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  1. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?   

    I have an Idea if you guys feel this way then don't post in the thread. I never understood why people feel the need to do this crap. Maybe make a point about the topic
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  2. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?   

    I'm getting sick of the dumb coaching, the dumb players, and the new DUMB rules. I miss the football of the 70's and 80's . I'm especially very sick of players celebrating after every tackle and every catch as if WTF they did making a tackle 7 yards down field or a catch for a first down. It makes me so sick I think they should start handing out penalties to players who do this. Do they realize how dumb they look celebrating a common tackle having to run away from all the other players so they can get the spotlight by either shaking their heads or pointing at themselves maybe they should get in the fuking huddle and get ready for the next play
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  3. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Start Geno   

    with double the turnovers
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  4. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    This might be the second best post I have ever read .

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  5. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    you know I can't believe how dumb some of the coordinators and HC's are in this league. It just makes the smart ones stand out so much more.
    Belichick no matter how much you hate him is a very smart coach with the best schemes in place in the NFL .... Sure he has made some high profile blunders but that's very few and far between. Bruce Arians is showing hes a very smart coach as well.
    If Tom Brady was drafted by any other team Incuding the Jets he would have NEVER made it in the NFL and I'm pretty damn sure of that. As a matter of fact if he was a Jet everyone on this board would have been posting pic's of his draft photos and laughing out loud making a mockery of him. Plus the coaches and staff's we had in place at the time he was drafted would have totally destroyed him anyway. Theres more to being a great QB than just having talent and brains a lot has to do with the system and talent around the QB and there have been examples of this throughout the history of this league.
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  6. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Who is the 2016 NY Jets QB?   

    Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the Jets starting QB in 2016
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  7. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    Its a damn good post . QB's can't do much with a team that does not respond like the Jets have been doing most of the year. If Geno Smith was the QB of this team We would have about 2 wins right now. people who understand the game and the position of QB know Fitz is playing well . Unfortunately yesterday our offense ran into a very hot defense probably the hottest defense in the NFL and they beat us on every level. But yeah its all Fitz fault when he had but a second to get the ball out while his receivers were very tightly covered. The guy did what he could and on our last scoring drive he basically took matters into his own hands rather than listening to gailey and running right at JJ Watt he had 2 bid running plays that got us the TD . I loved the way he played yesterday and I felt no need ot blame him for this loss because they way the Texans were playing defense no way anyone was bringing this team back 14 points down with 7 min left no way in hell. Both brick and Giocamini (sp lol ) got beat like a drum
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  8. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    Luck has amazing talent but he's a turnover machine as well. The Jets are going to Sign Fitzpatrick and try to find a QB via the draft unless something really stupid happens with one of the better QB's in the NFL and that's very rare. If we get Fitz a real TE and a real Duel threat RB I think he would do a fantastic job running an offense with a lot of talent around him.,
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  9. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    very good post and you can add Joe Flacco Andy Dalton Ryan Tannehill Nick Foles to that list. If you look at Aaron Rodgers last 4 games and didn't know his full body of work as a pro Jets fans would form a lynch mob and blame all GB's loses on him
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  10. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Cardale Jones   

    Every QB does that from time to time and you can stop making it sound like Fitz does it all the time because he does not. Thing is when it works its a great pin point pass when it does not its just a bad decision. No matter which way you look at it its Always a bad decision it just does not happen as much as your saying here
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  11. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Cardale Jones   

    As mad as bowles seemd to be at Smith makes you wonder was it supposed to be a back shoulder throw and Smtih took it up field ? Smith reminds me of Johnny Lam Jones without the speed
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  12. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Cardale Jones   

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  13. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

    you know whats funny is that this team comes out and plays terrible then Jets fans jump all over Fitz as if he's going to bring a team back in a game while they are still playing terrible. Watt was in Fitz face the entire game and if that was not enough when the Jets needed to convert on Third down idiot Gailey calls plays right at Watt . I have never seen such incompetence. On the Last TD we scored Fitz practically willed us into the end zone and yet fans were still bashing him. My point is no matter what QB we get in here if he's not Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady good it will all be his fault. Fitz has played well enough for this team to be 8-2 or 7-3 but the team has let us  down as an entire unit not Fitzpatrick.
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  14. Smashmouth added a post in a topic Sam Bradford   

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  15. Smashmouth added a post in a topic 180° disaster.   

    that too .
    I'm finding it hard at this stage to come up with anything positive Bowles has done.
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