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  1. Pure Class... thank you faba
  2. True but you also have to know the players you have and a lot of that comes down on the coach. Why is it a guy like Andy Reid Wins where ever he goes ? Why did Parcells take 3 teams from the dumpster fire and get two to a SB and another to the AFCCG ? Why did Don Shula excel with his teams that always seemed to be lacking in talent but not smarts remember the Mud Bowl that team was not that good at all yet they coached them up big time and cheated of course. Don Shula was the grandfather of cheating. How about Jim Harbaugh, Bill Walsh Pete Carroll who all won big in both college and the pros. So true, it is all about what's in a QB's head, no doubt but you cant overwhelm them either, since the game in its simplest form is hard enough for QB's
  3. Another thing to look at when talking QB and how a team can move forward, is the type of offense you run from the standpoint of complicated or simple. Some of these offensive coordinators try to get really complicated with their schemes and all that does is slow things down on the field for the more explosive players. If you surround your QB with explosive players/talented players/smart players and simplify the offense they will play at a much higher level IMHO. They don't have much to think about and the offense becomes second nature to them so they play much faster and much smarter. I strongly feel this is the method Belichick uses with the Patriots. They run a short passing game offense and seem to easily plug in players you would never even think would make it in the NFL. A lot of that obviously has a lot to do with Tom Brady but keep in mind if you keep things simple it makes things much easier for him as well and all you have to do at that stage is execute and honestly who executes better than the Patriots ? All teams have the same practice time and I'm pretty sure the Pats are not a bunch of geniuses with physical talent. So if this so called simple offense executes with superior athletes they will win the battle on the field more often than not. If you look at the Jets and listen to some of the post game interviews how many times do you have to hear "we didn't execute" ? How many times do you have to see broken plays ? How many times do you have to see a QB throw a ball ten feet away from the WR simply because they were not on the same page ? You can easily dictate to a defense if you run simple schemes if you have the players to do it and you have an OC who knows how to call plays and keep a defense off balance. So in summary complicating things too much in todays NFL is having a negative effect on a lot of new QB's coming in and in the past (30-50 years ago) these problems just did not exist as much as they do now in terms of things being much too complicated for one guy to pick up. Imagine for a second being a QB new to the NFL having to know exactly what every single players position on the LOS, what routes they are running, what protections to call, and read the defense all while learning the speed of the NFL also think about when a QB and WR have to be on the same page and break off a route during a blitz and they both need to be thinking that within split seconds. Its too much and it needs to be toned down.
  4. I'm really sick of this bullsh*t when it comes to so called "system QB's" A QB is either going to have what it takes or he's not. Its ALL about whats in his head because most of these guys have the physical skill sets to play the pro game. There has never been a position evaluated worse in all of sports than the QB position and that's simply because its easily the hardest position to play in all of sports and nothing even comes remotely close. So you either get lucky or you don't. We have not been lucky. They make it sound like these guys could not possibly play from under center and IMHO that's bullsh*t. Most guys at this level have been playing or dreaming about the position of QB for most of their lives its not like they have never seen the game played before. They all watch the pro game and even those in a pro style offense in college still have the same issues as to whether they can handle the pressure of the pro game mentally. They can all learn play books the question is can they bring that to the field on game day ? Dak Prescott did it when no one expected anything from him during the draft same with Russel Wilson both of whom adapted in their rookie years and certainly did not play in any pro style offenses. Go out and find a guy with guts and brains and teach him the position within your offense and see if it sticks. You usually know pretty early if they are going to make it or not or you very well could be a god damn Jets fan and evaluate a QB before he even gets any game action. There are a lot of QB's in College football and very few get to even try out on a pro roster. Since the scouts have no other way to evaluate these guys ever Imagine how many college QB's that could have turned out great and were never even signed as free agents after the draft. The biggest key IMHO is getting that QB a good solid O line and a running game its no mystery why Prescott and Wilson played so well its because they had insane Running games to rely on. So what the Jets should do this year is continue to build that O-Line and draft a franchise type RB and let Petty and Hack battle it out if the winner totally sh*ts the bed then we know what to do in next years draft because if one of those guys sh*ts the bed we will probably have the high pick we need to go after a QB. Get the talent then get the QB or do both like Dallas did its certainly better than the way we threw Sanchez and Smith to the wolves with sh*tty WR's and terrible OC's and expected them to succeed. Sanchez seemed to start off decent and even played better in year 2 then it was all down hill with drunks and malcontents as his WR's as the running game went down the drain as well. Its time to handle the position right and at lest give the guy we do put in there a fighting chance.
