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  1. OT News and Rumors

    Left tackles and right tackles are the same thing really. Should probably pay them about the same 
  2. This will look prescient when the Dolphins give Mo $115 million dollars.
  3. Sounds like he's on track to go into the fishing hall of fame too
  4. "Pressures" is one of those dumb non-stats that always makes me chuckle. QBs get pressured on approximately 98% of their dropbacks.
  5. Should be protesting the fact that Jay Z is a terrible rapper.
  6. It's times like this when I find solace in recalling the career of future Hall of Famer Jeffery David Lageman.
  7. like rain on your wedding day
  8. Lois was a tough bitch and would have jumped on the rock.
  9. You can be a good defensive team that doesn't get sacks and turnovers. 
  10. Sacks and turnovers win championships.