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  1. Hey, Darius, we wanted the f*cking arrunning back. SAR I
  2. What the fu*k is arwrong with these mom's naming their kids like this. SAR I
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA They ****ed us again! SAR I
  4. I'm this close, Bugg. This close. Only 15 more minutes until the NyQuil Severe double-dose kicks in, I'll be flyin' high in the friendly skies just as it's announced the Jets have traded the last pick of the night just to stick it to us yet again. SAR I
  5. (First in with Pro Football Focus on the latest Jet:) Nate Gerry, Safety, Nebraska Why he’s on the list: One of the top-graded coverage safeties in 2014, Gerry does a nice job of working downhill when the play is in front of him and he’s a good fit for a two-high safety team. His playmaking skills have led to nine interceptions and five passes defensed over the last two years. What we’d like to see: Gerry is not as smooth when working backwards, so passes over his head can be a problem. It’d be nice to see if he could handle a center field role as he’s played more split coverages in Nebraska’s scheme. Tackling has also been an issue as he’s missed 25 of his 163 attempts over the last two seasons. Ultimately, a return to 2014 if crucial for Gerry’s evaluation. (So maybe since Maye has problems running forwards and Gerry has problems running backwards, we can duct tape them together and have a complete player.) SAR I
  6. I knew going in that a 30 year commitment meant that 12 seasons would be average, 8 seasons would be above average, and 10 seasons would be bad, but I never imagined this bad. Is there anything to hope for here? We used to have hope for a young QB. Nope. We used to have hope for our young HC. Nope. We used to have hope for our young GM. Nope. The hope now is that we go 0-16 and bring a real football GM in here to not blow the #1 pick and restore order. Unbelievable. I'm downing 2 cups of NyQuil Severe Maximum Strength, hopefully I wake up at 6pm tomorrow the draft is over and I can go back to fantasizing that Christian Hackenberg is the answer. SAR I
  7. ...and with the 107th and final pick of the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL draft, the New York J-S-T-E Jets select Nate Gerry, Safety, Nebraska. SAR I
  8. Rare form tonight. I thought my grandma bit was good, but this? SAR I
  9. All jokes aside, I am seriously struggling with the fact that I have to write a $5,500 check to Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles next Wednesday. I don't mind burning money on vacations, cars, watches, strippers, whatever. But for this? FML. SAR I
  10. You ain't kidding. All the Jets had to do was sell us on the simple concept of "hope". Just take the cute white quarterback and the wife-beating running back, simple stuff. But no, they have to have the worst draft in the NFL, take 3 ******* safeties, I'm about this close to getting another Rolex to drown my sorrows and blow off this whole PSL gig. SAR I
  11. "My grandma was a great woman, she raise me all buy huhself. I told my grandma that if I was drafted I was gonna bring here with me so here she the **** is with me here I love that bitch I love you grandma!" SAR I
  12. "Whatcha mean baybee, I ain't bein' replaced yo, I'ma Giant baybee. Hello? Hello?" SAR I
  13. Yankees Win Geno Released Simultaneously! It is a great night after all. SAR I
  14. Yankees 14 Orioles 11 Final SAR I
  15. But Bubba Blue formed a shrimp empire with a white imbecile so there's hope. SAR I