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  1. Said every GM that's ever had him on their team...
  2. I gotta side with the player on this's not like the days before the rookie cap with really insane deals.
  3. According to this article it looks like the Chargers are being cheap...
  4. I believe that's what closets are made for.
  5. Brian Winters and Breno Giacomini. 'nuff said.
  6. yea and other teams haven't?
  7. Play Loud.
  8. Or we won the Super Bowl and there's no decent qbs to pick at 32.
  9. other team has whiffed in the draft except for the Jets? F*ckin' media...
  10. I am not a woman.
  11. Thanks again Joe! I've said it before and say it again - Brian Winters cannot pass block.
  12. Winters whiffed on 2 pass plays...he can't pass block. Someone else needs to step up.