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  1. Preseason Power Rankings

    I think Alabama may move up to 32 and push us down yet.
  2. Just curious what you were going for with this. Were you implying that pro fields are not the same length?
  3. Learn From History

    When we get some semblance of a running game in place, it will help open the field up for intermediate and long passes as well. Last Saturday our rushers did not exactly inspire respect.
  4. But if Hack is not the answer and they never gave Petty enough of an opportunity to determine if he could be, then they failed twice. All I'm looking for is that Petty get at least a decent opportunity in one of the next two PS games to play in the 1st half. OR have TB come out and say he is not in the mix. But don't sell us bullsh*t that it's still open and not play him, Todd. We've seen enough of that.
  5. Learn From History

    Go get him, Integrity!
  6. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Guys...I'm not knocking RA. But if you are going to use a comp, just try to be in the ballpark height and weight-wise. Harrison and Jackson are similar weights but quite a bit shorter. Anderson is thin, which doesn't mean he can't be really good. But there aren't many guys with his build in the league.
  7. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Moss is listed as 6'4" 210 or 215 lbs. Anderson is listed as 20-25 lbs. shy of that weight. Not really a valid comp. He's somewhere between Louis Orr and Randy Moss.
  8. Now that you said that...it's taking everything I have not to do it. You know...like when someone says "Don't think about xxx"
  9. Fun Fact: In 1992, the Jets won more games in the preseason (5) than they did in the regular season (4).
  10. Can we hire some Dothraki mercenaries for our OL?
  11. Maybe if we switched all of the OL with all of the WR things would improve?