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  1. I posted it MONTHS ago in the draft forum. Nice little thread came of that. I don't mind seeing reposted though because it makes me feel like I have good taste lmao.
  2. Read my next post bud. I said that they probably are, along with the FO. I just don't think lard monster has an actual source. I just think lard man is spewing obvious sh*t for clicks. I already said, what he claims is likely the truth, but he's just stating the obvious. This isn't "insiders news", it's the same stuff we've heard since Fitz became a FA. Big boy is up on his high horse like he has some big scoop though and I take an issue with that. Well, that and the fact that he is legitimately always wrong so I'm getting sick of seeing his name like he's up there with Schefty or Rappaport.
  3. Granted it's come from Manish and Cimini so you don't know if it's true or not but I can almost guarantee they're more plugged in than Jabba the Hutt on B/R, especially when it comes to the team. Even if we had a higher grade on Lynch, we obviously didn't think enough to trade into the top ten like fatty claimed we were trying to do. I say this as someone who wanted Lynch at 20 up until the day before the draft. He's not even going out on a limb saying that the team is concerned here. Our choices are Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and a rookie the team would prefer to sit. Sh*t, I'm sure the FO is concerned with the depth chart too. This article is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Ahhhh Jason Cole. The same Jason Cole that has been wrong on just about everything he's predicted so far. The same Jason Cole I even mentioned is a fat blubbering slob that is wrong about 99% of the time. The same Jason Cole that said we were looking to trade up, along with the Bills, for Paxton Lynch only for it to come out that we had a 3rd round grade on him. F*ck that fat bastard.
  5. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    Hackenberg has a football brain that Glennon dreams about having...and I say that as someone who would have definitely supported making a trade for him. You can't teach those things.
  6. Any night owls

    That TD to Hamilton was also supa hot fiyyyya
  7. Any night owls

    That deep throw (not the TD) to Geno Lewis was a f*ckin diiiiime.
  8. Any night owls

    Thanks for the heads up. Flipping it on now.
  9. Mmmmm I love the taste of sound logic. Good looks Slats.
  10. John Elway has done nothing but sign checks to incredible FA's including one of the best QB's of all time. It worked, his team won a Super Bowl, but how he handles building the team post Manning will determine his real skills as a GM. Zac Desert and Brock Osweiler were the first "Elwayknows better" gems and neither are on the team anymore. We'll see about Paxton.
  11. Take it from me, you're wasting keystrokes.
  12. Draft's- You're right we'll have to agree to disagree. Kaep- a discussion for another time because I don't want to derail this thread. Just want to make it clear that my ire isn't directed towards at all actually. You're a level headed guy. It's more directed to those like OP, who despise the fact we passed on Lynch. You're a good guy Sperm and I respect your opinions even if I disagree with them. As for Macc and Hack, I personally feel that if the recovery project fails, not only will he be quick to move on but I believe he'll at least be given a shot with a first round QB.
  13. Our drafts since Elway took over have been pretty decent. I just feel it's also important to note that a lot of those FA's came because they knew Peyton Manning gave them the best shot at a championship and for that reason alone. They were also willing to take team friendlier deals whichhelped. Has he landed a few good ones? Yeah, definitely. If I'm being totally honest though, have his drafts been significantly better than ours since he took over? No. He just had Peyton Manning leading the charge not Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick,and Mark Sanchez. Thiswhole "trusting Elway" talk got brought up because of Paxton Lynch. Problem with that is that a lot of these posters seem to forget that Elway was in this position because of Osweiler. There's a whole lot of discussion to be had with that situationbut the skinny is this: Either Elway realized Brock will never become what he envisioned and he let him walk (least likely scenario and if true, also proves he isn't this QB genius everyone makes him out to be) OR he stupidly played hardball a little to hard and lost Brock to another team because he got a little full of himself (more likely and says he still has some stuff to learn as a GM). Also, before I get to my next point, let's not forget that he alsoblew the Kaep situation because he thought after a Super Bowl win those "John Elway discount FA's" would just keep rollllling in. Why in the world would any reasonable human in Kaepernick’s situation take the massive paycut Elway wanted him to take? You know, we just went 10-6 with a journeyman QB, our GM is fresh off executive of the year, and although we don't have a clear long-term answer just yet at QB, we didn't NEED to take the Paxton Lynch gamble. A gamble like that failing could mean the end for a GM like Macc...for Elway? Not only would that have been BPA and filled a need for him, but the Super Bowl win grants him a tonnnn of leeway when making decisions like that. If Paxton bombs in Denver, Elway will get another chance to get it right and no one will second guess him because they're all high on championship confetti. Macc makes that move and his seat getsA LOT warmer. I don't believe Paxton was worth doing that to himself and I'm glad Macc agreed.
  14. He literallyjust wrote check after check after check. The only reason those FA'swanted to go to Denver was Manning. He hasn't done anything that says he can build through the draft and that will determine long term success. His team won the Super Bowl. Great. I'm not gonna sit here and act like it was Elways drafting genius that won them that trophy though.
  15. You know, for all the praise Horseface gets as a GM, he hasn't done jacksh*t except throw money at Manning and a bunch of FA's. He's real fortunate that Peyton had one last playoff run in him because it's gonna buy him some time if Lynch bombs. All I have heard hereis that Osweiler isn't worth his price, is average, etc...and yet all of you guys lament the fact that we didn't draft the poor man's Osweiler at 20. Not only that, but I'd be willing to bet that Elway would have preferred to keepBrock if he had the choice.