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  1. Epidural and fighting through it is a HORRIBLE idea for the kid. Hopefully someone gets in his ear and tells him that this isn't something to mess around with.
  2. First player I thought of as a comparison. Goddamn shame about Williams. He's a really special talent. Hopefully it can still work out for him.
  3. Jim Harbaugh wasn't the GM in SF you buffoon. The whole reason him and ownership parted ways is because he wanted total control over Trent Baalke and they didn't want to give it to him. Do you ever have a single clue about anything you're talking about? Nobody was taking Decker whether Mac opened his mouth because his contract and injury history was too large (relative to his circumstances). The only offers we were going to get for him were from teams that didn't want to/felt they couldn't bid for him when we released him, that's why it was made public. Id say getting rid of a vital piece to your super bowl caliber defense for absolutely nothing, especially when it didn't have to be that way, is pretty f*cking stupid.
  4. Rescinding the franchise tag and letting the player go for absolutely nothing would be the stupid move were talking about here. Nothing really to explain. The tag gave them control. Rescinding it was moronic.
  5. I liked him a lot. I liken him to a mix of Santonio Holmes (recieving ability) and Percy Harvin (athleticism, gadget use, toughness).
  6. That same RB would go on to have 900 yards and 11 TDs the following season in relief of one of the best RB's in the league while Jonathan Stewart required 42 more carries to hit similar yardage with less TDs, couldn't stay healthy (a constant in his career), and Gettleman has been scrambling for this RBs replacement since letting him go by trotting out 4 of his own picks and watching each fail. Oh, and he supposedly treated this former face of the franchise like sh*t on his way out. In fact, he was treated so badly, that he stated that would never retire a Panther as long as he was the GM was in charge, echoing the sentiment of his fellow released teammates who were held in the same regard. It's strange, this place was singing a very different tune when we cut bait with our overpriced & "loyal" veterans. Only then was the GM actually a bad guy and not defended to the high heavens. At least that's what I was told when I said that I was actually happy about trimming the fat. I was told Mac was a mean man and our guys deserved better.
  7. How many rings do both of them have as GMs? How did his choices as GM workout after Cam Newton couldn't put together a remarkable/insane MVP season, they faced a real schedule, and he got rid of their all pro Corner for absolutely nothing, despite (and this bears repeating) having control over him for at least 2 more years? Were you also aware this moron wanted to cut bait with Thomas Davis Sr., one of the life bloods of that defense and a player that most Panthers fans have said that they would have wanted his head if he had been cut? A guy who has publicly celebrated this firing and is a CURRENT player, destroying the narrative that it's only disgruntled former players who are happy? "DAMN GOOD GM" - JN's finest
  8. We "simply disagree", I state my reasons as to why I think he's garbage, never attacking you at any point, and you get so butthurt about it that you act like I attacked a family member and decide to tell me to keep "dreaming of smoking pole"? Personal grudge? What the f*ck are you talking about? For the record, Greg Olsen, their best offensive player reportedly didn't like him either. My guess is that this isn't the "old grumpy guys" situation you're making it out to be. Then again, who knows what the f*ck you're talking about anyway. How about instead of agreeing to disagree, I also return the favor and tell you go f*ck yourself since you wanted to take this to a different level simply over my differing opinion?
  9. I see. So instead of focusing on the fact that i pointed out the fact that there is an overwhelming and blatant circle-jerk on this forum that drives just about any decent discussion into the same people trolling the forum and derailing any conversation, you completely miss my point and fixate on the fact I used a word synonymous with "cum bath" metaphorically. Pathetic.
  10. All these players to compliment the offense, yet the offense around Cam is the big problem. Weird. Oh and FYI, of you aren't a people person, and your players can't stand you, and don't want to play for you, you aren't a "DAMN GOOD GM."
  11. Guys, you know what's real good GM'ing? Taking a gigantic & vital piece to your super bowl run, pissing him off, and letting him walk for absolutely nothing despite having the ability to control and trade him for at least 2 more years. Anyone who is against that type of brilliance coming to the Jets is in legitimate need of help.
  12. So weird. Gettleman does good with easy schedule and franchise QB, then does bad with hard schedule....didn't deserve to be fired...Should immediately be sucked off by Woody and offered a job. Mac, with an easy schedule and decent, not franchise QB play, does well...but one bad year with human feces at QB and a hard schedule deserves to be burned alive at the stake like a witch. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  13. Ohhhhhhh even more fun, a little research shows that the Panthers did that while having far away the easiest schedule in the league that year. Yes, easier than even *gasp* US. Weird. According to the bukkake level circle-jerk around here, that 15-1 season is basically null and void. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
  14. BUT...BUT...BUT...BUT WE HAVE TO HIRE HIM NOW!!!1!1!!!!!!11!1!!!