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  1. He was a LB with Green Bay a while back. Is he still in good shape? Can he transition to Safety if he hasn't lost a step?
  2. I suspect a large percentage of tickets to games will be given by casinos to guests.
  3. I'm not drunk...I'm just drinkin'
  4. How can this not be a fun season? 7-9 with McCown starting most of those games. That's my 'not-fun' scenario.
  5. I wonder if Brady will retire by then...
  6. The Jets are universally respected by the media.
  7. Our owner's name is Woody Johnson.
  8. I think there's a bit of memory bias going on with a few people in this thread. Here is a list of the SB QBs in the 1980s (starting with 1980 season). Super Bowl 15. Jim Plunkett (MVP), 3 TDs Super Bowl 16. Joe Montana (MVP), 1 TD Super Bowl 17. Joe Theismann (John Riggins), 2 TDs, Super Bowl 18. Jim Plunkett (Marcus Allen), 1 TD Super Bowl 19. Joe Montana (MVP), 3 TDs Super Bowl 20. Jim McMahon (Richard Dent), 0 TDs Super Bowl 21. Phil Simms (MVP), 3 TDs Super Bowl 22. Doug Williams (MVP), 4 TDs Super Bowl 23. Joe Montana (Jerry Rice), 2 TDs Super Bowl 24. Joe Montana (MVP), 5 TDs In addition to Plunkett, McMahon, Simms and WIlliams (some of whom had great games but weren't HoF QBs) some of their opponents included Ron Jaworski, Ken Anderson, David Woodley, Tony Eason and Boomer Esiason. Great defenses mattered in the 80s. So did having a 'good' QB catch fire at the right time. I think it's far worse now than it was back then with regard to haves and have-nots.
  9. Fair enough and I'm not sure either of us is really pounding the table on this issue anyway In general, since a club option has value to the club and negative value to the player (he really gets no benefit from it since it's entirely the club's choice) it should cost the club something. If the agent for McCown was willing to take $6MM for one year, he should ask for more for the same with the addition of a one-year club option. Maybe not $2MM but more than nothing. Sometimes what you see instead is a $1MM or so payment to the player if he is released the following year. It amounts to much the same. Besides, if all we are looking to do is plug in a JAG QB to hold the fort for a year while we season a new draft pick, there will be a dozen guys like that.
  10. TANSTAAFL (Heinlen fans will recognize this) I presume that the option on 2018 would have cost more in 2017. Maybe just another $2MM or so, but you don't get that second year option for free. If it's non-guaranteed, then the agent asks for more in year 1. People are already moaning about the $6MM for him so it would only have been worse. And mainly, I think that lack of even a club option indicates how unlikely the Jets think it is he'll be around a second year.
  11. See, that's where you lost me. McCown isn't here to have a Fitz-like renaissance. Nobody expects it or even considers it a possibility. He's here to keep the NLF from docking us draft picks for running TOO obvious a tank-job. You could say he's a beard but that would be confusing with the last guy I suppose. There is no reason, at age 39, he should be on our roster in 2018 at any price.
  12. I'm hoping too, southpark. I'm hoping too...
  13. Oh no....if Hack or Petty somehow manage to win the Super Bowl and screw up our chance of drafting Darnold or Rosen next year, I will be pissed off, I tell you. Pissed off!!! Only the Jets would have the crap luck to wind up with the 32nd pick in a draft with great QB prospects.
  14. Hack and Petty siphoning off valuable reps from McCown. How is Josh ever going to get ready for the season? #smh
  15. I'm hoping we won't need to draft a Safety for a few years either. But you never know...