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  1. Hard to argue that. Rams DL is also scary good. But they did add Coples as depth so that has to bring them down a notch.
  2. If he really wanted to move things along he would sign a 4-week rental in Foxborough. I should be an agent.
  3. Jimmy has a new look this season...
  4. Don't agree. Fitz is not a 'bottom of the barrel QB'. he's an average QB. And had he not thrown those picks in BUF in week 17 and the Jets won that game, he'd be an 'above average' QB (in perception, not necessarily reality) and would have had a much better offer from one or more teams. Sometimes it's all about perception and that week 17 loss dropped him from 'viable mid-range starter' to 'stop-gap starter / veteran backup' which is a big drop in money He doesn't have to like it, or agree with it, but unless one of exactly and only 32 NFL GMs feels differently, that's HIS reality right now. Blow a playoff-level game in your walk year and yeah, you don't get paid.
  5. At first I was inclined to agree. Then I thought, if Geno is the best QB on our roster and he goes down, does it really matter if the next guy in is a journeyman vet or a young unknown? I can't see it making much difference in terms of making the post-season. So why not roll with the young guys and if they have to play, so be it.
  6. The Patriots will be offering his brother a tryout as soon as he makes bail. .
  7. In the Raiders' case, I can't help but wonder how they're going to sabotage their own efforts. It feels like as long as the team is owned by the Davis family, it's going nowhere but maybe it's blind squirrel time for them. I am rooting for the Jags though.
  8. Could our little Sheldon be growing up?
  9. Not a critical game, but I will never forget the sight of what Kris Jenkins did to that poor schmuck playing Center for the Titans (Chris Myers) back in 2009 and the sound of awe in Phil Simms' voice.
  10. To be fair, though, it's hard to bad mouth anyone with your jaw wired shut.
  11. They let him leave. No one else wanted him enough to make him an offer. They also aren't making him look bad. They are conducting business in way that's best for the team's interests. Everything else is media-generated bullcrap. IMO if he doesn't take the deal, and his only other option is to sit and wait for a starter to get injured and get a desperation deal from a contender, that's doing a lot more to make him look dumb than anything the Jets are doing but it's entirely his life and not mine so whatever floats his boat.
  12. You are right. They are ruining the game! There are a lot of young WRs who just shut up and play great ball now which is great. Not to mention guys like Fitzgerald and Megatron. And as nutters as Beckham and Bryant might try to be, they collectively can't hold a candle to a guy like Suh. The times they are a changin'
  13. He's going to have to turn in his WR card if he keeps this up. The good ones are supposed to be batsh*t crazy. I think it's actually in the rulebook.