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  1. While it's kind of comforting watching McCown throw to Jeremy Kerley and Matt Forte, we're now almost halfway through the 2017 season and it's time to stop jerking around, or is it? McCown is McCown is McCown, etc. So what excuse will Bowles and the Jets use to keep trotting him out there?
  2. I'm watching Jacoby Brissett v Mariota right now and it appears that the NFL is evolving away from the statue guys at QB in order to accommodate all of the spread concept QBs coming out of college, which is cool and will help add more QB talent to a league desperate for it. With an OL talent progressively in decline, with freak pass rushers consistently getting freakier, and with most young pocket passers opting to become relief pitchers instead, it seems inevitable that the future looks a lot more like Russell Wilson than it does Tom Brady. As an older, Gen-X douche, I've long argued that these dudes won't make it in the NFL because their legs get wrecked and 50% of their game goes to hell within three years, as with most RBs. But with Deshaun Watson, Mariota, Prescott, etc all starting to take over the league, and with Brady, Brees, Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger in steep decline, I'm guessing that the future is here and it looks like Chip Kelly's Oregon offenses.
  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Thought we should have a thread to share our reviews of movies we're seeing to help us avoid watching Ryan Reynolds and/or Julia Roberts movies.
  4. I haven't had taint on my palette since sophomore year at Cortland.
  5. Which it appears we have no ability or interest in drafting anyway
  6. Best--BEST--case was Polamalu-lite and I don't know if even that kind of player is as useful anymore.
  7. I've long maintained that NFL defensive success is solely about sacks and turnovers. Adams is athletic and scrappy and all that, but if he's not gonna factor into sacking the QB or picking people off, he's meh
  8. I was thinking about that the other day: imagine the Jets draft Rosen and he just refuses to report?
  9. I've concluded that nothing is worse than watching a football game--pro, college, high school--where one team has a plus QB and the other team has Charlie Whitehurst. It's like watching True Detective Season Two where Colin Farrell had to carry scenes with Rachel McAdams. Heartbreaking. And that's the story of the NFL for the past 15+ years.
  10. They won't do it, but the Jets could justifiably throw their next three drafts at the Colts for Luck and it would be fine.
  11. They've been saying it, iirc, since Randall Cunningham and it's never happened, but I've come to believe that has more to do with the coaching fraternity being a group of 55+ year old retreads who studied under Lombardi.
  12. "This Josh McCown- and Demario Davis-led team has totally validated Macccf through six games haterz!!!" Signed, Goldfish
  13. I saw this clip yesterday and loved it. He's speaking the language of personal responsibility and progress, which is a huge deal for people who have had substance abuse issues. Good for him.
  14. Medium risk, super high reward

    Doesn’t really mesh with the current “self-starters who are just ding-dang happy to be here” aesthetic.
  15. Game off, done

    The ball is in the picture I posted and it's out when he hits the ground. Not saying it's right or wrong, but you can see how the refs elected to make the call.
  16. Game off, done

    Worst call in the history of omg it's like I'm never watching again illuminati Jay z
  17. Game off, done

    I saw a pumpkin that looked like the logo for Gawker and I SMASHED IT and, like that, it’s as if my trucker dad had approved of me this whole time and I just didn’t see it.
  18. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    If Jenkins was standing up and fumbled the ball at the six inch line and the ball rolled out of bounds in the end zone, it’d be a touchback. It appears as though that’s what happened, except instead of standing up, he was lying on top of the ball.
  19. This presumes the organization has some latent expertise in identifying talent.
  20. I’d pay $10.99 per month to watch a bi-monthly webcast of Pac breaking down QB play.
  21. We laugh, but these posts are coming, baby.
  22. I was about to say, Bowles and Macc will get cover from that one call for the rest of the season.