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  1. Sort of hoping it's a North Korean nuke
  2. Wait what hi
  3. Man, Bowles really tuned Fitz up there after jerking him off in the media all summer, ensuring he gets $12 mil, and was allowed to destroy the season. Sick burn, Bowlesy!
  4. Are young, talented offensive linemen, disruptive DE's and freak wide receivers important? Because Idzik delivered those. Macc found a nice punter, though.
  5. Starting the game thread is not now, nor has it ever been, the duty of the JN Captain.
  6. Imagine being Woody Johnson right now: signing checks to the tune of 12 mil to this ****stick and he's directly calling you out in a press conference after scraping out a win in front of a half-empty home stadium in October.
  7. Between Sheldon and Fitz now, and Cro last year, you just kinda get the feeling that the job is a little too big for Todd Bowles and that he lacks the nerve to really be the leader of the team. This happens in the NBA all the time: the ex-player becomes the HC and can't figure out that they're now the adult in the room.
  8. https://nypdecider.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/luke-cage-102-4.gif?w=618
  9. Rex losing to the Fins with McCoy and Tyrod being hurt is the best part of the Jets win today.
  10. Sheldon Richardson plays DE and Sheldon dominates the game. They should fire Bowles and Macc this afternoon.
  11. Macc's secret QB plan was to have Geno tear knee ligaments
  12. This is pure pussy sh*t. I rage AND take a drink, like Braveheart. Fight me.
  13. Does anyone else have the problem where they see the Bills scored a TD and you involuntarily scream out "motherfu**er" wherever you are?