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  1. I'm hanging in with Mac. I give him a B. I think he's a good talent evaluator. I think we got screwed by the 2015 Fool's Gold 10-6 Fitzpatrick season. My real ONLY BIG problem is how he has bungled the Wilkerson/Sheldon situations. Really bad actually. He didn't trade them when they had max value even though this logjam after the Leonar Williams pick was obvious to EVERYONE. Now both guys value is at rock bottom. Sheldon should be a top 5 interior DL and he has no motivation and a worsening attitude and we can't even get a 3rd round pick for him. And then he totally seemed to cave and overpay Mo Wilk at peak value who goes on to absolutely dog it last season. Didn't maximize value and there just didn't seem to be a coherent thought out plan. Plus we lost the best DT/NT in football to keep these guys. Yeah that was bad but overall I still am a fairly Big Mac supporter.
  2. Wasn't this the draft we were supposed to be able to get starters into the 3rd round? We're taking subpackage niche underdeveloped wideouts who will contribute on ST...
  3. David Lee was right there in pass coverage last year. I think he's going to be just fine in that aspect. His run D really concerns me. He can not take on or evade blockers. Nor does he seem instinctual or a hammer. He's uber athletic. Like L Williams Lee is YOUNG.
  4. Fournette is my guy- I already feel he's a jet. Like it'd be weird to see him in another uniform already
  5. The most impt thing for me to remember is that half the board will absolutely hate whoever we pick and half will rose color it up. We'll see in 3 years. Same even for Hack.
  6. You gotta revenge post this chick - start here and post a pic, nothing scandalous but if she's getting NFL guys she could be hot.
  7. Was Vernon Davis worthy of #6 overall- not imo- yeah I don't want a TE that said- fournette is my #1 wish list
  8. Mark my words - Kizer is Jimmy Clausin with a good attitude.
  9. Mark my words we'll eventually laugh that there was some discussion about Leonard Fournette not being the #1 back in this draft - he will be.
  10. I always wondered why helmets weren't really big soft things; like big foam pads and I looked it up and that would apparently tenasimit force or torque to the neck causing broken necks and spinal cord injuries.....the more you know
  11. Gastineau may have been the most impactful jet defender of all time. but yeah I'd put him at 3 with all the off the field and on the field nonsense with him. And sar is correct to ever forget the browns debacle. It will always be my first memory of gastineau.
  12. I get Calvin Pryor is a big disappointment. But could he theorotically affect our decision to take Adams vs Hooker? Adams seems more a SS from what I read (same as Pryor) and Hooker more a FS. I know it's easy to dismiss but maybe the Jets are actually tired of stacking 1st rounders at the same position after the Mo/Sheldon tandem-disaster-redundant-wasted-reserources that's occurring right now with Leo.