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  1. Patriotic Billionaires ... LOL
  2. at least I don't run around pretending to be a Monkey
  3. funny I can go with this for reaction purposes Vote Ape
  4. Im so glad you responded I'm not sure what I would do without you.
  5. I used to hate it and would not go near it. Now that I watched a few episodes and got to know the characters that show is freaking hilarious been watching all the re runs for months now
  6. That's much more possible than us doing great but that's not the point of this thread since we all know that already. The point of this thread is after trying to win the last 2 years and making our attempt to do so we failed and now it was time to get rid of a bunch of old vets that were obviously not in the cards for a rebuild both for their careers and for the Jets current needs.
  7. How can you make that statement ?? Macc came here and its obvious Woody told him lets give it a shot to win now. Fitz started the first year and did well ...we got lucky but we did have some players who had great seasons that year and FA's that stepped in and lit it up Like Marshall Carpenter who stepped in and played very well. In year 2 after going 10-6 it seemed we might be a few players away yet there were still no QB's other there to be had so we went with Fitz again who was in all reality the only damn option we had and it failed. But we didn't fail just because of Fitz we failed because the Coach let this team go completely wheels off both on the field and in the locker room and he had no answer for it. At that stage is when we went into re build mode not tow years ago and that to me seems very obvious. It also seems it was at the owners order.
  8. well you ooze optimism so you're not on the Walowitz list.
  9. there will always be crap crush I just don't want it polluting my team when its obvious the direction we are going, and Im not talking tanking the season im talking re build
  10. awesome
  11. No I don't have to stop reading I read about the Jets every day to get information I might otherwise not have. In doing so I read a lot of stupidity along the way. All we as Jets fans have at this stage is hope, something a lot of people on this forum would rather take the time to make fun of. We have 80 mil in cap space some good young promising talent and the very good chance we get one of the top 3 QB's next year so why not be freaking positive rather than just shooting everything down like some here do ? This is not directed at you personally based on you're quotes above its a general statement based on the current standing of our football team.
  12. and in one year Macc jettisoned all the dead wood vets that basically let us down and gave them a chance to hook up with other teams all while doing exactly what you said your hero Idzik did ..... fact is Macc did it better by freeing up 80 mil rather than just 50 and still having to deal with the horrible drafts Idzik had while in the GM spot. Stop blaming Macc for what Woody forced on him.
  13. And this is you Tom Shane, the second most negative person on the planet
  14. that's about the worth of what you contribute after reading most of you're posts
  15. I'm sick and tired of reading how the Jets are garbage and totally devoid of talent. We are in the first year of an all out rebuild and with that being said We have a nice young secondary with 2 possible long term safeties that can disrupt offenses for years to come. We have some young corners who could very well pan out. We have a good Group of WR's that are all young and hungry to get playing time.And its a very well rounded group. We have 2 young TE's and we have a decent O line Not great but certainly not horrid. What I think we currently lack is LB's a Stud RB and I mean a real RB who can make defense crumble like a Elliot or a Bell or a Johnson. And of course we have a question mark at QB. Now if a good portion of our young players finally step up and show promise and we one of the highly touted QB's in next years draft with 80 mil + to spend why in the hell are we so down and out on where we currently stand ? Because the Idiot media is stating the obvious on what we should expect this upcoming season ? I say FCUK the Media we have all seen teams turn it around rather qucikly in todays NFL and there is no reason we can't as well. If we get one of those QB's next year OR if by some miracle Hackenberg turns on a light with all his talent this team is going to be in pretty damn good shape. There is only one single thing that scares me at this stage and that's Todd Bowles . Im fine with Macc who now seems to have the blessing of our Idiot owner to build a real football team and yes I'm 100 percent fine with the 2 safeties we drafted.