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  1. Eli Manning was absolutely horrid his first few seasons and while I still view him as an average to good QB (way too many INTS) he did make a few nice playoff runs so he could be a QB who started off pretty bad then became a good QB. Of course he does have 2 SB rings but they certainly could be attributed to a hot defense and some prayers he heaved up.
  2. I dont see the rebuilding excuse because if you keep making mistakes as a coach does it really matter ? You can tell when the problem is talent and you can also tell when the problem is lack of coaching
  3. at least he got Bowles right
  4. Bottom line..... we are all Idiots since we are Jets fans
  5. Yeah its lame but you seem to have a pretty good habit doing it. Practice what you preach or STFU
  6. Geno Smith is simply not a good QB and hes off the team, can we please put this argument to rest ?
  7. where did you get this info from ? I never even knew velocity was part of the QB testing at the combine. @JiF is saying it was the Ape with a radar gun and Im thinking he was right
  8. Dude read my posts I don't like Watson I made that clear in a few threads I just dont think blazing speed on a throw means that much as people are making it out to be.
  9. well damn I guess Joe Montana and Peyton Manning should have never played in the freaking NFL
  10. and I'm telling you of all of Favres throws in actual game action very few of them went 60 + mph its a worthless stupid stat when all you need to do is watch the kid throw and see if he can make all the throws. The speed at which you process information gains you a hell of a lot more time than trying to rip your arm out of the socket throwing that fast. If I can process information just one second faster than you and you can throw 60 MPH and I can throw 50 guess whos ball gets their first .
  11. No I have not and honestly I don't really give a sh*t. I dont particularly like the kid and I stated as much in other posts I do however think the arm strength thing is bullsh*t. Ive watched the kid play and his arm seems fine to me. When he had to step up and throw he was able to. Not every throw needs to be blazing fast to make someone an impressive prospect.
  12. the 49 mph thing is horsesh*t. 49 MPH throwing a football is pretty quick and the only way I would be concerned is if the guy was taking a few steps into the throw and knew he was being clocked even then 49 is good. I watched Brett Favre throw it 49 then 52 when he was still young and with the packers still have Issues with 49 ? video below.
  13. very true but that can never compare to winning a SB and dont think for one second big Jim would not trade all that for a chance to win one like his brother. He will come back at some point when that is is anybody's guess
  14. what exactly is a professional ? Someone who gets paid to do what he does. Lots of professionals in the NFL and lots of them are constantly wrong. We look at the same video they do and watch the same damn games its not rocket science when it comes to the actual game they either have the ability or they don't . However, only fact that exists when it comes to the QB position, that's next to impossible to judge, is how fast can they process information from the Huddle to when they actually make the decision to throw the football with all the pressure of the NFL on their backs. That includes the Owners, the Coaches, the Fan's, and all the Idiots that cover them on a daily basis. The only way you know for sure if these kids can deal with that is if they get a chance to play and not just a few games I mean a real chance to play and see if they can ever adapt.