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  1. Looks like they brought an ambulance in for TB. Does not sound good. Shaun Hill would be the next man up.
  2. There are some legitimate concerns when using yards allowed in a vacuum. If you have a high-powered, passing offense, you are going to give the other team a lot more plays from scrimmage to compile yards than if you have a ball-control offense. It's still a useful stat over 16 games but flawed. I always like the idea of average yards allowed by possession - perhaps not counting possessions that start inside the offenses 5 or the defenses 20. That would seem to give you a better read on how effective the defense really is. You are still going to be skewed a bit if the other team is always behind, but I think it provides a useful metric in addition to what's usually looked at.
  3. Can we please spells Bowles' name correctly - at least until he does something to deserve the alternate spelling?
  4. They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Et tu, Max?
  5. Your servers do not have the processing power to filter out all the negative posts about Geno. I'm not sure the NSA has that kind of processing power.
  6. Okay...found the tix. Section 341. Same side of field as Verizon gate (closer to Pepsi) but up a ways. That's what you get when you get them through a school fundraiser I guess but it's all good. Used to go once a year to MIA game but haven't been now in about 4 years so will be nice to get back into the swing.
  7. Cool...if traffic is not awful we might just make it. And now that Brett Favre is a distant memory, I guess I can let her get near the players
  8. Thx SAR. Is that stuff mainly for little kids? She's 13, and definitely too big for bouncy houses. Where are you sitting? We are in a block of seats from our school and I'm not even sure where they are yet but I'll check shortly.
  9. Anyone going to game tonight? i'm bringing my daughter to her first Jet game. Going to get there a bit early so if there's tailgating going on, lemme know
  10. Statistics prove that loose whores, on average, give birth two days earlier than either tight whores or loose women who don't have sex for money (aka sluts). As for tight women who don't get paid, well that's another study for another thread. If you can't see how this impacts our chances in week 1 you aren't trying hard enough.
  11. Well at least you can be content we passed on Manziel.
  12. edge rusher taken with the #6 pick. Sure...we haven't had one of those here in, oh, about 6 years.
  13. No...his cap hit at vet minimum would actually be exactly ZERO. Only the top 51 players by salary count towards the cap, and since you have to have 53, if you didn't have one particular vet at minimum, you'd have another anyway.
  14. I don't think they could have reasonably done anything until at least this game and probably next week to be fair. After game 3, they should have enough data to make an informed decision. And I see no way they let Petty go based on what he's shown so far. I don't even know if he survives waivers to the PS anymore. Look at it this way, if you are suggesting the FO is too scared to let Geno walk, how do you think the board would react if they let Petty go and kept Geno. It would be far worse than the opposite.
  15. Bring on the Tour de France