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  1. It's all about intangibles here. Leo is loaded with them. Honestly, though, the Jets have so many past picks you could laugh at for being so horrible. Leo is definitely NOT one of them. He has all the makings of a 10-year starter on the DL who will be either at the top of the game, or very close to it. Beasley was no sure thing to be the next Von Miller and still may not be.
  2. I knew a girl back in the day with the unusual name of Ada Wong. But back to bad NFL names, if we are going to erect a wall of fame, I would have to nominate our very own Dick Curl. I mean really...were his parents that dumb?
  3. I do miss some of the truly epic -palooza threads we had at JI back when it was still a thing. But I was splitting my time between both of these boards for a while when the Scout thing went down so it was an easy transition for me to just hunker down here and never look back. And then the flag football tournament sealed the deal. We really need to do something like that again, Phil, even if it's just a pickup game.
  4. Those are not mutually exclusive outcomes at all.
  5. Question of the Day: Is a drunken Johnny Manziel the worst QB on our roster?
  6. That's not being a downer, that's being realistic. We are like a hobo down by the Holland Tunnel turning over the trash-heap looking for a half-eaten sandwich nobody else has found. I feel the gap closing...
  7. I'm gonna plug a series on Netflix I haven't seen mentioned here yet. 'Travelers', starring Eric McCormack (from Will and Grace) in a very different type of role for him. It's a Canadian SF series that Netflix bought and I have to say it's really compelling if you like SF in general. You have to be a little lenient with the science (it's about time travel / dystopian future) but the actors and characters are all fantastic. Anyone seen?
  8. Remember the year Warmack and Cooper came out and we had lots of debate over which one we liked more but all would have loved to get either one of them. Both busts. And Guards are supposedly one of the easier positions to project into the NFL. Weird.
  9. Maybe it's easier to start with who of the current starters would you think has a good shot to still be on the team and productive in 3 years? The list gets hard after Williams, Enunwa, Mo, and maybe Winters, Lee and Powell. I could easily see half our starters turning over in the next 2 years.
  10. I notice you left out the Knicks. Has Dolan crushed your spirit there? I'd understand completely...
  11. Or you were born to hang out with them. Same thing?
  12. If I got to choose, I'd rather they kick the crap out of the Steelers so I don't have to watch another Pats SB but maybe I'm nitpicking
  13. Sorry if I was misunderstood. I was referring to the fact that you now hang out with us here. Going for the cheap laugh but what else is new
  14. Top 3 needs...easy... Offense, Defense, Special Teams. Oh...and Coaching staff. Oh...we need some more loyalty from the ballboys it seems. Ours aren't willing to 'do what it takes'. Our beer concession workers are awesome though.
  15. So little has changed in your life, huh? Well, not all of us are gamblers perhaps...