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  1. Right and wrong. He should be talked about with Brady and Peyton. This so-called horrible season: 4,428 yards, 40 TD (+4 rushing), 7 INT, 104.2 rating. Where do I sign? BTW, here is a completely meaningless but incredibly entertaining factoid: "Rodgers could throw an interception in his next 72 passes, and still have a higher career passer rating than Tom Brady. This statistic includes playoff stats too, where Brady has of course excelled with four Super Bowl titles."
  2. They should hire John Idzik to help them manage all those picks.
  3. For all of the certainty here around Brady/Montana = 1/2 and Rodgers is at best #3, take some time to peruse career statistics in meaningful areas. Completion %, Int %, TD %, Yards/PA. Rodgers is almost always ahead of both of them, in many cases by a wide margin. If he didn't pass the 'eye test', you could say stats are misleading, but when you take them all in together, and figure in age and seasons remaining, Rodgers may very well retire with a commanding argument for GOAT. It would help a lot if he wins the next two games he plays of course but the guy's talent is unparalleled.
  4. This should have happened two weeks ago in NJ. They wouldn't have had to worry about fans driving to the game.
  5. so should we target the Coples type or the Gholston type this time around?
  6. You know...I could see the conversation taking this turn: McCoy: "I'm going to follow McDermott anywhere he goes if I don't get a HC position" [McDermott goes to Buffallo] McCoy to agent: "Just kidding, so what else is out there?"
  7. With a very sub-par OL to boot. Definitely not enough of a sample.
  8. Nobody keen on Fournette?
  9. Clearly not a Peak Frean then.
  10. There's one other qualifier that wasn't mentioned. Who was he throwing to? How much does Mike Williams elevate Watson's performance? How do you quantify that?
  11. I agree but I'd be a little more flexible on point 3, but only because Marino still stings a bit. And then there was Favre...Cam Newton....etc... Maturity in college is a plus, but not an absolute qualifier of NFL success.
  12. Agreed. I'd be excited with a QB pick or Williams. I would be very ambivalent at best about almost any defensive pick this draft.
  13. interesting that he struggled with accuracy during the season but comes up big both time against 'Bama. I don't know what to make of that, but it certainly does help push him up into the conversation at #6. What I don't know how to analyze though, is how would he have looked without Mike Williams, who is not a typical #1 college WR. That guy might make a lot of QBs look really good. And yes, it's hard to justify taking a QB when you have two young, untested QBs already on the roster, but as much as I like the potential Petty has flashed, I'm not letting a 4th round pick with flashes of potential stop me from spending a high-first round pick on a QB if I think he's got more chance to be 'the guy'. I'd trade Petty or Hack for a 5th round pick in a heartbeat if I thought Watson, or either of the other two QB prospects, was the better roll of the dice.
  14. Watching him haul in contested passes and outmuscle and out-position DBs last night convinced me. He's the most NFL-ready offensive prospect in this draft. That guy could come in an be a 1,000 yard, 10 TD rookie for the right team (clearly not the Jets).
  15. Fair and good points. But years of busting have made me start to value a great player at a lesser position more than a bust at a high-value position. Nobody used to like to draft Centers in the first round. Then we got Mangold (albeit at 29, not 6). So you get into a situation where there are four attributes to consider: Player upside Player risk Position value Position need (for your team) There are no unicorns in this draft for us. The three QBs are all flawed enough to either be high-risk, low-ceiling or both. Williams is probably the closest thing. If Robinson projects to LT, he'd be in the discussion as well but I don't get the feeling his ceiling at LT is as high as Brick was at his time. If he was, he'd be my first choice. But if we take another high-risk CB and bust, where does that leave us vs. taking a rock-solid RT (who should be an upgrade over Shell and cheaper than that 2018 FA whoever he is). It'll be lots of fun to argue about for the next 3 months or so anyway