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  1. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    I mean we can't be sold on Mahomes yet. And if this tank works and we get an Andrew Luck prospect than it's all worth it. But yeah a starting QB and an offensive weapon in Cook look much more needed than a safety pair. Maye looks good at least and Adams I think is destined to be elite so if we end up with our QB next draft it'd be a nice core.
  2. Let's just remember what this is season is about.....next year's draft. Trust the process.
  3. Gabe Jackson - Guard errytime I see this kid - reminded of the next pick
  4. What a gidamn sh*t show with golf blocking the first football in 6 months!!
  5. What ******* channel is it on in fios?!
  6. No Scout jokes yet?
  7. Why would anybody choose to be angsty in the face of this NO hope season...just let go. theres nothing that can be done now to change the fate of the 2017 NYJ. Hunker down, hibernate your emotions and reason to resurface next season. Don't worry about the feelings of the "team" - it's gonna be ugly no matter what. Don't play anyone over the age of 25 and don't pay a red cent more to anyone that you have to at this point. relax- ships going down already, turn on some tunes and don't fight it
  8. 2017 is nothing at this point we're going to lose Sheldon for nothing - he's walking after this season. Id take 3rd for him, maybe even a 4th
  9. Great Read on Mccown

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2725794-what-a-journey-man-josh-mccowns-wild-ride-through-the-nfl-rolodex ideal mentor- what an impressive breadth of influences. It might all be for nothing but I can see why he was signed to be in the QB room.
  10. Omg no. No one has even sniffed this guy...I wonder what his market value was the last couple years he jets were paying him $10 million/yr
  11. I am new to Instagram but the James Harrison videos are incredible! Beast!
  12. If was good enough Kap would have a job. Talent not worth the distraction. shermans act has been tired for awhile now
  13. I'd agree with this in the past but it seems like consensus sentiment is really starting to shift toward getting the gravity of the head trauma. i hate the skirts in the QB and think those rules are pansy and some of the unavoidable bang-bang secondary hits but overall yeah it's a problem and people are coming to terms it seems
  14. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    So a few thousand homo sapien males (out of 150 million in the US) probably have some degree of football related CTE. It's good for football players to know the possible cost so they can decide if the benefits are worth it to them which often include free education, life lessons, toughness, teamwork, strategy, structure, pride, commitment, sacrifice, sex with hot chicks- essentially get worshipped and sought after for their physical prowess by men and women alike while participating in the last mostly safe vestige for the testosterone driven savagery within all of us talking monkeys. my point is I'm sure it's real- study away- eyes wide open but await the outrage porn from all the do gooders who will take a type of sick pleasure in jumping on the moral high ground and make more laws. let the players and their families decide if it's worth the risks