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  1. Not true and overly exaggerated.
  2. What the hell are you talking about??
  3. I agree, it was very enjoyable. I was shocked at how well Marvin did with his speech.
  4. Thanks, he is one of the best to ever play the game.
  5. Peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deserved this,
  6. Cam didnt have a chance. Peyton was the better QB and had the better defense
  7. Get over yourself. The Colts beat the patriots,, the broncos beat them too. Bye bye, dont cry
  8. Game over. Broncos win
  9. whatever, women use it because they think its a anti age miracle. It does nothing to help like a steroid does. Nice try.
  10. Peyton is smarter than the average QB.
  11. Oh, nevermind Tex. Just saw the weiner dog commercial. Peyton is the better Qb in this game and the D will win it
  12. To lose!
  13. Broncos defense is owning this game and Peyton is throwing well, Better defense, better QB equals Broncos win!
  14. I liked the skittles commercial but I am in love with Steven Tyler
  15. What the hell was that??