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  1. just my 2 cents but it's almost a 20 year old car with 150k miles on it. Putting any more money into it is just not a good idea.
  2. "for when the metal ones come..."
  3. I wouldn't mind having Fitzy back. Just not at 12 million a year or a multiple year deal. Otherwise do the Geno Pool dance
  4. Fitzy
  5. What's that in French?
  6. Cooper
  7. Is Clady even ready for training camp?
  8. ummm....ya gotta have someone get him the ball first....
  9. c'mon - they were awesome - you could easily get to your junk in public.
  10. 12 million for Ryan Fitzpatrick's entire career is too high.
  11. Imagine if you will, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Jets opening day starter in 2017. That thought sends shivers down my spine.