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  1. Allow me to tell you how this goes: Malcolm Butler is mysteriously allowed to hang on Julio Jones without getting flagged, Brady, despite facing a really good Falcons pass rush, mysteriously has eight seconds to throw every play. It takes Matt Ryan 3 1/2 quarters to realize he's on the wrong side of a conspiracy and the Pats win 24-17.
  2. He's so money I call him Dank Win.
  4. I also think the problem is that there actually is a QB here that the GM is invested in that nobody else in the league thinks is any good.
  5. You know what'd be fun? If someone in Florham Park was forward thinking and thought that trying to convince Todd Haley to take this OC job as a way to pressure Todd Bowles to get his sh*t together
  6. Not if that job would effectively end your career altogether in twelve months.
  7. The new president is the one who ended the USFL with his idiocy. http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a41135/donald-trump-usfl/
  8. IMO, if they're at all worried about perception, they should just take Cam Robinson or the other tackle and just tell the world they're emulating Dallas. That said, I don't think anyone in the building really understands public opinion so they'll draft a corner and make Revis a $12 million dollar free safety.
  9. JPP

    A: Yes, but as with with regular viewers of American Idol and CNN, they don't realize how stupid they appear when discussing what they just watched.
  10. 1. Yes. 2. Going all seven rounds, baby. Free up some gigs.
  11. And like the McRib, the more you think about these Jets, the more likely it is you'll puke while consuming it.