  5. so weekends are depressing, just imagine the team of doctors you would need if the Jets were playing
  6. LT and Jerry Rice QB Joe Montana Brady close second maybe a push at this point
  7. Peyton Manning the Regular season wonder is not in the conversation of GOAT too many really good playoff QB's out there who performed outstanding when the chips were down Both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre sh*t the bed numerous times in the playoffs yet have amazing numbers. They are not in a league with Montana Brady Bradshaw and maybe even Rothlesberger all money players ...Rodgers plays on a team that has ZERO defense so he ALWAYS has to go out there and put up amazing numbers and that's just too much to handle when you face top defenses through out the playoffs every year. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB I have ever seen he can do things no other QB can do across the board he just does not have a good team to support him. Also Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and possibly Big ben did something Peyton Manning could never do and that's play great under tremendous pressure. Brady is the GOAT when playing under Pressure and no one is even close
  8. cause Hack would have fought back with his karate skills
  9. well they were up by 8 points so it was a 2 score game a TD and a 2 point conversion. I guess they felt getting that last first down would have sealed the game and once again if it worked Quinn is getting gushed all over by most if not all of the people in this thread. I fully understand the philosophy you are stating here and I agree with it since I probably do the same thing your saying but this was no where near as stupid as what Bevel and Carrol did, not even close. If it was a chip shot 20 or 30 yarder then fine 100 % you run the ball but it was going to be a mid 40's field goal not a chip shot. No sense arguing over it ..its over and the Pats once again win a SB because of questionable crap.
  10. This is pretty much right on the money. I look at what seattle did and that was much worse than what Atlanta did because the Pats were doing nothing up to the point in the third quarter when they finally started to play football. No one expected that kind of comeback with the amount of time remaining the Pats were flat .
  11. Funny.... if The Falcons did run the ball and missed a 40 + yard field goal you all would have been bashing Quinn saying he should have went for the win or to put the dagger in. Quinn didn't make the call his OC made the call sure he had the ability to over ride the call but why question your OC now after having the best offense in the NFL ? There is not much time to change things up and I'm sure they made the call they were comfortable with... Lets maybe give the Pats some credit for getting to the QB lets also give the Pats credit for adjusting their game plan on both sides of the ball during half time and basically shutting the Falcons down in the second half. You know just like we see Todd Bowles do so often. Give me a break.
  12. I hear ya... I know what you were focusing on, but when talking about drafting philosophy you must also talk about coaching philosophy as well and that's why I brought it up. I mean if your running a 3-4 or a 4-3 things change if your running a ball control offense or a hurry up type offense you have to draft accordingly in both instances. Like the Dopey Jets running a 3-4 yet drafting what amounts to 4 Defensive tackles in 6 years then allowing probably the best NT in the NFL go to keep one of those tackles. That being said IMHO when talking about drafting philosophy I would much rather see a focus on proven football players rather than pure athletes. For instance when I watched Gholston play in college I saw tendencies in the guy that were just not impressive from a football stand point, you could see the guy just didn't not like to mix it up in traffic at all. Gholston was not going to dive into a pile of running players to make a tackle he was a one trick college pony and he could not even do that well in the NFL. All he wanted to do was line up and rush the passer and that translated fine in college. Diving to make a play rushing a QB is one thing playing in the traffic at the point of attack was just not going to happen with him and that seemed obvious to a lot of people yet most were in love with his biceps and speed rather than if the guy was an actual football player. So an example is do you want the Burner at WR or do you want the guy who runs a 4.6 yet plays fast and runs great routes and is not afraid to go up for the ball in harms way. I would go for the smart polished football players before I would go for the athlete So theres a lot that actually goes into philosophy and a good GM should adjust accordingly. I think there are a lot of really bad GM's in the NFL and it shows not sure Macc is one of them I think hes made some gaffs but somehow this organization felt it was a win now situation without a real solid QB
  13. we can draft speed burners and top athletes all we want but if your going to have that philosophy you had better have a good coaching staff to coach them up/turn them into NFL football players and I personally don't think we have that. Has this organization ever really been good at developing players ? Like say the Steelers ? Or that Pats for that matter ? Why is it those teams always have players ready to step in ? Why Can the Pats dump guys (pro Bowlers) and replace them without a hitch ? I like the philosophy of drafting solid football players too many times as jets fans we hear the words "project player's" I for one am getting sick of that. Coaching and QB's then the rest falls into place Also when it comes to best available player that's only really relevant in round 1 and early on round 2 after that when you start hitting the middle rounds it goes away quick because there are so many players available its hard to judge exactly who is better than who or who you project to be better.