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  1. don't put lizzie in the "you guys" category better to just put him on ignore
  2. Ape could be referring to the game we both were SK's and shot each other which was pretty hilarious but he also sounds very selfish in that post not so much playing town but a third party role.
  3. thank you someone with a brain. I did back up my claim Dice We have all seen the role I'm currently playing dreadfully misplayed with people holding the role killing innocent townies on day one. When I used my role on ape I had a very good idea he would have a role to block it. Now you have to ask yourselves what is the larger percentage of blocks or vests town or scum/third party ? I used my role to get answers and give you options because IMHO Ape is NOT town and I based that assumption on his play so I used my power in a way that should shed some light on this game. You can lynch me if you want but I will flip town and then you will keep thinking about what I did and why I did it. Would it have been better if I took a guess and randomly shot someone later in the game ? I think I used the role just fine make of it what you will. The one mistake I made and I have fessed up for it was the post I made threatening Ape that DPR called me out on other than that I'm fine with the way I handled this. What set me off and sort of pissed me off was Ape claiming what I was doing was stupid when he in fact was doing the same damn thing. We both accused the other of Bussing 80 so in essence it was fine for the Ape to point fingers at me but when I did it to him It was stupid. AVM vouched I HATE bussing and that will never change thinking I would do it on day one is ridiculous
  4. JIF its really simple APE first accused me of Bussing which at the time I thought was stupid accusation. He thought it was brilliant. A case could be made that he was bussing 80 as well but when I brought that up according to Ape it was stupid. So how in the hell could something be right and ok for him then accuse others of being stupid. That bothered me as did the Ape taking credit for the 80 Lynch when I was the one who spearheaded that lynch. Things he accused me of He actually did as well and that's what I finds scummy and that's what infuriates me about his play to the point I made some silly errors in Judgement. However me using my power on him was exactly what I wanted to do you can take that info and do what you like with it. But most of the time either the Doc blocks a power like that or an SK gets a one time protection. Also possible a scuim team block was in order. Once again make of it what you will my vote stays on the Ape.
  5. no kidding another example of someone who does not pay attention.
  6. no you GFY and please pay attention
  7. not fear mongering at all. I said I would use my power on ape and I did and he blocked it. So he's either got some type of protection from another player or from himself you be the Judge on who gates such protections. Right or wrong I don't like his play you guys obviously can do what you like with the info I just gave you. My guess is he's the SK after this last episode only other option is he's the Doc IMO
  8. you got it 2x liar
  9. heres the original OMGUS time stamps and all. Ape accused me of OMGUS so that's 2 lies I've caught him in
  10. Hey dumb ass I was messing with Hess due to a previous game we played so cut the bullsh*t
  11. your right DPR I should not have said that but hes so full of sh*t it makes me sick because people wont read the crap hes spewed now hes out right lying that he voted 80 before I did and I caught him there as well.
  12. Look at the time stamps ...... Sure you voted 80 before me right Ape ?
  13. see Ape Lie right in your faces on the same page no less. Goodnight Ape your fate is sealed