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  1. I mean if you didn't question Trump's judgement before now...
  2. Any contract details?
  3. I wanted first: Adams second: Dalvin Cook third: Elflein (center) guaranteed 3 starters
  4. They'll say innovative, I say desperate
  5. Let's see how much Decker gets signed for. I'll bet its sit less than his Jets contract meaning no team wanted him for that contract and therefore wouldn't have traded for him. If that's the case I really don't see Mac announcing the intention to release as a big deal. And I think most of you know that. I do wonder if Decker was made available during the draft however when teams are wheeling and dealing and possibly desperate to fill holes they weren't able to do in the draft. That's the scenario that would annoy me.
  6. Is it better to max out your salary cap to win 5 games and get the #6 pick, or.... Hoard cap dollars, win 2 games, and have a shot at drafting a franchise QB... i mean I love what we're doing right now. I'll enjoy watching some young guys compete with a real sense of hope for future possibilities now
  7. I LOVE that we're tanking. I've been wanting this forever- enough of the mediocrity- go extreme for once. that said it'd be so jetsy for us to win 4 - 6 games and lose out on these guys. Or the qbs stay in school or something, get hurt. lets just for once let it work out- Darnild becomes Andrew Luck in college and we lose every game.
  8. Best Jets ILB of all time. Warrior on the field, and all class off it.
  9. Mac has gotta be safe right? Otherwise a GM in the hot seat would never throw himself on the sword like this and not use every resource (cap dollars and free agents) to save his skin and not get a 2-14 record on his resume. He must've gotten a directive to blow it up from the owner and you would assume that came with an assurance that his job would be safe in doing so as part of the agreement. Right? I'm actually fine with this. In fact I can't picture a more perfect scenario. I am steadfast in my support for Mac despite the mismanagement of the DL. I like his drafts so far, we won't know for a few more years how good they end up being. I liked his previous FA acquisitions. I'd like to win zero games next season and have Mac picking the post apocalyptic groceries. I will mourn every won game this season.
  10. Dumbest article ever. We won 5 fkn games last year paying David Harris and Erik Decker $15 million dollars. Now they're a year older and more injured we should pay them again....For who? For what? the reason we "treated David Harris like this" is because we literally just traded for his replacement last week. And did that because we just drafted safeties to make Pryor redundant and tradeable. This logic is so shockingly simple that it's actually incredible to hear people offended at the timing of Harris' release.
  11. 6 mill is a cheap QB guys, let's relax. I get it though. If he's a good mentor to Hack and Hack actually might look ok then it's worth it. You don't want Petty being the senior guy in that QB room for Hack to look to for answers.
  12. I'm on board w the tank
  13. Bilal Powell is getting paid more than Adrian Peterson. Doesn't that just sound weird.
  14. I just hope we don't **** up sucking. Don't be typical Jets and win some close nonsense games.