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  1. Andrew is not going anywhere. Irsay will make sure he gets his moneys worth out of him.
  2. I think it was from a post I made last year regarding the Patriots deflating footballs. And, I am also a Jets fan too.
  3. We are 2-4. He will be gone.
  4. Oh no, I am not saying Luck is the problem. Our Offensive line is weak so he has to do it all.
  5. We shall see.
  6. I think he will be looking for a new job after the season ends, if not sooner.
  7. Hell No!!! Luck just needs a supporting cast.
  8. Luck is carrying the team on his shoulders and the coaching staff have made a lot of stupid mistakes.
  9. The next Jet's Monday night game is against the Colts and we suck too. The only advantage the Colts have is Luck and he isn't playing very well at all. And, we have no defense!! Run the hell out of the ball and the Jets are almost guaranteed to win.
  10. Yeah, and Cromartie sucks!!
  11. I dont know!! Poor coaching and that play when the Jags punted...why didnt they have anyone down field??
  12. The Patriots got shut out so there's something to celebrate! Cheers!!
  13. Not true and overly exaggerated.
  14. What the hell are you talking about??
  15. I agree, it was very enjoyable. I was shocked at how well Marvin did with his speech.