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  1. Damn, didn't even give me time to figure out the punchline.
  2. #HotTake
  3. You gotta stop with this sh*t. It's really getting old.
  4. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. A couple of obvious cuts and we're 30 million under the CAP and a much younger team. You talk about rushing opinions with the GOOD/BAD and yet you rush to judge young players that aren't even a full year into their careers. Hate Macc, fine, but be consistent.
  6. Winters, Enunwa, and Marcus Williams all sucked before our coaching staff was brought in so that's something to consider. Guys like Sanjay Lal were tutoring our young Wide Recievers, Enunwa included. Feel what you want about Mac, we already know we disagree, but Idzik was a failure of horrendous proportions. A dead animal could have drafted better, and so far, Maccagnan has. Williams is phenomenal. Lee looks good. Mauldin is having a strong second half. Jordan Jenkins has played very well for a rookie LB. Robby Anderson and Jalin Marshall look like they can be 2 solid WRs, especially considering they were UDFAs. If Petty becomes a solid backup that can make spot starts, that was a pretty good use of a 4th. Anything else is gravy. Hackenberg, the big "?", jury is still out. Charone Peake has been a good 7th round pick, give him a year or two and we might have another Enunwa. Lach Edwards has finally given us a solid punter. Deon Simon has shown big time potential and could be another Damon Harrison (low pick, high return). Idzik's drafts, with the exception of Sheldon, were abysmal. Quincy working out, IMO, has more to do with proper coaching than anything else. Pryor has been a mixed bag. Jalen Saunders was a midget epileptic. Amaro never did anything other than drop passes. Geno. Milliner never got off the IR. Winters sucked until this staff got their hands on him. Tajh Boyd. Shaq Evans. McDougle has been "eh". Trevor Reilly & Bohannon, list goes on.
  7. Kizer or Tribusky are the only two I am enticed by and, truth be told, I don't think either are worth a first. Kizer should stay and work on his flaws (would be shocked if he does) and Tribusky has too little seasoning for my liking. Don't really feel like drafting Mark Sanchez 2.0. My initial love for Watson still burns deep somewhere...but this season has scared me quite a bit. The only reason I still have hope for him is the National Championship game a few years back and the fact that it looks like he has almost "forced" the ball to Mike Williams too much this season to keep him involved and that's what has led to the inconsistencies. Watson did a much better job when he was able to spread the ball around to multiple guys. Think he's kind of getting a bad reputation as of late, ala Teddy Bridgewater, but he can still be a very good quarterback in the pros. Not sure the gamble is worth the top 5 pick we might have though. Especially if they have hopes for Hack. It just makes more sense to evaluate that and hope for the best. Next QB class is on track to be special. If Hack or Petty bomb, it's far better to "tank" and pick from next year's crop. This year? Take a flyer on a guy like Falk in the 3rd/4th, hope and pray that he's the next Wilson/Carr/Prescott if Hackenberg or Petty don't work out. If NONE of them work out? If that's the case then just wait one more year to use the first round pick on a true first round talent.
  8. This I could live with. Would still rather have Myles Garrett over them both.
  9. I would. Personally, I'd draft Myles Garrett with that pick because I'm not a fan of any of these QBs right now and that kid is going to be a savage pass rusher, but that's just me.
  10. No, your notion that they should take a third was ridiculous because if he signs somewhere else when his contract is up, we get a 3rd back it's f*cking stupid. This was pointed out multiple times the last time you said it and it still rings true. But hey, the guy that wouldn't take Bruce Arians cause he hurt his fee fee's over some comments on kids playing football says he knows better...what do we know?!?!
  11. Everyone remembers it. Were expected to sift through 18,000 pieces of hot sh*t though to prove it to him. 18,000 posts, but we take this forum too seriously. I'm not even sh*tting on frequent posters. Just kinda pointing out the laughable hypocrisy.
  12. Thank you for saving me the keystrokes.
  13. Ijalana has played fine enough to hold the fort down at RT. He's playing out of position right now and doing OK. He was much better as a RT. LT is a tough one though. There are no LT's worth the pick we will likely have so we're going to either be forced to reach on a player or look elsewhere for a solution. I hope it's the latter. A top 5 corner would be laughably stupid. As would a safety. The next Revis and Reed aren't in this group. We aren't good enough to draft and plug a RB like Fournette and get success like the Cowboys did with Zeke. Without a franchise QB, we will go nowhere. We picked one of the worst draft classes to blow up over.
  14. This is not a good draft class. The Jets don't need as many players as you think they do. What the Jets need is a marquee player at QB, OLB, the key positions, etc. This class doesn't have that...except for Myles Garrett.