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  1. hmmm....that would explain Geno,Fitzy and Sanchez.
  2. this is getting old.
  3. Don't care how Hack\Petty looks this year, if you're at the slot to pick one of the top qb prospects, you do so.
  4. we can only hope.
  5. If it's this, burn this mother down.
  6. You are a treat, good sir!
  7. For about 5-10 years.
  8. It's the Jets. Hands down. You can excuse Cleveland because...c'mon it's Cleveland. But the Jets? Major Market team with no shortage of fan support or team money which has never even sniffed a Super Bowl in 50 years - that's gloom baby.
  10. All I know is that they need to fix the following: Oline Linebackers Corners QBs How long will that take?
  11. Is anyone watching Preacher? It's outstanding!
  12. for the love of all that's holy, please let all Chad Pennington talk die.
  13. So you're pleading insanity?