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  1. The team motto of the New York Jets for 48 years and growing!
  2. no we just hate you cuz of the Glennon love.....
  3. Can't wait for this season to start - the brotherhood of Jets fans are awesome!
  4. This - and also why burn up a young'un? Just scorch Forte for all he's worth and get back some of our cash. Nothing is going on this year anyway.
  5. In the church of the New York Jets, we believe in large slow lumbering blokes who block and have hands of stone.
  6. that there's some deep thought.
  7. "I once asked George Thorogood why he didn't write more of his owns songs, and he said, "because Chuck Berry already wrote all the good songs". He wrote the blueprint. Between him and Dylan, that was it". Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites) (1990)
  8. well we replaced them with under paid JAGs...don't see your point.
  9. any erectile function drug ad watched with elderly parents.
  10. mmm...I love Thorazine dreams.....
  11. But ever vet they cut they didn't upgrade the positions.
  12. This coming year is going to be really, really bad. Kotite bad. Very little talent and the HC is waaaay over his head. Be prepared.