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  1. Video on Fb IQ of Hackenberg

    Yeah they had Geno Fcuking Smith
  2. Video on Fb IQ of Hackenberg

    Funny thing is everything that could have gone wrong for this kid did go wrong and IMHO good for us !!
  3. Video on Fb IQ of Hackenberg

    @WarfishA statue is a guy just like O'Brien who stood in the pocket for 4 + seconds at times and it was maddening. This is NOT that guy at all since his OL looked horrific on ALLof the tape I've been watching on Hackenberg. Even when it seemed he made the correct reads he almost never had a chance. At times he didn't even have time to throw aQuick WR screen and that is certainly not on the QB by any means.This is not making excuses its looking at what's right in front of your face. In the Jets Offense where the norm is getting rid of the ball quickly with good pre snap reads this kid fits perfectly and maybe that's why the Jets and Chan Gailey are so excited about this kid. @ all the so calledQB guru's on this site whowanted a strong arm and a smart QB well you got that so just STFU and lets see how this plays out .
  4. I get what your saying as well but who would you have wanted in that spot ? Lynch ? Treadwell ? Offense ? Defense ? IMO in the second round we should draft yet another Linebacker or go after Henry since we really don't have a bruising RB on the roster
  5. Exactly ... there are still QB's left and plenty of Receivers and even after saying that I would not be disappointed if we took yet another fast LB in round 2. Its an obvious area of need on defense and our offense seems pretty stacked to me going into this year . We have to get Fitz signed for a couple of years and go after the QB whenever this FO thinks its a good time to do so. Maybe they are just not high on any of the QB's coming out this year and I'm sure they know who will be coming out next year
  6. Sperm who's to say where he lines up at LB ? First off he may be too small to line up at ILB in the 3-4 . We may use him as an edge rusher we may use him as a rusher from many points on the field if anything the has proven he can play just about anywhere. He would also be nice covering backs out of the back field vs teams that use them a lot. He's a versatile player and I'm sure that's why Bowles/Macc wanted him. Let's not slot him as a ILB before we even get to see him play in the NFL. Keep in mind this defenses main weakness is at LB and with the player we have on the line and in the secondary a few fast LB's could open up this entire defense
  7. thing is defense always wins SB's no matter what era. So there's that
  8. Sign-Ups: JN Voodoo Zombie Island Mafia

    what are you like 90 ? In
  9. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    80 throwin some bullsh*t
  10. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    dude you know this has been beat to death it just needs to go away
  11. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    you idiots still arguing about this sh*t ? get a life Please