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  1. So if he is healthy right now, why not put him in. If he gets hurt again, so be it. Move on. But to not play him because he 'might' get hurt? Not sure that makes so much sense.
  2. Fair points. We've certainly seen a lot of them come and go. But you are saying on the one hand that you trust the team's evaluation of Petty as sufficient reason to label him a bust. But this is the same team that passed on Watson (who you loved, and Mahomes who many others did) for a Safety, and took Hack in the 2nd round.
  3. You have picked an odd hill to die on. You seem determined to label Petty a bust based on how the team is using (or not using) him. Nobody is saying he's 'the answer' but you seem to not even be interested in seeing whether his week 3 performance was an aberration or progress. Which is fine except it leaves you defending playing McCown the rest of the year and I just don't get what you could possibly see in that scenario that makes you prefer it. Here's how I (personally) break it down: Do you think the Jets, with McCown starting, have any realistic shot at the playoffs? (for me, the answer is No). Do you think McCown should be brought back next year to bridge and/or mentor a new QB? (again, No). Do you think Petty has an realistic chance to perform as well or better than McCown, if given a shot? (for me, the answer is Yes). Would you be okay with Petty getting a shot and, worst case, failing to show anything? (Yes, because it is new information that helps us make a better decision next offseason.) Sure, we've seen many prospects come and go. Nagle, Clemens, Geno, etc. Maybe it's akin to trying to catch lightning in a bottle. But if we don't actually give them a reasonable chance to succeed, and keep playing the washed-out vet who gives us no real chance to succeed, then we definitely aren't going to get anywhere and we'll just keep sitting in the dark. Personally, I see no downside to this. Clearly Bowles does. I'm just curious if Bowles is doing it for the benefit of the team, or for the benefit of his job security. Because I care a lot about one and nothing about the other.
  4. Normally I'd agree. But I think Barkley COULD be so special that I wouldn't mind taking him if we missed on Darnold, Rosen and maybe Rudolph. Barkley is being compared to AP and other all-time greats. Most analysts say he's better than Elliot, Gurley and Fournette and from the limited clips I've seen, I'd agree. But...and this is a big but...it only works if we also go all-in on Cousins and/or draft a real prospect with our next pick (maybe moving up to do it).
  5. I'm loathe to use last years numbers for either guy for a variety of reasons. Really a completely different roster in a very unstable situation where we had vets who were 'taking sides'. I'm prepared to give Petty a pass on last year based on how he looked in week 3 of the preseason this year. I may be in the minority on that, which is fine. It's all opinion anyway and mine isn't in the small group of opinions that actually matter.
  6. I clearly questioned Bowles' logic, not anyone on the boards. But if you want to make it about you, feel free.
  7. Here is the only data I have to cite that I think is of use. McCown sacked 19 times this year in 194 attempts. Roughly 10% of the time (ouch!). Petty in preseason this year was sacked twice in 48 attempts. Roughly 4% of the time. To be fair (and I do try to be with numbers), McCown was not sacked in his 12 attempts in preseason this year. Very hard to compare these numbers for a lot of reasons, but Petty doesn't seem to be a sack magnet. By comparison, Hack was sacked 9 times in 74 attempts this preseason. About 12%. All I'm saying is Petty looked intriguing this presesason. I'd like to see if he can do it in games that count.
  8. McCown is averaging 229 yards per game with 7 TDs and 6 INTs. He does have a very high completion % (just over 70%). He's also sacked an average of 3 times per game which is among the most in the league. Across most statistical measures, he is average or just below average. But here's the thing - you look to a veteran QB to do a few things better than a young one and ball protection is one of them. McCown's 6 INTs is bad. His 19 sacks is very bad (4th worst in league). His 6 fumbles is awful. This is a guy who has limited upside to lead a game-winning drive, and who fails to do the one thing you expect most from a veteran QB which is 'protect the ball'. So tell me again why it's so vital we watch him continue to do what he's doing rather than give Petty a chance to see if he can do better? Maybe Petty fails again and we go back to McCown, but in that case, will we have really lost anything of value? And if Petty plays like he did against the Giants, we will have won something substantial. Low risk, high reward. Personally, I like those odds.
  9. You are assuming Bowles has command of logic when most of his in-game decision making proves the opposite.
  10. Is see this a lot. I agree with what you are saying except I would not include Kearse in the category of old vets. He's 27 and absolutely could be a significant part of the rebuild for the next 5 years or more.
  11. Gotta say I agree with Sperm 100%. If you are afraid to try and score with 1:08 left in the half, you should just resign and go home. Yes, you might want to go lower risk, and sprinkle some runs in on 1st and 2nd downs, but taking a knee with 1:08 left? We killed TB for doing that with 0:40 left against Buffalo. You can blame the play call or the QB for turning the ball over certainly. But in this case, I don't blame TB for trying to put another 3 or 7 on the board. That's what I want in a HC in that situation.
  12. Boom goes the dynamite! This is the single most important reason to play him soon. Significant impact on next season. I'll add to this the thought that Petty will be a much more valuable bridge next year if he gets playing time this year. Otherwise, how can he even begin to help mentor a rookie? He won't have anything remotely near McCown's experience, but the difference between starting 8 games this year vs. starting none is enormous.
  13. That's a very different thing. The question is about gathering data. Saying it's risky to gather data because you might use it unwisely is not a risk of gathering data, it's a risk of the Jets being too stupid to know what to do with it. If that were the case (and it may well be) then you have to deal with that regardless of what you do with Petty this year.
  14. I think the Jets should stop drafting QBs below the 2nd round because they have shown under this regime that they simply don't value them no matter what the evidence might or might not be.