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  1. what the hell does this have to do with Belichick ?
  2. most QB's mechanics go to sh*t with heavy pressure Peyton Mannings feet when under pressure were the worst but he made the throws the question is does a QB have a strong enough arm to make the throws when he cant step into the pass and Hackenberg does ,
  3. yeah and Woody and his idiot family know so much about player development Im sure they can come up with a good evaluation.
  4. Brady is in a system he knows inside and out a system hes been in for 17 years thats what makes that team tick and its also what makes it easy to plug in players. The only way a QB is going to be able to elevate other players around him is years of playing in the same system
  5. how could year one of a rebuild be a deciding year ? If anything it bought Macc a few years
  6. The Geno Smith Sweepstakes even when you win you lose
  7. what did you expect in free agency on a rebuild ?? Seriously why even ask this question ? I know you could not possibly expect the Jets to contend this season so staying quiet in FA is exactly what we needed to do. What we are seeing now is probably the Real Macc without a meddling owner who wanted or expected to win the last 2 seasons.
  8. Honestly nothing this season is going to excite me at all. I hate to see the Jets lose and this team is going to lose bad. Hopefully our coach gets fired at the end of the season or before it ends..... That would excite me..... then offering Harbaugh 10 mil plus a year guaranteed for as long as hes alive no matter how crazy he is. And hes ******* crazy Yeah you Woody Johnson
  9. He played extremely well under Harbaugh then Harbaugh left and so did Kap
  10. the first Cop looks like a young Charlie Casserly at 1:03 hummmmm
  11. Makes total sense ...Its not going to be about winning this year its going to be like evaluating this entire team including the coaches as we move forward with the re-build. That being said anyone who thinks this team has even a remote chance to win is crazy . I see some are dissapointed with the Jets in free agency but they did exactly what they needed to do. I also see no reason at all for people to be upset with the Job Macc did his first 2 years He did what he was told to do and now he has probably sold the owner on the fact this team NEEDS to re-build, build up cap space and work the draft until we are competitive again and then we can make a FA splash to fill needed holes to get us over the top.
  12. Unless the Jets are looking for a QB that has one to two contracts in him like a Cousins, Mccarrons (no) or possibly a Kaepernick (hope not) to be a long term starter I couldn't care less who the stop gap option is because it really does not matter. If the Jets are truly looking to re-build then they will be looking to do it via the draft and with the 2 young QB's they currently have on the roster so who really gives a damn if it's Cutler or Fitz or a guy like Hoyer
  13. I'll defer to @dbatesman here