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  1. Sar, um, it's "Mitchell."
  2. Garrett Trubisky Thomas Adams Allen Lattimore
  3. This is very cool of you, @Fibonacci
  4. Gonna go back and revisit those Ron Powlus evals.
  5. Difficult to justify the philosophy two years in a row.
  6. Like asking Barkley to give his opinion on anything, really
  7. Like when they ask Charles Barkley to give his opinion on college players.
  8. BREAKING: Warren Sapp finds out draft is in five days, reads a few tweets, comments.
  9. Week-by-week predictions for Manish Mehta articles: Week One: Mike Maccagnan Sabotaged Todd Bowles By Not Re-Signing Ryan Fitzpatrick. Week Two: Mo Wilkerson Is The Sole Reason The Jets Are 0-2. Week Three: Sources--Rex Ryan Would Welcome Return to Jets Sideline. Week Four: Sources--Rex Ryan Pounded Table for Derek Carr. Week Five: Wouldn't It Be Amazing If Jets Fans Paid for "Fire Maccagnan" Billboards With This 20% Off Coupon I Found On GroupOn. Week Six: #FireMaccagnan Hashtag Trending As Jets Fans Revolt Against Mo Wilkerson. Week Seven: Sources--Rex Ryan Would Be 7-0 With This Roster. Week Eight: Sources--Eric Decker Fuming Over Team's Refusal to Sign Fitzpatrick. Week Nine: Mo Wilkerson Lucks Into 11th Sack Despite Weight Gain. Week Ten: Sources--Rex Ryan Really Ready To Return To Jets Sideline and Bring Aaron Rodgers With Him. Week Eleven: Is Mike Maccagnan's Racism To Blame For Not Drafting Dak Prescott? Week Twelve: Movement To Re-Hire Rex Ryan Picks Up Steam Based on These Five Tweets I Read. Week Thirteen: Maccagnan's Failure to Re-Sign Darrelle Revis Hurting Jets Defense. Week Fourteen: Mo Wilkerson Donates Measly $1 million Dollars to Inner City Schools in Obvious Ploy To Reduce Tax Burden. Week Fifteen: Jaguars Make Playoffs Despite Albatross John Idzik. Week Sixteen: Sources--Rex Ryan Willing to Work for Scale.
  10. I see a lot of dudes watched Adams do a SportsCenter spot and got hard ons for a safety. That's cool.
  11. Too much Sam Adams, actually. God help me
  12. What I did on the crapper this morning was create an artistic interpretation of your posting history.
  13. It's the remix to cognition. Hot and fresh out the kitchen.
  14. I think I finally figured out how to save the Jets again. Like to hear it? Here it goes: 1. Trade the sixth overall pick, but don't accept a first rounder back in this year's draft. Demand the first rounder come in 2018. Why? 1. Because there appears there will be more and better QBs available next year. 2. It cuts the legs out from Bowles, who is in line for a mercy killing anyway, and 3. If Bowles does indeed get fired, the two first rounders in 2018 become saleable features for your next head coach, much more so than drafting Conley or a Trubisky this year does. If this year goes as we all think it will, everything with a Jets logo on it will be anathema within the coaching community and you'll have to sell Next Coach on a clean slate with a lot of control. Maccagnan is a scout and not a GM, which was the report on him when he was fired--the job was going to be "too big" for him. When you look at his bungling in free agency, his clear lack of vision, and his inability to manage personnel--from Bowles on down--Maccagnan should welcome being kicked down the ladder where he can still be "the GM," but has his duties limited solely to evaluating college-level player personnel. Trading the six for a 2018 first (and change) is short-term pain for long-term gain, which is what we're set up for anyway. 2. Go YOLO with the remaining picks. Assuming you get a two and a four back (in addition to the 2018 first), use those picks to draft pure, freak athletes at the skill and EDGE positions. At the end of the year, this Jets team is going to have, at best, 10 to 12 players that you're going to want to take forward with you in a rebuild. Use this year's picks to make sure you've got some moldable talent to sell into the future. Guys like Sidney Jones, Jordan Willis, Tim Williams, Dede Westbrook, Samson Ekuban, even Mixon and D'Onta Foreman. Double up on positions. Take Willis at the top of Round Two and take Derek Rivers at the top of Round Three. Take a shot on Josh Dobbs, Nate Peterman, or AdoreƩ Jackson. There is no real plan for the roster. Embrace that fact and just add to the 53. 3. Dump Eric Decker. Decker has been a nice player here, but he's older, injured, but still has some value to teams looking for a reliable WR. Give him to the Falcons or Cardinals for a fourth rounder. He'll score 12 TDs on those teams, but screw it. There's no argument for keeping him, even if you think he can "help" Hackenberg or Petty. Give his job to a young dude and save that money. 4. If you do draft a Peterman or even a Dobbs, give Hackenberg away. There were teams allegedly willing to draft him, which is why Maccagnan reached on him in the second. Find those teams and purge your mistake. Take back a five and an undisclosed conditional pick in 2018 (which will be nil, but it gives you cover from having to hear about how you burned a second rounder). As of right now, Hackenberg represents an organizational Hail Mary that Macc threw that has an infinitesimal chance of ever paying off. Reel that throw back in and clear the decks. 5. Fire Kacy Rodgers out from under Bowles. Rodgers has been every bit as awful a coordinator as we've ever had here. He's wasted Sheldon, he hung Cromartie and Revis out to dry week after week after week even when it was clear neither of them could run anymore, and literally every player has regressed in his "scheme." The defense was uncompetitive in most games last year, and it wasn't just one area breaking down--it was every player. It wasn't just Mo dogging it, or Lee being young, or Revis being old. It was a failure on the part of the coaches both from a scheme and an accountability standpoint. Because Bowles and Rodgers were soft on veteran players, all the players quit. Because Bowles and Rodgers aren't particularly creative, they're wasting a talent like Richardson for no reason. They'll never figure out how to maximize Darron Lee. They'll just keep drafting players that look like players they had on the Cardinals and just kinda hope they play like the Cardinals defense did, completely unaware that it's only possible to play a Big Nickel defense when your offense is putting up 35 ppg and gets you slaughtered otherwise. And you know who'd be fun to bring in to run the defense? Mike Pettine.
  15. To pair with Gareon Conley from round one. Our defense would be impenetrable.