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  1. Chip was a false prophet
  2. Calling dibs on the schadenfreude karma posting three years from now where I get to explain to Jets fans that ridiculing Sanchez's Denver stint basically guaranteed Paxton Lynch becoming MVP but we took Hackenberg who led a drive in preseason once.
  3. I watched BvS on a plane and I need to tell you people that even your most tortured, convoluted, and tacit approvals of that sh*t are entirely disqualifying and you should all be doomed to a lifetime of watching Pauly Shore's oeuvre.
  4. Has Kaepernick expressed an opinion on O Canada? Because I think that might be relevant to this discussion in about a week.
  5. Yes. Follow these easy steps. 1. Walk to your nearest door. 2. Kneel. 3. Take the doorknob into your mouth.
  6. I asked him if it would be possible if I could touch it, and he actually let me do so.
  7. Sup
  8. You have zero integrity, @T0mShane
  9. I desperately wanted Cardale, but I can't root for anything good to happen to sh*tbag Rex. I so hope Cardale gets a fair shot under new Bills head coach Bill Cowher next year.
  10. Profiteering off of the martyrdom of John Idzik. If we're being real, Maccagnan is a vulture a la the weasel Joe Torre, who suckled on the teet of Buck Showalter's vision.
  11. Petty Jesus starting to let it rip and looking like Ben Roethlisberger put there. Feels like the future is upon us
  12. Just saw Train to Busan, because I love zombie flicks. I thought this was pretty good, but there's nothing really new here, which is a drag. Asian horror flicks generally have no concerns about human dignity, so they avoid shmaltz, but this film had a few moments of people-in-their-feels and rancid moralizing.
  13. Let him throw it, man. Christ.
  14. Petty is my guy. He's the truth. The future
  15. Think how low this bar is, my friend