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  1. Its called trying to make my point is way more important than rooting for my team I wonder how many Fitz haters will actually be rooting for the guy when he signs
  2. So how will the alts work ? Will Lily be sending us a login and password in our role PM ? @Lily
  3. you mean the Jets right ? thanks
  4. Since you are talking about other teams in this Post should rename the thread "The Jets and Strength of Schedule"
  5. Macc has done pretty much everything well but a move like not signing Fitz over what amounts to a few million bucks would turn all that around very quickly if the Jets sh*t the bed with Geno at the helm. The question will then be... Should Macc have signed Fitz ?? So many including the players, the media, and the fans want this deal done or say this deal should be done. While a move like this wont get Macc fired it will certainly take him down a few notches and put him on the hot seat for the next season. If his draft prospect Hackenberg sh*ts the bed that's when you start looking at Macc as an owner and think... Did this guy just screw up our window ? Because at that time all those 30+ year old signings will be heading out the door and that's a fairly large group of players. IMO Macc will get this done there is no chance he puts all his hard work on Geno's shoulders. The players know this team can win now and some of the older ones never had a shot at a SB this may be their last chance think they trust Geno ? Of course they don't or they would not be all over the damn media calling for Fitz to get signed.
  6. you do realize those were joke votes on the first few pages
  7. way to knock down the team before the season even starts Slats
  8. and FWIW you have no idea what anyone has offered so omit that from your arguement
  9. You fail to understand, as I have pointed out 100 times, This is not what other teams think of Fitz or about the current market, this is about how the Jets value Fitz and Fitz knows this. He played good in this system with these current players and they trust him to lead THIS team, its totally irrelevant what other teams think. He's doing what any smart player would do and that's hold out for the best possible contract. The Jets are not going to trust a team built to win in the next 2 years to Geno Smith its not happening. If the Jets wanted to truly rebuild they would not have signed numerous 30+ year old players. Maybe Macc feels he can do this on the fly with team friendly contacts, either way, he does not trust Geno and that's painfully obvious.
  10. what ? Everyone knows Fitz is a 2 to 3 year max QB for this team. Everyone knew last year the Jets were probably going to be players in this draft for a QB. This has absolute zero to do with whether the Jets have faith in Fitz. If Fitz was 25 like Geno then you could make that statement but hes going to be 34 this upcoming season so you can stop with the anti Fitz trolling because he's going to be signed this week and you can go cry your eyes out at that time./
  11. don't make me ...
  12. Since you guys are considering Alts I will play Lily just try and get a few more signups we don't have to rush
  13. think I'll sit out