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  1. Attention: PSL Thiefs

    This I cannot argue. SAR I
  2. He's a deer hunter. Clearly, aim isn't a problem. SAR I
  3. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    I'm not feeling our future. I feel we're a worse team without Woody and Mike. People voice their displeasure with them, but I'd give my right arm for someone to assure me we'd only have 3 losing seasons in the next 15 years and make the playoffs 7 times which is what they accomplished. Yes, agreed. Something that can make Jets fans sleep a bit easier now that we can look back at +7 seasons since the AFCCG debacle in Pittsburgh- it's not like we could have drafted a better quarterback or picked up in free agency a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez. We went as far as we could with the team that we had. And it was almost good enough. Which is why I really wish Tannenbaum was still here and Woody was still here and both had the same mindset they had when all that mattered was being entertaining enough to sell season tickets in a new stadium. Because that grandstanding actually worked. SAR I
  4. That solar eclipse was completely lame. SAR I
  5. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    This is where the fanbase is always our friend. Jets fans talk the talk but they can't walk the walk. Everyone screaming to "do it the right way!" and "rebuild!" at the abhorrent re-signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015 will be spitting blood by the end of 2017, wanting to go back to the old days where every time it looked like we were headed for the abyss we magically made the playoffs instead. It was remarkable. It's New York. No one has patience. Problem is, the architect of these turnarounds is in Miami where they have taken our place as the perennial wildcard contender in the AFC East. At the moment the Jets decide, screw it, let's do it the old way again, Mike Tannenbaum will be waiting to scoop up all the quality free agents he used to steal for us. SAR I
  6. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Let's go down that road. Here: http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/fulldraft?type=position These are the #1 overall QB's since the Bills lost Jim Kelly: Michael Vick, David Carr, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Jameis Winston, Jared Goff. That's 12 QB's that were (pretty much) consensus #1 overall's, thought to be the next Peyton Manning. Is there a single QB on that list that you'd kill for since then, the last 17 years? Only one won a Super Bowl in that span and Giants fans want to run Eli out of town almost every year. So....Suck For Sam all you want, the stats say you've got a 1 in 12 chance and that 1 guy will be hated by his fans as much as he is loved. SAR I
  7. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Yes. Rivers is a great example of why "rebuilding" doesn't work. Hell, Luck is the same thing. You could say Romo, too. The Jets didn't rebuild from 1997-2012. They spent like drunken sailors on every decent free agent and drafted almost exclusively for areas of need. They flipped head coaches the minute a disciplinarian lost the team or a players-coach made them lazy. And it worked. In a division with the biggest dynasty in league history, and without a franchise caliber quarterback, the Jets were consistent playoff contenders for 15 straight years making the playoffs 7 times and having only 3 losing seasons. Whether Hess' humiliation or Woody's PSL's, when we have a motivated owner with a wheeler-dealer GM we have success. Better that right now than what we're stuck with. SAR I
  8. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Doesn't matter, nothing would have. There was no quarterback available in free agency or through the draft in 2009 better than Mark Sanchez. If there were we might have won the Super Bowl with a non-franchise quarterback. As it was we had two very memorable seasons instead of rebuilding like the Bills or Browns. Or are you saying it would have been better to go 1-15 instead of 11-5 in 2010 which is what it would have taken to get the number one overall and take Cam Newton? Would you trade the 2010 season, the epic comebacks, the vanquishing of Peyton Manning at the gun, the destruction of Bill Belichick in our huge win in Foxboro, the advancement to back to back AFC Championship Games to go 1-15, be a laughingstock, and get a QB who has been inconsistent and marginal at best? Newton has 2 winning seasons in 7 years. Let's talk Philip Rivers whose accomplished nothing. And this is my point- history shows that there are so few franchise QB's being unearthed that its better to put up a fight in free agency every season to put the very best team on the field you can than go for this BS 'rebuilding' nonsense which is just another way of management quitting on the franchise and the fanbase. I'd rather be the Miami Dolphins these past 3 years with a freewheeling GM and the hope of a successful season each August than what we've got going on now. SAR I
  9. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Agreed, but the reason the same 10 teams win all the time is because they found franchise quarterbacks. Andrew Luck in the 1st, Russell Wilson in the 3rd, Tom Brady in the 6th, once you find him, you're set for a decade. But let's talk about the 22 teams without a franchise quarterback. 21 of those teams did the "rebuild" routine, and it didn't work until they found their franchise quarterback, again, mostly through luck. Losing season after losing season, failure with draft pick after draft pick, only to find, what, Tony Romo. Did it the so-called 'right' way. Didn't get them anywhere. Ah, but there was 1 of the 22 teams without a franchise quarterback that did it differently. Instead of accepting losing and sitting back and waiting for the mythical unicorn quarterback, they went out and signed every decent free agent and built a competitive team anyway. And unlike the Raiders, Bills, Browns, and other franchises, they found a way to give their fans a fun ride with only 6 losing campaigns in 20 years, several playoff trips, just a few minutes away from the Super Bowl instead of the abyss of endless losing. And that was our Jets. But not anymore. Now we decided to discontinue the one strategy that actually worked for us and do it the dumb way. Idiots. SAR I
  10. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    If you think about it, if you line up all the teams without a franchise quarterback we've actually had it pretty good for the past 20 years: Testaverde brings restored pride...leads to... The hope of Pennington and some success...leads to... The flash of Favre...leads to... The hope of Sanchez...leads to...playoff success and... The hope of Geno...leads to... The surprise of Fitzpatrick. Before this season, every August for the past 20 years as a Jets fans you've either had a proven guy you believed in or a newb who had some promise. This is the first year in half our lives as fans or, in some cases like my kids, ever that there has been no hope at the QB position going into a new season. SAR I
  11. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    This. And Petty gets the 1st series in Game 4 and Hackenberg plays the rest of the game. Until the OL gets him injured. Then Petty comes back in. SAR I
  12. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    ....said the Buffalo Bills fan in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. That's 17 years for those who are counting. Rebuilding doesn't work. It's all dumb luck. SAR I
  13. Sounds like the words of someone who doesn't know the difference between a real "rebuild" and what the Jets have been doing since 1997. The real thing looks like the Raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Bills, and a dozen other teams who go 10, 15, sometimes 20 years without a winning season or playoff appearance. What the Jets were doing was playing the free agent field brilliantly, keeping us competitive, having only 6 losing seasons in a 20 year span. Perhaps what you want is Mike Tannenbaum back. I know I do. A "total rebuild" can also be code for a franchise "giving up". SAR I
  14. "I have a great idea. Let's keep Rex Ryan, fire Mike Tannenbaum, and get Mark Sanchez out of here. It'll be so much better that way." Robert Wood Johnson IV, March 2013 SAR I
  15. That's it. I'm selling my Dolphins tickets. SAR I