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  1. Ryan 'like a breath of fresh air' to Jets

    my name is rico.
  2. Hey Guys!!!

    there may have been other things....but it was all harmless. Like one time i opened up a threead called OFFICIAL JETS THREAD. about how the jets were awersome. that ended up in like a week long ban
  3. Hey Guys!!!

    I heard there was a place......where the beer flows like wine.....and something about women and salmon. That place was called JN. I had to come immediately.
  4. Hey Guys!!!

    So no local crazies?
  5. Hey Guys!!!

    I love this site already. You wouldve been banned already for this comment over there.
  6. Hey Guys!!!

    Agreed. what a bunch of babies. Anyway....what do I need to know. Who are the local trolls? local drama queens (SBIII), local know it alls, local eternal pessimist?
  7. Hey Guys!!!

    i think it stemmed from me posting the lyrics to that kanye west song bigger faster stronger and said it was the brett ratliff theme song. I thought that would be a good thread. I think sooth disagreed.
  8. Hey Guys!!!

    Kleck I dont know. Just one day I couldnt log on.....ban reason was not specified ....and there was just a dash where it said date ban would be lifted. I suspect foul play.
  9. Hey Guys!!!

    JI is a horrible horrible place. Never go there. I dont know BP.
  10. Hey Guys!!!

    I got perma-banned from JI for bogus reasons. Glad to meet you and find a new home!!! go jets!!!