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  1. This is true when you talk about getting a Better QB not just better QB play from the same guy. My point is its not all about the QB . I mean with your logic Atlanta should have never dropped out of contention last year but the fact was their defense stunk while this year it has improved and that's important as well. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB I have ever seen play but yesterday his team fell apart and were out classed certainly not Aarons fault. Green Bays defense stunk and Atlanta's defense stopped the hottest QB in the NFL who was calling all those relentless blitz's and coverages on Rodgers ? Dan Quinn. Fantastic game plan vs a fantastic QB kind of like ours in 2010 vs Brady and Manning
  2. Belichick was not handed Brady he actually drafted and developed Brady. He instilled into Brady the Parcells philosophy of not turning the ball over and making stupid plays that cost your team. What he got in return was a very patient Brady who would rather throw the ball away then risk damaging interceptions. Brady is one of the most selfless QB's I have ever seen and that's why he wins and that's why the Pats are the best team in football for what amounts to a decade and a half. If anyone on this forum thinks the same outcome would have happened for Brady if he was drafted by the Browns in the 6th round they are lying or nuts.
  3. SMC I agree, a lot of it is about the QB because if you don't have one its difficult to win in this league no matter how good a team you have. That does not however mean its ALL about the QB even though he is the most important player on the field . There are times when your QB simply gets shut down hell we did it to Brady and Manning in consecutive games in the playoffs no less. Yesterday Aaron Rodgers was getting hammered he was doing all he could but his defense could not stop the bleeding to give the offense time to get in sync and his WR"s could not hold onto the football and his OL forgot how to pass protect. Certainly that was not Rodgers fault but sometimes other players on the team need to step up. We saw this first hand when our team made the AFCCG 2 years in a row with bad QB play during the season the team stepped up and our QB played decent in the playoffs. Certainly its why Peyton Manning didn't win 5 SB's with Indy he didn't have particularly good coaches and he had no defense to speak of but he was good enough to beat all the teams he was supposed to beat to get to the playoffs... when things drastically change. The one year he did win the SB in Indy the Defense finally decided to defend the run in the playoffs or they would have faltered there as well and his SB in Denver was 100 % defense because Peyton was MIA as was most of the offense. FWIW I didn't mean to insinuate you were bashing Quinn I was pointing to others when I mentioned that
  4. Im not doubting Brady is a big part of this but he's not all of it. There is a system in place. Belichick keeps pluging in no body players and young no body coaches and turning them into stars they they go elsewhere and fail miserably ever wonder why ?
  5. Im sorry man but your making silly arguments trying to tell me Belichick somehow is a bad coach. The fact is Him AND Tom Brady make the best team as QB and HC in the history of this game and the only other tandem that's in the same spot were Walsh and Montana and no one else is even in the same zip code . So lets stop the Belichick debate because its a really stupid one and your DEAD WRONG with your... what If's
  6. Denver Oakland Carolina 2x Tampa 2 x N.O. 2 x Arizona Seattle Philly ...the only weak teams on Atlants schedule were SD LA and San fran the other teams could beat anyone on any given day so what was so easy about that schedule ? Also how people can bash Quinn for going 8-8 then Improving to the second seed in the NFC and heading to the SB is insane. His team Improved and he plugged holes and made changes and brought in players to fill spots for situational football. The Jets went 10-6 and dropped off the face of the earth tough schedule or not they played a lot of the same teams Atlanta did and looked like a High School team at times . Not sure how people whjo though the Jets would be terrible in Bowles first year would be screaming at and 8-8 record if Quinn was here.
  7. Cassel went 11-5 didn't he ?
  8. where exactly is Cassel now ? thanks The first 18 games ??? Are you fcuking serious ? A new coach implementing a new system who then went on a historic SB / AFCCG run and your questioning him ? Please stop.
  9. because belichick has an incredibly good system and an incredibly good QB. They can add a player here or a player their to that offense and fit them right into a system that works how the Hell is Hogan all of a sudden a world beater ? Great system. You either get open or you don't he gets open because they design plays that work abd brady knows just by looking at the defense whats going to work and what is not its nice to play in the same system for 15 years
  10. Hoe did Belichick do with Cassel ? Please lets not talk Browns football here or the first year he coached the Pats. Belichick developed Tom Brady and he continues to field a good football team every year,
  11. Charlie you need to stop.... no one is comparing the 2 teams, their are glaring differences between the Jets and the Falcons but the Falcons were not exactly burning it down before Quinn got there its the reason they changed coaches to begin with. It worked. Right ? What if Quinn comes here and battles against Fitz and does something totally different at QB like maybe trade up or go after another player like Cousins ? or even Foe's Glennon ? What exactly Did Bowles do ?
  12. I don't think Mauldin is a particularly good player at all and Petty came in with a team that packed it in I would like to see more of our young QB's next year because if we are not going to even give them a chance why the **** even bother ? Its all moot because Bowles is coming back and he's only interested in giving his buddies jobs coaching this team. Also some coaches use different methods know how to get the most out of players know how to use players in situational football things could be very different with a different coach. Sort of like the firew Parcells lit under his players asses in 97 and 98
  13. and coaches developing young players
  14. Quinn being from here would have taken the Jets Job if the Idiot Jets would have been patient
  15. yes and I stated that the reason they win consistently is because they have both QB and HC ...why did Atlanta change their HC ? Because they were winning all the time ? They will probably join that group soon and they may just win a SB you can't be serious.... The Jets have some roster issues no doubt but they are not near as bad talent wise as their record indicates. A better coach would have gotten much more out of this roster . How many times did we see players out of position ? How many times did we see players miss assignments ? How many times did we see gross mismanagement of the clock while we were still in games early ? How many times did we punt on 4th and 1 on the other side of the 50 yard line ? How many adjustments did we see when the same sh*t kept happening over and over ? When was this staff going to realize Revis needed safety help over the top ? The list of how bad this team was coached is long and it was the same sh*t last year so knock the talent all you want the main problems with this football team was the HC the OC the DC (who lost his play calling ability yet still hilariously has a job ) and the QB who was never reigned in from slinging the ball all over the field.