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  1. Daredevil Mafia

    OMG dude ? did you say that to the filthy ape who is accusing me of being a cheater ? Fiuck him
  2. Daredevil Mafia

    too serious ? Look at the APE calling me a cheater because he cant even comprehend what I was talking about. What I used as a tactic was my case on CTM I kept pushing him as I have done before in previous games to keep my real intentions away from scum I guess it worked since you left us both alive . I figured CTM would catch on he hinted that he did but oh well Ape is now saying I was claiming using the EMO as a tactic which is 100 % False I never said that or claimed that. I wanted to quit at the time but after calming down and JIF asking me to stick it out I did . Just because you guys in the scum thread look at it as cheating does not make it so. Either way I don't have to have my integrity challenged by what I now see to be a true untrustworthy Idiot. Last thing I would do to any of you guys is cheat and I'm insulted to think anyone feels that way. Also there is a difference between messing with someone calling them an idiot and what I was being called felt pretty genuine I never try to hurt anyone feelings its just not in my make up but your more than welcome to read the thread and see what you think .  At this point I would like to just move on its been fun playing with some of you and I hope you guys can still get some joy out of this game I really need to just go away  
  3. Daredevil Mafia

    you know what GFY .... I PMed you in confidence ...I was venting some frustration and yes you were already dead PMing you while alive would have been an a$$hole move. You were unsure as to whether I quit because in the next post you asked me if I quit. Now your calling me full of sh*t and a cheater ??? of all things a cheater ? The Emo was for real is was pissed at CTM and some of the others.... however,  the CTM argument was a tactic I've used many times before NOT THE EMO. When I started to realize CTM was not scum I kept up the pressure, he picked up on you didn't because your just not very good at this game. FWIW if you keep your mouth shut Scum probably wins the game same reason when I played scum with you, you felt compelled to reveal and ruin the game for us . But you gotta play the hero and not even realize the guy you were defending was taking you down. How anyone could think a COP, DOC Vig whisperer and a sensor were all in this game is simply a bad player. You should have gone right after CTM because there was not enough room in this game for all those roles .obviously that observation was right and you got nailed ... but bottom lines don't mean anything to you because you think you got it all covered you know what everyone is thinking. Your a ******* ego maniac and your not very good but hey I'm a cheater and a baby and full of sh*t yet some people wont even come back to this game due to your behavior maybe you should look in the mirror my friend.
  4. Daredevil Mafia

    This post would make sense if I actually stopped playing the game but I didn't so GFY I didn't cheapen the game. Rather than defend myself against this nonsense its probably better if I do step away I'm sure others agree with you certainly JF80 does so have fun . This is not emo this is me very calmly saying Im done . you ok with that homie ?
  5. Daredevil Mafia

    did you see me defending it ?? I gave my reason and I also stated it was not intentional to gain an advantage. Its also weak to bash the hell out of someone for a stance in a game which is what set me off in the first place.  If you think I did it for an advantage then you can GFY. If you think it was real then accept my explanation and move on. Plenty of people here have had emo breakdowns and quit I stayed and played the game. Some people here did actually use it as a tactic but they got labled great players for such a wonderful move ... you can check some Vic games on that one. If everyone else feels the way you just described just let me know and ill move on.
  6. Daredevil Mafia

    Well part of this game is convincing others to take your side we all see scum differently so I just go a bit extra
  7. Daredevil Mafia

    yeah lee I was wrong on you there's no doubt about that LOL but it was day one and there was nothing really happening other than wild guesses.  . This is goingto screw me in future games now I know it I took so much heat for not playing day 1 and tbh I'm just not a good day 1 player
  8. Daredevil Mafia

    80 there is the jokingly calling someone an Idiot and then there is the time when its for real. I don't particularly care for the latter and my EMO was not designed to hurt scum in anyway it was not a designed break. So give that excuse up. You guys were over thinking every aspect of the game and its what gets scum killed most of the time. You want to live on the wild side and come up with all these elaborate reveals more power to ya but its not needed sometimes.
  9. Daredevil Mafia

    hey bro I put a lot of work in as well and in the end I voted right yet again but I'm an idiot and a blockhead. So yeah there's that. How you guys fail to see my meta is mind boggling yet it continues to work.  yes I was mad at CTM but I knew after a few pages of back and forth he was probably town the key is you didn't. Was funny reading Jif bashing the hell out of me but when I voted 80 and implemented PAC not a word ... Bottom line in this game is the vote not sure when some of you are going to figure that out.
  10. Daredevil Mafia

    Just read the scum thread and you guys will never ever get my play style, that much is evident. Its also good for me. How many times do I have to drive CTM nuts for people to catch on ? Then I vote off all the scum in the end and that = blockhead ? LOL I've also used this strategy in the past with APE. Then voted others in the end. Also you guys were a bit short sighted on the LK situation. All of us on the town side felt LK was being LK but you guys felt we were stupid for thinking along those lines. Guess not . Can't call people stupid when they are right now can you . Only one who made sense was PAC stating "we should have offed him (LK) simply to get info and clear things up" in normal circumstances this is 100 % correct but what about LK's game is normal ? people take things way to literally in this game when the key is deception. GG guys and gals PS as for my EMO that was real I hate being called stupid and an Idiot when people don't even understand the direction I'm taking my game. Its not all about calling people names as a defense. Ive done this before yet not one of you had the common sense to think maybe this bitch is doing it to us again.    
  11. Daredevil Mafia

    So I have to ask CTM and the APE ...why in the hell did APE give CTM a pass ?? if APE was going to reveal he knew as scum there was no room for both of those roles in such a small game yet he let CTM pass and also took his side that was baffling to me. Not sure of APE's thinking there would love for him to explain
  12. Daredevil Mafia

  13. Daredevil Mafia

    FWIW I knew if our argument kept up Scum would let us live till endgame and they did . Not sure if you were on the same page but I saw you hint at that. I did suspect you earlier CTM but as I started to drift further from you I kept up the heat as a diversion and I was hoping you would pick up on that. GG
  14. Daredevil Mafia

    I still had a slight bit of doubt on you based on a few comments of yours .... Why would you call for a no lynch with crusher then bash LK for the same thing ...I think no lynch was a terrible idea in that situation were you looking to trap ? Probably Cause LK does not have a good grasp as to when a No lynch should be used and he thought it made him look town, cant understand that logic. In the end I implemented PAC and he thought that was interesting I was hoping he would kill someone else because he was certainly getting my vote but I guess that why he killed me.
  15. Von Miller

    Gato if you look at all the great historical 3-4 defenses they all have a stout NT and great LB's the DE's and the Job of the DL over all is to occupy blockers to keep them off the LBers so they can make plays. We cant pay top dollar for that type of player. Now if we converted to a 4-3 it would be a whole new discussion but that's not happening so MO will unfortunately will be the odd man out especially if we want to target a real LB via FA (obviously depending on who is available) . Im guessing you will see the Jets actively looking for fast LB's in the draft as well.