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  1. :stands down:
  2. I hope it's indicative of Bowles growth as a coach, too. I never got the feeling that he was in love with the team he had last year and never really put his stamp on it. I get that he's a quiet guy by nature, but he couldn't look more detached on the sidelines or in the media if he tried.
  3. This is funny coming from the Putin of the mod lounge.
  4. At least it's not a slideshow, right?
  5. You, sir, are underrated.
  6. that time Rex made Santonio Holmes a captain.
  7. I'm just glad somebody called attention to the non-stop Marcel Reese hype train.
  8. Prisco: My List of Players With Dreadlocks Who I Have A Bad Feeling About
  9. Prisco: My List of Players From Each Team That I Wouldn't Let My Daughter Date
  10. This will be the article that finally gets Prisco that Pulitzer.
  11. 1. Milliner 2. Amaro 3. Geno 4. Sheldon 5. Enunwa if they all play well, it proves what we all know to be true: Idzik was great and Rex was awful.
  12. True. I meant in terms of chasing Wilson down
  13. That could be the game that completely validates the Darron Lee pick.
  14. I want to see how/if/please God/come on now the Jets new LBs can handle speed in the middle of the field, particularly against the Bills. If they're getting torched by slot receivers and shifty backs on circle routes, I'll run into traffic.