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  1. yea but they have decent qb play that makes up for a lot of that.
  2. from 1993 to present - the Pats have never had to worry about who's manning the QB position - that's 24 years straight. let that sink in.
  3. First thing we do....invest in a time machine.
  4. He's young...I'll give you that. Beggars can't be choosey.
  6. after a few years of on the job training - I don't think we can give Bowles 10+ years to get his sh*t together.
  7. yep - particularly when there will be a complete turn-over for the coaching staff next year.
  8. Jammy
  9. ****sake - he's awesome!
  10. That was mighty passive aggressive of you..... anyhoo - here's a history lesson for you...
  11. uh - you're wrong - the merger occurred back in 1966 and it was forced due to the two leagues not wanting to get into a bidding war over the draft..