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  1. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Hackenberg is a good pick with big potential. Good size, good arm...could surprise us all!
  2. Don't worry. I'm sure the decision makers have everything figured out. Like always!
  3. Jets at Bills Predictions

    Jets snow the Bills in the Ugly Rex Bowl by 14.
  4. Eagles fire Chip Kelly

    Something immediate with impact (like really bad words) must have happened between Kelly and and Laurie, with only one game remaining. According to the Eagles website, some players are angry and most fans welcome the decision. We'll find out more as time goes on. Load up on the Giants Sunday! Big Blue will be trying to save Coughlin's job and the Eagles just won't give a sh*t! Giants by 14+ in an otherwise meaningless game.
  5. The Jets will beat the Bills by 14 or more and will eventually be in the AFC Championship Game. You heard it here first. No stopping the Green Machine now!
  6. Odell Beckham

    Without rehashing what everyone else has said, there's no place in football for this kind of dangerous behavior, no matter what player or team. Shame on the players, the coaches, the officials, the Giant organization and the NFL itself. What a damaging blow to the Coughlin reputation and legacy. He wanted to win the game at all costs, even at the risk of someone's life.
  7. Dangerous Titans Game

    Jets by 10 over the Titans. Take it to the bank!
  8. Keys To The Game

    These are the kinds of games that the Jets eek out. Put the hex on Rex!
  9. Caption this photo

    "How much do you want for your Pats jersey?"
  10. It's no gimme and we have to fly across country!
  11. What does a win next week say?

    A win against the Clams on Sunday says we have a good chance of winning the AFC East. Go Jets! One game at a time.
  12. WSH Impressions

    Jets by 10 over Sklins!
  13. Picks

    breakfast with the jets. hopefully, it will be sunny side up. jets by 10