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  1. Rosie
  2. Do you like movies about gladiators?
  3. If you send SAR a picture of your Willy, he'll give you some dvds...
  4. Does anyone know what hotel the Seahags will be staying at? We can start calling them late at night or sending pizza deliveries to rooms.....anything to throw their game off... Cuz I think the Jets need our help.
  5. Let's not go overboard - even with all the garbage that happened we were still in the game until 4 minutes and change left, then the wheels came off.
  6. If I'm Seattle - I'm going to watch the film of the KC game and just lay back in pass coverage and make Fitztragic beat them.
  7. Monkeys
  8. was a legitimate offer. signed, Helbo McScamin Ethiopan Prince
  9. The Jets didn't pay 12 million dollars for someone to sit the bench. I'm afraid he's out there til the bitter end.
  10. I got a fever......and the only prescription? more tight ends
  11. The OL played great....what you talking about Willis?
  12. Been a fan since January 12th, 1969. Just so you know, it doesn't get any easier or better. Save yourself. Also...welcome to the board!
  13. Actually the KC stadium wasn't if close to be full...Jets came out flat and stayed that way the entire game. If I'm Bowles - I would be screaming at the fellas today and making them run gassers until they pass out.
  14. This is the most craptastic post I've read today.