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  1. Until he finds out the Giants invited IK Enemkpali to come to training camp.
  2. Agreed. I'd love that second 1st-rounder next year. A lot hinges on what the Raiders can pull of with either AP or Lynch. If the get either of those, I think that trade would be off the table for sure.
  3. No, I stated this as it might be at selection 11, which was the point of first stating: "At 11, there will be several good players still available to us." in order to get a sense of what we might still have available at the 11th pick if we did trade down.
  4. I do like Adams the best among the DBs. If he is there at 6, I am fine with that pick. More than half the mocks I see don't have him making it there, though.
  5. Not a particularly compelling highlight reel. At least three of the INTs were total gifts that either slipped through the WRs hands, or in one case, was thrown to a wide open Lattimore with no WR near him. He's got skills, and I like to see a CB making tackles too, but I hope this isn't his official 'best plays' clip.
  6. Depends on where he is along the scale of Kyle Wilson --------- Darrelle Revis (2011 version). "The next Revis" would be well worth the 6th pick. No idea if Lattimore even has that as a possibility.
  7. Just spitballing here for a bit during the slow season. Let's take position value out of the debate for a moment. Watson and Trubisky are intriguing BECAUSE they are QBs but neither has Andrew Luck /Peyton Manning type potential on paper at least. Would it be better to get the next possible Jerry Rice / Ray Lewis type player, or the next Alex Smith? Assuming the former, who are those guys who could become the best at their position in the game eventually? I see four, maybe five. Myles Garrett. Not much to say since he goes #1 anyway. Leonard Fournette: Comparisons to AP and some say he may be better at this point. Cook fans will disagree, but this guy looks like the real deal. Jamal Adams (and maybe Malik Hooker): Both of these guys feel like they have Ed Reed as their ceiling although their games are different. I prefer Adams by a nose. OJ Howard: Maybe not quite the same level as the other guys, but he looks like a complete package who can change an offense and become a top-3 TE. Honorable Mention: Mike Williams. He's not Megatron, but he is a true #1 WR with the lowest bust-potential of any WR we've seen in a few years. Since we need all of these positions anyway to varying degrees, might it be better to grab a guy who could be a perennial All-Pro instead of a guy you hope is very good and/or doesn't get injured?
  8. If we were drafting for the name, I think Mahomes gets the nod over Trubisky. But then Hooker beats them both. With that jersey on the sidelines the opportunities are endless .
  9. Few thoughts on this (which I think very highly of). If Sidney Jones drops to our 3rd rounder, would you take him over King, since you are lining up for 2018 anyway? I actually think I'm more enamored of Njoku than Howard based on potential. If I thought he would last until our 2nd rounder and Jamal Adams were available at the #6 pick, I might switch the position order and go that way but both of those are 50-50 at best. But generally I'm not opposed to the 'reach' for Howard for exactly the reasons you stated.
  10. Fair question. The value seems in the ballpark. At 11, there will be several good players still available to us. Assume, Garrett, Thomas, Allen, Fournette, Adams, Hooker, Lattimore are gone. That still leaves some choices between Watson and Trubisky, Williams and Davis, Cook and Howard, Hey, look at that...all offensive players! Then at 32, we can go defense like Watt, Adoree' Jackson or snag someone who drops like an OT or Njoku if we don't take Howard. I would love the trade. I just don't think it makes a lot of sense for NO but I hope I'm wrong. The one thing that might shift the balance, though, on second thought, is the Sidney Jones injury. Taking one top-CB off the table means the premium on Lattimore is much higher. So yeah, dream on....dream until your dream comes true.
  11. That's really disappointing. I've read the metric for success in the NFL is 55 mph and almost no QB below that mark has been successful. That's a big gap to overcome. FWIW Glennon had the same velocity at his combine. And the nickname Noodle-Arm is already trademarked.
  12. I think they pretty much need defense. They might also need a WR to replace Cooks. Not sure there's necessarily anyone they would want so bad they would trade up to get though. Maybe Lattimore but we have the same need so not sure we wouldn't just make that pick.
  13. 1) Sidney Jones tore his Achilles at pro-day. Maybe he falls to our pick in the 2nd but highly unlikely he is the top CB off the board now. I think Lattimore is the pick if you are going CB. I also like Jamal Adams but I think CB value and our need pushes Lattimore ahead of him for us. 2) I agree the three OTs probably don't make it to our 2nd round pick but I wonder if Forrest Lamp is worth a look here. He's more of an inside guy, and could be a much better Center than Wesley Johnson if he can snap, but not sure how high that risk is. Another guy I'd love if he fell that far is David Njoku. We've got to boost our offense and this guy has a incredibly high ceiling at TE.
  14. There really aren't a lot of safeties that big.
  15. I know a QB who led his team to two successive AFC championship games. He'd come even cheaper.