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  1. It was amazing to me how many times Palmer Dropped back and had David Johnson WIDE open in the flats. For christs sake when a team is taking away your WR's beat them underneath with a dynamic talent like Johnson. No one seems to remember what Kurt Warner did with Marshall Faulk and what they did opened up all the intermediate and deep passes they wanted. It Does not work the other way around ...someone please tell Palmer and Fitzpatrick that please.
  2. yep ... I wonder what the real story was behind Belichick not wanting to coach here.
  3. not asking you to agree with me Im asking you to root for your team and yes even if that includes Fitz
  4. and that's not including the drops on offense when Robbie Anderson is the better player by a large margin its not even close.
  5. Good Post the NFL is all about coaching and we have not had a competent coaching staff since Bill Parcells left.
  6. will be funny if Fitz goes on a roll now..... anyone with half a brain can understand yesterday was just one of those ridiculous days we have seen happen to teams many times over the years. Fitz was terrible but I expect and hope he will bounce back as every Jets fan should. If the Fitz haters want to rip me for posting this then they can go root for another team rather than hoping their QB sh*ts the bed again
  7. what happens if the Jets go on a roll along with Fitz like they did the end of last year ? Fitz had a horrible game worst I've ever seen him play but he is not the underlying problem here. This game was a freak show and was certainly not the norm. The plays being called yesterday were dumb and played right into the Chiefs hands and no adjustment was made. Fitz was stupid for continuing to throw to double and triple covered receivers so obviously that's on him but what was done to adjust ? ^You can only audible out of stupidity so many times. Bottom line is I don't expect this to happen again and I have seen plenty of very good football teams rebound from something like this and look like totally different teams. Last year we watched Seattle play terrible for their first 4 games then turn it on and beat the crap out of teams. We've seen NE do it how many times did we read TOm Bradys finished after a bad start to the season ? We've seen the Steelers do it as well. We've seen the Ravens do it . Big difference is those teams have a serious coaching edge on us and long tenurerd coaches who game plan well and adjust. Lets see how this coaching staff adjusts to the mess we saw yesterday no matter what that calls for them to do including replacing the QB if they deem necessary
  8. lol 2 different posts unvote Bowles Vote JIF
  9. you might have been thinking that but you didn't say it jiffy pop
  10. he had 4 playoff wins
  11. So Rex Ryan is Sid Vicious and Todd Bowles is Perry Como .... either way you want to stab yourself in the fcuking face.
  12. that is 100 % correct Villian no arguments here at all. I'm evaluating Bowles on all his games (not just yesterday) and I just don't like what I see so far. I have kept quiet for the most part about him because I think you have to give young coaches a chance but at some point you can't make simple fundamental mistakes that should not even be made on the High School level. His use of time outs and over all game management is horrid and its emphasized even more in a game like yesterdays. Even in games we have won he's coached poorly but in a win it just gets swept aside.
  13. meh I don't know what to tell you if you think all the QB's on our roster who have not seen live game action suck. Can't argue about what we don't really know yet
  14. Macc turned this team around the personnel was totally different from Rex to Bowles. This team now has a lot of talent on offense and even though I think Rex is a scam his offensive talent was pretty bad
  15. ok then go point by point and show me how this is an over reaction. The coaching is poor at best prove me wrong.