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  1. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Biggest Disappointment with 2-1 start?   

    right on the money
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  2. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Biggest Disappointment with 2-1 start?   

    My biggest disappointment thus far has been the fans

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  3. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Jets Inactives Today   

    yeah early on I thought he would develop into a solid TE nothing great but someone you could rely on and its been downhill ever since the early promise he showed
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  4. Smashmouth added a post in a topic If the Jets moved to London would you still be a fan?   

    you said no just to be funny
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  5. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Jets Inactives Today   

    Keep a close eye on Fitz today Villain
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  6. Smashmouth added a post in a topic fitz apologists   

    If you would stop and listen to logic it really would help. When Geno was awarded the starting job good reports or no good reports Fitz was not doing much of anything but healing and getting stronger from a broken leg and everything that comes with that type of injury. Geno was awarded the starting job by default because he certainly didn't win it in 7 on 7 drills. He got most of the first team reps from the start and was given every chance to win the job but doing that wearing a red jersey is much different than doing it in live action.
    Geno lost the job by being an idiot something he has done in the past and will probably continue to do. If Geno was putting in hard work and not doing stupid things like tweeting in meetings and missing meetings all together and IF he had been known for spending countless hours at the facility studying I would have had no problem with Geno coming back as the starter . Along with  all those bad traits mentioned his Turnovers were not just of the regular variety they were terrible plays that left no doubt he was not making sound decisions and that's not good for any QB. There are certain things you just don't do as a QB things you have been taught you're entire life and Geno was pulling them off with regularity and that's not good a QB is not required to learn every single aspect of the position as a pro there are certain things you just don't do no matter what level.
    Fitz is now the starter and needs the time afforded any QB to develop timing and familiarity with his offense and WR's. This team is learning 2 new schemes on both offense and defense and that takes time. I said this before the season started that if we can get buy the first half of the season while we were in this learning curve with a decent record we would be in good shape heading into the second half of the season. That would have been the case for Geno as well baring any of his past ridiculous turnovers. Bash Fitz all you want but he has not played stupidly and in game 3 he had 4 balls batted down and multiple drops and 2 tipped balls (one in the hands of his own teammate) Intercepted during drives. This is not Fitz apology its Fitz Facts and while you may not like the guy or want him QB'ing you're team he was not at fault for that loss there were to many breakdowns across the board that cost us that game and IMHO Fitz was the least of those problems.
    If Fitz was making boneheaded decisions I would be right there with you calling for a change but this offense seems like it's on the brink of becoming a very good ball control offense, its getting very close, give him the time he needs and start rooting for you're team to win and when they do win be happy as a fan and stop pointing out every little negative you see. Even great teams and QB's make mistakes and have problems during games you can't dissect every little issue.
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  7. Smashmouth added a post in a topic 2nd Most important decision of the season (whos gonna start the game day thread?)   

    Max has the strongest arm in the NFL he should start the thread
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  8. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Any forum issues?   

    Nolder bugs me so does LK
    so theres that

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  9. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Time to vote - Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick? (Oct 2)   

    I think I liked you better when you wanted to sign every free agent in the entire league maybe we can get Julio Jones ??
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  10. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Report: Decker will play versus Miami   

    Just saw on NFL network that Decker is a game time decision
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  11. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Time to vote - Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick? (Oct 2)   

    Fitz is the QB of the Jets please stop with these ridiculous bullsh*t threads
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  12. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Jets concerns growing over Ryan Fitzpatrick's inability to throw deep pass   

    It also does not mention the fact Fitz has thrown deep into some pretty tight coverage trying to open things up underneath. Lets judge Fitz when and if he starts missing a lot of Wide open receivers deep. 
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  13. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Jets concerns growing over Ryan Fitzpatrick's inability to throw deep pass   

    Whenever a QB gets in the 50 + throws in a game its because the team is way behind and abandoned the run. Its a function of the score and its also putting the QB in a position of where he is one dimensional. At times a Defense will play prevent inflating said QB's stats then at other times they will keep up the pressure. 
    Saying Ryan Fitzpatrick should not be throwing the ball 50 + times is the same statement as saying the Jets should not be falling behind by 24 points . Falling behind by 24 points is not good for any QB and any QB in that situation will not have a good percentage of winning. 
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  14. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    not a single fact other than the 2 about Geno?
    Not sure why I bothered. Should have expected this nonsense. Won't waste my time any longer . 
    How anyone could claim Geno Smith is a better QB than Fitzpatrick OR should be playing over Fitzpatrick is ludicrous
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  15. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015)   

    Ok now that you took the time to "Dissect" this
    Here is the title to you're thread "Geno Smith (2014) Vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (2015) "
    First it was about 3 games then it started to be about more than that it seems to be about what Fitz did as a rookie in some cases. You have, in you're Dissection proven nothing contrary to what I said in my post . Geno Smith is a Terrible QB so if you want to take this further than just the 3 games you originally discussed but conveiniently left out some stats I'm all for that because it will further make my point.
    Also Geno Smith has a comp percentage of 57 over his career not 60 so you're two point theory is wrong as well since we are using the bigger sample size.   
    Also I didn't say Designing screen passes I said Disguising screen passes 2 very different things.
    When it comes to yards per attempt yes when you have 60 in one game over a 3 game span it takes a big toll especially when you're team drops a large amount of passes in said game the could have had a big impact.
    Fitz has played 2 good games and one suspect game I have not seen him play downright bad yet but I have seen Geno play horrid remember the game last year that got him Yanked ? 3 Ints on his first 3 passes directly in the hands of the opposition ? all 3 leading to scores and a huge blow out. Do you think you will ever see something like that from Fitz ? How many games so far have been solely on Fitz shoulders as the main reason we lost ? the answer is zero. I will also venture to say if Geno started the first three games of this season we would probably be 1-2   
    Take out 2 tipped INt's in the below stats and Fitz rating in game 2 looks much different
    SPLITSCMPATTYDSCMP%AVGLNGTDINTRATIn Wins375842363.87.29434294.3In Losses355828360.34.88262362.6Complete Splits »
    .videoplayer-show{ height: 217px !important; } { padding: 1px; }.mod-video-playlist {border-width: 0px; width: 384px; margin: 0 0 10px; 0; float: none; }.mod-video-playlist a, .mod-video-tags a { color: #225DB7; } #videoInfo { width:384px; }     
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