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  1. BLACK GRONK!!!!
  2. and he's pretty too.
  3. They can't cover. But they can lead!
  4. favorite pick so far.
  5. So is Maye the FS and Adams the SS? Both seem like physical safeties, while Maye seems to be marginally better in center field based on the few scouting reports I've read. They both seem like similar players.
  6. Let me rephrase: I disliked the idea of taking two safeties, both of whom seem like similar prospects. I like Adams in Round 1, wish we would have gone offense in round 2.
  7. pre draft "we have no secondary, no tight end" post draft "wahhh, we drafted secondary and tight end"
  8. Leggett. Good pick. I like our 4th and 5th round picks more than our 1st and 2nd.
  9. Pretty impressive highlight reel. He looks like a natural WR. For those saying he's slow, he outruns the entire Stanford defense on a quick slant that he turned into a 60+ yard TD. Second or third play in the video.
  10. start a few more threads.
  11. It's almost laughable at this point.
  12. Kinda jealous of Chiefs fans.
  13. Now let's project our annual 2nd round offensive bust pick.