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  1. He's actually really really really wrong.
  2. I agree. I'm not a huge fan of the class as a whole, but if there are 2 guys I think could really make it, Watson and Kizer are those guys. Listening to some pre-draft rumblings, I think Kizer goes to Arizona. Him and Arians would be a phenomenal fit.
  3. I get what you're saying, but if we have an 8-8 season with this roster than that means a good number of our young players took the big jump we were hoping for, Hack or Petty showed that they could be the face of our franchise, and Bowles turned the corner as a Head Coach. It's literally the only way I could see that record being the end result. Sign me up for that over a 2-14 season with very little answers in a heartbeat.
  4. What a great post and a welcome breath of fresh air to see around here. Idzik is comparable to no one other than Matt Millen and I would argue he was worse. Thank you.
  5. Browns are Browns until they prove otherwise. Swept Bills last year, they have a new coach and are cucking their current starting QB. No idea why you would say they're better. Especially after they arguably got worse after they got pillaged in the offseason. Played Miami tough last year. Could easily flip one of those games LA is horrendous. If Bruce Petty didn't suck a** we would have beat them last year. Tampa probably wins against us, but they're not exactly a powerhouse. Same with the Saints, who have been trending downward the last few years. Carolina had a really down year last year. We'll see if that continues. As of right now I'm not penciling that as an auto loss. After Kubiak leaving and them having as bad of a QB situation as us, Denver could blow it too. I doubt it, but it's possible. Oakland and NE destroy us. KC wins easy. We murder J-Ville. ATL beats us. Look, I'm all for the Tank Train, but this isn't the type of schedule to get that juicy pick. Bare minimum I see 3-5, most likely 4 wins, and if that is the case, that won't be enough losses.
  6. First glance: Hackenberg could not possibly ask for a better schedule to show what he can do. If he bombs, there are zero excuses. I'd love to be wrong considering that were rebuilding and might not still have our future on the roster, but I dont see us having a snowball's chance in hell in regards to the first overall pick.
  7. When JW12 calls someone a diaper my day is instantly better. Works better than Lexapro.
  8. I don't see Brees as much as I see Vince Young without (hopefully) the mental issues and a weaker arm (but better delivery and release). I see so many similarities in their games and Watson has said that he models his game off of Young in the past. Now he didn't put up the same crazy rushing numbers Young did on a consistent basis but he showed that he's capable of it in 2015 and I'd argue that he's a better passer than Vince was in college. I also think that it's fair to say that VY is his ceiling and floor. The tantalizing part of that is if Young didn't mentally collapse, I truly believe that the guy could have (and would have) been a very special player. It also helps that I actually got super into football right before VY came to the pros and his class was the first I ever reaaaaaally paid attention too. I didn't watch Drew at Purdue until well after his career had taken off.
  9. Pros: - Has the work ethic and leadership you look for in the face of a franchise. - A gamer. Has shown that he plays his best football on the biggest stages. - Despite the low velocity, he has a quick release to compensate. - Mobile. Can extend plays with his legs and is always a threat to take off and pick up chunks of yardage. Cons: - Played in a stat padding system with crazy talent that allowed a guy like Tajh Boyd to put up gaudy numbers. - Struggles a bit beyond his first read. He seems like he's a smart guy, but sometimes this is just too much to overcome for players. The frustrating part is the inconsistencies. One play he'll dissect a blitz beautifully and thread it for a TD, the next series he can get easily be fooled by a disguised coverage and throw a brutal pick. - Despite the quick release, the number 49 can't be ignored. He can only compensate for so much. I was pretty surprised by that number myself. - Horrible footwork and lazy lower half mechanics that probably play a big part into his crazy low velocity. That can most likely be fixed. However, how much can be fixed is the big question. - Turnovers. He did it a lot in college and that was with top talent around him. The competition around him is going to get a lot better, the defenses will be more complicated, and there will likely be a drop off in talent around him. - Needs to rework his throwing motion. Again, not impossible. Can probably be fixed under the right guidance. Overall, I liked Watson when I first saw him play...but he never materialized into the guy I thought he would become as an NFL prospect. To me, he's a mid to late 2nd round talent. He's gonna go in the 1st round though. For his sake I hope it's to the right team that will allow him to sit, work on his flaws, and jump in when he's cooked long enough and ready to take the reigns. At 6, I really hope we don't reach on him. Passing on a pass rusher like Solomon Thomas, or some of top offensive talent like Mike Williams or OJ Howard, for Watson, would be a huge mistake. The value just isn't there, IMHO.... Now, if you asked me to pick a QB with a gun to my head? He's my guy. All the others piss me off. If we do take him...I will not love it, I won't lie. I'd much rather go with what he have, hope to God Hack works out, pick the BPA, and start all over agaon next year with a much better crop of guys to choose from if Hack falters. That all being said...if Macc and Co. love the guy and pick him, I could live with it because QB is so f*cking important. He better be damn sure that this is the horse he wants to tie his wagon to though. Right now I'm not so sure.
  10. /thread. That's how you do a chirp boys.
  11. Even if they did, I honestly don't think they'd care. Just like any other business.
  12. Maybe Julian Stanford should be a better football player so Julian Stanford doesn't have to worry about getting cut. Ever think of that OP?
  13. Right, but now he's Olivia Munnless which brings his value down by 50-100mil, give or take.