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  1. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    I acknowledge my poor work performance and history of costing my company more revenue than I produce and I'm paid accordingly.
  2. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    Totally agree. If they sign Fitz and go 8-8 again, what was gained? If they do it, they better hope that hiding Petty and Hackenberg pays off in 2017 or the whole regime is in limbo. I wish I had more faith in the Hackenberg pick here, but I just don't think he's any good.
  3. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    I think it's a terrible move to bring him back at all, and I'd imagine Maccagnan is probably a little bummed that no one "stole" Fitzpatrick from them a month ago.
  4. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    Yes, and iirc Jason's logic was that Skrine and Decker are the only high-salary guys whose ages make it reasonable to defer their paydays.
  5. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    I believe Jason from JetsCap posited that the Jets could do it by restructuring Buster Skrine and Eric Decker.
  6. Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

    How much to watch Fitzpatrick get hit by a bus instead?

    Displeased that they killed Osha. Without question the hottest chick on the show.

    If GRRM really had that Hodor thing mapped out this whole time, the mind**** reveals in the last season will be legendary.
  9. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    Here, she tours the battlefields of Hatteras, on horseback:
  10. Just wait until Doug Whaley gets fired for forcing an injured Clemson player down Rex's throat.
  11. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    Allow me to present this gif montage wherein it appears as though my cat is Abe Lincoln reincarnated.
  12. Kimberly Martin wrote an article today wherein she said that Hackenberg's "draft position" should give the Jets optimism about his chances. At the very least, the monotony of the Fitz updates shields us from the outright stupidity of unending Jets beat writer Hackenberg narratives.
  13. Watkins Breaks Foot

    Hoping for the inevitable Tyrod holdout.
  14. Shaq Lawson needs Shoulder Surgery

    Bills denied he needed surgery when he got drafted, too.
  15. Woody looks out of his luxury box and sees a stadium full of drunken ginzos wearing Mark Sanchez jerseys who defaulted on Little Vinny's child support payments to cover their PSLs. He's got zero reasons to give anyone a discount.