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  1. nycdan added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    Actually 'Blind Homer' is credited with writing two of the most important pieces of literature in human history.  I think he meant it as a compliment
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  2. nycdan added a post in a topic Borderline dominant for 13 of 16 quarters played.   

    Agreed Integrity. 
    Looking ahead, after the bye, we get the Redskins at home, which is a matchup I like although I said that about the Eagles.  4-1 (hopefully) going into Gillette.  That's something any of us would have signed for in pre-season right after 'the punch'.  In fact, the Raiders game is shaping up to the one of the most interesting ones.  They look pretty good this year and finally have what looks like a legitimate passing game.  After that, we have a string of very winnable games if things keep up the way they are going so far. 
    Hard not to like what we see so far.
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  3. nycdan added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    So it looks like we have one person stumping for Folk to be gone and...well...everyone else disagreeing.  /debate yet?
    You starting bringing in FA kickers and you're likely to end up looking back fondly on the Doug Brien days.  Don't you think the Steelers would stomp on puppies (sorry, Michael Vick...still too soon?) to get Folk on their roster right now? 
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  4. nycdan added a post in a topic Refs are attrocious   

    I'm not suggesting the refs are on the take.  I tend to think that's highly unlikely.  My area of suspicion is over whether the NFL instructs the refs to 'lean' towards the losing team in an early blowout on national games and then, if necessary, lean back the other way once it tightens up.  I'd LIKE to think there's no way they'd do that, but when you watch a game like this, it's hard not to wonder.
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  5. nycdan added a post in a topic Refs are attrocious   

    You could...possibly...argue that the non-call on Smith was because the defender was looking at the ball, which he was.  But given the calls they were making against the Jets prior to that, it pretty much made it look like there was an NFL mandate to officiate the game into staying close until the 4th quarter.  The NFL has a lot at stake here and doesn't want a stadium emptying out early so it's hard not to think that.  Then in the last half of the 4th quarter, the Jets started getting calls again. 
    Honestly, the only reason I don't believe this is real is because I can't see how some former ref wouldn't have blown the whistle by now.  That book would be worth a $3MM advance, minimum.
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  6. nycdan added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    There is nothing wrong with Folk and no FA kicker available who would be even nearly as good.  You lost credibility on that point IMO.
    Devin Smith is a rookie who missed most of training camp.  I don't expect him to be playing with veteran-like savvy yet.  Give him a few weeks.  For now, as long as Decker is healthy, Smith is a luxury. 
    Agreed on Quigley.  He seems to be a disaster in the making on almost every punt.  Not sure how much of it is coverage but there is a big problem to address.
    As for penalties, that was a weird game.  They called a ton of PIs on the Jets, and while some were legit, some were ticky-tack or worse.  Then the non-call on Smith.  It felt a lot like there was a secret mandate to keep the game close but once it got late in the 4th quarter, they seemed to decide to swing the bias back over our way.  I helicopters. 
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  7. nycdan added a post in a topic The storm this weekend   

    Yes I am although I've played out the scenario in my head enough that instinct kicked in.  Yes, this beach (Cupsogue) in Westhampton at the end just across from Fire Island, has some really nice waves that almost nobody takes advantage of as they all wallow in the sand under umbrellas.  I never could understand why anyone would go the beach and not go in the water.  It's like going to a strip club and sitting at the bar. 
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  8. nycdan added a post in a topic The storm this weekend   

    I'm not ready to adjust for age yet (just 50) but I can see the writing far off in the distance.  Now I'm way more depressed...
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  9. nycdan added a post in a topic The storm this weekend   

    First of all I've been riding waves on boogie boards and body surfing for 40 years.  I've been tossed a few times really hard, but this was unique.  I was riding them all the way in until I scraped on the sand, which was, in retrospect, probably not super smart.  I must have gotten caught from behind by a second wave close to shore on that fateful last ride because my legs got lifted up and I was flipped into the air facing head down about two feet over the sand with basically no water underneath me.  Mind you these weren't classic shore breaks.  I was probably in about two feet of water at the time, fairly smooth and then it just threw me with no warning.

    Anyway, having been down this road before, I locked my arms over my head to protect my neck and when I hit, the force of my weight all went to the humerus bones on both arms between my elbows and shoulders (if you have any thoughts of trying to protect yourself by landing on your palms...forget it).  Unfortunately, not being 25 any more, the left one broke.  I knew I did something bad but wasn't sure exactly what until I got to the ER.  Really painful injury but overall, given that my neck was completely fine, and in fact I had no damage to any soft tissue or other bones, I'm not complaining too much.
    Despite that, I will be out again as soon as I can (next summer unfortunately).  I might have to adapt my methods a bit though.
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  10. nycdan added a post in a topic The storm this weekend   

    I managed to break my upper arm body-surfing last month in some tasty waves out east.  So I'm out for this storm but with you in spirit. 

    At least it's a cooler story than 'my teammate punched me in the jaw because I'm a cheap-ass punk'.

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  11. nycdan added a post in a topic Refs are attrocious   

    The Jets were flat today but the non-call on the pass to Marshall in the end-zone was a back-breaker and truly would have changed the entire game had it been called.  The penalty was flagrant...Marshall obviously only was able to get one hand up to try the catch and the replay showed the DBs hand grabbing Marshall's upper arm.  Apparently the ref was busy looking at something else.

    However, the Jets still had chances and stunk it up.
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  12. nycdan added a post in a topic We've got a trapped animal this weekend   

    In 2013, the Giants were 0-2.  They had a 'must-win' game.  The lost the next four.
    Last year the Raiders were 0-2.  They had a 'must-win' game.  They lost the next eight.
    Sometimes teams are just putrid.  The Eagles are already dead-team walking.  Desperation isn't going to make them better.  Only complacency on the Jets' part will give them a puncher's chance.  I'm hopeful, from what I've seen, that this team won't do that.
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  13. nycdan added a post in a topic Russell Wilson Grants Young Girl Her Final Wish Before She Dies.   

    Great story.  I'm going to be sad for a while but good for RW.  When just showing up can bring comfort like that, it's a blessing to be able to do it.

    So it's okay if our linebackers help Wilson up after a sack now?
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  14. nycdan added a post in a topic David Harris refuses to give Frank Gore a hand   

    Maybe it's just me but I think it's a little petty (and not the Bryce kind).  Unless there's some history between them I don't know about, help the guy up.  At the end of the day, you're both football players in the NFL trying to win games and stay healthy.  And some day you might be teammates.

    I'd rather our guys be so confident in their game, they don't see helping the other guy up or not as going to make an iota of difference in the score.
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  15. nycdan added a post in a topic 0-2 Eagles coming to town