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  1. I wanted to draft Forrest Lamp for the Seahawks, so I asked JetsVets to trade up. By the time he countered and I accepted, some weasel snuck in and drafted him. Mick popped up and asked to trade up with me, saving my ass lol.
  2. You guys are doing an awesome job running this thing, btw. Kudos
  3. ***TRADE*** @New York Mick and I have worked out another trade for Pick #39. The Seahawks send pick #39 to for picks #83, 100, 164, 214 and 236. @New York Mick is OTC. @Dcat @Lith
  4. I think I just agreed to a trade with @NYJetsVets91 but I'm waiting on confirmation
  5. I'd almost bet that Tim Williams doesn't get to the 20th pick.
  6. With the 26th overall pick, the Seattle Seahawks select... Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama
  7. I worry about McCaffrey's longevity. Has to get with a good passing game, imo
  8. New York Giants select: Ryan Ramczyk, OLT, Wisconsin
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick started in Week 17 last year.
  10. Anxiously awaiting Bowles explanation of how he can't bench McCown because they're still in the playoff hunt at 4-6.
  11. Or take a hosin' for Rosen