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  1. Yes, I think we got jobbed, BB style. Rematch would be fun. Will definitely try to swing by. I think we're parking nearby but I'll confirm.
  2. Phil, I'm bringing my son (who you met a few years back at the flag football game) to his first Jets game. If that makes me a bad father, so be it, but I'd love to swing by and say hi. PM me if you can and let me know where you are setting up.
  3. Unless Fitz gets hurt, the only Petty playing today is Tom, on his guitar, in his house.
  4. Put yourself in the mind of Mac/Bowles for a moment. If we win today, we are 4-5, 2-0 in the division, which is still 'in contention'. Until they lose that 7th game, they are still playing for 2016. No GM or coach gives up on a season at this point. They believe they have to play Fitz and I can't fault them for it, even though, as a fan, I would love to see Petty get in there. If they lose today, I would consider writing it in, maybe, but really, it's Fitz until the first NE game is in the books.
  5. A winless team also needs to become a not-winless team if they want to keep their jobs. CLE may not win more than 2 games this season, but if Collins helps them get there, that might be the difference between being a GM for the Browns, and a scout for a college team next year.
  6. Hey, we are undefeated in the division so far. Let's keep it going!
  7. Sounds great on paper, but as we've seen before, if you pay too much up front and they won't play in the back years for the low salaries. Most players do not give a crap about average salary. They'll cash that signing bonus and then forget all about it next year.
  8. Every few years there is going to be a Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott. And every time he will have slipped through (specifically) the Jets' fingers.
  9. If the NFL would simply outlaw passing, the Jets would have a dominant defense. Stubborn asses clinging to their rules.
  10. Actually, I think rain is good. Keep the crowd subdued and muffle the noise a bit.
  11. You know...if Marshall and Decker missed the game, we could just plug in our TEs and maybe one of our FBs. Just like NE could put Stephen Hawking in at QB and still win...
  12. No problem...our TEs would pick up the slack.
  13. As unlikely as it is, this would be the greatest NFL story since 18-1.