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  1. this guy gets it!
  2. qbs.
  3. picken's are getting slim around Draft day....
  4. If a team selects Mixon and then down the road, he gets into an would be a PR nightmare. I would think there would be some kind of contract rider that would be heavily tied to cash back to the team if any type trouble should occur.
  5. yea but everyone and their dog knew Aikman was going to be good. very few thought Hackenburg would be....
  6. why not, the more the merrier.
  7. Husker fan're wrong.
  8. If it is Trubisky....Everyone associated with this organization should be fired and the team should be moved to Mexico City and be renamed Los Chupacabras
  9. ok - excluding the upcoming draft - where have the 2017 Jets upgraded from the 2016 Jets? Coaching staff?
  10. Decker can't seem to stay on the field and with the contract he carries, you might as well see what the young'uns do.
  11. When the head pops off and sprouts legs...holy geebus....