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  1. I watched this sh*t every week and it was so bad, but it was cool to see the coaches working with really hungry dudes. Jack Bicknell would be running up and down the sideline teaching dudes how to block, then diagramming pass routes, then begging his QB not to take sacks. Seemed like the league didn't really pay attention to it until it started to produce cheap OL talent. I'm not sure how they could put together a real developmental league that would work, but if the NBA could float the WNBA for this long, it's hard to imagine the NFL not being able to float something similar, but with fewer lesbians.
  2. Larz, this is not the kind of positive slant @Tinstar wants to read. Please revise. Focus on New Jersey's golf courses and beaches, and its proximity to New York City's fine restaurants and bustling night-life. Thanks.
  3. I feel like we should help you out by providing more positive content.
  4. Good for you, @win4ever for putting it directly in @AFJF's face. That was a brutal takedown. I'd self-ban if I was Glenn.
  5. They can even sell it as simply filling the void left by Rex Hogan leaving.
  6. :sips large regular Dunkin Donuts coffee and chokes: I... :takes another sip: Go on, you effete eurotrash refugee
  7. :stretches hamstrings: :does a few quick lunges: :checks hair in mirror: :shoots two finger-guns at reflection: So tell me more about this needing one's first two years to clean up the mess from the prior GM.
  8. I've decided I want the Jets to interview this man, at least, and failure to do so will result in my being greatly upset.
  9. Difficult to reconcile how Maccagnan will draft a starter every other year if he's actively trying to rebuild every three.