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  1. People will kill Adams for that, but name one safety that can stop Matt Moore to Julius Thomas. You can’t.
  2. Post-Rex disciplinarian culture shock. See how it plays next year.
  3. If aliens landed and asked for our best human, I think you’d have to give them Matt McConaughey
  4. That call sucks, but it’s a direct result of the Vikings cheap shot on Aaron Rodgers
  5. Matt Miller sees highlight of player he once wrote a sight-unseen, largely plagiarized draft “analysis” of and tweets, “wow just as I predicted.”
  6. Yes, it’s weird that you would post a Matt Miller tweet as though it has any basis in logic or expertise.
  7. Looking forward to your breakdown on THE QB PAC ATTAC, available on iTunes.
  8. The definition of cultural implosion is the green lighting of twelve movies featuring Liam Neeson talking sh*t on a cellphone to a European terrorist.
  9. Yeah, but was he exuberant afterward or nah
  10. On the plus side, Josh McCown is a young 38
  11. That would stop the kneeling too as it’s very uncomfortable
  12. Fasano has similar measurables to Gronk