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  1. New York, New York, it's a wonderful town! The points are up and the sacks are down!
  2. Elite QB's...who are they?

    who cares? none of them wear the green and white....
  3. That's not true - the whole team played like crap when Petty was out there and the patchwork Oline almost got him killed.....Petty deserves to be out there sooner than later.
  4. I just don't get it

    Safeties win championships.
  5. Damn....there goes the Super Bowl.
  6. You really need to do a better job of posting - The Jets were 6th most valuable franchise as rated by Forbes https://www.forbes.com/pictures/mlm45efhhk/6-new-york-jets-2/#4adab915474e Woody ain't selling no cash cow.
  7. Celebrity Big Brother coming in 2018

    Welcome back JR!!!!
  8. Certainly the Jets can be horrific for over a decade. I fully expect it.
  9. Reasonable discussions

    so you've had your ear canals filled with penises?
  10. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    So U2 was awesome as expected - capped off a 4 day music spree which included Beck (solo and w/ U2) and X on their 40th anniversary tour edit: hoping to see the Gorillaz at the end of the month - anyone seen them on the current tour?
  11. Expectations...

    Petty needs to see the field, sooner than later.
  12. The Jets will start 1 and 0

    Embrace the suck, chief!