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  1. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    Yeah, it was something like:   "He might be really good.  Or he might not.  Definitely one of those, though"
  2. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    I just saw this.  Karma is a bitch, cheaters.    
  3. PSL Holders Sue Rams

    As to the whole PSL/Rams's what nobody is considering.... History suggests that there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of the Rams selling out the stadium, so the PSL holders won't be able to make any profit off their tickets most likely anyway.  Team should offer the pro-rated license cost back and be done with it.  If they don't do that much, they suck and should get roasted.  If they do, the fans should let it go and become Chiefs fans.
  4. PSL Holders Sue Rams

    I hear this runs really well in the snow too (this was for you, Tx):  
  5. Yes...he should be following in Michael Irvin's footsteps in no time.  
  6. This sums up my mood... I couldn't decide but today is worth a double-shot.        
  7. Fantasy Help!!!

    I'm in my finals looking at Forte as questionable today. But perhaps fortunately, I have no realistic backup worth playing (Vereen or Ellington) so I'm going to just hope for the best. The good news is I've been riding Fitz and Marshall almost all season long so I won't have any split allegiances to worry about today (Fitz was a waiver pickup after Romo went down...turned out to be a season-changing move).
  8. question for the board

    I think you guys missed my point about Mangold.  In no way do I suggest replacing him.  He's awesome still.  The problem is, he gets nicked up and missed some time this season, which is a big deal because the team absolutely sucks when he is out.  It's like we put the pre-super-soldier-serum Steve Rogers in to replace him.  The problem is that we don't have ANYONE who can back Mangold up and that could derail an otherwise great season.  Need to address that, possibly with a new Guard who can slide over to Center and not be a huge dropoff.    
  9. question for the board

    When Mangold isn't at Center the entire offense craps the bed.  Not sure if putting him at RG would mitigate that, but it worries me that we have no viable backup Center and I think we need to start developing one next season. 
  10. Ah....the circus we miss you!
  11. Ivory Powell injury updates

    Week 17.  It would be much faster to tell us who wasn't limited. 
  12. Playoff QB's

    Sure we do.  We assume sh-t will go wrong at the worst possible time.
  13. Few thoughts. I think Marshall might be slightly more important to the Jets than Fitzpatrick.  I think what Marshall brings elevates the entire offense, including Fitzpatrick and Decker by being truly dominant as opposed to very good.  I'm not considering who the replacement is, because clearly both are absolutely essential at this point. Having said that, I think the most important guy on the team is Nick Mangold.  When he goes out with injury the team absolutely sucks.  They can't run.  They can't pass.  They basically just crap the bed until he comes back, even with Fitz and Marshall.  No Center will ever likely win a Team MVP award but Mangold has to be in the conversation. And finally, the Jets may not have a 'best-in-position' guy on the roster, but they have at least three probable 'top-5-in-position' guys and maybe a few more 'top-10' guys and that seems to be enough to get the job done.  I only care about individual awards when we miss the playoffs.  Couldn't care less this year.  
  14. Cris Carter

    The worst to me is Booger McFarland.  He just says things that are so completely wrong and when he's called out, he shifts into something else to avoid admitting how f-cking stupid he is.
  15. Cris Carter

    To be fair, he really should have been inducted much sooner than he was.  There is no arguing he was an all-time great WR and Art Monk going in ahead of him really was a travesty.