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  1. well yeah I'm just going with the odds on Geno as well . I hope he lights it up but I fear this offense as it currently stands is not very QB friendly at all due to a bad running game and predictable coaching. Example of great coaching look at what Green Bay accomplished ...Rodgers was struggling the running game was disappearing and they plug in Ty Montgomery and light it up. They took a lot of the pressure off Rodgers and he responded rather than getting killed for half the game. Do you think the Jets coaching staff is capable of that kind of move ? They have not done anything different on either side of the ball while going 1-5 in horrid fashion. If Geno has any chance these clowns will surely destroy him and put the dagger in. Geno just like Fitz is not the type of guy who is going to get past that. QB's need help and the Jets have a history of using them wrong or not giving them any talent (as in the past Geno years) to succeed.
  2. Im not saying remove the cap Im saying make adjustments to it.
  3. I will play, but if I get a bad role I will destroy this game with the heat of 1000 suns. 80 you suck
  4. I'm getting sick of the Salary cap limitations. So many teams lose solid players they drafted simply because they can't afford the second contract. If any professional sport needs players to be in a given system over the long haul its the NFL. I propose that players originally drafted by a team count a certain percentage less towards the cap so teams can actually keep the players they draft . The rookie salary structure during the draft has helped with this issue and I think more needs to be done to keep teams intact. I think players bouncing around all over this league waters down the game and makes it much more sloppy than it was back in the 70's for example. Its why Defenses like the Raiders, Cowboys Steelers of old spanned 5 + years sometimes an entire decade. I think most teams would keep their home grown talent if given the opportunity and I think a larger percentage of players who make huge salaries actually hinder their teams causing more cap issues and in turn ruin the structure of what GM's are actually trying the build. Sure at times in todays NFL you can get better quicker but that's a rare instance and it does not last. Of course there are some examples of longevity but for the most part it becomes more of a money juggling act rather than a talent issue. I think I can name probably 2 teams that just get it done year in and year out over the long haul due to great management and that's the Patriots and the Steelers and that is a very small percentage. I'm not sure what a good number would be but off the top of my head I would think home grown talent after the first contract counting 70% towards the teams cap would be a good place to start. I would much rather see a player moved because a team was going in a different direction with scheme rather than just not being able to afford such a player due to salary cap limitations. With QB salaries going through the roof and only primed to go higher I think this makes a lot of sense and it should help everyone both players and teams who want to keep their home grown talent .
  5. you know where this is going as well as I do.
  6. Well Fitz had all the same limitations last year and went on a 13 TD 1 Int roll late in the season with a 5 game winning streak. I don't subscribe to the Fitz bad arm theory I think his arm is fine I do however think he was forcing the Issue at an alarming rate this year causing most if not all of his problems. In most games we came out slinging the football and that's not the game plan wee should be running I think we can all agree on that. Fitz was supposed to be a solid game manager not a gun slinger. Yet we did nothing to fortify our running game other than dump our FB, push out TE's who cant block, and run 4 WR sets. This is not a winning formula and I think it takes away from what Fitz was actually supposed to be in the first place
  7. I know what you mean and yes they are different but wasn't Mo Cleared for training camp ? Either way he played great in game one then went AWOL. With a broken Leg you usually see players coming on about this time during the season lets see how Mo does moving on
  8. fixed 1000 players ?
  9. for one week right ? what about the other 5 games ? If your hurt you play or you don't play you perform or you don't he needs to stop making excuses and start producing. Julio Jones is on the injury list every week with a bad ankle and knees you don't see him sucking or bitching. Once again STFU and play
  10. Deep passes are completed at a rate of about 10 % in the NFL..this is not about deep passes since Fitz had plenty of 20 and 30 yard passes completed he was actually leading the NFL in that category. This team has NO running game and the scheme we are using not only lacks the players to block in the running game but it lacks the speed at the position. The Jets run 4 wide and have no fullback and our TE's block like sh*t. This is a one dimensional team and defenses play us accordingly. They drop players in coverage take away the shorter passing lanes and make it very difficult for us to do much at all in the passing game. What Idiot runs between the Tackles in a 4 WR formation ? Forte should have been brought here to help in the passing game underneath the coverage instead we are running him up the middle and nothing is there. He's not a banger anymore at the age of 31 and he is being used wrong. In the first 3 games of the season I think Powell was getting about 5-7 touches a game and Forte was a workhorse with 25 +. Once again how much of that makes sense over the long haul ? Fitz did well last year with a good running game teams had to respect Ivory and late in the season when Powell was going off they had to respect him. Who do they respect in the running game now ? Teams are dropping into coverage and Fitz is accommodating them by forcing the issue. Plenty of blame to go around other than just Fitz
  11. Train ? He was at the Facility rehabbing his leg and working out what exactly are you implying ? He had a great game in game one then disappeared. Thing is hes not playing hurt or his ass would be on the injury list the trainers know everything or should know everything that's going on with every player on this roster. I mean is Wilk hurt and not getting treatment ? Of course he's not so his best course of action is to STFU and start playing football instead of making excuses
  12. especially when the entire team is playing horribly.
  13. they all have strong arms ..lets wait and see if any of them have any accuracy at all. So one guy has a little stronger arm than the other guy it means nothing if you can't get the ball to your WR's I mean are we trying to throw a ball through a brick wall or play football ?
  14. we will see how Geno scans the field this weekend. What wonderful choices we have
  15. Todd should not be worried about firing Gailey he should be worried about his own job because not only does the offense stink but Todd's vaunted defense stinks even more and Todd himself stinks.