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  1. If the team is dogsh*t with Watson, they'll burn the stadium down for wasting multiple high draft picks on awful QBs in back to back years. This wouldn't be the case if they didn't draft Hack. But alas
  2. Just to quickly reply to most of the above here; you guys are all assuming that 1. Watson gets the chance to start; 2. Beats out Hack; 3. Plays decently in year one despite not being particularly talented and coming from a program that's never produced an NFL QB; 4. Fournette's legs will implode upon touching Jersey soil; 5. Manish will forget all about Maccagnan drafting Hackenberg in Round Two only a year ago.
  3. Yes. You know I dislike disagreeing with you philosophically, but I don't think philosophy is playing into this year's offseason anyway. This is a fire drill for everyone in the building because neither of these guys will ever sniff a GM or HC gig again if they get run out of here in eleven months.
  4. I don't know. Maccagnan has painted him and Bowles into a corner with the way he's handled Fitzpatrick, Hackenberg, and his draft picks. If you were him and you saw what was going to be there at six, what would you do? Draft the injured free safety, the injured tackle, the QB with accuracy issues to compete with last year's high pick QB with accuracy issues, or a corner to replace the $17 million dollar corner that blew up in your face?
  5. Other than Garrett, Fournette is the only guy at 6 who can save jobs over there in Florham Park.
  6. In the time of chimpanzees there was a monkey.
  7. Never before has a greater tyrant ever wielded the mantle of power.
  8. Donnie Yen movies bring me great happiness, even when they suck.
  9. They'll go DB two out of their first three picks guaranteed. The other pick will be an non-pass rushing OLB.
  10. He throws the ball like it's covered in baby oil.
  11. Who is this legit QB prospect you speak of?
  12. Isn't Willis an injury case, too?
  13. If they're going to get better QB plsy, it's gonna come from Hackenberg magically becoming good. If you're going to play Hackenberg, you need to draft him a left tackle and/or a mule RB because he's going to have a nervous breakdown before preseason is over if he's asked to carry the offense.
  14. Do not draft conversion projects at 6, imo.
  15. I go to the local crackhouse and counsel them that the road to recovery begins and ends with improved mechanics.