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  1. Game off, done

    no words really.
  2. I just went over to Patsfans.com and even THEY think the Jets got jobbed.
  3. I'm not a conspiracy theory guy by any means, but this is waaaaaaay too fishy.
  4. Wow, another blown timeout. Disgraceful game management.
  5. Game off, done

    Snowflakes everywhere!
  6. I always thought if Kerley were on the Patriots he'd have 1000-1200 yards per year like clockwork.
  7. This doesn't suck. I'm allowing myself to enjoy this.
  8. Yeah, that could work too. Sign Sanchez as a backup.
  9. Wait til we start the Brian Hoyer era next year.
  10. Yankees up 3-0 over the Indians in the 5th.