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  1. STart the punterat qb least it would be more humorous.
  2. Too many other holes on this team to reach for a project who mostly won't see the field in 2-3 years. F.
  3. ESPN Round 2 Mock Draft

    Doesn't matter if the player is BPA....we have to go offense with the pick or just go with 16 qbs on the roster and kill one off every game - could be entertaining...
  4. It all hinges on an old oft-injured qb. Who's the 2nd qb on that team?
  5. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    Cook or an OL - so it will be a defensive player.
  6. Yea - watched the draft w/ 2 Cowboy say the least they weren't very happy
  7. and Fitz wants insane change.
  8. Good Luck!

    PICS or GTFO!
  9. Geno-Man, Geno-Man. Do whatever a Geno can. Take care, here comes Geno-man!
  10. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    Chad's go to move....
  11. Jets need to draft....Connor Cook

    Ok try this one: QB#1 Year Record Ranked Opponents Record Against Ranked OPPs 2013 3-9 1 0-1 2014 10-3 2 0-2 2015 9-3 2 1-1 QB#2 Year Record Ranked Opponents Record Against Ranked 2013 13-1 4 3-1 2014 11-2 4 2-2 2015 12-2 4 3-1
  12. Jets need to draft....Connor Cook

    hmmm...I saw several Michigan State games and I'd want him on the Jets. Kid knows how to win.