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  1. Only if you don't count Derrick Johnson. And Bobby Wagner was almost exactly the same weight as Lee was when he was drafted.
  2. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    I look at that name and keep seeing Tajh Boyd and want to throw up in my mouth. I suppose I could get over it.

    Not that he's a need pick, but no Derrick Henry?
  4. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    I find this interesting. Foxsports lists their top 15 players left on the board here: The top 8 are all defense, and 12 of the 15. Michael Thomas, Derrick Henry and Conner Cook are the only offensive players. Gil Brandt at has a similar list. Top 6 remaining are defense, followed by Derrick Henry, Hunter Henry and Jason Spriggs. I bring this up because we clearly should be looking at the offensive side of the ball this round and the pickings will probably be slim. I'd expect DAL to take one of the QBs. BUF could take the other if he doesn't go sooner. I'd bet the farm that Derrick Henry is gone as well. That leaves us with OL or WR most likely.
  5. You might see Hack or Cook next round. Not the same as Lynch but at least another prospect you can be hopeful about. Also, no guarantee even Lynch is a future starting QB.
  6. So Walter of generally trounces the Jets every chance hegets. A known hater. Yet he had this to say about the pick:
  7. Well technically, the Colts have only drafted two first round QBs in forever
  8. 4/20: Don't do it Sheldon!

    Or Johnny, sorry...Jonathan Manziel who's probably operating at a 'higher' level than even you.
  9. Would you trade up for Lynch?

    Trade up for Lynch? Don't really know. But what if CLE doesn't take a QB and either Goff or Wentz drops. SD, DAL, JAX and BAL don't seem likely to take a QB so some team could trade up anywhere in that range to grab one of the top 2. Say one of them drops to JAX at 5 or even BAL at 6. I'd be intrigued by a trade-up there. It could conceivably include Mo and our first so the question is, how much more would it take. Without consulting the value chart, I'm spit-balling here, but say it was our first and third round picks and Mo. Would you trade that to move up for Wentz or Goff? Probably would cost more and I'd start saying no at that point but if you could swipe a top QB for just that, I'd havea hard time hating it. This assumes you believe the gap between 2 and 3 is big.
  10. D'Brickahaw Ferguson Retired (merged)

    Just this once, could we not try to find someone to blame and just celebrate the career of an all-time great Jet. When they drafted Brick and Mangold, you couldn't have asked for a better outcome that both would anchor the line for 10 years. Players age and I completely understand why he'd retire now while he's still healthy. He's earned enough cash that he shouldn't have to worry about lifestyle so good for him. Yes, it leaves a hole but the team will work to fill it as every team has to when players retire or get injured. He's not going to a rival team, he's retiring a Jet. This is a moment to appreciate Brick. Tomorrow we can go back to stressing over the coming season.
  11. least he isn't signing grossly overpaid defensive players for the 2nd year in a row like someone else we know who used to be here.
  12. Jets Ink Forte

    [Insert Brady joke]
  13. I bet Dan Snyder has no trouble remembering how much money he paid Fat Albert to suck at his job.
  14. Won't read the article but did Peyton at least call an audible before he scootched down? That would have been the responsible thing to do.
  15. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Yeah, it was something like: "He might be really good. Or he might not. Definitely one of those, though"