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  1. I typically work Saturday nights and most nights during the week. Sunday and Monday nights are usually free for me. How does Sunday, September 3rd at 8 PM sound? Also, we are still stuck on NINE members. We need at least one more to make it a ten team league. Three more to make it a 12 team league, obviously. Would prefer 12 but if we can't fill all the spots, ten is fine. As a last resort, if we can't get even a 10th, I'll invite one of my friends, or one of you can invite one of yours.
  2. bump. Eight spots filled. Four remaining.
  3. I'm still in shock

    A+ from Hack. Seriously, what more could we have expected?
  4. Standard PPR league. It's a free league on ESPN. PM me your email if you're interested.
  5. We're gonna make the Patriots pay for the wall.
  6. Bump. Four members in, eight spots remaining.
  7. Sent you a PM with the invite. I'm open to holding the draft later in August if people would prefer that.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm planning on starting a JN-only fantasy league for the 2017 season on ESPN. Looking for 12 members. Format will be PPR; 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K, 7 bench spots. Post here or PM me your email address and I will send out the league invites. Would like to draft this Sunday or Monday if we are able to fill up all the spots in time.
  9. A 20 year old this well spoken and candid is not too common. Haven't watched him play but he's certainly got a good head on his shoulders. We we better go 2-14.
  10. Seriously, a fourth would be a miracle. Let alone a 1 or 2.
  11. Bowles should have been fired after the Pittsburgh game.
  12. This team will be lucky to be anything better than the worst in the league. What a painful read this thread was.