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  1. I'd love the Cutler signing if only because it would lead to some amazing grief-posting from @dbatesman and @RutgersJetFan
  2. Just for this, I'm going to list a new bullet point every hour for a week until you're hospitalized with septic shock.
  3. What's funny is that I thought the Buffalo game was a turning point for Fitz and Gailey in that they discovered the best way to mediate Fitz's arm was to have him throw consistently 15-20 yards down the field, as opposed to throwing short all day in an attempt to set up a pathetic deep ball that never connected. Warner and Gannon didn't have great arms, but they killed people in the intermediate areas, and I thought Gailey was onto something. Then Kansas City happened, and cemented everything the entire league knows about Fitzpatrick, and why he received zero interest as a free agent.
  4. No lie, I reflexively recoiled when I read this.
  5. Well, yeah, but I think that has even less of a shot than Hackenberg being good.
  6. Re-signing Mo at a reasonable deal was the highlight of this season. Signing Fitzpatrick and gifting him the starting job doomed this, and likely next, season. For all the positives that Maccagnan seems to display, his handling of the QB position is alarming, to say the least. If your plan is to give Fitzpatrick $12 mil to serve as a bridge to Christian Hackenberg, the probability of that plan bearing fruit is so slim as to be nonsensical. And if he doubles down on this bet by passing on one of the QBs next year (assuming the team is drafting in that 12-16 area), then you're probably setting out on the path toward everyone getting fired. The unforeseen variables in all of this that could salvage them would be: Hackenberg doesn't suck: hard to see how this works out, IMO. Bryce Petty becomes Blake Bortles-ish, at least. Theres a future, ill-advised trade for Romo or Brees.
  7. The secret to figuring out why Arizona is so confusing is that the coach is good, the players are good, but the QB is a detached, semi-interested and soft couchboy who would rather be a pro golfer.
  8. Look for the exceedingly gauche and bourgeois mobile home in the parking lot. They'll be serving skinny girl martinis and caviar.
  9. I think they're buried three to a grave these days lol
  10. I'm having a difficult time here. Even though it doesn't rhyme with "schmutgersschmetschman," this posting style is clearly Integrity28's.
  11. Every Jets coach's tombstone should read, "HERE LIES X: He had all the faith in the world in a quarterback with a career sub-80 QB rating."
  12. +1. What was Peter Parker before the radioactive spider came along?
  13. The good news is that every starting skill position player other than Decker is 38 years old.
  14. 23 players. 30 redshirts left open for walk ons. Welcome to Florham Park CC Turnpikes football, folks!
  15. All these bridges around just waiting for people to jump from and we still get posts like this.