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  1. "I don't live behind locked doors" *screams to the high heavens who he has on his ignore list for having an opinion he disagrees with and needs to shelter himself from*
  2. I'm very much a Whiskey fan so I might just hold you to this brotha 👍
  3. Because next year's class is loaded and Mahomes isn't considered to be truly be worth a second round pick, let alone a first. Why should we skip next year's loaded class and blow a first round pick and at least two years commitment on a kid like that. Most people don't even see him as draftable in a class that doesn't suck like this one. Anyone who would even THINK about drafting him top 10 in the 1st is truly insane. No he wouldn't.
  4. You know what? F*ck it. I respect that opinion. I don't agree with it, like, at all....but I respect it. I take it you're on TT's staff which is pretty awesome. If Pat succeeds in the NFL, I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong. Most around here know I have a personal bias on Hackenberg from following him since high school and the Elite 11, so I know what it's like to have unconventional opinions about a player you love. My bad for coming off a little agressive.
  5. I....I..agree with you. We actually agree o Oh my, lol.
  6. Exactly. I don't necessarily hate Mahomes. Nor do I think he sucks. I just understand that there is a gigantic leap needed for him to even be capable of anything other than a huge project. Every year there is an Air Raid QB who gets hyped up and they NEVER pan out. We're working on Hackenberg who already knows the pro game from his time at Penn State under Bill O'Brien, has less mechanical flaws, and a full year of true NFL experience under his belt. He's likely got until the end of this year to prove himself or else were going QB in the first in a loaded QB class next year with Darnold, Rosen, Browning, etc....why take on ANOTHER project? Because a Texas Tech Jets fan thinks he's the best QB?
  7. Absolutely beautiful mechanics. I didn't grow up watching Namath (23 years old) but my father made sure I watched plenty of him growing up. Joy to watch.
  8. Lmfao, no.
  9. Woody has nothing to do with this team right now. There are 2 QBs on this roster right now. Mahomes will be lucky to be drafted. Your love for Texas Tech doesn't won't change that. He has to revamp, not clean up, his mechanics, adapt from an air raid system, throw to wide recievers who aren't open by 15 yards, and plenty of more. He's a tall Pat White.
  10. This class is a lot closer to the Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Mike Glennon, and Ryan Nassib class than it is to last year's.
  11. Guarantee he will be there at 6. Guarantee we're gonna pass on him. Guarantee that he's not even going to be the 3rd QB taken in this failed abortion of a QB class.
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  13. You guys ripping him are joking....right?
  14. I mean, I can be abrasive and I have gotten into it so you've seen it (lol)...but: 1. It's a forum, I could "hate" someone one thread, and defend them in another if I agree with them. 2. I didn't even say anything bad this time. I've had a good lock on my mouth lately, lol. Guess I caught him on a bad day to end up on the ignore list. How you've managed to avoid that with the "hate-sex" tension between you two always coming out is nothing short of astonishing.
  15. Brady and Montana are VERY close when it comes to G.O.A.T (when it comes to QB). You could make the case for either one and I'd probably just throw my hands up and say "f*ck it, it's a tie". Even with my Fandom Bias, I lean Brady....but I loooooooved watching old films of Montana and part of my heart will always consider him the greatest. Especially when you factor in the Era and level of competition those Niners teams played against. As far as best player of all time...? I don't know. I think a lot of that talk is everyone high off of an incredible football game. Jerry Rice, Reggie White, LT, and Jim Brown are all guys that probably deserve that honor over Montana or Brady.