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  1. [double post damnit!]
  2. Interesting if Webb is preferred over Kizer. I think there are at least 5 players who are equally valuable to the Jets in terms of improvement over replacement. Cook, Robins, Lamp, King to name a few. McDowell doesn't fill a need for us but could go ahead of us as well. WIth Ramczyk and Foster getting scooped up at 31 and 32 last night, I don't see an obvious guy worth trading up for (assuming it would cost us our late 3rd).
  3. We won 4 playoff games under our last 1st-round QB alone. Anyone missing the Rex/Sanchez glory days yet?
  4. Last year the Jets could have played a 4-4-5 and still wouldn't have stopped anyone on 3rd down. Hopefully that, at least, will improve.
  5. Fake news. There are always some who want it and need it to be true to fit their narrative and make it up and others who will believe any source no matter how dubious for the same reason. Instead of saying "I heard a rumor" they just report it as fact. Welcome to 2017.
  6. This is an important point. If we got the same offer at 6, that's a tough deal to take. With Adams, we not only get a potential star player, but a high-character guy with leadership qualities, which this team DESPERATELY needs more of. At 27, you aren't necessarily getting either of those. Yeah, it turns out we could have gotten a good CB but that was no sure thing. I think Adams checked every box for what the Jets need right now and there's only so far they should have been willing to drop. Now had they been able to get to 12 or so, and get back a 2nd rounder plus more, and end up with Howard, that would have been really nice from my point of view. But who knows if those deals were on the table.
  7. One guy you left off that should get drafted ahead of a number of these guys is Sydney Jones. If you're willing to live with the rehab this year (he might play later in the season), you could get a first-round talent for 2018 and beyond. Since we're not winning it all this year anyway, drafting Jones over another CB might mean one less win this year (good!) and one more in 2018 (better).
  8. Starting to think about top-7 tomorrow. Not sure yet, but Robinson and Lamp have to be in the mix. Cook for sure. A few CBs but I really don't want another DB right now. A llot of good talent got plucked in the last few picks.
  9. 4th rounder seems to be the price to move up a few slots here. Would you toss in our 4th to grab Ramczyk here?
  10. Charlton good value there for Cowboys. Njoku can't last much longer. Surprised at the OL still left.
  11. So Bills trade the Lattimore pick for White and a 2018 first (probably mid-late in the round). Not bad.
  12. I'd love Watt. Slight chance he could make it to our pick. I'm sure once round is over we'll all be picking our top-7. Right now Njoku is probably my top choice.
  13. Who? Just my take on some good players with 1st-day grades still around.
  14. BPA now: Charlton Njoku Foster Ramczyk Cook McKinley Robinson Maybe 2-3 of them slide to 2nd round. Plus a few more that will be value picks. We'll get a shot at a good player at 39.
  15. 2019...maybe. Meanwhile Adams should be a great player this season. Should...