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  1. Revis had such an incredible year in 09 because he only had to cover in very small windows due to the pressure Ryans defense created. He was never challenged much deep because QB's simply didn't have the time to wait on deep routes. When it comes to how CB's cover especially Revis, time = distance and the Jets were getting to the QB's in 2-3 seconds causing teams to adjust and get rid of the ball quickly playing right into Revis hands and Rex's design. As our LB's became slower over the years and we started to put less pressure Revis became human and he was beat from time to time because he had to cover the WR's for a longer period of time. It hurt him in Tampa as well as New England because he was in different defenses. Now that He is with the Jets again and in a high pressure defense he played better last year than he played with the Buc's and with NE because Bowles runs a high pressure scheme. With our LB's gaining speed through the draft and FA Revis stands to benefit from that and cover in that small window where he's so Dominant yet again. When we failed to pressure Tyrod Taylor in the Bills game and Tyrod was also extending plays with his legs it made it very difficult for a injured Revis or a slower Revis to cover over long periods and it showed. If you compare that to 09 Revis was making most of his plays on quick slants and giving up at the most short completions it was not all about him he had some help trust me on that. Now if you take 09 and take away the pressure Ryan was creating with his schemes pressure would be less and Revis would have given up some plays no way around that. All that being said the only thing that will bring back the old Revis is pressure on the QB and the only thing that will keep Revis at elite status is the spped and quickness he was known for and that we will find out during the season. Either way, in a high pressure scheme and Revis covering in small windows, yes I do think he can be just as elite as he was in the past because most of your quickness comes from making quick decisions in a small area and Revis is probably the best ever at that.
  2. or you could go the way of SAR 1 and swallow
  3. yep he started 20 NFL games and overall he stunk in a huge way Ratliff never got a chance because he played Behind Brett Favre and no way on holy hell were the Jets going to pull him Injured or not. Then he went to the Browns who had their own Issues going on and the Kid never got a shot to play
  4. Ok let me put this in Simple Terms so you can understand that you should not argue when you don't know the facts. MANGINI made the trade with the Jets in 2009 to get Ratliff, Elam and Coleman as part of the Sanchez deal. HOLMGREN came to the Browns in 2010 and again there is no way HOLMGREN was going to let Mangini Play Ratliff over two number one draft picks battling for a job. Mangini himself was on the hot seat when Holmgren was hired. If you don't understand that then just move on from the argument and go read about an Olympic Sprinter .
  5. Lulza all you want those 3 players we gave up in that trade were Mangini guys not Holmgren guys and yes when a GM drafts a number one and trades for another number one in Brady Quinn you think hes going to Let Mangini of all people make the call to play Brett Ratliff ? If you do you're nuts. As soon as Holmgren was hired Manginis days were numbered. As a matter of fact Holmgren is on record saying he should have coached the Browns that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Mangini now is it ?
  6. what a pre season game simulates is the pressure of the position. While you do look for decision making and leadership in training camp the Red Jersey takes the pressure off. Right now no matter what depth of players a QB plays with in pre season 1st 2nd or 3rd stringers he is under heavy pressure to make this roster no red jersey to save you so it does play a part here.
  7. The fact he was traded to the Browns is irrelevant he was not going to get a chance their with two Number 1 draft picks ahead of him, no way Holmgren was going to Let Mangini start Ratliff over two failed number one picks. no way in hell.
  8. If Petty turns out to be a successful starter here I will use the word Groovy at least once a day for the rest of my Groovy life MFer
  9. McDonalds has their eye on Geno so does Wendy's we could be looking at a hot bidding war for his services and a free ride to Hamburger college. Bottom line is Geno is probably miserable and its effecting his play on the field he just does not have the make up to play QB in the NFL this is not WV with superior players running free all over the field.
  10. was not so much a Ratliff fan as I was pushing for the guy to at least get a chance to play. He looked good in the pocket and played well in the pre season and I felt like the guy never got a shot. Then he was traded to a team that had 2 number 1 draft picks battling for a spot and he never got a chance their either in Cleveland. In the case of Geno vs Petty Geno had ample chances to play and the problem is the guy keeps making the same old mistakes he made before and he still has poor pocket presence. Geno's not happy here ATM and that could be effecting him even more maybe he just needs a change of scenery
  11. He may be going against nobodies but he's playing with nobodies as well its all relevant when the competition is basically the same. If you have a starter coming at you or a tomato can if they are applying pressure and you step up into that pressure its all the same. Its not like Petty was throwing to wide open players he threw into some tight coverage and made some damn nice throws Geno playing with the 2's simply didn't produce anything.
  12. This IS a competition for the back up QB. The Jets are smartly shooting this down for the most part as to not create a circus of media idiots blowing sh*t out of proportion and constantly bugging players and coaches. The Jets do not want to keep 4 QB's, no one does, roster spots are too important . IMO Petty is winning and all he has to do to win is show he can be a competent back up because no matter how you slice it if we have to go to a back up due to a Fitz Injury this season will be lost anyway. I think Geno will be cut unless Petty totally sh*ts the bed forcing the possibility of keeping 4
  13. Hack has to play some this pre season and he will. I have no doubt about that because he has to come away with something, he has to face the competition and speed of the NFL, to have at the very least something to grow on. If he's been sacked so many times in college then a few sacks in the NFL is not going to ruin him like some here think. Everyone needs to just calm down with the Hack stuff he's not a disaster and he's not a horrific QB He's just not getting any chances right now and you can't grow without getting a chance to face NFL caliber players. He was on the right track with O'Brien at Penn State and was highly touted as a young college QB right now that's all we need to know about Hack the Jets focus will be to get him his confidence back because the talent is certainly there. In the mean time Petty seems to be emerging and that's good for everyone except maybe Geno
  14. Ask yourself this question would you rather keep Geno Smith or one of our promising young WR's ? If it came down to that.
  15. Make no mistake Hack looks horrific because he's getting little to no reps. This CS and Macc intended all along to have a competition for the number 2 spot and Petty is seizing his opportunity. Geno had his chance for 3 years and now he's still making the same mistakes and still looks bad in the pocket I don't give a damn how many good passes he throws versus bad ones you can still look bad and throw a good pass but that does not last for long. If Geno gets cut Hack will begin to get his reps and will start to improve. Its hard to improve when you don't get the chance. It may very well be the Jets never really intended to keep 4QB's Geno's getting his last chance and he's either blowing it or he just wants out with a new start. When it comes to the fact of being forced to go with the number two or number three QB in case of injury the season could very well be lost or Petty could step up and light it up. Some were concerned about Hack being number 3 ? Who gives a sh*t he's a professional now and if it gets to 3 the season will be lost anyway