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  1. The Mock outrage was running at full tilt through most of the years. The biggest problem being the show was way too long and lack of material had those two idiots constantly repeating themselves .
  2. don't forget Woody said Macc and Bowles are on the same level so Bowles has just as much a say in who they draft as Macc does which is ridiculous
  3. long live the Queen Yes it it was a can;t miss prospect I would pay a kings ransom
  4. no shameless plug at all. You guys offer something that brings me to those practices I would other wise not have. I love this team and I love the service you guys provide to the fans. I enjoy reading AFJF material because we agree on so many topics so that means I'm getting information from a true fan who feels similar to how I feel which is all I can ask for at this stage. I can't go to any practices since I live in Texas for the past 25 years so you keep plugging brother keep plugging
  5. I hope he does Max Just Like I hope Hack can pull off a stunner and give us the QB we have needed for 47 years
  6. Max I agree ..I think when you are dealing with young hungry players there's always the chance things can turn around ...The problem is I don't have faith Bowles is the type of coach to pull this off. If Harbaugh was here, then that's another story
  7. A real Head Coach NEVER delegates anything to a player that's what coordinators and position coaches are for
  8. Wilson should have never been put in the position he was put in. That could very well be the dumbest play call in the history of sports and I'm pretty sure Wilson didn't call the play
  9. too bad none of those QB's will be available. When it comes to possible QB's under 30 Cousins is the only one who might be available. If I was forced to make a choice on any pre 30 QB it would be Russel Wilson and it would not be close
  10. Bitonti I never mentioned losing every game or throwing the season but a bad season is very possible with a bad HC an unknown QB and a roster full of young players. Since we know Bowles is here for this season lets see if he can motivate these kids and coach them up to some wins . If I see the guy improve that's great but up to this point Ive seen the guy go backwards.
  11. I was patient and I have to wonder how much of Tood Bowles do you need to see ? 2 years with same mistakes made in year 2 as in year 1 and a lost locker room he seemed to just brush off. Including keeping a Defensive coordinator we saw him strip of play calling duties early in the season.
  12. Its obvious we have entered the first full year of a rebuild. In today's NFL you can pull that off much sooner than in the past. It used to be the 5 year plan but now with free agency in high gear and trades becoming more common, a good GM can get a team back contending in about 2 years. A lot of times that comes with hiring a top notch coach as well. Some good examples of bad teams that turned it around were the Niners and the Chiefs we knew they had talent but we also knew they had terrible coaching. In walks Andy Reid and Jim Harbaugh and you have a totally different situation in one short year .Even Parcells coming to the Jets in 97 had a huge Impact on so many levels on a 1-15 football team. Yes you can argue the talent was there but I think we could be in that situation with Todd Bowles In other words not knowing WTF we actually have talent wise because our coach is just not good at his job. What bothers me most, is not so much the unknown young talent we will be adding or the FA signings its Todd Bowles. Personally I do not feel this guy gets the most out of his players and I do not feel hes made any strides in the coaching of this football team from year one too year two. It seems he continued to make the same mistakes he made in year one with the added bonus of losing the locker room and then in the off season just brushing it off. The question has to be will this guy mold these young players and form a team that can compete or do you trust him to do so ? Will he adjust during games and actually put this team in a position to win or will he deflate their confidence with some bone headed clock management or lack of preparation costing us games ? Losing confidence in a HC in any sport is tough on players and it creates problems and I feel that's exactly what happened last year. With this upcoming year being the first in a rebuild I feel like Bowles is getting an automatic free pass no matter how bad this season goes and even worse the entire call seems to be on Woody since hes made his GM and HC on the same level which is dreadfully stupid. With a guy like Harbaugh I can see making the coach run the show but I can not see that with Todd Bowles. So I'm always going to have Bowles in the back of my mind which will leave me wondering ... Are we just wasting 2 more years with this guy ? I just hope the Jets are able to figure out what can be chalked up top bad coaching and what can be chalked up to young players making mistakes and act accordingly. Because when I see a HC retain a coordinator like Kacy Rogers simply because they are buds, it really worries me along with all the other crap a HC is responsible for. At this stage in development I'm not worried about the QB position because only one of 2 things can happen in a relatively short period of time ...Hack totally sucks and due to that suckage we get a high draft pick in a QB rich draft or Hack comes in and plays well and we move forward, Ideally Hack does well. Those are my concern's so what worries you the most about this rebuild ?
  13. I see what your saying but things like this are different for every player (I happen to agree on Enunwa) and then there is also the input from the Idiot HC who is on the same level as we've been told. Honestly who the hell knows how these decisions are made in an organization where the HC is on the same level as the GM if anything can be labeled stupid its that. Also I'm not a blind defender of Macc but I don't bash every move the guy makes either. I do not think hes doing a great job but I don't think hes doing bad either.
  14. This is a ridiculous statement. Targeted a lot ?? I'm not sure WTF that even means in respect to a LB who moves around as much as a guy like Lee does.. LB er's are all about tackles and where they make those tackles on the field. If you were talking about a safety then yes I would agree because when you see safeties making a lot of tackles or leading a team in tackles the LB er's are not doing their jobs and the front 7 is weak.