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  1. why don't we draft wide receivers who can jump
  2. My. What ever could have occurred here that would result in a bad journeyman quarterback adopting an inflated sense of his own worth and a feeling of entitlement not at all commensurate with his resumè?
  3. TFW your house has the front yard full of corpses from Poltergeist but you also have Stockholm Syndrome and feel it's appropriate to drop "the grass is always greener" on dudes.
  4. Trevor Siemian for a fifth rounder after Lynch wins the Denver job would be bellisima
  6. Yes. This was the crucial lesson we were hoping he would learn.
  7. Like when it's contrived, not based in reality, or when it challenges a fact-free belief you have regarding a quarterback from your alma mater.
  8. Yes, agreed. If there's one thing that all great quarterbacks have in common, it's that they crumble in the face of media reports about an OTA. No human should be subjected to such horrors.
  9. They sucked, but I thought Greenberg was good in those rare moments when he wasn't asked to shill Disney projects or follow some contrived script where he'd feign outrage over a call in a Jazz-Spurs game. ESPN is truly in a downward spiral and I couldn't be happier to see a bad product fail, but it's a drag watching some good people lose their jobs because management decided to fill airtime with chicks dressed like prom queens interviewing rapper-actors about their favorite Lakers memories, or debate-format shows where two inane clowns yell at each other over Bryce Harper's millenialism.
  10. I once saw Hack go 45/51 for 656 yards and 8 TDs in a game. Among the greatest things I've ever seen OH WAIT THAT WAS GENO SMITH
  11. Still can't believe Idzik passed on Allen Robinson for this guy.
  12. This is what it was: Brandon Marshall: "You're all weak-ass bitches." Sheldon: "I'd like to believe you, but you've been thrown off of every team in the league and last week you kicked Petty's dog to death because you only caught one pass." BM: "Well stated, good sir. Do you know anyone that can get me a good price on off-brand lithium?" SR: "Do I? Let's not be coy, my friend. Step into my locker." :Todd Bowles, previously looking on stoically, dives into laundry bin:
  13. When you really think about it, everything is confirmation bias.