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  1. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    I agree with this completely if one has a legitimate quarterback, a trustworthy offensive line, running backs who can block, and sure-handed WR's who run air-tight routes. The Jets have none of this. So playing with fire on the 15 yard line with 0:46 seconds left is a recipe for disaster. No different than the week before against Bill Belichick with 1:08 on the clock. We have no business following the script that a decent offense would run when our offense is so bad. SAR I
  2. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    I don't need to type. I mean, you did see the results of doing it the "right way", yes? Took Tom Brady 0:26 seconds to score the tying TD at the half last week, took the Dolphins 0:56 to score the winning FG at the half this week. The "right way" is completely related to the quarterback entrusted to take such high risks. Josh McCown? LOL. Yeah, there goes your "right way". SAR I
  3. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    The Hindenburg exploding doesn't mean that it was wrong to design an aircraft that was filled with hydrogen and susceptible to conducting electricity when wet. SAR I
  4. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    The sinking of the Titanic doesn't mean it was wrong to limit the amount of lifeboats because of aesthetics. SAR I
  5. On to Atlanta

    Better pray for fog. SAR I
  6. SPOILER SPACE ; ; ; ; ; ; JT will do a set honoring Prince seeing that the Super Bowl is in Minneapolis. I hope he does Jack U Off from Controversy or maybe Bob George from the unreleased Black Album. SAR I
  7. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Ha ha ha. This is priceless. SAR I
  8. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Yeah, the same idiots who think we should've gone for it. Twice. In consecutive weeks. With around a minute left in the half. And throwing the ball. With Josh McScrub at QB. SAR I
  9. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    LOL. Just how many times do you people need to see the unfavorable outcome to realize that the decision is wrong? SAR I
  10. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    .....finish the thought. "The Jets just don't have a quarterback who could execute it, so they shouldn't have attempted it." You don't blame Josh McCown for being Josh McCown. You blame Todd Bowels for thinking his quarterback is Tom Brady. SAR I
  11. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Nah, don't talk logically like that. All the football experts are going to tell you how Todd Bowles did the right thing. "You don't know anything about football" is what they will tell you. Oh....here's an idea: Maybe remind them that two weeks in a row the strategy completely failed costing us both games. One 1:08 on the clock against New England, 0:47 seconds on the clock against Miami, 2 devastating interceptions, 2 ridiculous losses. But you don't know anything about football, remember? SAR I
  12. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Your quarterback is: 1. Joe Montana 2. Tom Brady 3. Josh McCown SAR I
  13. Yes, you do. If your quarterback is named Josh McCown. See? What is wrong with you people? Time and time again you defend Todd Bowles actions even though the results are disastrous. The issue isn't the play calling. The issue is not recognizing that his quarterback is Josh McCown. "This is the right call!" No, it's not. Your quarterback is Josh McCown. Look what happened. Twice. In two consecutive weeks. Wins turned into losses. Are you blind? SAR I
  14. No. I am blaming our head coach for not realizing his quarterback is Josh McCown. SAR I
  15. He does it again! A minute left.....let's McScrub throw the ball! Idiot. Two games in a row with a killer INT at the half that never, ever should have happened. SAR I