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  1. Sounds great on paper, but as we've seen before, if you pay too much up front and they won't play in the back years for the low salaries. Most players do not give a crap about average salary. They'll cash that signing bonus and then forget all about it next year.
  2. Every few years there is going to be a Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott. And every time he will have slipped through (specifically) the Jets' fingers.
  3. If the NFL would simply outlaw passing, the Jets would have a dominant defense. Stubborn asses clinging to their rules.
  4. Actually, I think rain is good. Keep the crowd subdued and muffle the noise a bit.
  5. You know...if Marshall and Decker missed the game, we could just plug in our TEs and maybe one of our FBs. Just like NE could put Stephen Hawking in at QB and still win...
  6. No problem...our TEs would pick up the slack.
  7. As unlikely as it is, this would be the greatest NFL story since 18-1.
  8. Kind of like Brady being married to Giselle.
  9. Worse, the ring is tainted. But it's not 2 good years. It's many good years, and one 'best season of all time' year. Some will argue - fairly - that Deion was as good or better a pure cover corner than Revis, but Revis is so much more of a complete player, with great tackling skills that Deion never had, that I would still put him at the top of the list. If a voter agrees that Revis is the best corner to play the game, and maintained that for, say at least five seasons, I think it's a pretty easy call. But then the HoF voting has never been easy to figure out.
  10. Yeah, you can't have a "go up early by 3 scores and maintain the lead" game every week, but I wouldn't mind one now and then. If the defense cures its secondary issues, it is certainly capable.
  11. Well now that Tebow is off the market...
  12. If Rex had had an opportunity to draft Andrew Luck he would have first asked how he felt about converting to linebacker.
  13. Rex will probably survive to the end of the season for one very good reason - who would replace him? Anthony Lynn is too wet behind the ears and no way in any of the nine hells can you replace Rex with Rob. And if there even was a good coaching candidate out there right now, why would they want anything to do with this train wreck mid-season? In a weirdly genius way, Rex has manipulated the coaching situation to give him near-complete job security this season.
  14. I see no scenario where Rex holds onto his job longer than the end of this season. That team simply isn't going to win more than 6 games unless there are forfeits. The fans are already calling for Rex's head and the cries will get louder. It is eerily the same script we went through only they don't have two playoff runs to even confuse the fanbase. They are all anti-Rex on the forums. But the season is lost and there's no way they'll get a quality candidate in there now so they probably do need to ride it out with Rex and make the move in January. Ah...good memories!