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    Die hard fins fan
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    Hoes, 40's, 22's
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    Dan Marino fake spike...ahhh the good ol' days.
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    Losing to them on Christmas day with a chance to knock them out of the playoffs...that hurt.
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    wtf is a jets flight crew?
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  1. Ugh. I was hoping for a primetime game against the Dolphins. This sucks.
  2. The jets being 0-2 part is true. Opening on the road against the Raiders & Miami is speculation.
  3. 0-2.....ouch!
  4. Jets talking with Broncos about Trevor Simien per Mortenson
  5. Why would you have respect for a divisonal foe? I hate everybody in the AFC East. If i recall you live in south florida and i'm sure you know, whether you'll admit it or not, that the dysfunction in the organization has all but dissapeared since Gase's hiring. No leaks. No Orange Carpet Celebs. NO BS. So refreshing. Of course I want to see more than one year to prove this is the new norm.
  6. Well if you read I said "unlikely to happen". And the stadium is packed just above every single week this season. I think being good has something to do with it.... EDIT: Who cares about attendance or other fans? Not me.
  7. Unlikely to happen, but you don't want to live in a world where the Miami Dolphins are superbowl me.
  8. Just wanted to point out Tannenbaum traded down and got Laremy Tunsil. We swapped 1st round picks with the eagles giving them the 8th overall and moving us to 13th overall and we also acquired Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso in the deal. Both have been solid.
  9. 24-9 Fins win. I cant believe were in the playoffs this year! Crazy, right!?
  10. False. If the ref stopped his progress it would've been 3rd and 3 from the 4 yard line. Not 4th down.
  11. I check in on the Giants from time to time. My reasoning is NYC is my favorite city & the Giants kept the Pats from having an undefeated season.
  12. The big fella! Good to see you to bro. I never feel good going into a jets game. You guys own us. Always have since i've been a fan.
  13. Delusional? How? I said i was excited to see how Ajayi performs against a front 7 like the jets have. Did i make some wild prediction? No. Did I make any mention of our victory of the Steelers & Bills? No. IF anyone is delusional it's you making excuses for the two teams we just beat. " But, but, but, it was so hot the steelers were getting sick" lmao lame as hell dude. And who cares about finheaven. Are you so thin skinned you can't interact with opposing fans? I've been coming to this website for nearly a decade bro. Anyways, looking forward to the matchup Sunday. There is no outcome that would shock me. We're both very similar.
  14. Thank god you slid by the lowly Browns to give us a semi-big matchup on Sunday. Siked to see how the Jets front does against the Jay-Train! Don't get run over! CHOO CHOO!
  15. As bad as Ryan's Defense in New Orleans has been as of late I would endorse this move. I can't stop liking the Ryans.