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  1. Saw 2 documentaries - first was "De Palma" about the director - incredible story and the amount of films he was tied to.... Also saw "Danny Says" about Danny Fields and his tie with the music biz - also a very amazing tale...
  2. saw this concert flick this weekend...Jeff Beck Rules!
  3. If the shoe fits (and with the Jets it usually does).
  4. one every learned how to play QB in the NFL...
  5. Every time I checked back in this thread, there's always little gems.
  6. Yea...we have a large body of work to dismiss Petty on.
  7. Back to the subject at hand...when are the Jets going to cut this dude?
  8. made me spit coffee on my screen.....
  9. The curse of Namath will be over when he passes. F*cker will probably live to be 113.