Mason Rudolph 5. Josh Allen 6. Luke Falk 7. Baker Mayfield (I wouldn't touch him) I could see Darnold and Rosen flipping and 4-6 shuffling a bit.
  13. I like Allen too. I don't think I would personally put him above Rosen (I think there's actually a chance that a healthy Rosen passes Darnold when it's all said and done) just yet, but he's another guy to watch out for in this loaded class. Wanna see some consistency from him this year. Jake Browning's development will stir up some news too. Another guy I have my eye on is Mason Rudolph. If all of these guys continue to progress like they have been, we could be looking at 4-5 first round caliber QBs next year.
  14. Telling fans "Go f*ck yourself", skipping team meetings to see a movie, getting punched out over chump change by a teammate, and moping like a prissy child on national television during the Arizona game last year are hardly actions that I would define as "persisting", but that's just me. After the Idzik disaster, he managed to get another GM and another coach, both with zero ties to him, to give him a legitimate shot with legitimate weapons and he f*cked it all up. Geno has absolutely no one else but himself to blame for his Jets tenure. I say that as someone who defended the idea of starting him all the way up until Fitzpatrick was resigned and it was clear that Geno was done here.