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  1. Buster Skrine per PFF

    I appreciate that he gives all out effort- seems like a good dude but yeah, feels like he gets toasted erry game. Picked on.
  2. Darron Lee per PFF

    I'm amazed how much Lee has improved the past two games. I don't care about the helmet to helmet hit (this year is meaningless). I'm just happy he's making it to the QB. He just turned 23. His athleticism has been popping off the screen to me. Great closing speed, makes tackles in space. His lateral movement and change of direction are very good. He's getting more confident allowing him to be more aggressive. He's putting his nose in there more- never gonna be a thumper but he's going to be great when kept clean and I think he's right there in coverage, close to being very good in coverage. He's still growing into his body. based on how bad he looked just a few weeks ago I'm very happy with his development. He and Adams are the best athletes on the team.
  3. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Guilty. I am Pro-Tank. Been mostly mad about every TD we made this year but my hate for the Pats trumped all that (no pun) - didn't even retaliate it until the game was on but I wanted the jets to win like crazy. now that they lost it a little relieved and am full tank again.
  4. McShay's Top 10 Prospects

    At his point I almost don't even care who it is as long as it's A quarterback.
  5. Cam is a pretentious dick but still he has a point. Its weird the number of women involved in football media - they don't have man muscle or testosterone and it's like a guy talking about bra comfort when I see them out there, they can do it but with an unrelatability that's palpable.
  6. That Cotchery tore his groin catch was the first that came to mind. then the coles sideline TD grab in the jumbo Elliot miracle game keyshawn had a couple sick end zone grabs too
  7. Ammo needed to move to #1 from #10

    If there's a QB you believe then no price is too high if pay wentz and rg3 prices - you're dead in the water without a QB so take the chance
  8. Rex Ryan was HC when we had our best two seasons in recent memory, will aleays appreciate him.
  9. Mac’s “Scraps” Continue to Impress

    Ealy is one of the best players on the team, he looks legit. I assume he's a boneheaded if he's been cut by 2 teams with that quick first step he has but he hasn't done anything but look great in his limited time here
  10. Game Observations (JAX)

    Leonard Williams, Demario Davis, kony ealy and Jamal Adams make our degfense fairly legit
  11. Game Observations (JAX)

    Kony Ealy has the best first step since John Abraham- not on that level, but for the jets he's a beast
  12. I remember we signed Neil O'Donnell to a 5 year $25 million deal after he took Pitt to the SB and I was blown away at how much money that was....it was the 90's.
  13. Mike Francesa Going-Away Thread

    I could never stand the guy
  14. Wilk legitimately seemed the second best true DL behind JJ Watt...he even said all the right things...played out his rookie contract, seemed like a really good guy- a couple minor immaturity slip ups but really never saw his lack of heart. I'm sure he's got a real injury but he clearly gives zero ****s when you watch him on sundays.
  15. I like Erik Decker and his wife- solid player and solid people from everything I've seen.