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  1. how dare he try to be positive. that POS
  2. well Westhoff said i the post game (ad hes said it a few times) they are beig misused thats a very strog possibility
  3. Adams call vs. Gronk

    The Anderson flag pick up was the beginning of the end and a huge turning point in the game followed by the Adams call followed by the ASJ debacle. These refs could not be more transparent
  4. I would agree with this if we were 0-6
  5. Game off, done

    The Pats were called for illegal pick plays about 3 times today makes it look like that's part of their offensive play book. Imagine how many times those cheats get away with it.
  6. Game off, done

    Pretty much everything you say here is true. No way the NFL or their pocket referee's were going to let the Jets win this game. The Helmet to Helmet + the Defenseless receiver waived off was the turning point we would have probably gone up 17 - 0 or 21-0 on that drive. The pass interference on Adams when Gronk basically threw him to the ground after pushing off was another disaster The ASJ so called fumble was the worst call in the history of this league. At the very best it should have been inconclusive and the TD stands but it was obvious he had possession. **** the Patriots and the NFL who loves them. **** them all.
  7. NaVorro Bowman

    Didnt they cut him ? I would not Mind Bowman hes a beast and would probably turn this defense elite pretty quick since hes a monster at just about every aspect of Lbing. Not a bad example for the young LB's on this team and he probably has 4 good years left
  8. After Gronk is laid out Lay out Tom Brady early and often My best Williams Impersonation LAy him out on first down deep in his territory after he trows the ball !!! Take one for the team dammit.
  9. Lay Gronkowski the fcuk out over the middle early and often. LAY HIM OUT
  10. you left the door wide open for @Spoot-Face He jumped all over it. we're doomed !
  11. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    because he sucks
  12. Eli Manning's Dumb Face

    Why is it you become "Nice Tom Shane" when talking about other players ?
  13. Eli Manning's Dumb Face

    Eli still holds the record for most prayers thrown in 2 SB's ...Make no Mistake those playoff runs were good but they won because of the defense basically killing the other QB's