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  1. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    I love my country but its getting to the point they let these scumbags sh*t all over us and nothing is said or done about it. The Billionaire owners in the NFL and all of sports are most of the problem. IMHO they are criminals who get exactly what they want by throwing money at everything shame what they are doing to this great country at just about every level. If you have insane amounts of Money you can get away with just about anything you want
  2. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    The Programming is different in other areas in the country I did not have the Jets game at 11pm
  3. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    Probably better I didnt watch the game since everything points to the fact we suck in a big way.
  4. I live in Texas now and for the past 24 years so I looked on crappy ass DirectTV for when NFL Network would be re-running the Jets Detroit (since the money hungry bitches black it out on every channel available) game 1 AM Monday after they re played the freaking Cowboys and Colts game 20 times. So I wake up this morning to put the game on and at the beginning of the recording it showed the last 5 seconds of the San Francisco game then it showed the last 13 seconds of the Jets game after 17 minutes of commercials and that was it. The total incompetence of this network is staggering. Even during their live broadcasts the producers cant keep things in order abruptly breaking into commercials and cutting into some commercials and going back live when the Announcers arent even ready it just a comedy show. But its football so the sponsors probably over look the stupidity/ I have to keep this god forsaken Direct TV for NFL Sunday ticket and it makes me sick that I now have to call them and try to haggle down ridiculous pricing. A shame they are allowed to get away with this as every carrier should have access to these games not just allow Direct TV to have no competition and raise the price to insane levels. How do they get away with this ? Now that At*T owns them its getting worse. I'm beginning to get sick of Direct TV and the NFL and sports in general. Certainly there are ways to make this more manageable for consumers and Fans but who ever thought the NFL gave a damn about the Fans ? They dont they only care about themselves and their sponsors. Disgusting.
  5. well then you need to change youre birthday to week 17. Happy Birthday
  6. I see what your saying here but Hack Didn't ....from his head movements he was looking down field to his right as soon as the LB blitzed he began running out of the closing pocket and never saw Jenkins who seemed to be a safety valve which is a later read or progression so that makes sense. The only way this play can be evaluated is by the coaching staff. The key is I don't think Hack felt that blitz was going to be picked up because the lineman who actually blocked the blitzer was already engaged, great play by that O lineman to pick that up.
  7. Win to keep it short and sweet I just don't think this is the time to really be evaluating Hack. Its obvious they took it easy with him so its really hard to evaluate .If this was truly a QB competition the second string QB should be starting game two to show what he can do with the ones. But our Idiot HC is going to start McCown. This being the case why dosent he just come out now and say McCown is my starter and spare us the bullsh*t Thank you for taking the time to do this play by play
  8. Sorry but I don't like any of this analysis at all. Quick Feet ? With a LB coming full tilt and the pocket closing Hack showed great pocket presence to get out before it closed in completely When he looked up that backer was coming untouched up the Middle Hack made the right call to leave the pocket. On the screen play the throw could have been better but IMHO the back should have been turned to the inside not the outside and it think that's what threw Hack off. It seemed like Hack saw the defensive player taking away the outside and wanted the RB to take an inside route. The short passing game is by design in place to get hack more confidence and to get him in Rhythm . I hope the Jets never get to the point they are slinging the ball all over the field I hope they take what is given underneath and when the defense moves up they can strike deep. You don't just throw deep for no apparent reason. You throw deep when the defense over commits or you continue to suck them in with the short pass and running game. Watch the most explosive offense in the last ten years consistently and watch how they Nickel and dime you to death then strike deep. The Patriots run that style and if its good enough to Tom Brady to get himself in rhythm I'm guessing that's not a bad strategy for Hack. When evaluating a QB it helps to know what plays are actually being called. Since we don't know this its hard to call someone a failure on plays you have no idea how they are designed. Im sure as the Pre-season moves on Hack will get more and more of the play book to work with .If he ****s that up then say what needs to be said, anything at this stage is really pre-mature in evaluating our young QB. Why Hack is not getting the start in game two to get his chance to run with the 1's is just stupid and it shows the Jets might have no intentions of starting Hack when the season starts. So where thew **** is the so called QB competition ?? Thats what we should be worrying about right now not what we think plays should be or not be.
  9. Skrine is a good player in the Nickel defending the slot he also plays well in the interior position and makes some nice tackles. Moving him around as much as the Jets did last year is not going to turn out well hes much better playing inside than he is outside. This fits him well because hes much Quicker than he is fast.
  10. when something positive like this is posted it should be something to feel good about rather than posting negative crap. The Jets are due for some good stories for once... hopefully this kid figured it out and can move forward and play well.
  11. Preseason Power Rankings

    **** ESPN this probably means a playoff birth for the Jets
  12. Yep we seem to be on the same page. I think the guy who is going to emerge as a top WR is Peake I love the way he plays and hes not afraid to go up in traffic and pull down the tough receptions to move the chains. That being said hes not elite yet and I think the main thing is to get get that one proven elite guy who can move the chains Kind of like Keyshawn and also what Marshall did 2 years ago. If by chance Hackenberg turns out to be "the guy" we need to get a top RB in next years draft then spend the rest of the picks on the O line and probably afew LB's and corners. I love the fact we can now supplement the draft and plug a few holes via Free Agency with 70-80 mil to spend
  13. Sar while I agree Sanchez was handled wrong I dont think the wait will be that long. I think Hackenberg can lead this franchise he has all the physical tools to be a superstar all we need to do is give him the chance to develop as a professional by starting him and taking it slowly with him. He proved Saturday that he could get the ball to his play makers now its going to come down to them making plays when they get the ball. If anyone on this board is expecting anything other than a true WC offense and cries when we don't throw deep 100 times a game then they are in for a rude awakening. If Hackenberg Continues to play well in the pre season it would be Criminal if Bowles does not start right off the bat whne the season starts or at the very least 1 first quarter of the season. I effort I saw on Defense Saturday was way way different then we saw last year with Slouches like Revis and Pryor just mailing it in. If our defense creates that much Havoc (8 Sacks) during the beginning of the year this team has a real chance to stick it in the Medias face and do much better than expected. If the Defense can hold the fort while the offense gets its house in order (probably Mid season) no telling how that can springboard this franchise going into next season. IMHO this all rests on Bowles and how he handles the next 8 weeks.
  14. People who use the buttfumble to make fun of Mark Sanchez are complete morons and sheep to be precise. I mean he certainly had his issues but to make fun of a guy for getting caught in a bad position while trying to avoid a rush is nothing short of stupidity since the guy was being pushed back in his direction. The Media Viewed Rex Ryan and this entire team as a joke so when that happened they jumped all over it and turned it into something it was not. Problem was the Idiot Jet fans who hated their own QB helped to fuel the fire and make fun of the same team they claim to support